What is the best selling MLM product of all time?

I am doing some research into the subject right now, but I thought I would throw out some ideas and get your feedback.

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The first place to look would likely be the top volume companies in the industry.  Amway and Avon.

I think we can pretty much rule out an Avon product because of their catalog model with so many products.  The only product I can think of at Avon is their bug repellent lotion (that actually works amazingly well).  But I don’t think it’s the best selling product of all time.

AmwaySA8Which leads us to Amway. Amway has two possible products that might be right up there in all time MLM sales. SA8 Laundry Detergent and LOC Cleaner.  While Amway does tremendous volume, they might be held back due to the number of products they carry.

Herbalife is another top company by overall sales volume, but I’m not sure they have had a runaway single product since ephedra, which they stopped adding to products in 2002.

Mary Kay and Tupperware are pretty much in the same boat as Avon. All three have lots of sales volume, but no real stand out single product.

A company that might be the top skincare MLM company is Nu Skin, but I’m not sure they have a stand out product that would be in the neighborhood of the top selling product of all time.

Ignite Inc might have a shot at the top selling MLM product of all time with over $5 Billion in sales since launching in 2004. Ignite sells power in certain states.  As additional states are added in the future, the company may have an even better chance at landing as the top selling MLM product of all time.

Next we enter into the realm of services like Primerica, ACN and Excel Communications. Primerica and ACN both offer several products in their market, so I’m not sure if one product stands out as a top seller at either company. The now defunct Excel Communications is an interesting one because they basically had one product, long distance phone service. At the time, Excel was the youngest company to hit $1 Billion in sales of all time, beating Microsoft by 7 years. However, Excel might not stack up when it comes to longevity, leaving the MLM space in 2004 after only 16 years.

Other company’s that have had high sales of a single product include Xango‘s juice product, Mannatech‘s Ambrotose and MonaVie‘s original juice, but I don’t think any of them are approaching $5 Billion in sales.

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