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Amway Loses Another Leader: Lennon Ledbetter Joins Xango


Note the choice of words below.  “No signing bonus or guaranteed “position”.”   Does that mean Xango isn’t paying him a monthy income on top of his commissions?

I don’t know if this is a huge blow to Amway, but it is interesting given Amway’s prior tendency to sue as soon as you leave.  We’ll see if the lawsuits fly given the recent ruling on non-competes.

I also know a lot of people who have left Xango because of the lack of income.  Is it better than Amway?  Probably.  If you’ve eaten tofu all your life and someone gives you a McDonald’s hamburger, it will taste pretty good…but you might not have known about that steakhouse that serves a 12 oz. rib eye steak. 

Xango is a bit of an old-school unilevel plan without any check matching or hybrid qualities.

Clean start at XanGo comes without signing bonus or guaranteed position

LEHI, Utah, Aug. 18 /PRNewswire/ — XanGo, LLC, a global health and wellness leader in the direct sales industry, announced today that worldwide network marketing icon and recognized business leader Lennon Ledbetter has joined the ranks of XanGo’s more than 1 million independent distributors in 35 countries. Ledbetter, founder of Team Builders Global, is among the highest-earning and most well-known network marketers in the world.

“We’re thrilled, in our eighth year, to have a dynamic, incredibly accomplished leader such as Lennon joining XanGo without a signing bonus or guaranteed position,” says XanGo Founder and Chairman Aaron Garrity. “Lennon’s achievements stand at the pinnacle of our industry, due in large part to his unique ability to inspire others and help them realize their potential. In XanGo, he can count on a strong partner with extraordinary executive leadership and a commitment to supporting our distributors in a way that accelerates their growth now and well into the future.”

Ledbetter is among the very elite achievers in direct sales, his team having consistently generated many millions in annual revenue as a heralded leader in one of the three largest companies in the industry. Among his accomplishments at his former company, he reached its highest ranks and consistently earned among the top sales growth checks worldwide. A sought-after motivational speaker and trainer, Ledbetter has wowed audiences in dozens of cities domestically and internationally in front of packed stadiums. Remaining humble, he’s also been known to spend considerable time offering one-on-one mentoring to his downline.

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  1. There’s been extensive discussion on the Lennon Ledbetter situation on Amway Talk for nearly a year. He and his wife divorced a couple of years ago,, she retained the Amway business and after a few missteps I gather he’s in fall compliance with his Amway contract with this current “move” to Xango

  2. We are always going to be seeing leaders move from one thing to another, it is a shame but it does happen.
    What I am surprised about though is two things.
    1. Why we are not seeing more Amway people moving because their payout is quite small and they are a hard name to push. (I have people in my team that never got past 8% or what ever it is, and are now earning a 6 figure income).
    2. Why Ledbetter went to Zengo???

    Anyway we all hope and pray he does well, which I am sure he will.

    Great post Ty


  3. Ty,
    Lennon also joined a little company here in Utah for a few months as their master distributor called Purity12.
    Google it, and you will see plenty of videos, etc.
    i’m not sure what happened with purity12, but it is interesting that he and others who are looking to capitalize on his name are completely forgetting this fact, and making it look like he did due diligence for many many months before leaving amway, when in reality he has been out for almost a year building another company.

    So many leaders are moving from company to company trying to recapture their magic.
    So few leaders left in our profession.
    Thank you to those small few 😉

    • Interesting. Leaders should do what is in the best interest of their team…sometimes that might be leaving a situation where they are doing well, but the team is not. Thanks for your leadership Shane!

  4. I wish Lennon well and invite him to investigate Kakadu Juice. We include mangosteen in our formulation along with 10 Australian wild foods and 13 (+ the mangosteen) other superfoods. These ingredients provide the recipe for the ultimate ultra-premium whole foods solution to the diseases of nutrition so prevalent today.

    Anyone know Lennon enough to point him in our direction?


  5. It has been very interesting to see comments during the past few months about Lennon. I haven’t quite yet seen anything resembling the truth about him and what’s been going on in the past few years. I know quite a few who were very close to him and have been very honorable in not dragging out all the horrible things that he had done. I have witnessed many things myself. I want to like Lennon, I really do. I used to defend the antics and horrible things he was doing. After a while I just couldn’t do it anymore and then everything started to fall apart for him. He has done alot of good in the past, that past is very distant and in recent years the persona could not keep up with the crumbling of his integrity. Alot of these comments about him and the new praise is coming from outsiders. I was insider – there is a huge difference.

    • Rob,

      I am new to the network marketing industry and as such, am gobbling up all the new information that I can about who, what, where, when and why. I saw your post and matched your last name with Lennons. I’d love to know the truth behind the curtain and any tips you have to keep my nose clean in this industry.

      Any feedback?

  6. Hey Ty, check out Xango’s doctor Shawn Talbott, Google him and the FTC. He has some credability problems, along with ex con Sherman Unkefer. Is Xango becoming a bad boys club with Ledbetter and Charlie Sheen?

  7. I met Lennon Ledbetter personally at a friend’s house who invited me over and he has join a company called True Star back in March this year, which is health and wellness based in Vancouver, Canada and is set to launch here in the U.S. July 1, 2012. He recently recruited an Amway diamond named John Merris who brings in $60,000 a month in Amway presently, who I also had a chance to personally meet and talk with. Basically, John told me that the American business is not growing as fast as in Asia and India and Americans are more skeptic than anyone else in the world. The truth is really his business is not growing like other diamonds in Texas, which is not the corporation’s fault. He also told me that this company True Star offered a better compensation plan being new in the states. The company basically makes vitamin supplementation, lets people customize meal plans, and work out plans for free. Both men’s philosophy was basically starting a company fresh in the U.S. and capitalizing on millions in the future being the forefathers of the company being the 1% and benefiting off the 99% who will come in later and to take the company public within 2 years. Personally, Im not sold on someone leaving a Double Diamond income from Amway(7 almost 8 figure income) to go to Zango and now True Star and you are convincing people its the best thing since sliced bread. You are calling people who use to be in Amway to join True Star because of short term fast income versus long term permanent income. I am a Amway distributor and I believe with all of my heart that if you believe in what you do and change peoples lives, another opportunity shouldnt make you have a change of heart when you have already created an unbelievable lifestyle for yourself and others! Amway, just like any company in corporate America, has the right to dismiss you and file a lawsuit against you for conflict of interest. You forfeit all of your hard earned money when you choose to join and recruit for another business while you are currently involved in one. Its like Tiger Woods endorsing and wearing Reebok products when he is paid by Nike or a BMW car salesman trying to sell a Mercedes Benz to a customer. In conclusion its just greedy and forgetting where you come from when you portray to strangers as you and your family were poor when you got started in network marketing and lack of integrity jumping from one company to another.

  8. Lennon did it live Amway he's ex wife divorce and she win the divorce…he was passion about Amway …xango he didn't have another opportunity

  9. I was a distributor from 1995-2000. At that time I was down line from Lennon by I think 9. Never made a positive income. Did spend much time and money.
    I met and talked with Lennon on several occasions.
    I liked him and thought highly of him. The guy has enough personality and karrisma for 20 people. I watched people fall out on a regular basis. When I stepped out I was directly under manase fotu. Great guy. It’s been 18 years now and I see it’s still falling apart. The same people making the money then are the same now. I doubt there will ever be a new millionaire created there. I’m sorry to hear Lennon and Suzanne are divorced. If you see this Lennon. Give me a call


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