1. Funny?

    I simply posted the first 4 paragraphs. People are free to follow the links and read the entire article should they choose to do so.

    What's funny how you leave this completely off of your "truth" site.

  2. Funny how you didn't mention this bit in your excerpt –

    "The court noted that, at this early stage of the proceeding, it was legally required to accept Nitro’s unproven allegations as true."

    Now, while I doubt the court said the phrase "unproven allegation" they most certainly noted they had to accept them true or not, so this really says nothing except the Nitro lawyers didn't do anything really dumb in their submission.

  3. I read this case heading on amquix.info. Heading seems success for nitro, but later reading means nothing happened really.

    The case is scheduled to go to trial in early 2008.

    Ok. Case in progress, that's all.


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