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Amway Global opens “Experience Center” in Brazil


By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

From Amway Watch:

Rio de Janeiro was the location for Amway to open it's first "concept" shop in Brazil. The opening was held yesterday, August 18, 2009. The store encompasses 500m2 in the center of Rio. Another "Amway Experience Center" is planned to open in Sao Paulo in November.

The shop symbolises a repositioning of the brand in Brazil, which arrived in the country as a company known for home care products. Amway do Brasil today is focused on health and beauty and has created specialized packaging designed for the Brazilian market.

The choice of location was made with an eye to public traffic and to also attract entrepreneurs and resellers. Besides offering their natural products for health and beauty, the Amway Experience Center also offers trainings to  Amway business owners and consumers. Experts are available to help the consumer chose the most appropriate products for them.

Amway has invested $230million in the Latin American markets, a number it expects to more than double by 2012, with plans to open six more concept stores.

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