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Global Information Network: Kevin Trudeau Scam?

Global Information Network: A Comprehensive Review

There have been a lot of buzz about a new MLM company, the Global Information Network or GIN. Many are interested about what this company has to offer but one thing is for sure, this company has no products to sell. It is an affiliate program where other people can be recommended. Read this comprehensive Global Information Network review and decide for yourself if GIN is not a scam and if it really brings good things to their affiliates.

Global Information Network Products

Global Information Network is a private and exclusive club, an organization and an association. The real product here is the membership to the organization. As a member, you will gain access to all associates. This is good for those people who want to extend their networks and find potential business partners and the likes. There are many benefits in being a member. As a member, you can gain access to the different and vast collection of audio, written and video material on various subjects such as business and mental skills, personal development, ways in making money, Law of attraction, martial arts, health, saving and investing money in the proper places, paying off debts, and other things.

To be able to gain access to this classified information, a membership fee of $1000 must be paid and a monthly fee of $150. You must be referred by a GIN member in order to join. Other levels of membership are available but it will surely costs more than the $1000-fee for level 1 since there are many criteria and expectations before being able to upgrade your membership.

Global Information Network: The Company

Kevin Trudeau is the famous man who is behind the creation of this “exclusive society”. He is an ex-Brotherhood member, infomercial king, a billionaire and an author. By being an ex-member of a secret elite society, Kevin Trudeau claims that he will expose those secrets about health, wealth and life. It was launched last 2009 and claimed that they have already changed the lives of many.

Global Information Network Compensation Plan

There are two ways in which you can earn money here at GIN. First is by becoming an affiliate. Joining in as an affiliate is free and will allow you to have $200 for every person that you will refer in GIN and will become a member. Another way is by joining the company yourself by paying the $1000-fee and $150 monthly fee and by participating in the secret money making that is classified information. They also give additional bonuses such as free trips and vacations to exotic locations all over the world, luxury cars, etc, but they do not show the guidelines on how to avail these bonuses.

By joining, you will placed in level 1 and will get to progress to higher levels if you are active in the company. Higher levels include Chairman’s Club, President’s Club, Inner Circle and Partner.

All information about this are all classified but perhaps all your dollars will be paid off once you reach these levels.

Global Information Network Training

The company provides the knowledge about different things through their secret videos and audios but members do not have to get proper training for their only sell membership. One of the skills a member must have is the knowledge in marketing and law of attraction. With these tools, you can recruit new members into the society.

iLeadSystem is a new online marketing and lead capture page system that works with any company. If you are really sold on Global Information Network, you should give iLeadSystem a try.

In summary, I am still not sure if Global Information Network is a scam or not. This secret society is too good to believe. You can try becoming an affiliate first in order to find if this company will really help yourself and your well-being.

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12 Responses to “Global Information Network: Kevin Trudeau Scam?”

  1. Bryce Woodard says:

    good information. I have seen several people online promoting the global information network and was wondering what they were offering. Kevin Trudeau is a very smart marketer.

  2. Kevin Trudeau is a global marketing genius. Great info about MLM Web Secrets, will be looking forward to seeing more.

    Thanks again.

  3. Rex Harris says:

    I have friends you are involved in GIN and speak very highly of the training and information.

  4. I have been involved with the Global Information Network just short of 2 years.

    As a member I can say that the training, connections and member benefits are nothing short from phenomenal. Anyone can truly do, be or have anything with crux of the training being based off of the Law of Attraction. I’ve had many major manifestations from the direct result of the training.

    One of the challenges of this is that it seems way to good to be true and hyped up which lots of people get skeptical about which makes perfect sense as to why people will come up to this conclusion. But I am here to say it is 100% legit.

    As for the affiliate, money making side (which is actually a different component to the member benefits or what is the product) has been a great choice for me being fairly lucrative for the small amount of time I’ve put in to the business.

    If you want to chat with a person that is actually in this for real feel, free to email me.

  5. Leom says:

    I used to believe in Kevin Trudeau. Now i do not. I loved his natural cures book because it helped humanity and he believed natural cures and info should be available to all. But now he is making people pay crazy amounts of money to find out and profit off of 12/21/2012. Its all greed based and i want nothing to do with it. Its a scam anyways. Very clever Kevin. Id rather die in 2012 than make you rich before 2012 so that you and your elite group can run things. Im so disapointed that he turned to the dark side.

    Lee Weingrad

  6. MEARY ROSE says:

    he’s no,t the leader of g.i.n he’s just the newest member so wrongo mlm,but you do have to sped money and recruit other people do go uplevels,suposely he says this month that he will reveal reseasched documents proving that in or around 12/21/12 their will be world money and other crisis that will change our way of living forever,but he won’t tell us the details unless you are a 3rd level g.i.n apprenetice ,member.or he wont tell ya where it will be safe to live or what to have stocked to survive the world crisis on that date either.

  7. Johnz Richard says:

    Wow! That is some real loser attitude. No one is made to pay any crazy amount. GIN helps people get out of the rut they are in. It has for me.

  8. Kevin Trudeau is nothing more than a scam! I cannot believe people continue to believe this man! He just skipped on everyone and left all his GIN members hanging!

  9. John Holz says:

    GIN is great !!! I’m a member for over a year now and have made new friends and changed so many aspects of my life, mostly thinking and life is great….See you at the top!

  10. He has done nothing of the sort. Wake up to yourself.

  11. Dorin Vb says:

    Now, after few years, where is kevin? Where he belongs! He is a scammer. Period! Also read this :

  12. Chris Smith says:

    Yes 🙂 And he LOVES it.
    Why? He KNOWS it was the necessary step on the way towards the fulfilment of his current dream.

    Are you an inspiration like him?
    Have you, and are you, helping massive amounts of people like has, and is doing through his Facebook page, and newsletter? I know I am not. I know he is.
    My unasked for opinion is that your perception is clouded, my friend. You are missing out on some of the most valuable material ever produced. Kevin is truly one of the greatest value-producers that is. However, that material might not have been for you, and wouldn't resonate with you – which is totally fine. Find what does give YOU what YOU look for and feel good about.

    This is a fact: Massive amounts of people have read Kevin Trudeau's books, listened to his programs and attended his seminars, and they are IMMENSELY satisfied with what he delivers. Their lives are improving as a result of associating with Kevin Trudeau. This is a fact. I know. I am one of those people, and I've met many of these articulate, healthy, joyful, positive and happiness spreading individuals wordwide. I'm still meeting (even as recently as three days ago) NEW PEOPLE who got BENEFIT from what he has created.

    With that said: I respect your opinion that "he is a scammer", Dorin.
    I disagree; but I can see how you've drawn that conclusion, and if it is right for you, then it is right for you. Your perspective is a reflection of you.


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