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AmeriPlan USA Celebrates 17 Years of Business


By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent


Jun 20, 2009 – For almost 17 years, AmeriPlan® Corporation has been the leader in providing affordable,money-saving discount healthcare programs. AmeriPlan’s Dental Plus™, Basic Health™,Total Health™and Total Health Plus™ programs have saved uninsured and underinsured Americans hundreds of millions of dollars on their Dental, Vision, Prescription Drug, Chiropractic Care and other health-related expenses.

AmeriPlan’s programs are not insurance; instead, AmeriPlan® provides healthcare services through networks of contracted providers. AmeriPlan’s healthcare providers offer their services at reduced rates to AmeriPlan® members because members pay for the services they require at the time they are provided.  

AmeriPlan® members may also enjoy access to ancillary services such as lab work, a hospital advocacy program, plus legal, identity theft and auto club services.

Company Founders Dennis and Daniel Bloom chose a network marketing business model as the ideal way to market AmeriPlan’s programs to the public. Currently, some 40,000 Independent Business Owners (IBOs), such as Steven Keyes Ocala, Florida sign up thousands of new members each month, as well as other IBOs interested in building a profitable home-based business. AmeriPlan® has more than 175 employees operating out of its headquarters facility at 5700 Democracy Drive, Plano, Texas 74024.

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