I was having a conversation with two friends (very successful people) who were both personally sponsored by me in Amway 15 years ago.  They know that I have left Amway and gone on to  create a multiple six figure income in Network Marketing and they asked what I think happened to Amway.

The problem with Amway is two-fold. First the compensation plan is horrible.  If it’s not the worst compensation plan in the industry, I don’t know what is.  Many will ask if the compensation plan is so bad, why would people (especially leaders) stay with the company long term and the answer is simple. These leaders make a significant amount of their income from training and tools that are sold independently of Amway.

Amway could never have grown to the levels they have while paying out such small bonuses without the help of the leaders who many times make more money from the training then they do from Amway and the leaders could never offer this type of training in the open marketplace without the Amway business.

I don’t complain about my time in Amway, I did learn a lot and was taught to really focus on personal development and reading which has changed my life and allowed me to create great success in another company outside of Amway.  I look at my time in Amway as education.

Anyways, I ran across the following video on YouTube. Please keep in mind, (THIS IS NOT ME!)

This is a video by someone who used to be associated with World Wide Dreambuilders, an Amway support organization.: