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Is Rita Davenport Leaving Arbonne?

Update: Rita Davenport Fired or Retired?

We posted about Arbonne’s Bankruptcy back in October, a full three months before it was announced.  I have found over the years that search traffic and comments can be pretty darn accurate and we have had both pertaining to the status of Rita Davenport at Arbonne.  Over the last couple of weeks I have heard rumblings about Rita Davenport leaving (being fired, etc) Arbonne.  The rumblings come from multiple sources on and offline.

I had one ENVP tell me that it was not true, but I also had VP’s tell me that the Bankruptcy rumors were not true as well.

At this point we have nothing concrete and since my calls to Arbonne in the past have not been returned, I thought I would open up the topic for discussion here…

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26 Responses to “Is Rita Davenport Leaving Arbonne?”

  1. savvygal2 says:

    Whether she stays or leaves, I want to know how she slept at night, knowing full-well she has been lying to everyone all these years, covering up the truths about how Arbonne was mismanaged. Shame on her. I wonder how she will ever hold her head high at NTC after pulling this caper.

    Well, we all meet our Maker in the end. I just hope she can take the heat. Better pack an extra bottle or two of that body mist Arbonne sells. I hear Hell gets pretty hot in the summer!

  2. Chloe says:

    Remember, who was in charge of the company in 2005 and 2006, Bob Henry. He was also the one responsible for getting rid of the founder’s son, Stian. Rita was only the spokesperson. She is a beautiful person with a heart of gold. However, Bob and his financial person where fired the other year. What happened during all that money in those 2 years were his focus and of course, Harvest Partners too. If they fire her it would be the end since she was the driving force. Yes, I will agree things were upside at ARbonne in the last little while, however I would bet that Rita was not part of that. Look at whose hands were in the pot.

  3. Chloe says:

    How soon Jeanine, after NTC?

  4. No More Kool-Aid says:

    My interest is going to be in the cover up as to why Rita is no longer with Arbonne…when that happens. Sounds inevitable. After all, she is an employee and can be let go in the corporate America Arbonne has become. I had forgotten that she sold her stock to Harvest Partners so she doesn’t have ownership in the company anymore…but they’ve owned her.

    I’m with Ty on the name calling stuff that is beneath all of us. Careful making judgements on who you think Rita is since you haven’t worn her moccasins…so take the stones out of your pockets, please.

    Anyone who is still in Arbonne or who ever was knows that Rita has been the heart of the company. What happens when a heart stops? If you’ve paid attention, you’ve heard her message shift over the past couple of years to encourage sales and growth in our businesses. Not as much of what I was used to in 4 of the almost 6 years I was with the company personally but, to me, more a plea to pick it up, sisters. Makes sense now looking back and piecing this all together.

    Bottom line: S.S. Arbonne. That’s all I can say. It seems like there’s something beneath the surface to be watching out for. As a former NVP, I encourage you guys to find another Plan B in case this one doesn’t revive itself, get a transplant or the water doesn’t fill up more of the boat than it’s designed to take on. Get on a lifeboat or freeze in the water.

  5. Peter says:

    I agree with Ty in one way but I also think Arbonne is not being upfront and I feel the new CEO Kay Napier should come out punching and give some decent upfront news and give anyone who feels Arbonne has a future to get a feeling of comfort to move ahead.
    We love the product and so do our PBs but as I have said to my wife we are keeping our options open.
    You see if Arbonne USA falls then so do all Arbonne structures no matter what country they work from. I was advised by one Arbonne staff member that the country I talk from would continue even if the USA fell. I think this person obviously has no idea what minimums are required when producing anything in bulk be it the contents or the container.
    I seriously hope Kay Napier gets out and gives those wanting Arbonne to survive as we do some serious good news. And I mean all involved, not just a few NVPs etc.
    I called and was fobbed around when I asked to speak with Kay.

  6. savvygal2 says:

    If I have a problem with the ethics at the company I am at, and I am the friggin President of said company, I think I would line up a new job for myself and voluntarily resign. Did Rita do that? No? And, I think it is safe to say that she had enough time to regroup and opt out the last couple of years. Instead, she held out her hand and collected her big, fat paycheck and laughed all the way to the bank….all the while knowing the dire straits this company was in. This did not happen overnight, Folks. This has been an ugly truth for at least 2-3 years…maybe a bit more. But all the Exec team did was paint their smiles on their faces and look everyone right in the eyes and LIE!

    I was the Executive VP for a corporation. I saw what the President was doing. And I didn’t like it. Did I stick around acting like my head was buried in the sand? NO! I left and found myself a different position.

    Whatever happened to integrity, dignity and moral fiber? I was never affiliated with Arbonne, nor will I ever be. However I have a few friends that are….one actually is an NVP. I feel badly for them, their families and their downlines. I know they are stressed out, whether they speak about it or bear this whole mess in silence.

    And, regarding Rita, I do not blame her for the mismanagement and other shananigans that went on at Arbonne, but if she really does have such a high moral code, why is she still there? Why didn’t Rita leave, voluntarily, when Candace Keefe left? Candace clearly was disgusted with the company. So, she left. And, she started her own gig. My kind of person. THAT is someone with a high moral fiber. And it is plain to see who is made of what here, and RIta might be sweet, but this isn’t a conversation about sugar. THis is a conversation about morals and ethics and professional responsibility.

