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ASEA Scam?


Update: This post was from my more snarkier days of MLM Blogging, hence the title “ASEA Scam?”.  I can’t say that I am sold on the whole idea of ASEA water and redox signaling, but here we are, 7 years later and the company still seems to be in business.

This ASEA blog post would enter the MLM Blog Hall of Fame as the most commented on of all time.

There is a new liquid “nutritional” product out on the marketplace that caught my attention.  Now, it didn’t catch my attention because of a revolutionary compensation plan (it’s a copy of a couple of other companies).  What caught my attention is the product.

How do I put this?  It’s Salt Water!

This company wants you to buy a case of Salt Water for $150.

Seriously, I took a screen capture of the label:

Ingredients: Distilled Water and Sodium Chloride. Uhhhh, that’s Salt Water!

The site has a whole bunch of mumbo jumbo simulated science, but the label is pretty clear.


  1. better yet, I went to their website and the ingredient was not Sodium Chloride… it was Sodium, and seperately Choride (yes they spelled it Choride, NOT Chloride). I don’t even know what Choride is!

      • ummmmmm….. dude….. I am dazzled by your superior vernacular and grammar skills! Have you gone through every post here and corrected their typos?

        Bottom line is that this company is selling expensive saline solution.

        • LOL! No! I have actually been researching this product myself, as I have a friend who is trying to get me into it. Since I am a skeptic, I am researching, researching. Just though it was funny that you were correcting a spelling while misspelling. This is actually the first time I have ever posted to a blog-gy thing-a-ma-jigger myself. But here’s another tidbit correction….it’s eletrolyzed saline solution. Been reading their patent and researching, researching. Found many concerns, as it is a similar process that is sometimes used to make bleach. It has germ killing potential of powerful household cleaners and is mega cheap to produce. However, suppposedly “their” process is such that it eliminates toxic chlorate by-products and keeps the solution biologically compatible with our bodies. I’m most definitely not a chemist of any sort, but into health and wellness a bit and wanted to dig deeper. Still way skeptical, but trying to put together the pieces.

  2. come on Ty, I thought your blog was pretty dang good and informative until this last posting. I’m sorry you are so uneducated about the ASEA product and what it REALLY is. It’s beyond ingredients and beyond a lot of the other products out there. maybe a little more time and research would be worth it before posting about something you’re not clear on.

      • Technically it was made frome salt and water, but do you really a multibillion company will just sell salt water as supplement? To give you a fast introduction it came drom salt and water and they separated all chemicals and went in their process , and they put it back together after process and its not salt water anymore, it became redox signalling mollecules, you can search redox signalling mollecules for yourself, and it is patented, do you think They will get patented by US just having salt and water? No, they have the technology to create redox signalling mollecules from salt and water. Try researching first before making shallow conclussions

      • its the molecules IN the “water and sodium”. You have not done enough research.In addition to the scientiic research, I have personal testimonies from people i know (and myself) that drink it. It cannot even be classified as a supplement or medicated drink because there is no lethal dose. It won’t interact with any medication you are currently taking. The scientific process turns it into molecules that are native to your own body. Those molecules that die off as you age, which in turn, allows your body to heal and rejuvenate. Please don’t bash something you have not experienced. Thanks.

  3. Ty,

    If you can take a moment and just think for a moment that not everything is as simple as ingredients listed on a bottle and do a little investigative work I know you will find out that ASEA is not just salt water. Look at the emerging science behind Redox Signaling and educate yourself on what these reactive molecules are and how your body produces and uses them and you will understand how revolutionary ASEA is. All I am asking is not the typical Knee Jerk reaction and look, research and then reach out to me for an explanation. You have a huge platform here please take a moment and get some facts on the product and the technology. Thank You.

  4. Inside your body in each cell is a Mitochondria. The Mitochondria is the powerhouse for energy and essential for the immune system. The Mitochondria produces two sets of reactive molecules that the body uses to fuel the immune system. One set is the RS (Antioxidant Activators) and the other set is the ROS (Immune System Communicators). Think of the first set of molecules as the shield in your immune system and the second set as the Army. Over time as you Age, through disease or other damage/Injury individuals may loose the ability to produce these molecules.

