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ASEA MLM – An Incredible Product?


With Asea (see my previous post for some context) launching a new product, I thought I could launch one too.  Check out the video…Ty Tribble, Blogger and MLM Kitchen Chemist…


  1. It amazes me how gullible people are. I bet you could create a website with a bunch of gibberish like this:

    “…product that gives your body the natural molecules that participate in cellular communications, cellular protection and the healing response.”

    Welcome to the bottom of the MLM barrel.

    • While I’m not yet sold on the Asea product, please let me leave you with a logical thought. Water…H2O is one of the simplest, non nutritive substances on the planet. Yet it is the single most important thing in our lives. We cannot live without it. Why then do most writers in this forum have so much difficulty believing that a simple water based product, with the right amount of additives can be so beneficial to the human body. Open your minds and think a little before flapping your lips.

  2. I’ve got an idea. Let’s take the word naive and spell it backwards, oh wait that one’s already been done….. Uumm how about, we sell ten acorns for $100.00 a month on autoship and call it “ATREEA”. Yeah, yeah, that’s it.

    Have a great day!
    Keith Brown


    If you have ever witnessed the amazing show Thunder Cats, when Lionel says, “Sword of Thundera Give Me Sight Beyond Sight!” this is what he was talking about!

    It’s just so visionary!

    Or when He-Man would yell forth when fighting the epic tide of darkness, “By the Power of Grey Skull!”

    Cause that’s how powerful this product is.

    It is almost as powerful as a glass of the Pacific Ocean.

    Or any ocean for that matter (But only a glass powerful, don’t want to get overloaded on hype here with this very serious product that is extremely valuable to the market place.)

    Haha, awesome vid Ty.

  4. You are funny…I have looked at this product..it is interesting the type of people who are attracted to this product…I am not longer associated with them…Gosh Bles You…Elta in Lively Las Vegas

      • Great Day, I understand energy products, and did not see this as one. Also the people who I meet who where attracted to this product, are not the types of people I am attracted to. If if works, great.Love Elta It is Salt Water? and the video that Ty played was funny as well..

  5. Ty, I saw this product a few months ago.
    I must say that I was abit if not very skeptical, but after seeing your demonstration I’m over-whelmed!!!
    This truly is the Greatest stuff in the World.
    ASEA is so visionary and cutting edge.
    If they Don’t a Billion Dollars by the end of this week I’ll be surprised.
    We have to tell everyone they have to Join This amazing Ground Floor, Earth Shattering Man-kind Changing Product.
    It will bring Balance to the Universe!!!

    I can’t believe Two Things: 1) Someone thought they could sell this and 2) People have actually joined
    Enjoy your day everyone and my 2010 be very successful for U

    • Yes, any INTELLIGENT person can see the health benefit of this product. It is backed by science, research and facts. (Unlike most products) Anyone who knows how the human body works will understand the benefit of this product. People who are ignorant to how human cells work within the body wil not understand this. But there will always be stupid people that are quick to reply about something without ANY knowledge of it. I’m a resident doctor. Please do YOURSELF a favor and learn about something and do your research before replying. You won’t look as stupid.

      • Ah, 4 out of 5 doctors (or is 5 out of 4 doctors) truly believe that doctors are trained, well-informed, intelligent, scientifically-oriented students of how the human body works and doesn’t work. So, why do doctors call what they do “practice”?

        As far as the ASEA products, who is doing the real scientific research? Who is testing the soundness of the scientific research? Where are the research documents, and the scientific discussions being published that examine the validity of claims that the ASEA salt water is better than my mixing the same salinity index of distilled water and Himalyan Salt or Japanese kelp bed salt or Morton’s Iodized sea salt or . . . ???

        More importantly, what is being done to test and quantify the placebo (or “belief”) effect of any health or medical product on this miracle ASEA (“a sea”) of salt water in all the miraculous claims of the $150 a case product?

        Doctors should keep practicing – after all, practice does eventually “make” perfect; at least in terms of training brain neuronal perceptions and reactions. And, buyers should continue to be wary – to be aware! Until we get true scientific processes in place (see how well science proved the safety for tobacco smoking for so many years as a warning on how complete are many scientific investigations when dealing with human body health), it truly is up to each buyer to decide for himself or herself whether to spend their dollars on a particular product or “get rich” scheme. Am I being derisive towards MLMs here? Not at all. I have seen some very effective MLM processes – Mary Kay, Amway, Avon, Tupperware, et cetera – where people have truly been compensated well – with good work and good people skills. I can’t speak to ASEA as a MLM, or as a product – not enough is published about ASEA yet to make any sense of all the hype at this point.

