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“Arbonne Made Me Break Out”

OK, Arbonne didn’t actually make me break out, but there are a lot of people over at (forgive me in advance)… that are (well) “pissed” with Arbonne.

I have heard from several (mostly former) Arbonne reps that the quality of the products has taken a nosedive and I was skeptical but this looks like the problem might be worse that I thought.

Here are some examples from the site (these are all from the last couple of weeks):


I started using the Clear Advantage line of Arbonne. I had a few spots of acne that I wanted to get rid of and smooth my skin out. I started using their products and my skin started to itch a bit, just a small uncomfortable one. I slowed down the applications to every second day and my skin started to peel, the redness of my acne increased severely and it has actually expanded to my whole jaw line and neck.

I am quite unsatisfied with this product, I was expecting much more from this company.

As a student I took a risk paying for a quality product which has given me much disappointment.

Here is another:

“Major Breakout”

I went to a party and used several products during the demonstration. Because of the price of the merchandise, I ordered just the facial cleanser and face cream. The next day my face was on fire! It took several days to eliminate the redness and dry skin. I thought maybe since I had added some daily vitamins to my routine at the same time, that they make have reacted. I eliminated the supplements and when my order arrived, I used the products ONCE. My face looks like I have a sunburn! I hope my experience in returning the merchandise is better than others have posted.

And another:

“Arbonne Sucks!”

I hosted a party for Arbonne in my home…everyone LOVED the stuff so I TOO wanted to try it out. I used it all over my face, hands, feet etc at the party, I now, am broken out, HUGE pimples everywhere on my face and chest and it SUCKS. I NEVER break out, ever. and the sales lady said OH NO WORRIES nobody is allergic to our stuff, bullshit. why am I broken out everywhere??? I just do not understand why it happened, two other grls at my show who used it also broke out and are having the same pimple problem. never using this crap again.

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  2. Joseph Goth says:

    I completely agree with you, Nancy!

  3. I don't this is the place to write a freaking book….sorry but that's my opinion

  4. Jackie Marroquin says:

    I'm highly allergic to lemon and citric fruits and most of their products contain this. So YES you can be allergic to this crap. All my friends that have had acne issues love this product because it fixes the problem. So I decided to try it. But as for me, I've never had acne problems and broke out the worst I've ever seen. I have never seen my face react to such chemicals, then I remembered I was allergic to a lot of citric fruits. So when I googled their ingredients, well thats the cause. If your a first time user, I would recommend trying it somewhere on your arm to see if you breakout before you try your face. So its a 50/50 of the product working on your skin. I kept the eye creamer and face wash but returned everything else. My face couldn't hack all those ingredients.


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