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Arbonne Launches New Products – What Do You Think?


Arbonne has launched 5 new products and the feedback I seem to be getting is mixed.  What do you think about the new product lines?

Press Release:

Arbonne International, LLC (Arbonne) today introduced five new products to its growing line of personal care and wellness products. Inspired by nature, botanically-based and vegan-certified, the new Arbonne® products preserve and enhance the skin, body and mind for a comprehensive approach to beauty. Arbonne’s latest products include a new anti-aging ultra-hydrating day crème, fruit and chocolate nutrition bars, an Omega-3 vegan supplement, energy promoting fizz sticks and a limited-edition rainforest inspired eye shadow palette set. The products, which were announced today at Arbonne’s premier Global Training Conference, are available at arbonne.com or through an extensive network of Arbonne Independent Consultants.

“Arbonne is committed to continuing our long-standing tradition of bringing to market incredible, effective and earth friendly solutions. We never compromise our principle of developing pure, safe and beneficial products and our product line incorporates more earth friendly packaging, resulting in a 50% material source reduction,” said Arbonne CEO Kay Napier. “Each of these new products adheres to our incredibly high safety standards, is inspired by nature while also integrating the latest in scientific innovation, and demonstrates exceptional performance. I am proud to welcome these five products that support daily needs … anti-aging skin care with SPF, an Omega-3 supplement, nutrition bars, energy fizz sticks and color cosmetics.”

Each new Arbonne® product is vegan-certified and formulated without animal products, animal by-products, gluten, parabens, formaldehyde-donating preservatives, PABA and the following petroleum-based ingredients: Benzene, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Phthalates and Toluene. Arbonne is cruelty free and does not test any product on animals.

Key Product Highlights:

The Arbonne® RE9 Advanced® Extra Moisture Restorative Day Crème Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen is compliant with Broad Spectrum Testing, and contains both UVA and UVB sun protection.

The Arbonne Essentials® Nutrition Bars are made with pea and rice protein, which is more digestible than soy or whey.

The Arbonne Essentials® Omega-3 Plus supplement is completely vegan, using vegetarian DHA derived from algae.

The Arbonne Essentials® Energy Fizz Sticks not only provide a boost, but are also filled with antioxidants.

Developed in collaboration with a certified makeup artist, the Arbonne® Cosmetics Treasure of the Rainforest Cosmetic Set includes a tutorial featuring six different looks. 

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  1. The ONLY “new” product here is the protein bars (and we used to make those, ourselves, from the protein powder)!

    The RE9 day cream is a resurrection of the “original” RE9 day cream that people have been asking for since the RE9 Advanced rolled out (because it was very drying to the skin). The fizz sticks are just replacing the fizz tabs. They already had the Omega-3 supplement (formulation change???). And seriously, who on earth would pay almost $100 for an eyeshadow compact and lipstick in an Arbonne clutch??? Oh… the Consultants would…

    When I was in Arbonne the product launches were exciting and there were truly new, innovative products (tons of them). The past few years the product launches have been re-do’s of existing products. Not impressed.

    Oh yeah, I heard the “I Want It All” package was either $400 or $800… seems like ALOT of money for 5 products!!!

  2. They have also introduced deodorant, toothpaste and mouthwash…..all organic,pure safe and beneficial. These are definitely new to the line….I have nothing against the products…i think they are great as are the people and the culture……just do not like the “party plan”….to much work…too much “wasted” work alot of the time….and that holds true I’m sure for most party plan companies….unless they are making retail profit which isn’t my thing. I want a serious residual income that is very very simple to duplicate and I’VE FOUND IT!!!

  3. These products are hardly new. They are old products reintroduced in new packaging. If you have 90% new consultants then they don't even know that Arbonne had these protein bars, Omega 3's, moisturizer and shadow collection before. Grind a fizz tablet into fizz powder and call it new. Whatever.

  4. The Muscle Massage cream that they brought back is missing an important, effective ingredient… arnica ! …and also chamomile. The old formulation was very effective and in high demand. Sad

  5. P.S. The I want it all sets have a LOT of products in them, including complete set of all RE9 advanced products. Dreamer set of 3, Sky set, new nutrition, etc… etc. So it is a pretty good deal considering.The 7 day cleanse looks to be in foil packets now instead of glass bottles. I am not sure why people keep calling the products organic, safe, etc. Folks need to do some research on ingredients and their safety. The new fragrances are synthetic. Just not the same quality as it used to be many years ago.

