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Eric Worre Leaves Agel For Send Out Cards…Randy Gage Staying?

I’m a little late with this so many of you have heard that top earner, Eric Worre has allegedly left Agel for Send Out Cards. 

The news might be that Randy Gage has joined him as well.  Troy Dooly mentioned this in his recent video post.

Important Update directly from Randy Gage:

I most certainly did not and am not leaving Agel.

-RG (Randy Gage)

Update 2: Troy Dooly has posted a new video explaining his intent for the previous video, saying he misspoke.

Agel has also filed a lawsuit against their founder and former CEO Glen Jensen (Ted Nuyten has this story).

If Randy Gage has joined Send Out Cards with Eric, that is a massive blow to Agel and my guess would be that there are some darn good reasons why.

I wish the best of luck to Randy and Eric and most importantly their team.

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14 Responses to “Eric Worre Leaves Agel For Send Out Cards…Randy Gage Staying?”

  1. Randy Gage says:

    I most certainly did not and am not leaving Agel.


  2. Ray Higdon says:

    Wow, that is pretty shocking news

  3. Rachel Henke says:

    Randy Gage is at this moment conducting an Agel Go Diamond event at Newport Beach. I think this may be wishful thinking but someone has their facts very wrong.

  4. Mike says:

    Ty Tibble
    As usual you got it wrong…..
    To use Randy just to get the highlights on you…

    Everyone that understands what happend, will stop reading your posts…
    They will understand that you are not seriouos at all….

  5. Ty Tribble says:

    Mike, if you read what I wrote you would see that I was reporting what was said from another site and as soon as I heard from Randy, I corrected the post.

  6. Kelly says:

    That is one thing I can always trust what you write to be accurate and not written just for the cause of high rankings. You are a true professional Ty.

  7. Aki Wood says:

    …ahhhh…. the ever moving plight of the MLM mercenaries… I do love this industry, but there are some things that make me understand why people don’t.

  8. Todd Klimson says:

    So what if someone leaves a company. I’d say good luck to you.

  9. Dani says:

    Regardless of the authenticity of this news, I am afraid we will be hearing a lot more stories of companies closing and leaders “switching” teams. Unfortunately Network Marketing Companies are just as susceptible to tough economic times and greed as any other industry. It is the sad truth that only the Top Leaders ever see the writing on the wall. For the rest of us, one day the company is successful, the best ever, promote, promote, promote….then the next it is in complete upheaval.
    Getting back to basics and remembering WHY you chose the INDUSTRY is key. Don’t lose hope just because the company did not make it, does NOT mean you won’t either. This is not the first speed bump for most of leaders but the reality is that only a handful of network marketing companies will survive the coming economy, so do you due diligence before choosing your next move.
    Life is what YOU make it! Adversity is another means to discover your capability & as the saying goes “quitters never win & winners never quit!”

  10. Jerry Katz says:

    @ Todd Klimson

    Same here, I’ll wish the person goodluck.

  11. Pavel says:

    Dont understand why Eric moved to another company. What should his team do? Find another sponsor, company or follow all steps he does?….I think I say goodbuy))

  12. It’s not a great mystery why more and more leaders of other organizations are joining Send Out Cards. Leaders in other companies are very often starting by dipping their toe in the water to see how the SOC service works and finding that is a great add-on for their own opportunity. Then the opportunity with SOC comes naturally.

  13. James says:

    I think we will see lots of MLM companies in and out. The regular trend now seems to be a huge hype, guys in the top make a load of money, and move on. The average company has about 2 years life span. This is deffinately a trend it is following and I think this will continue.

    Its not just the economic climate which is causing this, I think more so its the new breed of marketers online. People are hoping from one program to the next so quickly now before they even work hard at their current business. Before you have a chance to really build your downline, they have seen the next best thing! I feel in, and out at the top to make a few grand is the only thing we will see more of now.

  14. I know this is an older article but I just came across it and thought I would throw my two cents in.

    People follow people not products. Personally, I don’t subscribe to a network marketing company being the end all be all for someone’s income. I teach my team everything I know – and yes, they may leave and go somewhere else or they may add to their product offerings. To me, it is about providing value to our customers. If my customers are looking for something more than what my current product offerings are, I see nothing wrong with adding an additional product line so long as I don’t cross recruit.

    I find it fascinating when an MLM leader goes to a new company and I appreciate the information. I’m a big fan of Eric Worre and I’m sure he made the decision with careful consideration.

    Thanks Ty.


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