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Arbonne Fires Canada Regional Sales Managers


Arbonne has not only fired all of it’s Canadian Regional and District Sales Managers but it seems that the company also thinks you are a stupid idiot.

I can not possibly think of another explanation when I read the email blast that was sent to me by an Arbonne associate.

Just take a moment and read the following quotes from the email and make your own judgement:

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that effective yesterday, March 7, 2012, a business decision was made to eliminate the Arbonne Regional and District Sales Manager positions in Canada.

OK, it was a business decision, but don’t business decisions typically have to do with how your business is doing, right?  I mean if you are firing a bunch of regional and district sales managers in a particular location, you might suspect that business is not so hot in that location.

However, Arbonne wants you to believe that everything is great.

Here’s more from the email:

Please understand that this was strictly a business decision and has no bearing on the future of Arbonne Canada. Arbonne Canada’s future has never looked better and we know 2012 will be our best year yet!

Wow.  If this wasn’t so sad, it would be hilarious.  Who in the world writes this crap?

Let me see if I have this straight…

Arbonne is firing all of it’s Canadian Regional and District Sales Managers and it’s a business decision but the business decision has no bearing on the future of Arbonne Canada.

Even though the company just eliminated a bunch of jobs that support Arbonne reps in Canada, the future has never looked better and they expect 2012 to be their best year ever!

Kind of like: “Hey we just went bankrupt and because of that great news, we are going to do $2 Billion in sales in 2012”.  Sources tell me that Arbonne actual sales in 2011 were under $350 million. Pretty hard to get from $350 million to $2 Billion when you are laying off sales support staff, don’t you think?


  1. Do you think this has anything to do with Sue Cassidy and all of her front loading claims?

    To get rid of those positions means that there may not be any money to pay the comissions for these positions?

    Do you think they will do the same in America after they collect everyone’s money for GTC?

    This is crazy! Something else is going on here! Come on Ty! Give us the whole story!

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  3. Nothing should surprise you anymore. This is just one more step in Kay Napier’s misguided attempt to move the company closer to a P and G model. The company is now filled with executives that have retail experience and no understanding of how an mlm business is run. Kay was able to drive off the previous two Canadian Leaders with her lack of understanding of the business and consistent misrepresentation of the actual health of the business. Arbonne is nothing more than a PR vehicle for Ms Napier as she takes credit for things that either haven’t happened and are manufactured or were someone else’s doing and absolves herself of any blame in Arbonnes free fall into oblivion. She has not delivered on one of her promises. In her interview for the DSA she said the new Training they have developed will be the key to their success and that up until now they have not had training. Let me get this right; Arbonne University which won awards from the DSA and was touted at the time as being the key to the success of Arbonne’ s million consultants and was created by Candace Keefe and accompanied by Learn and Burns by Rita Davenport ( one of the most inspirational and effective network marketers of the last two decades); was not as effective as anything Kay and her merry band of P and G/ McDonalds cast offs could create. She goes on to say that Arbonnes decline was based on management missteps (obviously before her). Sister, you have been at the helm of that Titanic for close to three years. Apart from glowing magazine articles about you, there have been no bright lights. The organization has lost its heart and soul in losing Rita, Brad Wayment, Candace Keefe and others.
    In Canada, both of the founders of the Canadain organization could no longer bear the idiotic decisions of Kay et al. They settled on a junior employee, who while she has a long history of network marketing and a high level of competence min certain areas, could be easily bullied and forced to write the asinine comments you outlined above. From what I understand, Arbonne Canada, isolated to an extent from the chaos they are facing in the United States, has managed to grow in spite of Ms Napier . However it’s only a matter of time until she wreaks havoc on that market too. Without Canadian management to stand up to her, short sighted and ego centric decisions will win the day. As a matter of fact, it seems interesting that all of the people that the field connect with are routinely driven out or fired. Could it be that Ms Napier wants no one to over shadow her. Reminiscent of a children’s fairy tale and eerily accurate. “now mirror mirror on the wall , Am I the fairest of them all.”
    Let’s see if a hunter (read here new investor) ; Can rid the land (Arbonne); of the evil queen and restore it to its formal glory. Sadly it’s too late for the stellar group that Arbonne had in its glory days….. The corporate folks and some of the incredible field leaders have moved on. Maybe a Good Hunter could get them back.

