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A “Why I Quit Amway” Rant About WWDB


I was having a conversation with two friends (very successful people) who were both personally sponsored by me in Amway 15 years ago.  They know that I have left Amway and gone on to  create a multiple six figure income in Network Marketing and they asked what I think happened to Amway.

The problem with Amway is two-fold. First the compensation plan is horrible.  If it’s not the worst compensation plan in the industry, I don’t know what is.  Many will ask if the compensation plan is so bad, why would people (especially leaders) stay with the company long term and the answer is simple. These leaders make a significant amount of their income from training and tools that are sold independently of Amway.

Amway could never have grown to the levels they have while paying out such small bonuses without the help of the leaders who many times make more money from the training then they do from Amway and the leaders could never offer this type of training in the open marketplace without the Amway business.

I don’t complain about my time in Amway, I did learn a lot and was taught to really focus on personal development and reading which has changed my life and allowed me to create great success in another company outside of Amway.  I look at my time in Amway as education.

Anyways, I ran across the following video on YouTube. Please keep in mind, (THIS IS NOT ME!)

This is a video by someone who used to be associated with World Wide Dreambuilders, an Amway support organization.:

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  1. Business growth so good that the guy out grew the limit on his credit card..that's awesome. I remember when the I wasn't able to support the growth I created in my business and it wasn't because I wasn't making money, it was because I was not set-up to handle that much business. It's easy for someone who is ignorant and hasn't done anything but prosume in the business to turn it into a negative. aaaaahhh people.

  2. Interesting story. Most of us feel that any companies comp plan must provide a way for the new reps to make money from their efforts early on. Without that there really is no way an organization can thrive.

  3. Yes,

    I was involved in the "A" company back in the 70's. They just don't get it do they?

    I can't stand MLM companies that emphasize making money off of the distributors instead of making it easy to become one.

    You know, even some of the restrictions they put on their distributors are counterproductive.

    If they only knew that teaching you how to diversify your income streams, and use free online traffic generation methods would actually help their distributors meet their monthly requirements.

    But not just that, but actually have a positive cash flow in a very short period of time.

    Well, that's why I let my downline, and anyone else for that matter advertise for free on my website.

    Great subject,
    To our success,

  4. I have been looking for a home based business for awhile; have gotten requests from some of the ones you named. Glad to see my opinions validated. Also happy for some resources you offered.

    Thank You,


  5. I don't know who the Platinum was that the YouTube video was talking about, and I can not vauge for him. I would suggest that you do an IRS audit on him if you really want the truth, so that you know what his finances are for sure.

    I know from personal experience from owning a very successful real estate investing company out of Honolulu, hawaii….my credit was crushed after making one wrong deal and not being able to keep up with payments for all my overhead. Even though I have been clearing over 6 figures since then, no creditor will approve me for another credit card (which has been a good thing). but I can see why a new Platinum who all of a sudden makes alot of money (Probably not that good at handling the money….."New Rich") and having to deal with unexpected costs for doing business.

    If I were you, confront your upline in private and ask them what's going on…and then ask your upline Diamond in private. In or outside of this or any other business….sometimes people who come into success quickly get in over their head and don't handle their money right.

    I currently have a job in the oil industry, where most of my co-workers make at least 90K/year…..and most of them don't have any kind of savings. Its a common trait all accross the board, bud….not just for people in Amway. Hopefully this Platinum gets some positive direction from his upline Diamond on how to be financially responsible…..so take it easy on the guy.

  6. Now this is very interesting, impressive and never thought of. In simple words well done for providing creative information.

  7. Good for you that your a pro sumer, I’m sorry your judgin wether or not you can be successful with something on someone else’s failure. Truly the epitomy of average. Well, I’m glad MY upline teach debt free, and have helped me to start living on income from six months ago, far below my means. I now have at least six months living expenses saved and that figure is growing, as well as my business income. My upline platinum is also just about debt free except for his mortgage, but has almost six figures saved up in a seperate account. If this platinum is 23 years old, then his income obviously grew more quickly than his own maturity. I recommend judging yourself based on you, and not on some 23 year old making too much money. If you’re scared, then it’s because you don’t trust yourself to make good decisions with your money, which I’m sure is based on the reality in which you are currently living. Amway is like a car, it can be used to get you from A to B, it can be used as a transport for other people, it can even be used as a weapon, but it ALL comes down to the driver, doesnt it?


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