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5 Vital WordPress Plugins For Your MLM Blog


I don’t think it is any secret that you have got to find a way to "get yourself online".  You need a marketing home base for your MLM business and a WordPress blog is the perfect solution.

If you are completely lost when it comes to creating and running an effective WordPress blog, hang tight, help is on the way…(yes that is a big hint about something coming in the near future from some big names.)

But, if you have a WordPress blog up and running, you might be a little lost when it comes to Plug Ins, those cool little apps that help your blog run smoother, get more traffic and create better SEO.

It used to be a big pain the rear to find and FTP these plugins into your blog, but today it is much easier, you simply go to "Plugins" in your side panel and click "Add New".

Here is a list of 5 Vital WordPress Plugins for your MLM Blog:

1.  All In One SEO Pack – Search engines like blogs in the first place, but you can give your blog some super powers by adding a Title, Meta Description and Meta to every post you make.

2. Akismet – This plugin comes preloaded on your blog, but you will need to activate and that takes a WordPress.com API.  No biggie, just follow the instructions and this plug in will take care of your blog spam.  

3. TweetMeme – Connect your blog to Twitter, allowing your readers to easily retweet your blog posts.

4. Contextual Related Posts – You want to keep people on your blog for as long as possible and this plug in displays posts that are related to the content of the post they are reading. 

5. What Would Seth Godin Do? – Allows you to post messages directed at your new visitors, you can ask them to "friend you" on Facebook, follow you on Twitter or subscribe to your RSS feed or newsletter.

Didn’t think I would leave you hanging without a bonus did you?

This one is a bit experimental, but it could be huge in the long run…

SMS Text Message – This plugin lets you collect cell phone numbers from your readers so that you can send them a text message on occasion, alerting them to exciting breaking news or special offers.


  1. I disagree with #1, only because I use Headspace2 to do the same thing (plus a couple of extra things). I haven’t tried #5, though I will be checking it out as soon as I am done here. (Might take a while cause I keep finding good content to read).

    I use Yet Another Related Posts plugin as my contextual related plugin because it has such a powerful “relevance” engine. Actually allows you to weight certain things like you want, like tags, categories, keyword in title, etc.

    Tweetmeme or Topsy (same thing) is a must. You really want them to share your content when it’s good, right?

    A couple of others I use in my network marketing business is Contact Forrm 7 since I can create multiple forms (one for a join me, one for request for info, another as a registration form, etc). to collect their info and allow them to interact with me.

    All in all, I agree with your suggestions, but I do add 13 more as MUST HAVE plugins.

    What can I say? I guess I am a plugin geek.


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