    The breakthrough is this. ASEA has managed to create and stabilize outside the body, the reactive molecules produced naturally by the mitochondria inside of your body. You can then drink, nebulize and inhale or topically apply ASEA to reintroduce these reactive molecules to the body. This is unlike an ingredient that may be natural like a herb, fruit or berry. Nutrition and natural ingredients are extremely important, but can go only so far. Without the proper balance of reactive molecules antioxidants are innefective.

    Now, don’t take just my word on this. Google Redox Signaling. Find and read articles on RS and ROS molecules. Once your understand what they are then understand that ASEA is the first and only stable, perfectly balanced mixture of these Redox Signaling reactive molecules that exists outside the body.

    Its hard to list those as ingredients but we have independent confirmation those molecules exist in every bottle of ASEA.


    Ty, Thanks for the opportunity and platform you provide. If you want more from me let me know. Thank you.

    • @Mike, You really need to take an A&P class before you try to explain something you clearly know nothing about.

      It’s a shame this company scams people into believing H2O + NaCl = Magic Formula for your body…

      Selling to the uneducated. That’s how these scams work. It’s probably not your fault, you may not understand how the human body works either.

  5. loved the video on how ASEA is made, although you might have been a little lite on the salt, and it’s not regular tap water, but it was good. I think you/I should make a few of those videos for all the berry juice and antioxidant people out there. squishing some juice out into a cup, or going down to the healthfood store and just buying for a fraction of what they charge.

    great explanation from Mike above on what ASEA really is. I’d love to continue the conversation with you on it too Ty.

    Take care.

  6. I am currently talking to my lawyer about what can be done about one of the biggest scams to ever emerge the MLM scene. I have began to study the redox process after I was approached by an ASEA team member. My first warning signal sounded with the “REDOX” signaling, which sounded like a super secret term to hide a reason for $150 a gallon SALT WATER. My second warning came when I read the ingredient list SODIUM CHLORIDE. My third came after I read the study “scientists” performed to prove the effect of ASEA. It is the most UNscientific approach to a study that I have ever read. NO large test group. NO double blind, placebo controlled results. A VERY short test period. Taking ONE of the participants results and making that ONE result the studies FINAL result, then stating; two weeks is too short a time to fully observe the results of this study, so one could assume that these results will CONTINUE to improve. (paraphrased) THIS IS A SCAM!!! I don’t care what they say about REDOX SIGNALING this is glorified SALT WATER. Most people could actually benefit from putting a pinch of REAL SEA SALT in a bottle of distilled water. you would get many minerals that would actually benefit the mitochondria as well as the other cells in the body. MLM programs often prey on the elderly who are concerned with immediate health issues. I study health issues with a passion and I would love to find the magic bullet for health and prosperity. THIS IS NOT IT! The science used to define the actual process is for the most part BOGUS. REDOX is defined as a process in which one thing is oxidized and another is reduced. when I can acquire the exact process, believe you me I will crack this nut ALL over the place. Using a bunch of scientific sounding terms around people is intimidating and used to snare them into a sell. Not to mention the unsanitary process in which the water is bottled! with the “swine flu” and other virus scares on peoples minds, the workers in the bottle plant should NEVER be allowed to work in an area where the bottles are touched without a face mask and gloves. I really feel poorly towards the individuals who have joined the ASEA team and believe in the product. To them I say, study the human body, study the scientific process, study the methods of healing and most of all, read the 8th commandment which states “THOU SHALT NOT STEAL” and the one that says don’t lie and there should be one that states thou shalt not charge $150 a gallon for a bottle of distilled tap water.