  4. Arbonne was my training grounds for MLM. I learned a lot from my 7 years with them however I did not EARN a lot…in fact, it ended up costing me lots of $$$! I am sure their products are still good but I am glad that I made the switch to Isagenix too! I still have several friends that are associated with Arbonne so any other information about Arbonne's business practices still interests me. BTW-I heard that the US Regional Sales Managers were all let go this past August, 2011. I don't believe the field was ever informed of this. How's that for communication? Wonder what's going on at Arbonne?

    • I'm sure the Arbonne System works for some, but we are not all the same. That's what makes this world so interesting! Best wishes to you and my other friends still working with Arbonne. I will look forward to watching your success with Arbonne as I am certain you will be watching mine with Isagenix!

    • You know I wish you the best. We all have to find our own path. That's why there are so many roads to pick from. However I'm sure you are aware of throwing stones and glass houses! Good luck to you!

  5. Nothing surprises me including comments like Tammy’s above. Tammy: Nothing is growing at Arbonne other than Kay Napier’s Public Relation’s Portfolio, their debt, and the listed of disenchanted former employees and Consultants. The company is in decline and one foreign market makes up close to 30 % of their business. If you dont believe this; ask for disclosure on the numbers rather than listen or read the patter from Ms Napier’s publicist.

  6. When it comes to the Arbonne talent competition (seriously….if you can’t make money in business, maybe you can be a STAR. Give me a break), I am curious to know how many songs will include the word BELIEVE!!! I foresee many inspirational Celine Dion songs being exploited in the name of high sales!

    I find it all very sad, to be honest. Arbonne 10 years ago was a company of promise. All of these VP’s can spin the situation whatever way they want to. The rich at the top with padded performance accounts are the ones that keep reaping the rewards, while the Consultans, DM’s and AM’s are out ACTUALLY doing parties and spending even more of their families money in the quest for the almighty promotion. When are people going to wake up and realize it’s all smoke and mirrors!

  7. Does anyone have any insights as to the “front loading” that is rumored to be going on again? The growth of some teams, especially in the UK seems too fast and unrealistic. I am no longer an Arbonne consultant because this looks like the beginning of a massive time bomb. I don’t think this company will be around for too much longer if this is what is going on.

  8. There is no possible way that there ISN’T “front end loading” going on. I hate to admit that I was trained on this very system. Told that my team would “only do what I did myself” and that I “needed the tools in my toolbelt” to get the job done. I have heard that it’s being referred to “opening your own store and that you need proper equipment to run effiently”. I GET THAT!!!! BUT….do I really need 10 RE9 kits? Do I need to have $3000.00 to $5000.00 in product to get started? ALSO….the emails that you get at month end telling you that your “this close” and “that close” if you only can do THOUSANDS more! Call your team, rally the troops……remind them ALL of their “why” story! IT’S CRAZY!!!!

    I was told to put a picture of each one of my children by my computer to remind me of each one of my “whys” as I was calling my team and clients BEGGING them to spend more and more money that I knew they wouldn’t make back in commissions. It was all very self serving and pathetic!

    YES…there are flaws in ALL compensations plans and we could pick it apart for days. But let’s focus on the ones that have and continue to promote false dreams and make the rich at the top richer. I wish I could say that Arbonne wasn’t that company, but this new Arbonne that is run with corporate greed is getting dangerous!

