John Crowe Breaks from Bill Britt’s BWW

I reported back on March 5th that John Crowe may be leaving Bill Britt’s Britt World Wide (BWW) and now it looks like the rumors are true.

According to a comment at Get The Facts – The Truth About Quixtar, the following names (all downline from John Crowe) have now been removed from the BWW web site:

– Jack and Magee Spencer,EDC
  – Chris and Judy Cherest,Diamond
     – Wayne and Suzanne Callender,EDC
        – Orett and Christine Channer,Diamond
           – Orlando and Deborah McKenzie,Diamond
              – Judith Scott,Diamond
           – Danny and Petrona Thompson,Diamond
        – Rod Loney,Diamond
          – Rob and Nerland Robinson,Diamond
  – Ron and Robin Erwin,Diamond
  – Bobby and Priscilla Harris,Diamond
– GW and Edna King,Diamond
– Dave and Kristin Dussualt,Diamond

No word yet on whether Crowe is joining Larry Winters’ LTD, Rex Renrow’s recent breakaway or if Crowe will venture out on his own.

John & Jenny Belle whose feet leaders take notes

The burning question is whether or not Bill Britt’s BWW will survive without the leadershop and numbers from Renfrow, Crowe and Winters.

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  1. As of this date many of the names above are still heavily involved with BWW and I see no signs of concern for numbers. The growth is happening.


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