    • Please see my entry below. The double blind, placebo controlled studies are in the works and the preliminary findings are incredible, especially in the athletic field where it is being studied in the athletic arena by a major university. Mind you they are not trying to promote this thing as a drug, just a nutritional supplement. If double blind, placebo controlled studies were required on all foods, most grocery store products would fail miserably and be pulled from the shelves. There are a few other scriptures you should review here such as “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” I hope no one is allowed to judge you who has not met you, does not know your heart and who knows so little about you. And “thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” You really need to get to know these men and do some serious due diligence before you spend your money on an attorney. I’d be happy to send you a book and sponsor a visit to the corporate headquarters for you.

  7. Recently I accidently got shower gel with essential oils in my eye and the pain and resulting redness was quite severe. After a few hours with no improvement I sprayed Asea directly in my eye. Naturally, since this is not “regular saltwater ” there was no stinging sensation. Within a short time there was noticeable improvement and relief from pain.

    Try spraying regular saltwater in your eye and see how it feels.

  8. Great example Mike.

    I think what is being missed here is the “salt water” is the carrier.

    In the doctors office, carriers are used all the time to transport various chemicals into the body. Saline (salt water) is primarily used to transport certain drugs into the body.

    For example…when you visit someone at the hospital…they are attached to an IV drip. what is in the bottle? Saline.

    Saline is closest thing to the water already in your body. Anything else will make your kidneys work overtime.

    So…you are NOT just drinking “salt Water”…it is what is INSIDE the salt water…that makes a difference.

    Hope this helps.

    • @Matthew, Saline in an IV bag has nothing to do with your kidneys. If saline was not used, then your red blood cells would swell and burst. (hypotonic solution)
      If the ingredients on the bottle say Water and NaCl, then you ARE drinking saline (salt water).
      In addition, there isn’t anything “in” the salt water. NaCl is NaCl is NaCl, there is nothing more. (Basic Chemistry)

      I suggest buying a nice used textbook from your local community college and read up.

      • G, your kidneys have a LOT to do with it. Your kidneys filter all of the fluids that enter your body. (Liver of course filter blood). The process that ASEA goes through is not a simple process…it is VERY high tech.

        Listen…i am not a rocket scientist…but even I know the difference between a glass filled with tap water & salt and ASEA.

        I have seen the results in my wife…and I till you this…nothing has ever work for her…ever.

        And if Ty would just take a break from telling us about HIS product on this thread…what he would say just might have more validity.

        But…you cannot erase history Mr. Tribble. (this post…yes…but not history.)

        • I think things are pretty clear in terms of history, Matthew. I left a company that you continued to defend, making all kinds of statements about my integrity, yet today, you are no longer with that company.

        • I was suffering from a scratchy throat and picked up a bottle of ASEA. I gargled…and a few hours later I felt relief. It turns out it wasn’t ASEA but warm salt water. WOW- I just saved $150 case. I think I will bottle my invention and call it AOCEAN because I am a winner.

        • Wait a minute Ty…I never attacked your integrity because of the other company…we all have choices to make. All companies have science behind them. ASEA as well as EIRO. I would never attack Eiro because not only would it have hurt you…but many of my friends. Instead of REALLY looking at the science behind ASEA you chose to make fun of a competitor that you may have some friends in. There are many out there that thought what was done was a very bad call. I for one was one willing to call you out on your choice. Do I still respect you as a leader in this industry. Yes…but not as much as before because you lead with your agenda instead of your usually incredible writing…what made you so popular in the first place. Attacking a competitor hurt your rep.

          Just sayin buddy.

          Where you go and choose to do business is your choice…and I respect that. And with the other companies history…you made a good choice.

          But did you know that same company REALLY hurt me and my family…I mean REALLY.

          And the one that hurt me the most…was the main founder with a VERY bad judgment call due to some mis-information.

          Be Well.

  9. OK. I’m confused. What is in ASEA if it’s not sodium and chloride? There is nothing on the label other than those two minerals, plus distilled water.

    Sodium and chloride are both considered electrolytes because they carry an electric charge. So, basically, from what I can tell, Gatorade does the same thing but tastes a lot better and costs a lot less.