  9. My decision process is becoming more clear everyday. I am currently a VP in Arbonne and haven’t been happy for some time. My focus was distracted about 8 months ago when certain leaders decided to leave the company. I was confused by their decision but knew that the compensation plan was broken, therefore, I understood their decision from a business perspective.
    I became very unsettled to learn that we were being coached to ‘do the right thing’ and remove, delete and block any Arbonne consultants that had left to go to another company from our Facebooks, linkedin, etc. How could a company that once referred me to the trainings and inspiration of these women now tell me that they were poisonous and a distraction from the business I was trying to build? Myself and my successline have never been contacted by any of these people that have left and gone to another company. I had not witnessed nor did I have any knowledge of anyone being contacted in an attempt of ‘pouching’. That’s when I started to see things for what they were. I’m disgusted by my own upline and how they’ve treated some of the team members that have chosen to move on. It seems like a desperate attempt to instill fear into those contemplating making a change to a new company. I spend alot of my time teaching my children not to bully others and sit on the sidelines and watch my own upline doing it to other grown women.
    I also have been getting members of my successline questioning the compensation summary on Arbonne’s main website. Are these numbers real? I can’t seem to get any factual information from anyone but I know that when I look at these numbers they seem dangerously low! For someone who has been spending the last 6 years trying to fight my way to NVP status I am quite disheartened to see that the percentage of National Vice President’s making commissions, bonuses and overrides is 0.03%!!! If these numbers that are published by Arbonne are real … what am I working towards? That was in 2010 when things were apparently getting back on track. How many other VP’s are struggling to make this work?
    I love Arbonne or atleast the Arbonne that I came to know 6 years ago but I’m finding it more and more difficult to look people in the eye and tell them that they can have all the success that I have when many nights I’m wondering how I’m going to keep this ship afloat. I keep one foot in only because I think I’m attached to what it once was. I find that I have come to places like these blogs to get an ounce of information. My gut tells me that there is more going on behind closed boardroom doors.
    How close are we really to the 2 billion mark? How many VP’s are getting their car payments made? How many District and Area Managers have unbeleivable credit card debt? I personally have put a stop to that in my successline so is that why I am not doing as well as I could be? I am all about making informed decisions but I feel as though I am always left in the dark!

  10. So if there are no longer any RVP’s in the US, why are they still listing the position and giving credit to consultants who have reached this “non-position” by posting their Eye on Arbonne stories? Some one help me out, what am I not getting? Is Arbonne really going under, or restructuring? Why all the mixed messages?

  11. Dawn: You are confusing the RVP’S (Regional Vice Presidents) with RSM’S (Regional Sales Managers). The Regional Sales Managers are PAID corporate positions at Arbonne. Those were the positions that were terminated! There are still plenty of RVP’s and NVP’s in Arbonne.

    I wish I could answer he question about the solvency of the company. Many of us would like to know the answer, but I guess we just wait and watch.

  12. Jeez! What the heck is going on at Arbonne? I’m not going to write a lengthy post here but what is happening over the last few months is worrying. By the way @ one foot out the door, I understand completely re ‘the Arbonne of 6 years ago’. I left, I had to, despised the front loading thing and wouldn’t do it. I have so many colleagues in Arbonne that are trying to fight their way to positions – that’s is NOT the way it’s supposed to be.

    I’m a huge supporter of this industry, of Arbonne and the reps as can be seen from an article I wrote in 2009


    I’m scratching my head with Arbonne at the moment, I miss the way they were.

    @Ty you’ll get a kick from the ‘vulture’ reference. 🙂

  13. @one foot: 2 billion dollars!!??? Are you kidding me? In its heyday Arbonne never even reached a billion. The company is in decline. It’s more likely hundreds of millions below a half a billion.
    If they are telling people they are on their way to 2 billion that alike telling someone from Chicago that s heading west that they’re on their way to Boston. They may still get there , but it’s going to take a while.

  14. @ onefoot Are you aware that Rita did not quit/retire? RVPs and NVPs were told to perpetuate the lie that she retired. Have you noticed the product quality going downhill and people getting rashes/reactions etc.. from the RE9 and other products? …and the quanitities in the containers going down? Bonuses and incentives used to be achievable and worth acheiving. I earned many back in the old days.
    I have never ever been approached by a former Arbonne VP to join their new company….like Donna Johnson did to her old Jafra folks.
    It is pathetic how those who left are being vilified !!!
    *Just believe*…in WHAT?
    I appreciate your integrity insomuch as you are no longer encouraging your downline to get into debt.
    It is difficult to let go of what used to be in Arbonne. It used to be awesome…. a long time ago. What uses the name now is nothing of what was. P.S. The formulations are NOT Swiss !! My sideline frind finally got a straight answer from corporate.

