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Amway Launches iPhone Application


Ada, MI (PRWEB) December 2, 2009 — Direct selling giant Amway has launched the most robust and innovative application for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch in the direct selling industry. Through the expertise of leading mobile application developer, Übermind, Inc., Amway is ushering in a new era of commerce for its distributors and consumers.

Amway this month is deploying its iPhone app to distributors in its U.S. and Canadian affiliate, giving them crucial business functionality on the iPhone or iPod Touch product. Key features include customer relationship management tools, product and marketing information, safe point-of-sale order processing, and personal business performance tracking and reporting. Version 1.0 of iPhone app is Amway’s first step in a major initiative to help its distributors do business any time, anywhere through a powerful, easy to use tool that is always at their fingertips.

Source: PR Web


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