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I have been talking about a Revolution In Network Marketing over the last two months whenever I present the Eiro Research Business Opportunity, so my interest was peaked when I got an email from John Fogg talking about Randy Gages new manifesto related to a Revolution in Network Marketing.

I haven’t read Randy’s manifesto yet, (I don’t think it has been released yet), but I thought I would outline what I mean by a Revolution so that there is no confusion…

1. Social Media and Social Commerce have hit the mainstream with Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and eBay and overall acceptance of affiliate programs as a way to generate income online has opened the door for a clearer understanding of what Network Marketing really is. Network Marketers adopted Social Commerce about 60 years ago. Its nice to see the world catching on.

2. Billionaires are promoting and/or investing in the Network Marketing industry including Warren Buffett, Richard Branson and Donald Trump.

3. After 60 years of compensation plans not falling far from the Amway tree (arguably the worst compensation plan in Network Marketing), there are some interesting Hybrid Network Marketing Compensation plans popping up that actually learn from the past. These plans are taking the very best of what worked and throwing out what doesn’t work to create a hybrid plan that will allow the average person to create a generous part time income and the high achiever to create significant wealth.

4. The world wide economy is perfect for a major Network Marketing growth period. A couple of years ago in the U.S., someone with an entrepreneur’s mind could watch a TV show about flipping a house, purchase a property for $200K, add some paint and landscaping and turn around and sell the house 4 months later for $275K. No more. Network Marketing is the most attractive business in the marketplace today when you consider the potential return and the start up of less than $1,000 in most cases.

5. Network Marketing companies are getting more professional. Six years ago, Xango changed the way Network Marketing companies brand and market themselves. Other companies followed in the footsteps of Xango, creating professional web sites and consistant branding across their product line. In fact, I can think of one company that is built around their bottle. The contents of the bottle have been proven to be weak on many levels but the bottle has first class branding and continues to sell.

6. We are now seeing successful business people from other industries bring a new professionalism to the Network Marketing industry.

The revolution in Network Marketing is not any one of these six factors, it is all of them coming together in a unique time frame. Don’t miss the revolution!

Ty Tribble