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Wal-Mart – Sam’s Club Set To Put MonaVie Out Of Business?

When your company doesn’t have a unique product, your only choice is to build your business on hype, false claims and other mumbo-jumbo.

Regardless of what some may think, people are not stupid.  They will eventually find out that a product similar to MonaVie is being sold in Sam’s Club for $17.24 while MonaVie product is being sold for $39. 

Introducing Frut A Vie:


Here is the price tag from Sam’s Club (a division of Wal-Mart) – note the comparison to MonaVie on the shelf tag:


Finally, have a look at the back label.  I will be posting a comparison of ingredients soon:


Wal-Mart and Costco are not stupid either, gang.  Building a business based on a juice that can be copied so easily along with hype filled testimonies that many times cross the legal line into medical claims will catch up MonaVie.  The hype only lasts so long.

Update II (Ingredients):

Frut A Vie ingredients:

Proprietary blend of Acai (Freeze Dried Powder & Puree), Grape Juice, Pear Juice, Cherry
Juice, Pomegranate Juice, Goji Juice (Wolfberry), Apple Juice,
Cranberry Juice, Blueberry Juice, Acerola, Grape Skin Extract, Bannana,
& 1140mg of Mangosteen Peel Extract. (incomplete – I am working on getting the rest of the ingredients).

MonaVie Active ingredients:

Proprietary blend of acai (freeze dried powder and puree); Fruit juice
from concentrate (white grape, nashi pear, acerola, aronia, purple
grape, cranberry, passion fruit, apricot, prune, kiwi, blueberry,
wolfberry [goji], pomegranate, and lychee, camu camu); fruit purees
(pear, banana, bilberry);d-glucosamine hydrochloride, esterified fatty
acids, natural flavor, citric acid, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate.

I also found a review of Frut A Vie on the Sam’s Club site:

5 out of 5 5
out of 5

fruit avie,


By: judy

This is great stuff! The acai fruit is the most healthful berry you can
take and if you put a once in your smoothie it tasted great. Please
bring it back!!

Quality: 5 out of 5 5
out of 5
Value: 5 out of 5 5
out of 5
Pros: everything
Cons: nothing





Owned product:

1-5 months

Uses product:

Every day

Would you recommend this product to a friend?:


ORAC Values:

MonaVie has an ORAC score of 1027 per oz.

Frut A Vie has an ORAC score of 3500 per oz.

An Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) score is a test tube analysis that measures the antioxidant levels of food and other chemical substances. If a food has a high ORAC score, then it means the food is high in antioxidants. The antioxidant’s strength is its ability to eliminate oxygen free radicals.

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67 Responses to “Wal-Mart – Sam’s Club Set To Put MonaVie Out Of Business?”

  1. everett collins says:

    there is no product on this earth that compares to natural fruit and veg, that GOD put here for us to eat, Genises 1-29 man will lead you to a place you dont want to be. do natural juicing use as many green products as posible and live a good and long life.

  2. everett collins says:

    amen brother, i am with you

  3. Doug says:

    The reality is that Monavie is basically over in the US for now. With gas prices and unemployment both going up people are not spending money on the stuff. Only the well off, the hyper health crazed, and those poor desperate Monavie distributors trying to buy enough to “qualify” for thier comission are still buying it. I actually like the product and did feel beter when I was drinking it. It’s just not going to survive unless the financial crisis ends soon. I have seen distributors that were making 5K a month with huge downlines that are now fighting to make 500$ a month because everyone quit buying the stuff. (Yes, I was a distributor for over 2 years and had about 50 people in my downline – problem was no one bought the juice because it was too expensive)

    I have a bit of a problem with any company that requires it’s “distributors” to buy a set limit of the product personally in order to get paid. If you can enroll tons of people as clients or distributors you should be paid based on that and not paid only if you shell out your 3 or 4 hundered dollars a month to stay “qualified”. Imagine if you worked for Chevron and had to show your gas recipts each month to prove you bought Chevron gas in order to recieve a paycheck!

    If you have no money problems then go ahead and get involved in Monavie, like I said, I did feel better. If you are struggeling to pay your bills and someone tries to get you involved – run like heck! It will add 3 to 4 hundred a month to your problems and end up causing a financial hardship. Just eating right and staying fit will keep you feeling great too.

    Last thing – Does anyone remember a product called Seasilver? FDA shut them down because of all the miricle health claims made by the distributors. Not claims made by the company, but by distributors. Monavie is destined for the same issues. I have seen people claim it cured someone of cancer, aids, acne, diabetes and almost every health issue you can think of but I have never actually seen the person that was cured. Just the person telling the story about someone else. Where are the cured people?

  4. Bill Ward says:

    Doug I want to thank you for how honest you are! The world needs more people like you who are concerned and interested in helping other people.