  15. I am very much like @Michelle. I still believe in this industry and believe money can be made honestly.

    My question now is, “Where can I go?” I love skin care (I’d prefer it to be natural/organic or as close to it as possible) and I would like to work for a solid company that has been around for a while with a compensation plan that doesn’t make you jump through so many hoops that to make good money would be nearly impossible!

    The thought of me going back into the corporate world depresses me.

  16. @ Dawn I know what you mean. Here’s the way I see it and yes it did take me a LONG time to really understand this. I love this industry, I always say I’m a Management Consultant by trade but a Network Marketer by choice. When I started at the tender age of 19, I saw it straight away, I understood immediately the potential of this industry and I went for it…. man that was when the price of entry was $5K 🙂

    I’ve done very well but I’ve also failed, yes failed in two companies…or at least failed to reach the level I wanted to reach personally and the level I wanted my team to reach.

    I got out for two years because I just couldn’t stand the crap anymore! People were NOT making money, all the good work that was being done in the last decade to bring this into the professional realm was being dismantled and I saw the same hype garbage and misleading of people coming back in. I was fed up to the back teeth of it, burnt out, done and dusted!

    My criteria for my present company changed to suit me….how can I show, teach and do with someone who has never been in this industry to reach the goal they set for themselves. How can I assist people like me?…the burnt out crew but those who have experience. No more bullshit (am I allowed say that Ty 😉 front loading and “oh by the way, here’s another gotcha”.

    I was brought up that one of the things you come into this world with is your name, it should always be associated with integrity.

    I purposely seek out other direct sellers and network marketers to purchase from them. I support as a customer many of my ‘competitors’. I do the same in business, the Company I work with is not everyone’s cup of tea but I recommend leaders of competitor companies to other reps all the time. Why because my business isn’t threatened if I lose one person or seven people ….when you fit people to where they should be then we all win. When you fit people to leaders with integrity, we all win, when you fit people to excellent companies then we all win.

    In such weird economic times people are looking for a genuine connection again, whether it’s for a customer OR for those looking to do this as a side business or career. Neither of those groups wants to be sold. I don’t know why people aren’t up front about it? What with all the surreptitious stuff going on? There is no need!

    * Every business needs customers. Serve them
    * You will have operating costs with any business. Budget for them.
    * Some will be interested in the Bus Opp. Educate them PROPERLY
    * You can take tax deductions on 1099 income. Educate yourself.
    * Comp plans should be fair/balanced and achievable. Ask questions.
    * Company culture/promoters should be congruent with your values. Ask, talk and ask some more.
    * Companies should have simple systems. What are they?

    That’s just to name a few.

    It frustrates me no end to see a huge amount of my industry colleagues so cheesed off, until recently I was that soldier also. Thing is we know as direct sellers and network marketers that this model works and works very well but it’s flawed like any industry. It is up to all us to take a step back and sit down to think what we want for both us and our teams.

    I want to know when I partner with a Company, if there was no bus opp attached to this, would I be happy setting up shop and selling this stuff (whatever it may be), is there a genuine market for it, what are the talents on the team, what type and culture of team do I want to build…. sometimes we have gotten lost as industry but what annoys me is that it can be a slow suck in and once you are in people get that sinking feeling of “oh! I need to keep how much stock or whatever on hand”. Jeez! I know we drip and for a very good reason…because an overwhelmed mind will only make one decision. Yes there is urgency but there should never be pressure, yes there are always things to learn, but they should never be hidden.

    Ok rant over I have to take my little girl to ballet. 🙂 Anyone wants proper leaders in a Company that suits you, you are more than welcome to connect with me on facebook. Michele Rosborough

    I have great contacts in Melaluca, Isagenix, Vemma, loads of them ….etc. Think of what you are looking for a in a company and I can probably, or even Ty can connect you with the ‘who’.

    Best wishes.

  17. @GEORGE: I herd rumblings of Rita being fired, but how do you know that for sure. Circumstances? Please tell me that they wouldn’t be as heartless as to fire the woman that BUILT that company!!

  18. Kay decided NOT to renew Rita’s contract. AND most of us noticed the decided lack of retirement party or recognition. Rita always declared that she would NEVER retire. She was dumped. Rita was and IS amazing. Petter was awesome and truly cared about us, his consultants. He was also very humble. He was the heart and soul of Arbonne. Rita was THE glue.
    There used to be an herbal and botanical heart to the original Arbonne products. Now it seems to be fruit and *science*. (which are CHEAPER)
    P.S. No more Tiffany jewelry….there is a reason why.

