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Are Your Products Packaged In Plastic?


From Facts On Plastic:

(April 13, 2008) — On April 9th the NBC Today Show aired a “Consumer Alert” story about the overall safety of plastics, plastic bottles and, in particular, Bisphenol-A (BPA) which is used to make polycarbonate containers. This story was full of inaccuracies which the American Chemistry Council (ACC) brought to NBC’s attention. The next day — in what first appeared to be an attempt to clarify the situation — NBC made a bad situation worse by further confusing the issue, repeating many of the same inaccuracies, and giving consumers additional bad information. NBC owes the public and scientific community an apology — and the public deserves to be told the truth.

NBC’s reports are inconsistent with forty years of accepted scientific assessments from researchers and countries around the world on BPA. NBC has furthermore needlessly confused, misled, and instilled fear in millions of American families by suggesting that various widely used plastic products are unsafe.

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