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ASEA Scam or Not?


Back in February Ty Tribble wrote a post here on the MLM Blog entitled ASEA Scam? Since then there have been hundreds and hundreds of comments – some arguing the merits of the ASEA salt-water product and others attacking it’s promoters. See below for some representative comments. The tone of the debate is confrontational. Decide for yourself…but I’d like to hear the answer to Ty’s question: What is the patent number for ASEA? 

What people are saying about the alleged ASEA scam:

Jody talks about ASEA:  ”I started taking Asea for Lupus, within 4 months – a severe limp I had was gone. I invest thousands in supplements and to not sound too over the top –it is amazing –needless to say I am a Distributor too — how can you not after taking it – I created a Facebook fan page to explain more on the product and share videos, http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Asea/345074129262?ref=search & I also have a website http://teamasea.com/cellular –I still have inflammation but ASEA has done amazing results with my body repair & many thought I had surgery — it helps my husband with energy and with his knees –feel free to ask me any questions!

Doc on ASEA: So I come across someone on Yahoo! Answers desperately seeking help for a family member with serious health issues:

“My Mom has small cell lung cancer both lungs and throat lymph nodes how long does she have?
Is it even worth her going through the chemo and radiation she is doing well with the chemo but doesn’t want the radiation – don’t know what to do I am letting her make the choices but would just like some answers from people who have been through it… Thanks”

So what does some scumbag ASEA rep offer in way of help? This wonderful sales pitch: “Try ASEA, Look up www.*******.com/holisticservices. The product is astounding! Money back guarantee also from ASEA. Impressive results in just 3 days with someone with lung cancer. Can’t say if she will recover but the results are impressive. Testimonies in one particular case of pancreatic Stage 4 cancer dropping to Stage 2 in a very short period of time.If you know anything about pancreatic cancer -no one comes back from it. Mind you ASEA the company cannot & won’t promote it because of FDA Regulations. My personal goal is tell the whole world of this wonderful product.BELIEVE or NOT!! (All about Redox molecules -everyone needs them-find out how they go array! & Find out how to supply your body with them)
Source(s):…”   What a bottom feeding, disgusting piece of human trash.

Personally, I think life is way too short to get involved in back and forths like the ASEA scam controversy. You decide.

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– Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent –


  1. Culture goes from the top down. If a rep is making outrageous claims like that they got the idea from someone above them. If the management at ASEA is not quashing that type of activity starting at the top then there is a bigger problem than if the product is good or not.

    • I agree Bob. And it’s not only ASEA…I see outrageous claims everyday by distributors from a variety of different Network Marketing companies. What’s the solution?

  2. The solution? Sometimes no solution to the problem is the best route. In my opinion, if someone has to make outrageous farfetched claims just to land a sale, then you probably won’t see him / her at the top. Claims made about products like that show two things to me 1)Desperation and 2) lack of sales, networking, and people skills that are required to be successful.

    • I tell you know Asea has turned my life around I am pain free for the first time in twenty years Have lost 10 kg Have a feeling of wellness that I can’t describe My partner also has had a big turnaround with her back pain and foot pain . Decide for yourself but don’t knock the product In fact don’t even think about use it if you don’t believe that it can help We were lost for options and now have a life again Thank you Asea

  3. We at http://www.physical-education-institute.com have been very interested in Asea. After taking it and experiencing its benefits we began offering the product. We are also working to get a medical group to run some independent tests on the product. If any distributor is claiming miraculous health cures and recommending this product as a medical remedy they should be reported.

  4. I am a distributor for ASEA. I have met just about all of the corporate executives of ASEA and I can tell you right now that the last thing that they want is distributors making far-fetched claims. Because it is a supplement they can get in a lot of trouble with the FDA if these claims are made and it gets tied to the organization and corporation as a whole. As for whether it’s a scam or not. Last time I checked, pharmaceutical companies don’t make multi-million dollar offers for just “salt water.” Just my two cents.

  5. I"m tring this we shall see, how I feell when I'm done drinking it it has not done anything diffrent in the past week butit was given to me to try.


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