        Again, I just say this, this is a buyer’s market (the buyer controls the market with how he/she spends his/her dollars). It’s up to buyers at this point to do their own investigations into whether the ASEA salt water is worth the $150 per case asking price. It’s up to buyers to determine whether there is value in this bottled salt water product.

        Hopefully, buyers who purchase and use the salt water, and the investors (MLM members) who invest their dollars and time into the business of selling the salt water and the idea will take time to share their experiences with others on this and other web sites and in various publications – to add to the bank of knowledge and experience about the ASEA product and MLM.

        • Asea, yes, I did read its white paper and it is suggested that eventually there will be the standard product test in a lab setting at an independent third party university study, but when I asked of an upline active marketing guru when that will be, I was told, “Oh that’s just what doctors would say, they just can’t believe in something that does not comport with what they have been taught, or anything new”… Well, a friend, say he is a doctor, took a look at the white paper, and said, until such time real tests and standard clinical study results are done, ASEA is just yet another typical marketing scheme.

  6. Well apparently my husband does…Sad but true. I am starting to research the molecular structure of salt & chlorine to see if the symbols they have on that bottle are just that. Asea long road ahead for me…

  7. “This nostrum purports to increase the efficiency of two (of the many) body’s antioxidants, and has been “shown to enhance the signaling [sic] processes involved in [oxidative] damage control.” There is, of course, absolutely no evidence presented to back up these ridiculous claims. ”


    • supposedly 17 cross patents on the ASEA product. have you examined them yet, but i do agree there are no standard university trials and results, just one independent lab and i guess someone from ASEA would have hired that independent lab, … no what’s so independent about that… seems like an independent university test is what is needed, not just 17 athletes who experienced better breathing capability and endurance… come on, testing on athletes, … now a general population test and improvement in illness indicators and repair of signs of aging, now that would be a much better test, especially if this is to be sold to the general public at large!

  8. Why is it that even doctor’s don’t agree about what products, drugs, or supplements can do to help us remain healthy or get better if we are ill?!

    I cannot stand people who are trained in any particular field and get a God complex because they purport to “know everything” about their field. But, the human body has to be one of the most complex systems on the planet (besides the planet itself), so how can any single individual know what is good, harmful, or negligible in every person and in every situation? It simply is not possible.

    I will believe that doctors and scientists have all the answers when it comes to healing the human body when they can answer one question for me…”Why does one person die from a particular disease and another live…given the same treatment, the same level of care, and the same prognosis?”.

    My mother has just been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and we are looking for alternative solutions to her illness. I do not believe that surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation are the best solutions to any form of cancer (but there will be many “experts” who will disagree with me on this point). And, I might add, there will be many “experts” with the exact same training as those who disagree…who will agree with me. So, what’s the answer?! I sure as hell don’t know…but I do know that just because you are a doctor and went to school for a few years doesn’t mean you know everything…and I choose to hope and pray that my mother will live without following the guesswork of the “white coats” hoping that they have the answer with their scalpels and pharmaceutical remedies.

  9. Anyone remember Amway? A person paid a LARGE fee to be able to sell their crap. When they sold something, they got a kickback. When people they were lucky to recruit into the Amway system sold something they got a smaller kickback THAT person’s sales, and so on.

    Well, this time, there’s no useful product and the production expenses are minimal. It’s water with dissolved salt. H2O and NaCL.

    You newly-energized swindlers aren’t going to make jack sh*t off of this. As is the case with all similar multi-level marketing schemes, only the people on the ground floor make big money – the rest of you are suckers who finance their retirement.

    I cannot believe you are paying $30 a bottle for this. $150 per case. Magic, protected process. “Science”. Hehe…. I know. But you HAVE to believe… they already fooled you and they already have your money – your only way to feel better about your expensive mistake is to sign someone else up.

    W.C. Fields had a famous saying, didn’t he?

    Whatever. But here’s my main problem….

    It’s one thing to sell overpriced laundry detergent. But at least the Amway stuff was useful. But to potentially give people false hope during devastating illness with this “miracle cure”?

    It’s SALT WATER and the only thing magic about it is somehow someone fooled you with a dazzling stage-show presentation and presto! – you have 4 cases of the stuff you paid at $150 each sitting in your closet.

    Of course there are the disclaimers in the, but then come the testimonials and “proof”…
    “I have a friend who no longer needs insulin!”
    “I have a friend recently diagnosed with breast cancer that is now going into remission!”

    This is where this lie could actually do harm and I hope you fail miserably.

    Shame on you.

      • FDA sanctioned it? If they did, they sanctioned it as salt water because that’s all it is. It’s cheap to make and if the marketing thing gets down a couple of levels (trust me – IT WON’T), it will still be profitable to the manufacturers who are ripping gullible people off.

        Name the accredited researchers who have signed off on this stuff that haven’t invested money. Name the pro-level athletes.

        It’s water.

        • ASEA bought 17 cross patents to the product but it is NOT FDA approved, so where does sanctioned come in? One can get a patent to show others have not anything exactly like it, but does that mean FDA approves it do to something in particular, no it means it is unique, it has a stated characteristic that is unique, and what it’s ingredients are probably backed up by the same “independent” research that the ASEA company paid to create the “white paper.” Now that it cyclical marketing at its best!

    • ASEA is for real: Please open your mind and do some research.

      Moldy cheese spores = Penicillin
      Alexander Fleming = Nobel Peace Prize 1945

      Today the choice is to subject a discovery like ASEA to massive clinical trials, which equals time and money, or take an alternate marketing approach. Clear and Simple.

      • Moldy cheese spores = Penicillin
        Alexander Fleming = Nobel Peace Prize 1945

        ASEA = Salt Water
        People who have been duped into ASEA’s gimmick = cases of expensive water in their garage

  10. Average time a blogger spends learning about ASEA: 5 minutes
    Time scientists, technicians, doctors, etc have been studying ASEA: at least 17 years or 9,300,000+ minutes.

    Yet, many people will log onto this blog and walk away thinking ASEA is a scam. Why? Because some anonymous blogger wants to protect his downline and turn people away from this product.

    Open your minds people – ASEA is real. I’d put my life on it. I know the science behind it. If you just want to blog all day about something you know nothing about, this is the place for you. If you’re serious about helping people I would be happy to explain the science of ASEA to you. Just let me know how to get a hold of you and I’ll explain it. This is too important for ignorant bloggers to call it a scam.

    The US Patent office doesn’t grant dozens of patents for salt water! Open your minds! Please respond to this post if you’re seriously interested.

    For professional bloggers – go ahead and continue to

  11. Ty – There are dozens. I sent you an email several days ago with my phone number. Please call if you want to discuss.

    Your blog is extremely powerful. Just understand that people are making incredibly important decisions (health related – not wealth related) based on flippant remarks of clueless bloggers.

      • Hi Prettylady, I would be happy to give you or anyone else a call if you’re serious about hearing more about this “category creator” product. You can go to my replicated website and click “contact me” and send me your phone number. I’ll call you whenever it’s most convenient for you. I would not be doing this if it didn’t REALLY help people. It’s absolutely fascinating. http://www.teamasea.com/norton

  12. I’m sure those of you with conspiracy theories will post what an idiot I am (if you truly believe ASEA is only salt water–it’s not), but I have used this product for three weeks. After a year and a half of testing (MRIs, multiple specialists, nerve conduction tests), I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I didn’t believe in Fibromyalgia! I have worked since I was 12 and full time since my early 20’s. I’m an intligrnt, educated woman. I have dealt with excruciating muscle and joint pain for four years. I had to leave my corporate job and was unable to work. No one made me promises about what ASEA might do for me, but when you’ve tried and failed on thousands of dollars worth of so-called FDA-approved prescription medications with horrifying side effects, it’s nothing to throw out $150 for a product with a money-back guarantee. Additionally, it was my very smart RN friend (with a BSN) that suggested I try it. After only three weeks of consuming ASEA at recommended levels, my pain is drastically reduced and I am able to function at a normal level. Those of you lucky enough not to have chronic pain and a health condition that’s debilitating have zero understanding of what it means to get your life back. Until you have drastically suffered, you really shouldn’t poke fun of an amazing and remarkable product. Go to http://www.teamasea.com and read the White Papers. Yes it’s a patented product. I’m saddened to think that there are people hurting and with a myriad of health issued that may not try this product that could seriously enhance their quality of life because of a few bitter computer-baters. TRY ASEA!! You have nothing to lose; it’s fully guaranteed to work for you within 30 days or you can return the empty bottles for a full refund. Do your research–ASEA is not a scam. I’m grateful for something like ASEA being available; it’s been a blessing to my health and getting my life back, returning to work after a year unable to hardly leave the couch, nevermind my home, is priceless. Hmmmn, hurt incredibly and be unable to work, or work full time and pay for ASEA–I guess I’m not the stupid one on this blog.

