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Melaleuca Price Comparison

On one of my websites, I have a price comparison.

Passport vs. Melalueca

Here is a comment I received today:

"The price comparison you have with Melalueca is VERY deceiving, because you are using Melalueca’s retail price, if you join the membership, then their prices beat yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

This to me is more proof that most Network Marketers do not sell products, let alone sell them at the retail price. Of course I compared retail pricing, real customers pay retail prices. I know this is foreign to many Networkers…stick around, I’m here to help.

Does this person really want me to compare her Melaleuca’s wholesale price with Passport’s retail price so that she can feel as though she is not getting ripped off? I’m guessing, yah.

We could compare her cost with mine, but it would get even worse for Melaleuca. I have over $85 a month worth of retail customers, so (according to Passport’s compensation plan) when I place a Passport order for personal products, I pay 50% of the retail price, (technically I get a 50% rebate but you get the point).

That means that my Joint Health Plus, one of the most competitive joint products on the market goes from $13.95 (retail) to $6.98 (my cost).

End of commercial…Sorry…sort of. = )

The real point to this post was that the person making the comment wasn’t even thinking about retailing products to end consumers. Ugh.

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18 Responses to “Melaleuca Price Comparison”

  1. lawDawg says:

    And this surprises you?

  2. Shannon says:

    Passport has the best deal on nutritionals I've ever seen in the industry. The first time I saw the company, I knew somebody wised up big time and an industry that once looked hopeless suddenly had hope.

  3. JBNET says:

    Ok…where you and Dave S. ben hiding this past week? I have not seen any new posts on ether blog for a few days.

    For this post..I agree with Lawdawg that it shouldn't really surprise anybody but it does make you say.."Here's your sign"…;o)

    Happy Selling!

  4. Ty says:


    It doesn't surprise me, but if we are ever to bring Network Marketing out of resistance and into acceptance, it must change.

  5. lawDawg says:

    I assume you are using the royal "we." 😉

  6. Bernie says:

    Hi all, just came across this site. I just left Juice Plus+ after being ripped off to the tune of $80 a month for their blends.
    Been using Melaleuca's Vitality for life for 3 months at $50 per month. Not only saving money, but have more energy and feel great! JP+ is a great product too, but expensive, and not nearly as good as Melaleuca.
    Can't compare to Passport, as it doesn't exist in my country.
    My point is, when this comparison was done between Passport and Melaleuca, did anyone remember that Melaleuca's products are highly concentrated and therefore last much longer than others? Or are Passports' products concentrated too?
    Would appreciate any info on this, and via email is preferable.
    Peace out y'all, whatever works for you is fine. There's no one company with all the answers!

  7. Imran says:

    See the link I posted Bernie. Products are one thing, compensation plan is another.

    Aren't you suppose to meet a quota on Melaluca every month?

  8. carolin says:

    I find some of your information very deceiving…on product prices. As you know some companies spend millions of dollars of R&D and indeed have a better product. In fact one company you mentioned in price comparision manufa cuture to pharmacuetical grade with over 90 double blind clinical studies published in major referee journals. So it difficult to compare the produtcts…unless someone wanted to just make product from Passport look good. As we all know everything is not equal..that is whay I understand as a comsumer what makes up a good product. You might want to compare labels, mfg proceedures, etc. to get a fair picutre for the end consumer. Thanks

  9. Dave_S says:

    Passport's Summit Nutritionals were developed by Jan Debennadeto, who has over twenty years experience in the development of nutritionals. He also has extensive background in Chinese herbal medicine which dates back a few thousand years. I submit that is pretty substantial R&D.

    Bottom line here: Passport does not price their products to recoup R&D and the marketplace is the final arbitrator of the value of a product. Build a better mousetrap or daily vitamin …. no amount of double blinds will change that. Consumers seek price.

  10. Danny G says:

    The major problem with your post here, is your lack of understanding of Melaleuca. You state that "real customers pay retail". Well in Melaleuca ALL customer pay wholesale.

  11. Doug_G says:

    Weird. I thought MLM wholesale buying clubs were illegal. If everyone purchasing products from Melaleuca is doing so at wholesale prices, doesn't that make their business practice illegal?

  12. spencer says:

    About Melaleuca, Melaleuca marketing executives do not retial products. 80% of the people in melaleuca are just customers. Prefferred customers recieve the same pricing as marketing executives. Anyone who coomits to purchasing 35 points, about $45, Each month recives the prefferred customer benefits. Including the lower pricing. Melaleuca by definition is nto technically MLM. By definition it is consumer direct marketing. This is what makes it legal to not have to retail products. Quite franky i wish they woudl jsut list the prefferred customer pricing and not even list the retail. The reality is that you only enroll prefferred customers.

  13. spencer says:

    in response to another question. The only quota you ahve to meet is you personal purchases. as a prefferred customer you are required to purchase 35 product points each month. Or if you are a director or above you are required to purchast 70 product points in order to maximize the compensation plan. My wife and I try to keep our orders under 100 pts each month. Not an easy task becuase once you start using the products there is always more that you would like to buy.

  14. Spencer says:

    Wow this cracks me up!! You are lumping Melaeuca in with MLMs. Melaeuca is clearly not MLM. Melaeuca is Consumer Direct Marketing. Melaleuca marketing Exceutives DO NOT sell products. They do not get paid on any products the personally buy. 80% of the people in Melaleuca are just customers who joined for the great prices and products with no intention of ever building a business. Getting a Melaleuca membership is no diffent than getting a Sams Club or Costco membership. You want to shop at Melaleuca you get a membership. The only products you purchase are the ones you are personally going to use. It called Consumer Direct Marketing because that is what it is!!! You dont market to other distributors like in MLM, you mark to the end consumer. Get it straight.

  15. Ron Streed says:

    I've been a customer for 4 years with Melaleuca, really don't see any companies competing on quality and price. There are certain products that if you try then, and they work, you would not go back to proctor and gamble. Of course 95% of use will never try anything without the doctors or society, friends and relatives giving their blessing. I have never seen a sales graph for 20 years that look like Melaleuca's chart.

  16. F. Jones says:

    Joining this company has been the worst place I have dealt with. NO Training, the attitude of the "higher ups" is that your stupid and they want to rule you. They seem to be in a little clique with the money makers. The products are over priced. some are great. Most of them have chemicals with the names changed on the labels. When I called to find out how to leave I was told to write the letter blah blah and to sign it, he said. I mean you have to really write your name on the paper. Do think think people are totally stupid.
    Dream Team it is NOT.

  17. MP says:

    Unfortunately, you must have had a bad group of people you were working with, F. Jones. They are the nicest people I’ve ever dealt with in business. Every time I call, they are so kind and helpful. Just because you had a bad experience with some people, that doesn’t mean that they represent the entire company. Just like anything else in life, the U.S. is not a horrible country to live in just because we may have some bad leaders in government. Target is not a bad company just because you may not like the way the Manager treated you at your local store. Same goes for Melaleuca


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