  19. What about the team in the UK? It seems to me that the leaders were all independently wealthy before joining Arbonne. Is that what it takes to do well now? Do you have to be a “rock star” too? Maybe this is why Arbonne is doing the talent contest. Is this the market producing 30% of Arbonne sales as someone earlier pointed out on here? Don’t get me wrong. I think the UK team has a lot of fun, but most people are just not as outgoing and may get discouraged instead of “inspired”.

  20. @Dawn Without a innovative product that works, you have no opportunity. Retailing should be easy, and the foundation of your business. I get paid commissions on retail sales every Friday by electronic deposit on a debit card. Consultants pay retail and receive a rebate on our products purchases. Rebates are not 1099’d, plus we don’t give away our “discount”- no more wholesale shoppers club which is what Arbonne became. You have to find a product line first and foremost that you are in love with, then look next at the leaders and compensation plan. Your professional and personal reputation are created by the choices you make.

  21. Can I get some clarification here – we not talking Regional Vice Presidents and District Managers as per the comp plan, right? These are corporate positions?

  22. @one foot out the door and @George… I am one of those RVP’s who resigned from Arbonne in June of 2011. Thank goodness I had an upline ENVP who was honest and had integrity and was not trying to protect her paycheck. So, here is my take on Arbonne, for what it is worth.

    I joined Arbonne in 2006 because I fell in love with the products. I knew nothing of direct sales. It took me 5 years of hard work to get to Region. People kept coming and going on my team and I kept plugging along. I had a very successful personal business with a great client base (I earned every incentive trip, including Tiffany twice, and I was in the President’s Circle in 2011). There were many things that led to my decision to resign… the reformulations of products that no longer worked for me personally and were causing reactions in long-term customers, the decreased amount of product/increased prices, the Atlantis debacle in 2011 (people on my team who legitimately earned the trip being put through the ringer by corporate and having to wait months to get the “OK”), emails from Peter Matravers where he refused to answer questions about where we are now formulated, the list goes on and on. The final straw for me was Rita’s “retirement”. Come on! All I can say there is that the CEO of a company has every right to refuse to renew someone’s contract, however, to then get on a VP call and tell us that Rita “retired” when said CEO came in on a platform of “transparency and open communication” was just unbelievable. Oh yeah, not to mention, what do you think happened to Peter Matraver’s co-worker, Roya Vaughn? And the head of Arbonne Canada? They left a long time ago and yet no one hears about it.

    I researched other companies for 2 months before resigning and joining another company. Let me tell you, this decision was based on a love of products AND diligent research into the company, comp plan and integrity of the owners. There are other great companies out there. There are (believe it or not) better products than Arbonne (ours are certified organic, NOT botanically based) that are half the cost. It is a retail opportunity… no more sign ups and renewals… consultants make money from DAY ONE!!! And… just for reference, in 6 months I promoted to Regional Leader in my new company and we are doing double the volume that it took us 5 year to achieve in Arbonne.

    I NEVER tried to recruit people from other downlines. Almost everyone on my team came with me because they trusted me and the facts don’t lie. They are all making money (finally). People who are making money are happy and they don’t leave. The longer I am out of Arbonne, the less sense their compensation plan makes. I was absolutely crucified by my uplines and “Arbonne friends” on Facebook (not all of them, but most of them). I was accused of having no integrity because I MADE A BUSINESS DECISION TO LEAVE. People not only unfriended me, but they blocked me! Well, you know what? The truth wins out in the end. I feel sad and frustrated for all those consultants in Arbonne who are looking for answers and their uplines won’t be honest because they are protecting their paychecks. Thank heavens for places like this where people can find the truth if they are looking for it.

    Do your research. Resigning is a tough decision but I can tell you that I am so much happier and successful in NYR Organic! I am thankful for all I learned in Arbonne, but in the end, it just is not the same company that I joined 6 years ago.

