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Amway Buys MonaVie?


Ugh.  I can’t believe I thought of this April Fools Joke 3 days too late.

Imagine the fun created by an Amway buyout of MonaVie

On a serious note, I have often thought about why Amway doesn’t buy up and coming Network Marketing companies. Tupperware actually owns 8 brands (I think all through acquisition) including BeautiControl and the acquisitions have spurred growth in a number of markets.

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  1. Ty –

    I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for them to buy an up-and-coming company.

    Besides, my tapes told me that every other company in this industry is fly-by-night and will fail except for Amway. (so I shouldn't bother looking for any other)

  2. I think I would rather belong to something the flys by night before being part of something that slithers on its belly. Funny how Amway turns into iAMtheWAY… it's the wrong way but still funny. 🙂


  3. Aim this kinda turning into a sort of monopoly? The laws should do something about this or the prices in amway us just going to get HIGER HIGER and HIGER

  4. With the amazing success that Monavie has enjoyed in such a relativley short time, it isnt to far off the mark to conceive of some kind of 'buyout" The only thing is, it would be Monavie doing the buying!

    Monavie is breaking all kinds of records in the MLM industry, and is considered to be amongst Americas hottest companies.

    The Monavie product is truly amazing, the new generation binary pay plan is the RICHEST on planet earth!

    DRINK IT! FEEL IT! SHARE IT! and you will improve your physical and financial health…THE SKY IS THE LIMIT, so dream big!

    we stand ready to help you build your business fast and big…dont hesitate to contact me TODAY!


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