    I’ve made a lot of money in my 48 years on this planet, but never once have a earned it in an unscrupulous manner. I like to sleep at night, and better yet, I like to wake up happy, welcoming the new day and all it brings. I wonder if Rita feels the same way? Hmmmm……

  7. Left Arbonne says:

    Peter, keep your eyes wide open. There are other fabulous opportunities out there. Arbonne would rather you not think that way, but I think you need to look at it as you would any other job. When it’s just not a right fit anymore for moral, ethical or financial reasons, then it’s time to polish up the “resume” and hit the road. Good luck to you!

  8. No more Kool-aid says:

    Rita has been telling people that Kay is not renewing her contract when it expires in May. She has retained an attorney in an attempt to get her downline back. They’ll probably give it to her to shut her up. Stian Morck, son of founder Petter, was given a position this week in an attempt to curb some of the blood letting that will occur when Rita leaves. His stay will be temporary. Kay Napier has no understanding of MLM. She’s working to to take Arbonne into retail stores and trying to spin that to consultants that this is a good thing! Arbonne had great products, but changes over the last few years have compromised their products and destroyed the opportunity. Get out while you can. There are lots of great opportunities out there. I can name a dozen NVP’s that have left and gone to other companies. The writing is on the wall!

  9. No more Kool-aid says:

    Tried to publish this earlier this week. Stian Morck was just rehired in a desperate attempt to preempt the massive hemorrhaging that will begin when it is announced that Rita Davenport’s contract is not being renewed. She has hired an attorney in an attempt to get her downline back and they will probably give it to her to shut her up.
    If you are still with the company, I invite you to take off the blinders and investigate where all the “famous” NVP’s have gone. I can name a dozen that have jumped ship to other more solvent opportunities. A year from now there will be no Rita, no Stian (he will have ceased being useful) and Arbonne will be going retail.
    Think back just a few years to the people we loved and respected at the corporate office. Who’s still there? Rita. Till next month. Everyone else is gone. Ask yourself why? What is your NVP not telling you? She knows. She’s trying to keep her own boat afloat. If she tells you and you bail her boat goes down even faster.

    Time to stop bailing water and jump ship.

  10. No more Kool-aid says:

    Hate to say it, but…..

    ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: Arbonne Home Office Announcement
    From: Arbonne CEO Kay Napier and President Rita Davenport

    Please see special letters from Arbonne’s CEO, and President, below.

    Below is a letter from your beloved President, Rita Davenport, announcing that she has decided to retire from Arbonne, effective May 1, 2011. In her more than 20 years as President, Rita has served to inspire, motivate and train hundreds of thousands of women and men to transform their lives with Arbonne. We are truly fortunate and grateful to have benefited from her many talents and contributions.

    As you may know, Rita over time has chosen to focus her efforts as President primarily on field motivation. As we prepared for the expiration of her employment agreement, we hoped she would take on a new position that would have allowed her to continue to motivate the field. Regrettably, Rita decided to retire, and we respect her decision.

    Rita has been a driving force behind the Company’s growth and success and has played a critical role in developing our outstanding team of leaders in the field. As you know, this is a very exciting time for Arbonne and our entire family of Independent Consultants. Our field leaders are the very best in the industry and we have been achieving strong growth in the business in recent months thanks to your leadership. Our Company has gained considerable momentum and is poised for more growth in the years ahead.

    Please know that over the next several months all of us – myself, Stian, Adri, Gina and others from the Home Office – will be in the field regularly and, even better, you can expect to see many of the top leaders traveling with us.

    We are grateful for Rita’s many contributions to the Company and wish her the very best as she embarks on her well-deserved retirement.


    Kay Napier,
    Arbonne CEO

    After more than 20 incredible years as President of Arbonne International, I have decided to retire from the Company. Needless to say, this was not an easy decision for me, but I have concluded that the time is right and the opportunities ahead for all of us are better than ever.

    Since joining Arbonne more than 24 years ago, I have had the pleasure of helping to introduce Arbonne’s outstanding botanical products and incredible business opportunity to hundreds of thousands of Independent Consultants across North America – and indeed across the world. It has been an amazing, awe-inspiring journey, and I am grateful for the love and support I have received over the years from all of you. I truly view our Independent Consultants as part of my extended family!

    As I look ahead to the future, I know that Arbonne and our field organization are in excellent hands under the leadership of Kay Napier and the senior management team. The business is in good shape financially and there are a lot of exciting new products and marketing initiatives in the pipeline. Quite simply, I believe with all my heart that the best is yet to come for Arbonne.

    Thanks for your best wishes, love and support. I appreciate all that you have done for me personally and for our great company.

    Please know that I will miss each one of you greatly. You have been an inspiration to me every day for the past 24 years. Each of your stories of commitment, persistence, love, and generosity continues to motivate me daily. Remember to help each other along this journey. As I have always said, “your job is to love each other.”