  13. A guy pitched me this morning on ASEA. After giving me a bunch of mumbo-jumbo describing salt water, I asked for the patent information. He directed me to the ASEA website. I’ve looked and there is no patent information on their website. I’ve searched the Patent database and couldn’t find anything – nothing called ASEA anyway.

    If anyone has the patent numbers so that I can go check this out at the PTO, that would be helpful. Thanks.

  14. The patents for ASEA can be found if you research MDI-P (the original name for ASEA when it was being developed by a pharmaceutical company.) Let me set the record straight on this product… The “saltwater” is indeed salt water. Don’t forget salt water is two words. The truth is is that the salt water in the product is what keeps the molecules stable. The molecules are not listed on the ingredients list because they can’t be. They are composed of about 3 atoms. Now to set the record straight on the science behind redox signaling (ROS) molecules; the company that was doing the research on MDI-P (now known as ASEA) spent about 9 years researching this coming out with quite a few press releases about how the product has “surprising anti HIV capabilities.” Now since this product is now under the “natural” category all the research that was conducted cannot be used to validate ASEA. The FDA days so. If you want to research ASEA don’t type ASEA into google. Type redox signaling and or ROS molecules.

  15. Yes, I laughed too when I first was told about ASEA – no thanks! I have kissed a lot of frogs in my lifetime!!! BUT now I am a strong advocate for these amazing Redox signaling molecules. I would not be endorsing this product if I did not believe in the product. Too many positive results. Yes, it is amazing! The process takes three days to become the very same as our own body’s cells…. I will always take ASEA – Thank you, Verdis and Jim, for your vision, and getting the word out. Oh yes, and what does the label of your bread say? It lists the ingredients, right? Or does it say “bread” ? Got it? the ingredients are sodium chloride and distilled water, and then after it is processed it is now identical to our makeup – signaling molecules nothing more added, it is just the “process”. Salt water sprayed in my eyes, would burn, right? I spray ASEA in my eyes everyday….no burn. For a 70-year-old farmwife and grandmother, (I get a lot of surprised reactions when I tell that line!) I firmly believe prevention is worth every penny!

  16. So the fact that our mitacodria DNA makes these molecules, And there 3 jobs are too,Produce glutathione, The bodies master oxident , superoxide dismutate (SOD) (ATP) for turning our food and supplements into energy and feeding us these nutrients as our body and brain need them, (Catalese) is responsible for rebuilding damaged tissue as it happens or has already happened. So
    this molecule is responsible for cleaning us, feeding us, healing us. I am pretty sure last time I looked thats the way life works, When these things are not done on a regular basis and at a cellular level and not done perfectly things start getting old,Hey that sounds like everyone. The redox signaling molecules that everyone on earth has are stressed and weakened from time and all the stresses Life throws at us from the time we are born, Damage caused from the sun, excessive exercise, electromagnetic radiation,food preservatives and additives,X rays, prescription drugs,heavy metals,drugs,stress,anxiety,air and water pollution,lack of sleep,toxic industrialized to name a few. Redox signaling molecules stop disease and fix you and every other living thing on earth that has an immune system, Which is all living things by the way, plant, animal, insect,human. Asea is new-fresh-perfectly balanced redox signaling molecules ready to repair or replace the cells that are stressed. Its an oil change for lifes machines. I will tell you now anyone wanting to know how asea works needs to become informed with redox signaling, if they can understand how these molecules work and why everything on earth needs a fresh batch to keep the body balanced and in tune. They will know how important they are for the bodies health, I can tell you that I am on a mission to tell every last person I can about this amazing technology that we have now and for everyone to use.All of the people that I have talked to in the medical perfection do not like the idea that one thing can help your body do so many things with your health. I am living proof from how happy I am, to how healthy I am, I have my old zest for life back, Thats what its like, I feel as good as I did when I was 25 yrs old for real………..
    People need to get a grip and listen to the science, It took me 6 months of constent reading to understand how life works at a celullar scale. All disease starts with interupted celullar messaging “Inflamation” and redox signaling stops that, THIS IS ONLY ONE THING THIS MOLECULE DOES FOR ALL LIVING THINGS !!!!
    It cracks me up when people say that they had a quick look and
    now understand thats its only salt water, “MORONS”

