The fantastically delicious and sanguine product line of ASEA strikes again!

I was on facebook and saw a picture of a man claiming ASEA got rid of his brown spots on his hands over a 3 month period of taking normal doses of ASEA. Now to clarify, these two brown spots he is referring to are actually just moles on the side of his hand – not even very impressive moles at that.

If we had some hairy moles, like wookie-style fur moles going on, that ASEA butchered with its magic elixir then I may be impressed.

However, it is fairly common knowledge that moles can appear, fade and disappear all relatively quickly. It is all part of having a dynamic skin. I cannot tell by the hand in the picture, but my guess is that the fellow at question is also quite young – maybe in his twenties.

Moles typically disappear and appear in younger people very frequently.

This lame testimonial is actually the only one that may not get ASEA in trouble. A quick search of ASEA testimonials will pop up people claiming it curing their diabetes, allowing them to walk without a cane, and helping children with Austism.

Really? Autism? Wow.

I smell something in the water. (Get it? It’s water. Just water.)¬†Or more accurately – salt water.

Way to go ASEA, you’re putting the SEA in a bottle and people are getting brown spots off their hands. Amazing stuff.