If you have been around the Network Marketing profession for any length of time, you’ve probably heard the following statement:

“It’s the best time ever to build this business.”

Typically, when I hear that, my hype meter goes off because it always seems to actually be the worst time ever for that particular company.

I mean, is it really the best time ever for a company shortly after they are hit with a massive lawsuit or when one of their top charismatic leaders leaves for another company?  Probably not.

But I am here to pronounce today, that it is actually the best time ever to build a Network Marketing business.

4 Reasons Why Today Is The Best Time Ever For Network Marketing

1. Ding-dong, the wicked phone is dead. I would bet that “fear of the phone” held back millions of people from reaching their potential in the Network Marketing profession. But today, there is no reason to be afraid of the phone and really no reason to make a cold call, even to your warm market when a quick text is way more effective.  People don’t answer their phones any more, so there is no reason to try to overcome the fear of making calls. Don’t get me wrong, I still use the phone and web meetings to talk with people, but only after the ice has been broken.  However, the phone call is never my first touch with a potential business partner or customer.

2. Social Media has made the world a lot smaller.  Right now, I could make a post on Facebook and promote that post to readers in 25 different countries.  The world is quite literally at your fingertips.

3. Search (both Search Engines and Social Media Search) allows you to zero in on laser targeted niche markets that align perfectly with your product or service. Selling is easy if you have something that people really want, need or desire. Selling ice cubes to Eskimos is difficult.  Selling ice cubes to someone at a tropical resort who wants their cocktail to be cold is rather easy.

4. You can truly be home based if you want to.  For years, people in Network Marketing would talk about being in a home based business and then they would leave their home every night to do meetings at other people’s homes.  Today with webinars and online meetings, it is truly possible to work from home in Network Marketing.  Having said that, I still choose to meet someone face to face when feasible. There is magic in looking into a person’s eyes and listening to their dreams and goals.

Ty Tribble

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