    Mike, how can you say it is the first and only perfectly balanced formula? These things are by their very nature unbalanced. If they were balanced, they would not be of any use in the redox reactions that the product purportedly is used for.

  10. Trey White? Check that guy’s history out. He was one of the guys that took Homestore.com public. Homestore.com is on Forbes’ “Corporate Scandal Sheet” for defrauding investors for milions.


    Dig a little deeper and you find that Trey White’s other company, White Energy, just filed bankruptcy. I think it was after he left, but what kind of corporate leader is proud to list this stuff on his resume? A scandalous company and then a bankrupt company.


    By the way, he’s nowhere listed as a billionaire except with Evolv reps.

  11. Rudy,
    while i wanted to know ty’s opinion on Evolv, i appreciate this info. I am a prof network biz owner and when this opp presented itself the first thing i checked out was the leadership.

    while the product sounded only slightly interesting, i could not for the life of me get impressed about any of the leaders. i did sign up for pre-launch, but never invested any more of my time and def none of my money.

    i am spoiled and extremely blessed to follow amazing leaders and hold the bar high in comparison to any other venture i entertain.

    again, thanks…..

    • This is off topic, but since Evolv got brought up, Ken Dunn, former Master at Max, just announced last night he and his key leaders have joined Evolv.

  12. Lets keep it real….its salt water. Now if you can spray it into your eyes and not feel a sting like Samm said, then that concerns me too. There must be other ingredients in this product that’s not listed. Maybe if someone listed all of the wonderful changes that happen once they started drinking this, I would be more inclined to disagree with Ty.

    • Okay…let’s see if I can put this into words that do not cross any lines with the FTC.

      My wife (Michelle) has a condition where on a daily basis…she is in a tremendous amount of pain. On a scale of 1 to 10…she was a 15. I used to wake up in the middle of the night to her moan in pain…just from rolling over. I was thinking how can anyone get a good nights sleep with that? (I won’t say the “disease”…but I guess you can figure it out).

      Anyway…she has tried every supplement out there. Every juice, pill, powder & electronic device. Nothing worked.

      Then we had a call…(another one)…about another product. They wanted to send us some. So just to end the call…we said sure…send it.

      Now for a little history…I could not even sit next to Michelle without her making a “pain” face…and asking me to move over. Going up stairs was interesting. If I did not go first…I had to sit and wait till she got to the top…it was that painful. One stair at a time…and waiting between each step.

      The ASEA arrives. Tasted kinda like pool water…but we have tasted worse.

      First week: Nothing

      Second week: She noticed sleep was better…woke up rested.

      Third week: I was sitting on the couch and Michelle was getting ready to go run some errands. She came FLYING down the stairs…grabbed the clothes from the dryer and ran back up the stairs. I was shocked. I ran to the stairs and called up to her. “Michelle! Are you okay?” She said yes. “Do you realize what you just did?” She stopped…”I just ran down the stairs. I just ran down THE STAIRS!”

      She ran down the stairs again…then ran back up…and was in tears. It was not hurting.

      She was expecting this NOT to work like everything else. She was expecting…okay…what ever.

      The company invited us to a fly in. We went…and we signed up.

      The leadership: Incredible

      The Product: More than we could hope for.

      The Business: “Intense” is my word for it.

      Does this product work? Yes…it does.

      CLUE: Michelle is not my only example…but my son as well. What it has dome for him…is life changing.

      The statements made here has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements and the products of this company are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I am an Associate with ASEA.
      P.S. I appreciate you!
      Remember…Live up to your potential,

