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Robert Dean Terminated From Limu Company?

Two sources are telling me that Robert Dean has been terminated from the Limu company.  This follows on the heals of his public split with Visalus and before that EvolvHealth and before that Monavie and before that Tahitian Noni

Update 1/25/2012: Troy Dooley reports that as of right now,  Robert Dean Jr. has not been terminated from Limu but rather suspended.  I suspect that this is a legal maneuver by Limu in preparation for a lawsuit.  It is pretty clear that Robert Dean Jr. has left Limu for Momentis.

All of this in the last 3 years.  Sometimes, there are really good reasons to move companies. Ethical reasons or corporate leadership issues that have a major adverse affect on your business might force a person to make the difficult choice to make a move.

However in the case of Robert Dean, it appears as though one word can sum up his reasons to move, “money”.

Dean apparently owes so much money to Tahitian Noni, that he is jumping from deal to deal in order to meet his payment schedule.

Let’s take a look at Nick Sarcola’s letter to his team about the departure of Robert Dean from Visalus:

ViSalus Science Co-Founder Nick Sarnicola Breaks His Silence On The Robert Dean Deal

And here is Dean’s deal with Visalus:

Robert Dean’s Private Money Deal To Join ViSalus What About His Team? Now Limu!

Oh but there is more.  Apparently Robert Dean owes Tahitian Noni a huge amount of money and was making payments to them with his Limu deal money (series of emails):

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Robert Dean
Date: Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 9:51 AM
Subject: Re: Wire
To: Mary Baxley <>

Thanks so much!

“Stay focus”

On Mar 1, 2011, at 8:28 AM, “Mary Baxley” <>

Good morning Gentlemen,

The wire transfer to Robert’s account for $100,000 is complete. Have a
great day!

Vice President of Finance
LIMU, The Company

And more communication:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Mike Drake <>
Date: Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 6:53 PM
Subject: follow up
To: Robert Dean

Mr. Dean:
Following up on your email earlier this month, I still have not received the
two payments for July and August ($10,000 each, $20,000 total) which were promised by the end of the month. Please confirm that the $20,000 will be received by Wednesday, August 31, and let me know how the payment will be made (by check, charge or wire transfer).
H. Michael Drake
Associate General Counsel
Tahitian Noni International, Inc.

And lastly:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Mike Drake
Date: Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 9:50 AM
Subject: RE: TNI settlement agreement
To: Robert Dean

Thank you. That will be fine.


*From:* Robert Dean
*Sent:* Monday, March 21, 2011 6:53 PM
*To:* Mike Drake
*Subject:* Re: TNI settlement agreement****

I will get the rest of that to you by April 3rd 2011

“Stay focus”

On Mar 21, 2011, at 6:21 PM, Mike Drake wrote:

Dear Robert:

I am sending this email to let you know about the status of you settlement
payments to TNI. The settlement agreement you signed will permit you to
satisfy the $1.5 million judgment by paying $600,000 in installment
payments. The payment schedule was originally as follows:

$10,000 owed by Dec 15

$40,000 owed by Dec 20

$10,000 per month beginning July 1, 2011

However, the foregoing payments were modified by a letter agreement dated December 20 (when we met in John’s office). The payment schedule now is as follows:

$10,000 owed on Dec 24–PAID
$20,000 owed on Jan 18–PAID
$20,000 owed on Jan 19—NOT PAID
$10,000 per month—to begin July 1, 2011

The $20,000 owed on Jan 18, at first, did not clear—only $2500 was
authorized on Jan 18. That left a balance of $17,500 owing for the Jan 18
payment. Days later I was able to talk to you about getting the remaining
$17,500 paid, and you kindly authorized TNI to again make credit card
charges (at the rate of $5000 per day) to cover the unpaid $20,000. So, on
Wed Feb 9 $5000 was charged to your card, then on Feb 10 another $5000 was charged, and on Feb 11 a third $5000 was charged. The remaining $2500 was charged on Mon Feb 14. With these five credit card payments ($2500 + $2500 + $5000 + $5000 +$5000), you satisfied the $20,000 obligation that was owed on Jan 18.

However, in our discussions about getting the Jan 18 payment taken care of, I failed to resolve your payment for $20,000 that was due on January 19. I now would like your permission to again make four charges of $5000 to your card to bring your settlement payments completely up to date—and keep you on track to resolving the judgment by paying the agreed amount of $600,000.

