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ASEA Clinical Trials and Research


Here is some information about ASEA clinical research or lack there of:

From the ASEA Web Site:

“9. Have any clinical trials been conducted on ASEA™?

ASEA™ is a nutritional supplement. Besides extensive safety and antimicrobial testing, no other studies have or must be performed. ASEA™ does not claim to mitigate, prevent or cure any disease. ASEA™ simply contains the raw materials that our body and the immune system need to help protect us and defend us. There is extensive evidence, based on studies done on the individual reactive molecules contained in ASEA™, that these reactive molecules are indeed produced and used in large amounts by the body and the immune system. The role that these reactive molecules play in the body is becoming increasingly well understood and is actively being studied all over the world.”

What? No clinical trials have or must be performed?

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  1. I was suffering from a scratchy throat and picked up a bottle of ASEA. I gargled…and a few hours later I felt relief. It turns out it wasn’t ASEA but warm salt water. WOW- I just saved $150 case. I think I will bottle my invention and call it AOCEAN because I am a winner.

  2. Asea’s reactive molecules are amazing, amazing, amazing!!! I had a health condition I had for 20 years. After taking Asea for 3 months, my condition completely cleared up. My husband (the BIGGEST SKEPTIC) had to admit Asea helped with his back pain. You want to know what else it has helped with? email me 🙂 It’s the only product that has worked. Thanks Dr. Gary Samuelson!!

  3. For a product that claims it is not a cure for disease it appears to have plenty of people saying it does………..I smell product franchisees spreading rumours to increase sales.

  4. this product is oceans ahead of anything else on the market. It helped brine me health and happiness. I had a common cod and it went 2 days later. I would bass my future health on it so you sceptics need to sea it for yourself.

  5. If the product is so good, then why wont the manufacturers submit it for rigorous testing and attempt to get it published in a respected peer reviewed journal?

    The fact that they wont even embrace the possibility and even state that no clinical trial have or must be performed well, that speaks volumes.

  6. I tried the Asea as did several of my friends. I think it’s just salt water and a lot of hype. I even had a medical lab test the product and guess what folks? It’s just salt water!

  7. It’s good to have a critical point of view with any new product offering expecially in the health / wellness industry.

    But that’s not to say that you close your mind.

    Open it up!

    ASEA has been proven to have positive effects for individuals with various wellness issues. So really don’t take anybodies testimony for the full truth.

    I would advise you try it for your self first hand and see what it does for you.

  8. I would like to clarify that ASEA water has gone through all the clinical trials and testing required by the FDA prior to it being branded under the name of ASEA. I have been drinking this water for 10 years now, both in the branded form of ASEA water and in the test form of the water when it was being tested for clinical therapeutic use with cancer patients over a period of more then 10 years. The process that produces the ASEA water involves using an electrolysis based reverse osmosis filtration of salt loaded pure H2O. The result is a solution that has the same pH as the inter-cellular solution found in the human cell. Effectively ASEA water has the same pH as sea water without the sodium content. So under laboratory analysis all that can be detected is H20 with some chlorides left over from the electrolysis and reverse osmosis filtration. The reason that ASEA water product is so effective against all kinds of bacterial, fungal and virus based health conditions is because ASEA water stabilizes the pH levels of the body so that only the beneficial naturally occurring microbes of the body can survive. This stabilization of the pH factors prohibit the growth of “bad” viral, fungal and bacterial forms. The ASEA water itself does not do the work. The water merely enhances the bodies natural immune system by balancing the pH levels. ASEA is the most effective subtle immune system enhancers on the market.

  9. 1st of all, when you say “the pH of a human cell”, which cell are you talking about, and what is that pH, exactly? Blood ranges in healthy individuals from 7.35-7.45, if I’m recalling my A&P corecctly. Neurons have a tolerance of ~.2 from pH of 7. So are you telling me the salt water in ASEA is actually a buffer of some sort? That doesn’t make any sense if it’s CL- and H2O, since the naturally occuring buffer system in our body is based on Bicarbonate and carbon dioxide. Our bodies already know how to find homeostasis. Take A&P at the nearest JuCo, the layer upon layer of feedback loops inside your body will blow your mind.

    2nd, please, please, please, everyone, go to a sight like pubmed.com or medscape.com and look for this product. Look for the peer-reviewed research on it. REAL science doesn’t require an open mind, it requires a closed mind, as in “I won’t believe it until you prove it, and wishing don’t make it so”. Any real scientist publishes, knowing full well that others will try to duplicate his/her process and either get the same results or not, and then publish their results. “Just try it for yourself” isn’t science, it’s snake oil.

  10. There is over 16 years, and approx. $20M worth of R&D. What part of awarded patents don’t you understand? Show me ONE scientific study, of any magnitude, that shows the how/why the product DOES NOT work. Your study should be able to first identify the 16 reactive molecules in the solution created by the H, O, Cl, and Na. If you’re testing equipment can’t do that, then you’re not even qualified to perform the study.

    The product has a 100%, 30-day, empty-bottle, money-back guarantee so there’s absolutely no risk to try it. If it didn’t work, there would’t be approx. 50,000 customers in the first two years of being in business taking it with absolutely no commercial advertising. If it was just ‘salt water’, there would be hundreds, if not thousands, of lawsuits against the product for causing high blood pressure and the company would be out of business by now. Use the product properly, and get results. It’s that simple. Over 80% of people who purchase the product re-order it. Show me a ‘scientific study’ with that kind of efficacy.

    The 3rd leading cause of death in the United States is MD directed treatment (See http://youtu.be/8JF7TcPsmvI) yet people are totally oblivious to this because of the brainwashing that is done through the media. It is also evident from the sheep they’ve created like the ones who posted in this thread who have to wait for everyone in the world to publish a study on something before they make the effort themselves to validate it.

    Every great discovery goes through 3 phases:

    1st, it is ridiculed.
    2nd, it is violently opposed
    3rd, it is accepted as self-evident

    No surprise here as it’s exactly what was said about being able to fly, the horseless carriage, radio, TV, the transistor, the Internet, penicillin, and antioxidants… all which are now accepted as self-evident.

  11. There are only a few MLM health products that have a body of independently funded research supporting them. Unfortunately Asea doesn’t seem to be one of those. In the 70’s a couple of oral surgeons did some studies on vitamin supplementation and tissue healing that would be so easy to do with this product. One can only assume they’re not being done for fear of poor results.

  12. Can anyone spell “placebo”? There is not a single scientific study that backs any of the claims being made by distributors for this product.

    I note that the company itself makes no such claims, as to do so would mean being shut down by the FDA.

  13. Response to Christine: Noting the date of your posting – don’t know how you’ve missed the double-blind crossover studies at a top multi-university funded lab that were released in May 2012! Please look them up! More results are being released and discussed at an ASEA meeting next week. Watch for even more reputable research to be on the web soon.

  14. For those who are wondering about the research – here is a link to the research that took place at the North Carolina Research
    Institute, a collaborative entity involving seven
    universities (Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, NC State, UNC
    Charlotte, NC Central, NC A&T State, UNC Greensboro,
    Appalachian State). The research was led by the Appalachian
    State University’s Human Performance Laboratory
    under the direction of Dr. David Nieman. Dr. Nieman
    and his team of Ph.Ds. are renowned for their rigorous
    research into the effects of supplementation on exercise
    and exertion.


    The results are being published in a peer reviewed journal in April. Once the name is released – I’ll be back to let you know which one it was.


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