      Matthew Adams

  13. Ty, Get ready to wipe the egg off your face. Former University of Utah President Chase Peterson (who was also Dean of Admissions for Harvard University and Dean of the U of U Medical School, a renown physician himself) wrote the forward to the book; The Science of Healing Revealed: New insights into Redox Signaling (please note the word “New” in the title) which was written by the award winning Atomic/Medical Physicists, Gary L Samuelson, Ph.D for the express purpose of explaining how ASEA works. (Gary was asked to write the book by the company founders.) Gary is the scientist responsible for tweaking the formulation of the Asea product making it stable and marketable. This is CUTTING EDGE nano science. Gary is a consultant to a variety of companies in the health science industry. He has helped developed the large-scale production of safe, stable nanoparticle structures capable of safely disabling viruses, attacking bacteria, detecting tumors and delivering drugs. The resultant product is capable of stimulating many of the body’s natural healing responses. (Think ASEA) Gary plans on publishing several other books to inform the public about NEWLY EMERGING science and how it can improve our health.
    I guess if stable nanoparticles were an ingredient they would be listed on the bottle. You are understandably and forgivably behind in your scientific studies as this is so cutting edge. And, it is simply not duplicable without Gary’s methodology. The scientific world states that it cannot be done because they haven’t figured out how to do it yet. This is the stuff of Nobel Prizes similar to Patric Flannagan’s Microhydrin. I would be happy to send you a complimentary copy of the book.
    I have met the CEO, the President and Gary Samuelson and can assure you that you will be hard pressed to find men of higher quality and more integrity in the whole world. Their motives for passing up a multimillion dollar offer from a drug company to ensure that this product was available to those who were benefiting from it are most honorable and admirable. As unbelievable as it sounds, they are not in it for the money, they have all they need. Their motive is humanitarian. You would do well to pay attention to the people who have actually met the company’s founders, read the book, listened to the presentations and used the product.
    The “proof is in the pudding” here. Anyone who hasn’t tried the product for at least a week and done some before and after measurements should hold their peace.
    My healthy, athletic children (ages 26, 25, 22, 18) have noted exceptional endurance, recovery times and decreased muscle soreness after their sports games. My 18 year olds skin condition has shown miraculous improvements.
    To David Bradley: The double blind, placebo controlled studies are in the works and the preliminary findings are incredible, especially in the athletic field where it is being studied in the athletic arena by a major university. Mind you they are not trying to promote this thing as a drug, just a nutritional supplement. If double blind, placebo controlled studies were required on all foods, most grocery store products would fail miserably and be pulled from the shelves. There are a few other scriptures you should review here such as “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” I hope no one is allowed to judge you who has not met you, does not know your heart and who knows so little about you. And “thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” You really need to get to know these men and do some serious due diligence before you spend your money on an attorney. I’d be happy to send you a book and sponsor a visit to the corporate headquarters for you.
    To Aaron: My bottle has Chloride spelled correctly. I hope no one judges me on my typos, there wouldn’t be a hell deep enough. I thank God for spell check daily!
    P.S. I use the product daily and so does Dr. Peterson and his wife, at least one former Olympic champion (turned orthopedic surgeon) and someone associated with the Tour de France (I’m sorry, I don’t remember his name), the CEO, the President, all the staff and their families.
    Oh, and it does taste like pool water but mixing it with anything will denature it unlike Gatorade or any of the other solutions out there. That is because it is NOT just salt water if it were they certainly would have made it taste better!
    The bottom line here is: If you can show me some credentials and updated, cutting edge scientific proof that this stuff is a scam and doesn’t work I will have to apologize and return to the lesser state of health I was in before I found ASEA. My athletic children will be really upset!
    Seriously, I believe that God or the Creator or the Universe or whatever you believe in is watching over us and trying to give us alternatives to the current health crises we face and there are many inspired and healthful products available now and being developed to that end. Thanks for hearing me out. Got to go take my ASEA!

    • C’mon Cheryl…there are no studies of this Asea hocus-pocus science. You are asking me to disprove something that doesn’t exist. It’s a common fallacy, you can’t prove what you are saying so you throw your hands up in the air and tell me to prove you wrong. Well, your wrong not because I say so, but because you don’t have any evidence that this Asea product is anything more than salt water.

