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ASEA Scam?

There is a new liquid “nutritional” product out on the marketplace that caught my attention.  Now, it didn’t catch my attention because of a revolutionary compensation plan (it’s a copy of a couple of other companies).  What caught my attention is the product.

How do I put this?  It’s Salt Water!

This company wants you to buy a case of Salt Water for $150.

Seriously, I took a screen capture of the label:

Ingredients: Distilled Water and Sodium Chloride. Uhhhh, that’s Salt Water!

The site has a whole bunch of mumbo jumbo simulated science, but the label is pretty clear.

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606 Responses to “ASEA Scam?”

  1. Cherie says:

    Did you know Bioagilytix tests 8 out of the 10 pharmaceuticals in the world, they test ASEA weekly for verification that is redox signaling molecules. It is now verified on the bottle.

  2. Kay Bridges says:

    Anna Preuss – tested it. Had a bad experience .. It kept me awake and felt like I'd explode. I was healthy and they kept telling me to take more. Distributors need to be better trained. Maybe it fixes what's broken… but healthy people … BEWARE.

  3. Kay Bridges says:

    i don't care what the double blind studies are. Were the people identicle in hydration and blood work before the test? If not .. it just doesn't matter. All the medical tests on all the pharmaceuticals have the same problem. At 78 I take no meds…. got off of 3 different drugs with extreme research and care … but eat pretty normal and excercise reasonably often… etc. ASEA may help fix broken .. but it can be impossible for a very healthy person. All things are NOT equal. I work with a company that's very careful to say "It all depends what the body needs." NO BODY ASSOCIATED WITH ASEA ever SAID THAT TO ME.

  4. Jerry says:

    I just bought ASEA 5 days ago. I did not read anything until today on this product. Tastes like Pool Water. That is the first thing I noticed. My left foot has swelling for the last 10 or so years and, when I drink alcohol it really blows up. Anyway here is what I found out so far. Foot swelling went down about 30%. (don’t know why) but it just did. Rubbed the 28 stuff on my 67 old man face and my skin is getting smoother. I felt like c**p for a few days and was using the bath room (i guess some sort of cleansing)Day 5 and I am feeling more energy. So salt water? Pool water? water water. Who cares. Something good is going on. I will be here again. And, will report it all. Good, Bad, Ugly. Just the truth as I go through the experience.

  5. Sheila Crone says:

    A chiropractor recommended ASEA to my sister for arthritis. What my sister noticed was that her chiropractor looked younger and her skin was beautiful. My sister went to several meetings and purchased a case. She was going to try it and wanted me to do as well. We started together. Two oz. in the am and two oz. in pm. We finished two bottles. My first 2ounces were followed by relief of chronic fatigue. She didn’t notice anything. We vowed we would not skip a dose. Then we heard her D.C. Had a stroke-a serious one. We continued the ASEA. Just as we finished our second bottle my sister was rushed to the er for what Drs. Thought was a kink in her intestine or a food poisoning. Two days later, I developed fever and ankle, feet and leg swelling- more pain. She was hospitalized for four days and when she got home to look in the mirror she looked like a red-faced Santa. She weighed herself. She had gained 15lbs. She restarted her diuretic and slowly the swelling and weight disappeared. I had gained 12 lbs. my dr. tested my BNP hormone and told me I was in heart failure. Three years prior I had passed my heart evaluation with flying colors. For the first time in more than three years I needed an inhaler to help me breathe. We both couldn’t help but think this was all coincidental to taking ASEA. Does anyone know of anything similar happening?


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