  17. Let’s start at the beginning. The human body is made up of somewhere in the range of 100 trillion cells. Within each cell are mitochondria, which are responsible for the creation of energy by way of what is called the Krebs Cycle. This process entails the conversion of glucose to ATP. The byproducts of the Krebs Cycle along the Electron Transport Chain are what are known as redox signaling molecules (“RSM”). Originally, scientists perceived these byproducts as metabolic waste – oxidants and reductants that must be purged from the cell in order to remain healthy. However, current research suggests otherwise. That in fact a proper homeostatic balance of oxidants and reductants is absolutely necessary for maintaining cellular health, including virtually all of the functions of the immune system and tissue regeneration response. In the most simplistic terms, they provide a means by which cells participate in intra- and inter-cellular damage-control communications, activation of antioxidants, cellular protection and defense against toxins and free radicals, and in the healing response. The human body is constantly working to maintain cellular health by balancing these redox signaling molecules to rid the body of harmful components and to clean up the oxidative stress and free radical damage that occurs at the cellular level, while simultaneously ensuring the cell’s ability to maintain proper communication with its environment. When these reactive molecules are in the proper balance, the immune system and healing process function at their optimal level.
    Virtually all disease and bodily challenges are caused by what is called oxidative stress – a increasingly salient reality of living in modern times attributable to a wide variety of factors, including sun damage, excessive exercise, electromagnetic radiation, food additives and preservatives, x-ray radiation, prescription drugs, heavy metals, stress, anxiety, air & water pollution, lack of sleep, and toxic industrialized chemicals to name a few. These factors cause our cells to produce an excess of oxidants in comparison to reductants – thus throwing off the cell’s homeostatic balance of RSMs and promoting the proliferation of harmful free radicals. But this imbalance is how the cell detects damage and is signaled to repair itself. The immune system is summoned, prompting repair, or replacement of the cell via mitosis (cell division) of a neighboring healthy cell. Without this excess of oxidants indicating oxidative stress, the cell wouldn’t know to reach out for restorative help. Too many oxidants leads to a proliferation of damaged cells. But too few oxidants impairs the cell’s ability to signal an immune response and to repair damage. Therefore, balance – homeostasis – is key However, chronic oxidative stress leads to a proliferation of free radicals that unless neutralized, lead to cell damage that will continue to worsen – damaging the cell walls, vessel walls, proteins, fats and even the DNA nucleus of our cells — until the cell can no longer properly function. The result advances the aging of tissues, leading to poor health and the potentiality for degenerative disease.
    It is for this reason that we are constantly inundated with the health benefits of anti-oxidants. The idea is that these molecules combat the proliferation of free radicals in an effort to bring the cell back to healthy homeostasis. But herein lies the rub. First, most antioxidant supplements are molecules far too large to pass through the cell wall, averaging about 200 atoms in diameter. Therefore, most (some scientists estimate about 90%) are denied entry to the place where they are needed most – inside the cell where the free radicals are found. Second, one anti-oxidant molecule is empowered to combat one free radical molecule before becoming essentially inert. It is thus a 1:1 ratio. However, the body generally harbors about 100 sextillion free radicals a day. That’s a heck of a lot! Due to this restrictive 1:1 ratio, scientific studies show that your body can’t possibly ingest enough antioxidants to eliminate the number of free radicals your body makes every day. For example, you would have to eat 32 pounds of strawberries, 31 pounds of raspberries, AND 15 pounds of dark chocolate per day to achieve the antioxidant power that it would take to eliminate the free radicals that are created naturally in the body.
    This is where ASEA comes in –as the first and only RSM supplement. As stated above, stable RSMs are central to the body’s healing mechanisms, mediating multiple cellular defense, repair & replacement signaling pathways. ASEA purports to have determined a completely stable, balanced, bio-available and entirely non-toxic formula of RSMs native to the body that can effectively penetrate the cell wall (unlike most anti-oxidant supplements), efficiently combat free radicals, stimulate the body’s production of its own anti-oxidant defenses, and stabilize the proper homeostasis of oxidants to reductants to optimize cellular communication, repair, and replacement, thus enhancing the body’s ability to properly function, recover, and simply work as designed.
    Moreover, independent studies show that ASEA when in contact with living cells increased the efficiency of some of our body’s most important native antioxidants inside living cells – such as glutathione peroxidase and superoxide dismutase (SOD) — more than 500%. In other words, ASEA is purported to significantly stimulate the cell’s own production of the master antioxidants inside the cells without causing an inflammatory immune system response. What does this mean?It means that the body becomes empowered to neutralize approximately 70,000,000 free radicals per second — the rate at which native Glutathione Peroxidase is able to process oxidative free radicals. Quite an improvement over the results that can be achieved by a diet rich in anti-oxidants.
    But let me be clear on one point that is likely on your mind. ASEA is not a vitamin, mineral, juice, or antioxidant. And yet it is not a drug either, having received the clean certificates of analysis required by the UCI, the organization that coordinates and monitors doping in cycling. There is nothing in ASEA that could possibly be classified as a banned substance. Period. Again, ASEA is entirely non-toxic and native to the body. In fact, it doesn’t force the body to do anything it wouldn’t ordinarily do. It’s not a cure to anything, and is not a replacement for proper nutrition. “It merely enhances the body’s innate ability to repair itself”

