Seattle Mariners, Edgar Martinez is arguably the best designated hitter of all time.  In fact, Major League Baseball named the yearly outstanding designated hitter award after him.

Not long ago, Edgar was on an airplane flight sitting next to a top high school baseball player, Jacob Prater.

Edgar spoke to the young man about about baseball and life and even took the time to write in Jacob’s notebook.

The notes that Edgar left for Jacob apply not just to baseball, but business and life as well.


One thing I noticed right away is that 3 of the lessons have to do with positive attitude.

Let’s break down what Edgar’s life lessons:

1. High Goals (Game, Season, Career)

Right out of the gate, Edgar emphasizes the importance of goal setting. Setting high goals challenges you to work to achieve your best, giving your highest effort. We can also note that he breaks down the goals into short term (daily), medium range (monthly/yearly) and long term (career/life).

2. Attitude, Positive

Positive mental attitude is so important. I believe it is the difference between those who breakthrough in their careers and those who struggle.

3. Self Talk, Always Positive

What conversations are you having with yourself throughout your day?  Baseball is a game of failure and it’s the same with life.  In 2014, Jose Altuve of the Houston Astros failed 65.9% of the time he came to bat, yet he led the Major Leagues in hitting. The conversation you have with yourself after you strike out in baseball or life will make the difference in what you accomplish in your next “at bat”.

4. Reverse Negative with Positive

Let’s face it, we live in a negative world.  The news, social media and even friends and family negative attitude can be a drain. In baseball, Edgar is probably talking about reversing a poor at bat by getting in the batting cage and having some success on the tee.

How do you reverse negative with positive in your life and business?


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