Hey it’s Ty here…Happy 2014 to you!

Interested in making moolah with Email Marketing?

Of course you are, so let’s rap about Email Opens, Click Throughs and Best Time To Send.

Statistically, there is a best day and time to email people.  It’s probably close to Thursday at Noon.

But for most people (me included), these numbers don’t really matter.

Let me put it this way…if you are only emailing your list once a week, then the best darned time to send that email is right now. We simply don’t email enough. Today, I teach my students (with a raise of my mug of ale to Ben Settle) to email their list 5 days a week.

In fact, long before I found Ben (my go to Email Marketing man), I taught my students to send regular email updates to their list until the subscribers did one of three things:

  1. Buy.
  2. Unsubscribe.
  3. Die.

I recently did a training called “Email Marketing Authority”, the $197 training is not yet available for sale to the public, but you can get it (as a bonus) when you get your email marketing tools from SkyBundle:

In that training, I share my best email marketing secrets….the stuff that has produced multiple 7-figures in sales.

You will love it.

Talk soon –

Ty Tribble