I’m a little late with this so many of you have heard that top earner, Eric Worre has allegedly left Agel for Send Out Cards. 

The news might be that Randy Gage has joined him as well.  Troy Dooly mentioned this in his recent video post.

Important Update directly from Randy Gage:

I most certainly did not and am not leaving Agel.

-RG (Randy Gage)

Update 2: Troy Dooly has posted a new video explaining his intent for the previous video, saying he misspoke.

Agel has also filed a lawsuit against their founder and former CEO Glen Jensen (Ted Nuyten has this story).

If Randy Gage has joined Send Out Cards with Eric, that is a massive blow to Agel and my guess would be that there are some darn good reasons why.

I wish the best of luck to Randy and Eric and most importantly their team.

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