  5. Chris says:


    I mainly wanted to point out your Chevron idea. Granted, if you own a Chevron Station, you aren’t made to get your gas there BUT let your customers find out you are buying your gas from your competition? I bet you won’t last long because your customers will ask well what is wrong with your gas if the owner won’t even use it?

  6. artie huff jr says:

    hi all,my name is artie huff jr and i am a herbalife independent distributor and i am so glade that i don’t have that problem.any who no our company knows that their products are just what they say they are and our company give even unemployed people a real chance to start a very profitable business.i will work anyone that want a real chance to better their health and their financial future.

  7. Damiso Arrington says:

    The Monavie product does have a few high price points that Wal-Mart seems to have learned to exploit.

  8. Brandy says:

    Nice prediction jerk.
    We’re still in business and making a ton of money.

  9. Dan Mitchell says:


  10. Ty Tribble says:

    Heh. You really want to go there?

    MonaVie is probably down 60% in U.S. volume over the last 18 months.

  11. I became a part of Monavie in 2008, and after I found out that they had over one million distributors, learned that their flush binary plan was not going to work for me, since I did not learn about them n the beginning, I moved on. In their defense they have helped a lot of people move into the high five, six and seven figure incomes, providing them trips and more. Walmart on the other hand is one of my favorite stores, but they want to compete with companies like Monavie, because they want to control and continue to employe peoples time/talent for their terrible wages, and whats bad, people have bought into the economy is in an economic downturn and I have to except what all these companies provide, because even if they go back to school, it is not an asset to their future but now a liability, based on there may not even be a job for the new skills they now have, and student loans will take years to pay, unless the company they were downsized from threw in something to include the state. I applaud all network marketing companies no matter which one they may be, because they allow a person to make an unlimited exra income based on the merits of their works all from the comforts of their homes. Walmart will in return make you an area, district or some type of other postion of responsibility, make you work seventy hours plus, 401k and if your performance evaluation is not up to their expectation, demote you or even terminate you, not worth it. Roll backs is what they say they give, that is b.s., everyone knows they buy in mass quanities, so they can fool a fool. lol. I am now with Xyngular and doing well, because Xyngular offers a 30 day money back guarantee, Our Company Pays You Daily Plus, Everyone Gets Spillover, 12% Cumulative Bonus Pools 100% Money Back Guarantee. No Structural Requirements or Restrictions. No Pain-In-The-Butt Qualifying Legs. No Inside Lesser Legs To Be Stranded and Abandoned In. No Need To Fake Prosperity. No Car Allowance Gimmicks, THIS Will Be a Billion Dollar Company,No Kidding,No-Brainer.

  12. Tony Fisher says:

    Ty, Wow what a posting…….

    Let me first say, I am not currently or have I ever been a Mona Vie Rep.

    My hat goes of to the company for introducing a good product with perfect timing using the vehicle MLM. Their records say enough to validate them as one of the “big dogs” in our industry.

    I am really on the fence after reading this posting…….. Wal-mart is basically doing what they do best. Gobbling up competition by offering a a similar product at a discounted price. Hate them if you like ( I do ), but thanks to the exact same freedom we are all entitled too, they are making a dent in Mona Vie’s business……

    Now, the inner MLM loving part of me is really surprised and sickened at the blatant attack that Wal-mart is obviously making against both the company and the MLM industry.

    Great posting, I will be posting this on my blog and sharing with as many people as possible.

  13. Tony says:

    Just a note get your facts correct Monavie is 1800 per gram not 1027 per ounce so that means that if there are 28grams to an ounce Monavie is 50400 per ounce and Fruit a vie is only 125 per gram Just thought I would let you know thanks tony.

  14. Ty Tribble says:

    Have you ever drank a gram of MonaVie? Answer is no. The per gram number is misleading at best, a lie at worst because they are talking about the powder that is used to produce the product that is later watered down.

  15. David Murray says:

    Try both products, because the proof is in the Pudding! I know that “Mona Vie” is more expensive, but it just works better. The dosage and product is just better because of how they create and refine their product. I’ve tried them both and I just flat feel & live better with the “Mona Vie”. I tried all kinds of Acai Berry supplements to raise the immune system because I have COPD and Asthma. If I get another lung infection I may not survive it again. My brother had cancer and by the Grace of God and the use of this product, he has been cancer free since the cancer was removed. People need to remember one thing, “You get what you pay for”! I care too much about my, the family’s and everyone’s health to go with cheap products. Decide for yourself. That is the great thing about being “Human”.

  16. Travis Chase says:

    Never heard of this product. Danny has been talking about it too.

  17. Sandy Beckert Murray says:

    Monavie has greatly improved my hip pain. Antioxidants are amazing. I have reviewed university studies on the benefits of the acai berrry and Monavie has the purrest most antioxidant around. They have patents on the process. I highly recommend Monavie to everyone for your health!


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