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Easy MLM Money By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

There's an interesting list of the MLM 500 Top Earners available at Business For Home.

The estimated earnings are based on internet research, earnings claims from conventions, downline, upline, crossline information, etc. The earnings are per month.

Some of the top earners are familiar names like Brig Hart, Mike Dillard, Jay Kubassek, Dexter Yager, Margi Allprandi, Art Manville, Orin Woodward, Randy Gage, etc. The list goes on and on…and there's seems to be a huge number of Monavie and Amway representatives on the list.

I don't know how accurate this list is but it's an interesting read. One of the things the FTC has addressed for many years is deceptive income claims that are used to recruit new MLM Prospects. Not all income claims of course are deceptive.

Does anyone have an issue with these income claims? Let us know by leaving a comment…or email me at dan @

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  1. ibofightback says:

    Not even close to accurate for the Amway names listed, let alone those not listed!!

    Back in 2000, which was before Amway effectively doubled incomes for many levels, it was reported the average income for Founders EDC and above was about $110,000/mth. Last week there were 544 qualified Founders EDC and above in Michigan. Every single one of them would make that list!

    And that's not even getting into the fact that many of them have *multiple* businesses that are Diamond and higher. The Dornans are Founders Crown Ambassador in the US (more than twice the size of EDC) and EDC in something like six other countries. They don't make the list.

    Or how about Foo Howe Kean – Founders Crown Ambassador in 3 markets, and Diamond in several others. He doesn't make the list.

    And the Chen's – the list has them at $375,000/mth. They're Double Crown Ambassador in Taiwan, Founders Crown Ambassador in China, Crown in the US, and Diamond in a couple of other places.

    And they make only 3 times the average for a Founders EDC? Please …..

  2. ibofightback says:

    apologies, Dornans are on the list, making a whopping $10,000k/mth more than the average FEDC in 2000 … despite holding that level or higher in something like 6 countries …

    I think not ….

  3. Ted Nuyten says:

    Guys, as the owner of I have a simple policy. Send me an email ( and we correct an earning if it is way out of line. We cover (May 2009) approx. 30 – 40 % of all top earners so there is some work to be done. Let's show the world you can make an honest living through MLM / direct selling. That's one of the objectives.

    Every one who makes more then $ 10.000 a month in our industry has my deep respect. Ted Nuyten-The Netherlands, owner- business for

  4. Tex says:

    You're not counting the money where most of the Amway LCKs make their money, from their downline tool sales. For the details, check out:

  5. Ty Tribble says:

    I'd bet that those numbers include system income.

  6. Luke Kibler says:

    I found it to be missing a lot of people, and not up to date. I personally know people in Primerica, for instance, that make from 75k per month to 350k per month, and no one from Primerica shows up until the 50k mark! Brad Hagar isn't even with Cyberwise anymore, and it lists him as over 100k with them. Zrii isn't mentioned at all, and again, I several people making over 50k per month there. Some good info, but I think this list could be very misleading.

  7. Bob Firestone says:

    Lists like this are always going to be incomplete. Most MLM's are private companies and don't have to disclose anything let alone what the top earners are making.

    The people who compiled the list explained their methodologies. There are people who are going to be left off and the incomes are averages for the rank positions these people have achieved.
    Reps with new companies are highly likely to be left off just because there is little to measure against when it comes to who is earning what.

    If you think you should be on the list and need a good ego stroke contact the site and I am sure with a little documentation they would be happy to add you.

  8. PH says:

    Primerica publishes a list of $100k through $5 Million + per year earners. The book is published every two years. It is called the “Financial Independence Council” (FIC BOOK) and was most recently released in 2009 for the 2007-08 years. It also list the former occupations and salaries of each before working with Primerica. It’s the size of a phone book! Go to any Primerica office and you should find one. Just, one of the many reasons I joined this company…they actually disclose earnings of not just top earners, but everyone. My RVP earns 40k+ per month and he is not on the list.

  9. Ted Nuyten says:

    Dear PH,

    Primerica Top Earners? If you can send me a softcopy (or a hardcopy to the Netherlands..) I will list those Guys & Girls.

    Best regards,

    Ted Nuyten – Founder Business For

  10. nasoha says:

    wow! there are many people rich just doing MLM business. Thui 500 top list in the world inspired me to do MLM business very well. Hopefully.

    Thanks for the info.

  11. pauldevaine says:

    Really people. Who cares about making lists? Life isn’t about that. If you’re able to live the lifestyle you’ve dreamed for while working an 80hour work week at a job, is it really important to please a blogger to make a list? Seriously!

    Understand first how business works. Anyone involved with Quixtar/AmwayGlobal that hits a certain income level, typically incorporates their business and pays themselves less than their business makes to protect the company’s money. Even the money listed as income for Greg & Laurie Duncan’s BK isn’t truly all the money they make yearly. Get real folks. You don’t get $63Million in net worth by making $450k per year! Doesn’t happen. That’s the income they claimed they make from their business. Their business makes much more than that. But it protects their business. People move money in many ways to protect what they have.

    Look at Larry King who millions watch and admire every night. He’s filed BK over 7 times in his life. Crazy!

    So, let’s get off who made what list. No one really cares. None of them compare in income with someone like Trump, Gates, or Buffet anyway, let alone Tiger Woods.

    By the way, the Duncan’s and many others have helped many people get debt free, build dreams of their own and gave more to their local communities than any of you have, including me, so leave them be.

  12. Herbalcode says:

    I guess the objective of this list is not to be accurate and to list every single netwoker whose monthly check is bigger than 10,000K. It’s about showing that our profession is serious. And if you’re listed, it shows you’re a leader.
    Obviously, lots of serious leaders don’t tell how much they make, publicly (I don’t agree, it’s a fact). And some could ask to be removed from the list, someday.
    Finally, choosing a company because there is a lot of its distributors on these list would be totally stupid. It depends on you, not on them…

  13. melmore says:

    what has happened to the website?

  14. Ty Tribble says:

    I head that it was attacked by a cyber terrorist group over a story about TVI Express:

  15. Randy says:

    I like the idea and that is to promote this as a business people can and are making great money in. It is just going to keep on growing.

    Randy B

  16. Derek says:

    MLM Just Keeps Getting Better And Better!


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