I will contact you tomorrow to get authorization for the remaining $20,000
payment through your credit card. Or you may simply respond to this email to authorize TNI to proceed with clearing the payment through four equal payments of $5000. Your assistance is appreciated.


H. Michael Drake
Associate General Counsel
Tahitian Noni International, Inc.

It will be interesting to see what happens next with Robert Dean.  I have to imagine that companies will be leery about giving Dean a big deal, but you never know.

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7 Responses to “Robert Dean Terminated From Limu Company?”

  1. Troy Dooly says:


    As always great follow up on this situation!

    It is my understanding from folks close to the situation, Robert has not been officially terminated by Limu, as of this afternoon, but may very well have been suspended.

    However, whether he has been terminated or suspended, if it is true he has once again jumped to another company, then I have to question two things.

    First is the commitment to his teams well being. Each move Robert has made comments about “not being able to make any money.”

    Well, that might have been true at a couple of companies, but since he has left ViSalus, more money has been paid to the field than when he was there.

    The second thing I have to question is, why in the world any company owner or leadership team, would trust Robert Dean enough to pay him any money to jump to them?

    I think if I were a distributor wherever he might land, I might start looking for a new company, one ran be leaders with a brain to contact the former company owners and get a clearer understanding as to why Robert keeps jumping.

    Seems the common denominator in all these moves is Robert Dean, and his need for money to payoff his passed broken promises.

    Just saying… 🙂

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  2. kerry says:

    This just seems to be the way this guy handles business as sad as it maybe he just continues to do it burning bridges and stepping on people has always been bad practice whatever the case is with this guy obviously he doesn’t seem to care i really thought limu was his home for at least the 5yr commitment but oh well let’s hope some company helps him get it b4 he makes things any worse for himself on blacken another eye on the mlm business thanks a lot troy

  3. In our opinion this is NOT an unfortunate set of circumstances… This is corruption – straight up corporate corruption with shady deals being made behind the scenes.

    What is unfortunate is that networking, or mlm, or affiliate programs, are represented to the general public as fair and equitable examples of free market principles in action.

    In this case *and apparently many others* it is NOT the truth. This Robert Dean character and the success he purports to represent is a lie. To hold up this person as some sort of leader is a slap in the face of every hardworking, goal-striving, entrepreneur.

    The companies Robert Dean associates with, and has associated with, should be called out on their secret agreements, and held accountable for cutting side deals with supposed industry leaders.

    Many people today are looking for a good and honest way to earn extra money. It doesn't serve anyone to have secret side deals with reprobates like Robert Dean.

    Instead, the playing field should be a level one – in other words, the same opportunity for all. When you have a level playing field then everyone has a shot at success.

    When you rig the system by giving some people special treatment, or special advantages, then you are acting exactly like the "business-as-usual" jobs that people want to get away from.

    Stay away from special deals, stay away from people that have special deals, and stay away from the companies that offer them.

    We're wishing everyone joy, peace, and happiness along their path to success,
    Marshall and Christine Hughey.

  4. martin says:

    for the most part, you’ll find front deals, side deals and back alley deals anywhere there is a lot of money to be made…
    whether in traditional business or network marketing.

    this robert dean situation will work itself out properly.
    #1 companies should be reluctant to do any deal with this opportunist.
    #2 if they do strike a deal with this guy they’ll penalize him severely for breach of contract.
    #3 any company that chooses to cut a deal with this guy should come under scrutiny.
    #4 now that dean’s true colors have been revealed, why on earth would anyone join his team or want to work with him?

  5. Stan Rogers says:

    Yea, he could have paid me those monthly payments and I could have prevented this mess…what a waist,lol.

  6. This is sad that you all are hearing this. I've knows Rob, since a childhood and elementary. He's a good person and always have been. The sad picture here is the back door deals like that are done all the time, the sad thing is people never like to except that thats how the world is. If MLM was meant for everyone to be at the top it would not be there. Only those that have reach Dean's level stay there and people in power at his level pay for him and other and they always will.

  7. Carl Mickens says:

    It is called, and I term it: "BALANCE IN THE UNIVERSE!" Special circumstances require oftentimes special treatment! Sometimes we are born with special circumstances and other times, as with Mr. Robert Dean, such is earned by the insistence of dogged amazing behaviour. Admirably, good behaviour! Let's not be tricked into "hatership" unaware of minute details. I for one believe in "fairness" and free expression, as well pursuit of happiness. Let us simply do our best to maintain a good sense of Balance In The UNIVERSE as we incorporate strong faith, and goodwill.


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