A good friend of mine from High School recently posted the following on her Facebook wall:

“I want to have a Tupperware party…anyone in?”



You can click on the image to see the response. Within 17 hours, I counted nine people “in” and one football player who was after the potential accompanying food (some things never change).

So, what can we take away from this?

First, I would offer that my friend Jaimee has not blatantly promoted anything on her page that I can remember.

So there’s that.

Second, she came out with confidence and (dare I say) a “coolness” factor to the post.  Pretty much along the lines of “Here’s what I am gonna do, who’s with me?” I don’t think Jaimee is tying her self image to whether or not people show up to her Tupperware party.

Third, Tupperware now has a bit of a vintage vibe.  Pretty much everyone remembers some piece of Tupperware from their childhood.

Tupperware Popsicle mold anyone? Fill with your favorite flavor of Kool Aid!


The big lesson?

Be cool.

Seriously. No one wants to hear about your challenge, special cure-all juice or healthy coffee – 24/7.

But if you innovate a little, have some fun with it, be different and unique…you can still “sell it” once in a while. My friend Jaimee certainly “sold it” with good results and you can too.