The first thing new Network Marketers are told to do is “make a list of names”.  This used to me a huge chore sorting through old high school annuals, church directories and address books in hopes of finding the right kind of winner who will make your business a success.

But even today, people over complicate the whole MLM leads process.

4 Tips To Generating MLM Business Leads On Facebook

If I was starting over today and needed to find leads for my business, my list of names would simply be Facebook.

1. Throw away the scripts.

No one wants to talk to a robot and the people you want in your business will see right through cheesey Facebook scripts. Yes, some might work for a time, but you will be a lot happier if you instead learn to have a real conversation with people.

2. Be genuinely interested in others.

When you have a genuine interest in other people, you become more likable and you begin to attract people to you.

3. If you don’t have a solution for the other person’s problem, don’t force your solution.

One of the biggest problems people have in the Network Marketing profession is trying to force a square peg in a round hole by always pitching an income opportunity or a particular product line to someone before having a clear understanding of whether or not the other person wants, needs or desires either.

Instead work to find the problem, then offer a solution, even if the solution is not your solution.  That’s true networking.

4. Be consistent.

You will not build a 6-figure income by talking to one person.  When it comes to goal setting, set activity level goals that will naturally move you in the direction of your lofty dreams and goals.

And a bonus:

In the world of “MLM Online” most people have no clue what they are doing, but many are 100% focused on their Network Marketing Product and Opportunity.  So if you want to build a successful online MLM business, it is a good idea to align yourself with an affiliate product that adds real value to Network Marketers, but doesn’t threaten a person’s main business.

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