      • Thanks for reviewing my comments, Ty. Actually, there are 15 million dollars worth of studies on this stuff. I will see if I can tell you where it is. I know it was studied at the University of Utah in it’s final stages. There are some studies on their website and more underway. The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital in Murray, Utah is currently conducting a double blind placebo controlled athletic study as we speak and the results will be posted on the website in a few weeks. This thing really is CUTTING EDGE, meaning you won’t find answers in research older than 2 years. Redux signalling is a big deal right now and many universities are studying it. They actually say it is impossible to stabilize these reactive molecules because they have been unable to do so. Dr Gary Samuelson was able to accomplish the task and ASEA was born. Keep you eye on this stuff, especially the athletic arena. The evidence that I don’t know how to show you is the reactive molecule. I will work on that one. I did read the book, meet the owners and the scientist and I experienced the product. Thanks again.

    • @Cheryl, judging by your nick (RN), you would also know that it’s difficult to prove something without a “peer reviewed” scientific articles. You did write papers in Nursing school didn’t you??? Your example of your children using the product is hardly a scientific study that proves anything. All it proves is that you bought into the pitch that some slick salesman got you to invest in.

      Just for kicks I went into my University’s database to see if I could find anything that would support your statements… Y’know, Medline, JSTOR, EBSCO Host.. How many peer review articles pop up??? none, because there is no such thing.

      I guess that it would be good for my sore throat that I could gargle, but I’ll stick with the table salt and water.

      • G, Actually, it would be excellent for your sore throat but not because of the sodium chloride alone. The stabilized reactive molecules would do the most good. I understand your concern that I bought into a slick salesman but really I was the one who sold myself. They were not at all “slick”. Dr.Bruce Lipton, who taught anatomy to med students and did research at Penn State and Stanford says that it takes about 20 years for the science to reach the medical community. I’m sure the peer review will be coming. Keep your eye out. Columbus didn’t make his maps before he sailed. My best to you.

    • This one paragraph should tell you they are sacmmers it is not of human nature to have enough money. What a joke. I have met the CEO, the President and Gary Samuelson and can assure you that you will be hard pressed to find men of higher quality and more integrity in the whole world. Their motives for passing up a multimillion dollar offer from a drug company to ensure that this product was available to those who were benefiting from it are most honorable and admirable. As unbelievable as it sounds, they are not in it for the money, they have all they need. Their motive is humanitarian. You would do well to pay attention to the people who have actually met the company’s founders, read the book, listened to the presentations and used the product.

      • Russ, I kid you not. I am sorry that you have never met anyone who is satisfied with the abundance they have. Both the founders are multi-millionaires one of whom retired at age 43 and the other was a well known, sought after executive for Kraft, Philip Morris and other huge corporations. Not everyone follows your definition of “human nature”. A few greedy ones do no make all of them greedy. I suggest you make the effort to get to know these men before you cast judgment on them. I once heard a wise man say “One should judge a man by his friends, not his enemies”. I agree.

        • Where are the studies? That’s all I care about at this time. I won’t build a binary business. I think the price to CV at ASEA is a joke.

          But I will gladly acknowledge I was wrong if someone can show me the science.

  14. Just one more thought. I sure wished I could get a drug company to offer me multimillions of dollars for salt water. I’d sell in a nano second!!! They must have seen past the sodium chloride. Can’t help but wonder…

  15. You can’t spray Salt water in your eyes without it hurting… some say

    However, Saline Solution you put in your eyes for contacts has Water (H20) + Salt (SODIUM CHLORIDE)
    in it. Usually has other ingredients to keep it from going stale on the store shelf.

  16. This subject goes way beyond Asea.

    Perhaps a little lesson in the subjects of pseudoscience, and the placebo effect are in order.

    Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

    “Identifying pseudoscience

    A field, practice, or body of knowledge might reasonably be called pseudoscientific when (1) it is presented as consistent with the accepted norms of scientific research; but (2) it demonstrably fails to meet these norms, most importantly, in misuse of scientific method.”


    The placebo effect is real as well and needs to be taken into account:


    This is exactly why double blind placebo studies that are peer reviewed and then published are the gold standard, preferably studies that are paid for by by others than the ones who are to benefit financially.

