On one of my websites, I have a price comparison.

Passport vs. Melalueca

Here is a comment I received today:

"The price comparison you have with Melalueca is VERY deceiving, because you are using Melalueca’s retail price, if you join the membership, then their prices beat yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

This to me is more proof that most Network Marketers do not sell products, let alone sell them at the retail price. Of course I compared retail pricing, real customers pay retail prices. I know this is foreign to many Networkers…stick around, I’m here to help.

Does this person really want me to compare her Melaleuca’s wholesale price with Passport’s retail price so that she can feel as though she is not getting ripped off? I’m guessing, yah.

We could compare her cost with mine, but it would get even worse for Melaleuca. I have over $85 a month worth of retail customers, so (according to Passport’s compensation plan) when I place a Passport order for personal products, I pay 50% of the retail price, (technically I get a 50% rebate but you get the point).

That means that my Joint Health Plus, one of the most competitive joint products on the market goes from $13.95 (retail) to $6.98 (my cost).

End of commercial…Sorry…sort of. = )

The real point to this post was that the person making the comment wasn’t even thinking about retailing products to end consumers. Ugh.