  23. @Wendy Livingstone I keep hearing about Arbonne’s formulations no longer coming from Switzerland (at least, the registered ‘office’ they supposedly use) – is this actually true? Their 2012 catalogues still say they do…

  24. @Looking for Answers… This was brought to my attention by a potential consultant I met with in May of 2011… she read the catalog and called me. I had told her that we were “formulated in Switzerland but made in the US.” To my shock, the new catalog at the time did not say that. It said “products with a Swiss heritage” and the Swiss flag was no longer there. Here is a copy of the email I sent to home office:

    Sent: Friday, June 03, 2011 1:37 AM
    To: Gina Murphy
    Cc: Peter Matravers; Kay Napier
    Subject: Swiss Formulation question

    Gina –

    Could you clarify something for me? (I was not really sure who to send
    this to, so I apologize if you were not the correct contact person!)

    Our catalogs used to say that all of Arbonne’s products were “formulated
    in Switzerland but made in the USA” and that is a tagline that I have
    always used in my presentations.

    Recently, a prospective business builder brought to my attention that
    our catalog says our products have a “Swiss heritage” but nowhere does
    it say that our products are formulated in Switzerland.

    Has this changed? Are our products still formulated in Switzerland?
    And if not (I really hope this is not the case, but if it is) – then why
    has the field not been notified of this change? This has been a huge
    selling point for Arbonne for years because we always followed the
    stricter guidelines set forth in European countries. If Arbonne’s
    products are no longer formulated in Switzerland, where are they being
    formulated? Does this mean that Arbonne will begin to use ingredients
    that we were not allowed to use before because they were banned in
    Europe? This is very concerning to me because I want to make sure that
    everything I represent to my customers and potential business builders
    is accurate.

    I would really hope that if Arbonne had made a change of this magnitude
    that the consultants in the field would have been apprised of the

    Thanks for any clarification you can give me!

    Wendy Livingstone
    Regional Vice President
    Arbonne International

    Here is the response that I received:

    Wendy – here is Peter’s response.

    As we grow, formulation technologies will not be exclusively from
    Switzerland. We are a global company utilizing talents worldwide. Many
    ingredients however are from Switzerland.

    Peter Matravers PharmD
    Senior Vice President Product Development

    I emailed back and asked them to please answer the questions in my first email and never received another response.

    I have not seen a new catalog so do not know what they are saying now.

  25. That formulation technolgy answer and ingredient baloney from corporate are seriously transparent. In other words… they have no accountability… no standards… anything goes.

  26. Just saw the line up for NVP’s and ENVP’s that will be training and speaking at GTC. ALL of which have been accused of front end loading! These are the very people that are training their teams to buy LARGE business orders while they collect HUGE pay checks. Looks like this IS the direction Arbonne wants to go. Why else would they have these people training? Shameful.

  27. I am a former ENVP. I was with them for many years. I left because:
    1. lost my passion
    2. new product formulations were inferior to those created by Candace Keefe
    3. Noticed 2 years ago RE9 Advanced did not say formulated in Switzerland. Not such a big issue if they would have told us. So consultant and uplines are still misinforming the public.
    4. Comp plan changes a few years ago pretty much stopped serious consultants joining. Just get rich quick attitude festering.
    5. No retail oppty…………Amazon, Ebay with 5k products etc plus frontloading floods the market and devalues the product.
    6. Rita’s hasty and not voluntary exit.
    7. Scare tactics and cult attitudes about people who do leave.
    8. Better products out there with better comp plans and better corporate leadership like the one I have been with for several months.
    9. All that is really left of Arbonne is the name.
    10.I found a company and now feel at home again. Miss the old Arbonne but certainly not the new one. And!!!! what is with all the branding etc? I do believe the ultimate goal is to sell the company and now they are making it attractive for the buyer. Become a name brand and go into Target’s new higher end cosmetic shelves.
    11. Bottom line is ‘banks’ (apparently 18 of them) don’t want to own Arbonne. I am sure it is secretly for sale.
    12. Upside—sponsoring in my new company is so healthy. We don’t have to seek out and poach! The word is out there and people leaving other companies are finding us. Plus we have a founder that has an excellent reputation in the industry, a fab organic skin care line, innovative, effective and not overpriced and a solid business plan. Someone mentioned in comments above about being leary of newer companies. When I joined Arbonne it was barely 5 years old. New is refreshing, 21st century, starting from scratch with new technology in products and infrasture.

