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Ascential Bioscience Business Opportunity


MLM Blog author, Ty Tribble does not endorse this company.  It is listed here for reference, courtesy of NPros:

Ascential Bioscience was established by
professionals in the fields of nutrition, fitness, elite physical
performance, and weight management, who have pooled their knowledge and
expertise to create a system for creating positive change in the lives
of those who are looking to improve body weight and composition,
athletic performance, health status, and overall energy and vitality.
Systems of Acential products have been created for specific application
to health, performance, and weight management objectives.

Independent Distributors may order Ascential products at a discount for
personal consumption and for marketing to retail customers, and receive
the Ascential Business Sourcebook, a compendium of business and
marketing tools and guidelines, training and support, a replicated
website to help market and manage their Ascential business, and
membership in the Ascential Fitness Network with
personally-customizable exercise, training, and menu plans. Ascential’s
compensation plan is straightforward and easily understood and enables
a quick start approach to starting a business.

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  1. Hello Ty

    Thanks for a thought provoking site. This is our first visit, but we'll be back!

    Companies make grand claims about their comp plans, but we believe the best comp plan is the one that provides the most money for the least work.

    That's not a lazy statement – it's a smart statement. It's like choosing to be paid $48 per hour over being paid $8 per hour for the same job.

    One yardstick we find useful is the 10K question:

    "How many active distributors do I need in my downline to generate a walk away residual income of $10,000 per month?"

    We've been amazed at the wide range of answers – from as low as 400 to as high as 27000!

    We worked five long years to make a success of Excel Communications and 'failed' miserably. Later on, with a bit of simple math we found that we had not failed at Excel – Excel had failed us. The answer to the 10K question was 10000 to 15000!

    We never had a chance, and neither do a lot of people struggling today in a pay plan they don't understand.

    Thanks for helping to put things into perspective here!

    Bob and Anna Bassett


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