    A True Breakthrough
    Sometimes it can be hard to get excited about a breakthrough. Today, we’re used to them. The world moves fast. So when someone makes a breakthrough, it can often get lost or ignored among the clatter and clamor of all the other new and exciting things popping up around it.
    Unless, of course, it actually is something ……that hasn’t been done before. Ever

  18. There was a post by a “gentalman” named steve :
    “People who have been duped into ASEA’s gimmick = cases of expensive water in their garage”

    Me and my friends & coworkers & Familys that are using asea here in edmonton, alberta, canada would like too know if these people that have garages with all of this asea would include shipping if they don`t know how to “USE” it properly and want to “SELL” it.

  19. ASEA is molecular complex consisting of reactive molecules (all native to the human body) that enhance cell communication and regulation to protect and fortify cellular function. This supports the immune system, helps to detoxify the body and maintain optimal health. The product is the result of 16 years of institutional research and has secured more than 25 patents.

    Or anyone that has taken at least 5 minutes to look at the
    Science, ~Oh ya wrong blob site~

  20. I just wanted to tell everyone that when I talk about how asea is working on my body its not just what I hope. When I started asea dec 27/ 2010, I found a doctor that is skilled in cell biology and electronic medicine.

    He is in only a hand full of people in canada & united states that can do bio-terrain testing and he tests for these things on a monthly basis: urine, saliva – electrical conductivity ~ salts resistivity, my physiology, PH – acid/alkaline – biochemical speed/resistance,electron activity/rh2 ( glutithione production ) Surface tension on my cells ( membrane dynamics) – if I am ~ anabolic or catabolic, energy production – beta oxidation, tricarboxylic acid, protein utilization, plus other cell activity, He also sees me once a week to check vitals and update my general energy levels and eating habits and organ energy among other things. He has told me that I am healing at a incredible speed, On a cellular level. When I did my first test I was not even on the scales. I can tell you that not only am I experiencing the change in my health I am seeing it in real time, All of these tests are to see at what state of homeostasis my body is in, He tells me that I am almost there and in such a short time. There is no other reason for my recovery but for the fact I have been using asea for the last 6 months, Also remember that when I first started seeing him I was taking 13 different vitamins and have stopped all of these including vit c and milk thistle.The experimental hep-c medication that i took for 1 year was designed to poison my cells and stress them to the point that they would give up the virus ~ it did exactly what they designed it to do, except get rid of all of the virus. Every last person that did the medication was left in dire need except for about 10 percent of the people that cleared. I tried everything and anyone to try and bring my health back, But there was no help for me and the others that were left this way. I just wanted you to know that my recovery is not just a wish: So when I say that’s asea works for real : Its REAL !!

  21. WELL THIS SITE SUCKS, Where are all of the people that were saying that they were washing there hair with asea and not getting any healthier. You have to love people that run out of the alleys and scream ~Scan~ Scam and as soon as you would like to debate science they run away. Only to show up on another corner selling there juice or life saving cream. Hello ` WHERE ARE YOU ????????????


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