Kim Klaver Writes:

From an email today…

"I was talking to a girl in Arbonne two days ago whose upline told her to get the biggest pack $5,000." (20- RE9s at US$250/each – $5,000)

This in itself might be okay, depending on how able the gal is to market the product, and how financially solvent she is.

The red flags went up for me, however, with what the upline said next:

"If you don’t sell the stuff, just put it on eBay.  But you will be qualified to earn bonuses."

Sources tell me that the "buy the big package and sell it on eBay" concept is limited to a particular group within Arbonne and is not approved by the company or the field leadership.

Arbonne has corporate and field leadership that stand on principle and I suspect that they will get this corrected rapidly.