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A Skeptics Guide To Resorts 360


I found an article about this new Travel MLM…Resorts 360.

Here's an excerpt:

So what is one supposed to think about new income opportunities like that of the recent – Resorts 360 Vacation Club which began it’s pre-launch around the first of the year 2009 and entered into it’s official launch a few months later?

Well don’t let the novelty of this opportunity fool you. Resorts 360 provides an unprecedented opportunity for success unlike anything in recent history.


Because although the Resorts 360 Opportunity
is brand new, the foundation behind the Resorts 360 Vacation Club is
not, and the leadership that has brought this opportunity to market is
rock solid in every way.

Resorts 360 has it’s roots firmly planted in a rock solid
foundational company that has been around since the late 1980’s, and
has previously been the provider of travel discounts and incentives to
major international corporations such as American Express, and
organizations like the official NASCAR fan club.

With a proven 20+ year track record like this, you can rest-assured
that Resorts 360 Vacation Club and Opportunity is a rock-solid firm
that is not going anywhere but up!

I can't find much information about this Vacation Travel Club. Does anyone know anything?


  1. I don't see selling travel as a viable underlying business for MLM's.

    The math just doesn't add up.

    What actually gets paid out in travel commissions are about 5% of the booking (airlines don't pay commissions). At YTB's peak they would have had to book about $1.2 billion in commissionable travel for the reps to break even on the monthly hosting fees.

    Travel is in a major contraction phase right now. Look at the cash flow numbers on any of the major travel industry players and the operating revenue #'s are way off.

    Travel is a highly cyclical business that leads the downswing and lags the upswing.

  2. Travel is the number one selling product online and has been a very viable business for those in MLM.

    I'm not sure about companies that pay
    out on travel commissions, you may be right on that.

    Resorts360 pays commissions per membership sold, so it's a different business model then YTB or any MLM company that is not membership based.


  3. By becoming a member of Resorts360 Vacation Club you gain access to over 100,000 time share weeks that would otherwise have gone unused at substantially discounted rates.

    I'll give you an example, on the R360deals.com site right now there is a special to Durango Mountain Resort in Colorado. You can book a seven night stay for $329.00. I looked on the Durango Mountain Resort site from December 1st through the first week in January the rates range from aroung $1000 all the way up to $2800.

    The value Resorts360 offers through savings on condo stays is worth the membership alone, not to mention the ability to make money by referring others and helping them refer others.

    By the way, Bob mentioned monthly hosting fees for reps at YTB, there are no monthy hosting fees for Resorts360 reps.


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