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Ariix MLM Pre-Launch With Former USANA President Fred Cooper


Ariix Pre-Launch MLM: Will it survive?

While I wouldn’t touch an MLM Start Up for a million bucks, the last USANA spin off did alright in the long run.  Starting out as Monarch Health, the Dalin Larsen led company later morphed into Monavie. 

Most “in the know” industry veterans will tell you that Monavie wouldn’t be alive today without mega distributor, Brig Hart.

No matter how good the corporate management is, the company will struggle without great field leadership and if Ariix attempts to grab some leadership from USANA, you can bet that legal sparks will fly.

I found an interesting tidbit on another blog about Fred Cooper working on Ariix will still employed at USANA. 

Fred (Cooper) abruptly resigned from USANA on May 9, 2011 to start Ariix.

Here are some interesting facts:

On January 12, 2011 iCentris, a corporation owned by Fred Cooper, purchased the domain www.Ariix.com.

On February 12, 2011 the company name Ariix was registered in Utah by Celebrus LLC.

Ariix has the same address as Fred’s other company, iCentris.

The facts point pretty clearly that while he was working at USANA he was also working on launching Ariix. Domains and businesses were started months before he resigned from USANA.


  1. Thought I'd chime in here. First, great article Ty, love everything you do! Looking forward to scheduling our show as well on the podcast! Although this article was written back in 2011, I'd say the company is on track to do very well. It's a good sign also that no legal issues have arisen between the two companies and we're already in 2015. Great international growth and growth here at home as well, much like your primary company!


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