    Much caution bust be taken before undertaking a path that will result in hundreds or thousands of people spending their hard earned cash on something that will eventually be proven to be pseudoscientific in nature.

    hope this helps…

  17. Another word of caution,
    A company invents terms in their literature that sound credible, and are used over and over by that company to sound convincing.

    The one study they offer is poor, vague, not peer reviewed, and not published in any scientific journals which would be in the best interest of the company in the first place.

    They do not have much to show for the tens of millions, and 20 years of research that are supposedly behind the product.

    An 0.15% saline solution with an electrical charge induced is in essence what you are paying for.

    Perhaps some study needs to be done on what people are selling you as H2O and making billions of dollars on as well:

    Here is a chemists pint of view:

    There are tremendously beneficial things we can offer people that will actually help them.

    • Bob, your caution is good. Your facts a little off. My husband is also a chemist (Masters Degree from Berkley) and he loves the stuff. It hass given him the edge on the men he swims with every morning. Not that it it is proof but it sure has been fun. He might let him in on his little secret sometime. The terms Asea uses are understood and accepted in the scientific forum. Dr Samuelson would not jeopardize his award winning career making up terms. Have you read his book? They actually spent 15 million dollars developing the science behind ASEA and another 14 million getting it to pass the FDA when they realized that it had to have an acceptable toxicity level to qualify for FDA approval which it does not. They cannot regulate something that is not toxic. Also, they are not making billions of dollars. Like I said, the studies are coming. Watch for them, you may be surprised. Good luck.

      • P.S. They were down to the last step in the FDA approval process when the current owners acquired it and opted not to sell it to a pharmaceutical company.

  18. Cheryl,
    Asea is obviously not making billions, the high dollar H2O industry is what I was reffering to.

    Unfortunately doctors are human in nature, and get paid a lot of money by pharmaceutical companies to do all kinds of things and say all kinds of things. Hence the need for the peer reviewed, published studies.

    Quality water is very important to us all, but the information that causes us to purchase it redirects funds, time, and hope.

    When the evidence (beyond testimonials) is available in the form of undeniable irrefutable credibility, I look forward to the good news. I respect who you are and know I have provided enough information to encourage you to truthfully move forward.

    One thing I have learned as an experienced (unbiased) high income earner in the industry is this:

    Companies/People who have a lot of potential money at stake will always make it sound as good as possible. That is their agenda. Unfortunately It often takes the path of hype.

    As an entrepreneur I believe in the free market, and getting paid very well for promoting irrefutably beneficial products and services to thousands. I will keep my eye on Asea for the studies.

  19. Bob, WOOPS! Sorry I miss understood you about the billions. You are very wise and I agree with much of what you said. The Asea is not a water replacement and should not be used to replace water in the diet. Two to four ounces a day is all that is necessary. It is not one of the 85 or so MLM juices on the market today. (Some of which are wonderful). The Asea liquid is the same as the fluid found in the cell. It has everything to do with redox signaling, oxidant/anti-oxidant reactions, ATP production, Glutathione, and a host of other processes in the cell. I understand that they (the University of Utah science department) measured an increase of 500% of Glutathione production with the use if Asea which would be awsome if validated. Talk about anti-aging!! I’m sure the increased ATP is responsible for the athletic response. The research is forthcoming and will be available as is it completed. The company is not interested in collecting testimonials. They already know what it can do. You will not find any testimonials in their literature. Thanks for your patience. You will be rewarded.

  20. Thank you Cheryl,
    I was done posting here, but after reading your note I felt led chime in once again.

    The company quotes:
    “In independent studies, it was shown that ASEA when in contact with living cells increased the efficiency of some of our body’s most important native antioxidants (Glutathione and SOD) more than 500% and also increased their rate of production.”

    Your statement “increase of 500% of Glutathione production” is somewhat inconsistent with what they claim.

    They seem to have very carefully inserted the word “efficiency.” What is claimed on the website and the study I read is vague, and generally unscientific.