  6. Levlad is Arbonne’s sister company (under the Natural Products Group parent company, which was the entity that went through Chapter 11), and manufactures the vast majority of Arbonne’s skin care products. Levlad has its own brand called Nature’s Gate / Nature’s Gate Organics, which is sold through retailers like Whole Foods. It will be interested to see what the price and ingredient difference is. Hmmmm….

    http://www.natures-gate.com/Shop/Item?Product=46100155&withLinks=1&category=143 (looks kinda familiar to below huh…)

    Coming this summer!


    {Pure Mint Toothpaste}.
    A fluoride-free gel that helps cleanse and brighten teeth. Just the right combination of mint and spearmint flavors, plus white tea, ginger, grape, pomegranate and cranberry to freshen breath. Brushing daily with Arbonne’s minty toothpaste also helps remove stains and helps prevent plaque and tartar build-up. Contains no artificial flavors.

    {Pure Mint Mouthwash}.
    Freshen breath with the flavor of spearmint, and extracts from cranberry, grape, pomegranate and ginger. This minty formula helps you start your day feeling fresh. It’s alcohol-free, paraben-free, and formulated without sodium lauryl sulfate.

    {Pure Mint Deodorant}.
    An aluminum-free, paraben-free deodorant infused with mint and extracts from white tea, ginger, lemongrass, sage, and tea tree that fights bad odor and helps you feel fresh all day. Baking soda and vegetable enzymes help neutralize odor, blocking the effects of odor-causing bacteria and delivering gentle, effective protection.

  7. Hey George,
    If you are looking for a product with arnica get in touch with me. NYO Organic has a jar of pure certified organic arnica for muscle aches. Only $12. It is a great company! I am a former ENVP with Arbonne and am so glad I have moved on.
    When NYR Organic introduces new products at our conferences the attendees get them all for FREE!!

  8. That’s why I am with Apriori – Candace Keefe’s new company. Definitely where the inovation is. No more parties and get paid every Friday!Love it!

  9. These products are hardly new. They are old products reintroduced in new packaging. If you have 90% new consultants then they don’t even know that Arbonne had these protein bars, Omega 3’s, moisturizer and shadow collection before.

  10. Right! I was with Arbonne for 20+ years. We had all of these products but of course the bars were great (didn’t taste like sawdust which some Arbonne consultants are reporting) and we never had toothpaste etc. To me………smells of Proctor and Gamble at work. And Nature’s Gate products are superior ingredients for minimal cost.
    $100 for a makeup set that is limited in supply? So yes, the consultant wears it when it isn’t available any longer and clients want it…NOT.
    New Re9 Day Cream: that doesn’t make up for the toner, eye cream, wash and serum drying out the skin. But good for the company because ‘voila’, user needs double moisturizer use.
    It took me a couple of years after Candace left to realize the products were being modified, corners were being cut, prices were being raised and the Advanced Re9 was the reason that my great skin went wrinkled and dry in a few months. Plus!!!!! I had product returns left and right from consultants and clients. That was something I never had up until 3 years ago when Re9 Advanced was introduced. Never dawned on me that the line I used, sold and built a downline of 22 vps and thousands of reps and some $700k retail sales’ months with original RE9 and Candace at the helm of product development…could possibly dehydrate and age my skin.
    It was a shocking revelation when I attended GTC Las Vegas a year and half ago and guess what! almost all of my VP peers were complaining about the new line. It wasn’t just me experiencing over night super aging (instead of anti aging).
    Then I visited my 30 something yr old daughter and the first thing she said after using Arbonne since she was 15 was ‘Mom, I can’t use Arbonne anymore. My oily skin is now desert dry and so irritated.’ That did it. Lousy biz/sponsoring plan, no retail oppty left and now accelerated aging products and to top it off, they didn’t renew the heart of Arbonne-Rita Davenport’s contract.

    So no, a new day cream (apparently more like the first Re9 Day) is not going to save the day.
    Whew, sorry for the mini novel but REALLY!

  11. Just learned three “lifers” from Long Island who were ERVPs jumped ship! Things not looking so rosy. What’s going on?

  12. Have used the old RE9 for five years. Ran out of the old formula and for last two months have been using the new formula. My skin is scratchy and feels dry. I am so disappointed. I thought it was just me but after reading many websites it is not. I am now searching for another brand

  13. Hi Cindy – I’m sorry to hear your products are no longer working for you. I’m curious, are you open to looking at Votre Vu? We are skin care from France. Thanks!

  14. @Heidi – I’ve found Nature’s Gate products at my local Whole Foods!

    @Cindy I can send you a sample of Candace Keefe’s new skin care. She created the original RE9 everyone loved so much, and now has new cellular science products I rep that are even better!

  15. Just learned another NVP defected! She was a powerhouse in the day as well. HMmmm if NVPs are leaving what dies it tell you?

  16. She address what happened on her personal Facebook page, which is public. I hope the future brings her great things.


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