  28. @wendy livingston and @george Thanks for posting your letter to Corporate – so, so suprised that Peter Matravers was so open about the formulations. I ask because I’ve known for some time that the only thing Swiss about Arbonne was the registered office of AIRD (apparently a name on a door and not much more) and I’m now guessing that Bottiglieri is no longer part of this process either, right? Is Matravers in charge of this whole shebang now?

    Most of the presentations I’ve seen revolve around the Swiss thing in a HUGE way. The catalogues in Australia still bear Swiss flags but interestingly the wording is very vague –

    “Arbonne is a highly regarded, premium brand with a Swiss heritage..”


    “Working closely with scientists around the world and our Arbonne Institute of Research and Development facility in Switzerland..”

    And you’re right. NOWHERE does it say “Formulated in Switzerland” on the RE9. But the FC5 boxes still do.

  29. I was an RVP 2 weeks ago and left because I came to the realization that my business would never be sustainable building the way we were being taught. I started with a new venture and in 2 weeks matched my previous RVP paycheck. It’s amazing what can happen and who can truly be successful when you have a system that is based on residual sales, consumption of a product that yields results, a system that anyone can do and a comp plan that is the best I’ve ever seen. I think Isagenix is the Steve Jobs of network marketing. They got it all right……seriously. I have people who have never done nwm before building a solid team built around the product and making real money. It’s amazing how simple it can be when all the components work together. So thankful I left bc I have no pressure and really happy. Home with my family…..this is how nwm of the 21st century should be. Laptop and cell phone for real.

  30. I can say is THANK GOD I left before the ship sank because IT’S GOING DOWN!
    I was in Arbonne for 5 years and I too was very loyal and BLIND.
    Someone who is very respected in the Network Marketing industry said to me: “Loyalty is a two way street” and you can be too loyal to a fault.
    In my case I could not look someone in the eye and say: join me and there is a promise land, now I can honestly say that with believe and conviction.
    I have made to the top level of Isagenix in less than 6 months and earning a six figure income, something I tried to do in Arbonne for 5 years, I was able to do in less than 6 months.
    I am the same person, with the same work ethic, but this time I am actually being compensated to work and MOSTLY help people in my team achieve success without getting a pay cut on my paycheck, I actually make more money when they make money. And I know some people in Arbonne will argue with me and say that that is the case with Arbonne, but we all know it is not. I have promoted people out of my central and my paycheck did go down.
    I feel sorry for the people that are afraid to leave. Come on people, the ship is sinking!
    I lost so many friends when I left and it was hard on me to find out that some of those people were not my friends to begin with.
    I couldn’t believe when I saw an email that someone forwarded to me of Kay telling all the VPS to delete anyone in facebook that went to another company and tell their teams to do the same, who does that? And I was even more shocked to see that people were doing that, I would of never done that, that is a private matter, I should not be told who I can be friends on facebook and who I can’t…. And I would never agree to such an absurd thing like that.
    If I hadn’t already left the company when that happened, I would of left it then, that is ridiculous, but so many people are still drunk on the Kool-Aid.

  31. I see your post to Heidi about Isagenix’s comp. There are many opinions on what’s the “best comp” AND comp is simply ONE of the key components when decided on a company

    I believe there are at least four key components to finding the company that is the right fit for each individual.

    1st RIGHT COMPANY: I wanted a culture that promoted creating wealth, rather than “flashing” wealth. I didn’t want a car program. Let people make the money & buy the car they want…OR keep the car they had and save the money! (A car is the WORST investment) I also wanted to see men in leadership roles not only at corporate also in the field. Since I’m a women I can say this…did you see the movie “Mean Girls”? Well, in my experience there alot of women that don’t grow out of that phase. A balance in the field leadership helps this. I also wanted couples to be recognized when working together.

    2nd RIGHT TIME: Well, really after the financial crisis in ’08 that few would have predicted, I think timing can be tricky…and this is the Industry of the 21st Century…so this goes again personal preference AND balance of the other 3 key components. I was looking for a seasoned company, not a start-up or any company that was over 15 years old.

