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Robert Dean Jr. Joins Momentis? 6th Company In 3 Years.

Several sources are telling me that Robert Dean Jr. has joined Momentis, an MLM energy company. Momentis is likely Dean’s 6th MLM company in under 3 years as he jumps from company to company, working deals to pay off his massive settlement with Tahitian Noni.

A quick update: In yesterday’s mini-expose’ on Robert Dean Jr.’ deals we reported rumors that Dean may have been terminated from Limu.  But according to Troy Dooley, Dean has not actually been terminated, but possibly suspended.

My best guess is that Limu is getting their ducks in a row for a lawsuit and the fine line between suspension and termination is probably being toed for legal reasons.

I am willing to bet that our friend Troy Dooley will post an update for us in the comments once he is ready.  Troy has reported spoken with Limu directly.

If you are the wagering type, the MLM Blog (fictional) over/under on Dean leaving Momentis is set at 91 days.

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4 Responses to “Robert Dean Jr. Joins Momentis? 6th Company In 3 Years.”

  1. Aside from not being able to repay the cash advances I don't really understand what his jumping from company to company hurts. His group OBVIOUSLY is getting paid or they wouldn't jump with him , right? The company is getting a large (albeit) temporary influx of money. Where is the harm? I am asking legitimately this isn't an "opinion" comment. So basically if you took the advances out of the equation where is the harm of jumping opportunities.

  2. Ty Tribble says:

    The only people that really benefit from jumping from 6 companies in 3 years is the guy getting the big deals. No way you can create a residual income going from company to company.

  3. bob says:

    I’m new to Momentis and while surfing around looking for info on company ran into this. Who is Robert Dean Jr ? Are you suggesting Momentis paid him to join company? In what capacity and why? Is RDJ some kind of MLM genius? .. sounds more like a loose cannon..

  4. Jerseylamb says:

    For your information Robert Dean has joined at least 10 companies since Noni.


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