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Amway Competes with Coke in Cola Energy Drink Market


By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

From Examiner:

With all the pressure and attention over the Big 2 Colas out there, it
is pretty surprising that there are not more energy drink colas on the
market. Other than a very select few, most energy drinks seem to shy
away from cola profiles. I think it is because it is the one flavor
where the customer can be very discerning, and even non-soda drinkers
can have a particular cola preference.

I am so glad Amway took this
on and created their own energy cola – as this flavor is pretty dang
good – both in energy and in flavor. While I have certainly had tastier
colas, I don't think I have had one this powerful. A big thanks goes
out to energy drink heaven for finding and sending me this drink.

was pretty impressed with Cola Blast, tasting a whole lot like regular
diet soda, albeit with a bit of a herbal/medicinal edge to the
aftertaste. Cola is not that easy to pull off, and XS does it well. The
sweetness of the drink really stood out for me, as it tastes very crisp
and had a much sweeter flavor than Diet Coke, diet Pepsi or Coke Zero.
This could probably be associated to their use of sucralose and Ace-K
instead of Coke and Pepsi's use of Nutrasweet. You can taste the very
heavy herbal formula they add in here – giving the drink a strong bite
that you don't normally taste in colas. While not nearly as good as a
Red Bull Cola, Cola Blast does fare nicely.

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