    3rd RIGHT PRODUCT: You like the shakes good! Product is very important! Building a business isn’t a fit for everyone and Rod Cook, one of the top expert on comps, says, a successful binary, must have people that simply want to use the product. I wanted a product that appealed to men & women. I didn’t want a slew of products and I didn’t want just a few. (I know people that LOVE 1 product companies…not me…)

    AND 4th RIGHT COMP: I looked at A LOT of comps! I had papers spread all over my house, with those big yellow poster size sticky’s on wall throughout my house….I knew I didn’t want a “Stair Step Take Away”…I mean “Break Away”. So if someone told me that’s what their comp was I didn’t move forward to learn any more.

    I was open to other compensations. And based on the other 3 key components & what I saw as the best fit for me & my family I picked my company.

  32. Arbonne is desperate to make money right now. The products are getting many complaints in regards to burning the skin. They are swiss heritage and NOT swiss formulated anymore. The have synthetic chemicals and are still owned by banks. Which equals DEBT. Gone are the good oh days. Right now its Kay who is just corporate running the show. She doesn’t have experience in direct marketing. She worked in P&G and McDonalds. So just big corporations. Closing Canada down means they are heading in a different direction if they are taking this support away from Canadian consultants. They are going to try to bank so much with Debbie Neal, Sue Cassidy doing their front loading training at GTC. It will be the death of ARbonne. This is what happens when you have debt.

  33. So does anyone know the new products they are launching in the next few days? I’m hoping they revamp the RE9 yet again since it was so drying. I had to stop using it.

  34. Dawn, check their website. Only 5 new products. Some redos. They have trashed what was the beauty of the original RE9 and are compensating by adding a new RE9 Adv Day Creme for Dry Skin.
    What about the toner, wash, eye cream, serum and night cream that dehydrates most normal skin overnight?
    I saw the writing on the wall…..it was splattered all over and I left for Candace Keefe’s company a year ago.
    Never looked back. But I do find the Arbonne “Reality Show” quite entertaining.
    And………..mouthwash, toothpaste, deodorant this summer! What next, Arbonne T.P.? Do I smell Proctor and Gamble here comes Arbonne!

  35. I went on their website and it looks like they have also lowered the RE9 set to 299.00 (for a limited time). To me, the new products are nothing to go crazy over. 10 nutrition bars for 24.00 is a bit pricey to me.

    Please tell me you were kidding about the toothpaste, mouthwash and deodorant!! Can it get anymore obvious!”

    Arbonne does not test it’s products on animals but I think they have a lot of human test subjects called “consultants”! If all goes well with them, how easy will it be to market to everyone once the product goes on store shelves!

  36. You have got to be kidding! Toothpaste and deodorant! Arbonne was an industry leader in high end skin care and cosmetics. You want to peddle low end groceries I can help you in the fine meats and seafood and wine. Time to start looking for a new plan b ladies this one has jumped the shark!

  37. AND… they reintroduce the Muscle Massage cream…. (the old version which has been selling on ebay in the neighborhood of $40-50)The new version leaves out a very important ingredient… arnica! Leaves out chamomile too.

  38. I'm an Arbonne consultant….I do not know how true this is as I have just started my business in the past year. However, the above statement about "firing" any level of management is crazy….we are independent consultants running our own business. Also, District and Regional management levels….this makes no since because there is technically five level and district is the second level…region is the fourth. I truly think that this is bogus.
    I just stumbled upon this blog but I think that there is a lot of negativity and bogus information about Arbonne. Arbonne has already changed my life for the better in the small time I have been an independent consultant. I have met the CEO, and most of the other home office peoples at meetings and training events…if you know how Arbonne works then the post above makes absolutely no sense what so ever.

  39. Megan that was in 2012. The offices in Canada had a corporate regional managers. One in the west, maritimes and Jackie was Ontario. They downsized. Jackie is still in the office and the other lady, mrs alexander or something like that.

    All these stories are true above. Your uplines won’t tell you that. also in 2010 Arbonne filed chapter 11 bankruptcy. They still have debt in the hundreds of millions. So no lies but the past stories were true


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