    Love ya,

    Rita Davenport

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  11. Rebecca says:

    Dear No More Kool Aid,
    As an ex-Arbonner myself, I would love to know who you are and what company you have gone to?

  12. Bella says:

    So what is really going to happen. Everyone is being quiet about this on the Arbonne board. All the consultants on FB are saying they will be fine and that Rita wanted to go. Is this true and who will replace Rita. Kay is dry and doesn’t have the spunk of Rita.

  13. Tessa says:

    Heard same rumours. Let’s face it, all the VPs know that Rita didn’t retire. She was never going to take that route, she mentioned this at many of the NTCs. Arbonne corporate is not good things from earth. Kay is all about ego and she knew the power of Rita. This is a SAD day at Arbonne

  14. Julie says:

    My gut tells me that No More Kool aid is right. I have felt that this was happening since before the bankruptcy was announced. I am wondering, though, who the NVPs who jumped ship are. And where they went.

  15. Truth comes out says:

    I would also love to know who No More Kool Aide is but if we can’t know then at least continue to post as your sources are spot on! It’s common knowledge that Rita didn’t want to go anywhere and she was in fact, worried about the company. There is always a ‘spin’ put on news with just enough truth involved to make it almost believable. Folks on staff at the home office knew nothing of the announcement that came from Rita. She would never book a date beyone a ‘retirement’. This was another salery to cut. So, it looks to me that the financial state of glory and success is yet another spin. No one leaves when the cat is fat….only when he’s starving. Too bad for some sweet and honest people. There will be more pain before its all said and done.

  16. Bella says:

    Rita opened up another fb page and she says former President of ARbonne. This didn’t sound right. All these people are saying enjoy your retirement on it. The company is coming into some other changes too. See what else is going to unfold.

  17. Bella says:

    John Darraugh from ARbonne Canada-was the corporate head guy in Arbonne for Canada was let go or fired this week. What is going on?\

    Rumors that his daughter Jennifer Paxton was a conflict for him since she promoted to NVP and most companies would not allow this.

  18. I loved Rita and feel that she brought SO much good to Arbonne. I was very sad to see her go!

  19. Gracie says:

    Not sure on this but heard ENVP Lisa DeMayo has left or is having a conflict with ARbonne right now. Too fishy. What’s up with ARbonne this past 2 years. First Bankruptcy, then Rita leaving, then trip problems and now one top leader might be leaving. Too Much!!

  20. former arbonnite says:

    Yes Gracie she left! And she wasn’t the only top NVP! I am a former RVP that in February- went an entirely different direction- RastelliDirect brand new company in direct sales but been around 35 years servicing top restaurants- There is life after Arbonne!

  21. Sad all this is happened says:

    Lisa DeMay, Rachele & Jerry Nichols & Lynn Hagedorn AND Michael Clouse have all left and gone to Isagenix, They posted a business overview flyer on their facebook. I am sure there will be more!

  22. beth says:

    All good things come to an end. Change happens and not everyone has to agree to it. I think ARbone needs to change how they do business. People are leaving and yes new people are coming in. However, sales are staying the same or lowering. Back in 2009 they said that they would hit a billion by 2010. It was only under 300 million. Now 2011 it’s still not there. The nvps are saying it will happen for sure in 2012. Hmmmmmm……………. Really????

  23. InTheKnow says:

    Interesting update: Lynne Hagedorn and Lisa Demayo are making as much already with Isagenix [after 4-5 months] as they were in Arbonne after 4-5 years. Isagenix is a great MLM–check it out. Compensation plan is phenomenal. Just wonder how many other Arbonneites will jump ship, make a business decision and join another MLM [i.e. Isagenix]?

  24. Ty Tribble says:

    InTheKnow, I know the Isagenix plan and it is not “phenomenal”. If all you have ever eaten is tofu and someone serves you a hamburger, you will probably think it’s the best meat ever. Isagenix is a tough old school cycling binary plan. People can make a lot of money quickly if they move a team over, but the big money will fade after a couple of months as people stop buying a a $600 product kit and start buying a couple hundred dollars a month of product.

  25. Get real says:

    I have been with Arbonne for a year now. I got in when all the changes where happening.
    You decide if your in it for the long hall. Every company has its challenges. Rita left and Kay took over. It did not fall apart, the Arbonne walls did not crumble. It’s actually the best year ever.
    If isagenex was such an amazing business model everybody would be going over there.
    Yes somme NVPs have left manly due to the fact that they were linked to Demayo, and decided to followed her.
    The reason she left was due to a conflict promoting her synergy coaching company and Arbonne policies.
    No company is perfects. Many consultant jump around from one MLM company to another searching for that perfect one. I heard Demayo was at isagenex before leaving for Arbonne and then jumping ship again.
    Stay, do the do and eventually you will collect on all that hard work.

  26. Kristi says:

    It’s very interesting to read some of the history around what happened in Arbonne. As an Isagenix Associate I only heard how Lynn H and Lisa D had left significant incomes at Arbonne to join our company and start over, and I couldn’t understand how someone could do that. But now hearing them speak of the differences between the comp plans, i understand why. They made a good decision for sure.


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