    I have seen many companies make vague claims before that have the effect of people thinking they are the only ones in the world to have the Holy Grail in supplements. Belief is powerful in people If we can induce hope in people. Look at the verifiable science first.

    We will see if or when a peer reviewed study is done and published, preferably in one of the caliber of “Free Radical Biology and Medicine” which would then be available to the public in PubMed.gov.

    • Bob, Skepticism is every bit as powerful as belief. I was wrong about the testimonials. What I was told is that they are not tracking them in files at the corporate headquarters. I will however take “increased efficiency” any day over what I have without it.

      • http://www.teamasea.com/pdf/Athletics.pdf

        The “science” is based on one person’s results. It also fails to account for the fact that after exercising consistently for 14 days your body will naturally have an increased VO2 max level.

        I love nutritional products and I love the idea of network marketing, but sometimes companies come along that just make it hard to represent the industry.

        • Rudy, you are absolutely right about the naturally increased VO2. That is exactly why you will be seeing ASEA big time in the athletic arena. A biker for the Tour De France will train for 6 months to get a 2% increase in speed and endurance. On the ASEA that increase was 12% and it did not take 6 months to accomplish. There have been several athletics on the product. The first one was the founders athletic son-in-law who gave it back to him after a month and said “I don’t think it did anything for me”. He then realized that his pulse was 15 beats lower at his normal work out and asked for it back. That was what lead to the athletic studies at the University of Utah. Give the company a call, they can fill you in on the details. Have you read the book? This is CUTTING EDGE. Do you think I enjoy drinking pool water? (Even a placebo is a valid form of therapy!)

  21. Sorry one more thing…they say “when in contact with living cells.” That does not mean it increases the entire body’s production of Glutathione, Superoxide Dismutase, and Catalase, which could easily be measured with the gold standard of testing Thiobarbituric Acid Reactive Substances or TBARS as it is known.

  22. I lied, one more thing.
    To respectfully correct you; the company does use testimonies. There is an entire page on the website…not that testimonies are a bad thing in and of themselves. Unless they are stating things that lead people circumvent proven treatments.

  23. Did I read that correctly? ASEA was down to the final step in FDA approval as a drug but opted for the mlm channel? I’m not an expert, but I know enough about the process to know what it takes to get a drug FDA approved. If they were down to the last step, that means there are clinical trials somewhere and likely with human subjects.

    The final step in pharma production is to have a broad-based placebo controlled human clinical trial. It usually has thousands of subjects and costs MILLIONS. The only time drug companies take on such an expense is if there is a SURE BET. A new pharma drug can be a BILLION dollar success, so taking a gamble with a few million is a good one if you have good data.


    Honestly, the money is better for drugs than nutritionals. What MLM company has ever created more revenue than a Celebrex, Viagra, Lipitor, or Claritin? It hasn’t. Don’t be fooled, people. Find a company that has good products, solid results, and a great comp plan.


    • Actually, if the data were THAT GOOD the last thing they would want to do is let the FDA classify it as a drug. Rudy, you need to get to know the enemy. This stuff IS REGISTERED with the FDA as a nutritional supplement. And as far as good products go, you are the one who has bought into the HYPE about drugs. Do dome research on the side effects of just the ones you named here. I worked for an insurance company and talked to members all day long about the detrimental effects of the poisonous drugs they were taking. I could go on for hours here. Oh, some serious research on network marketing and binary plans would serve you well here. Talk to Warren Buffett and Donald Trump for beginners.

      • Cheryl, I definitely haven’t bought into hype about RX drugs. I must have been unclear. I know drugs have side effects. The point is economic. A successful drug is worth billions, regardless of side effects. If ASEA has the clinicals, show us where to find them. Something “this close” to being a drug would have them.

        The FDA doesn’t regulate nutritional products. You should know that. Claiming something is registered with the FDA means nothing. E.L. Fudge cookies and twinkies are registered with the FDA.

        As for binary plans an network marketing, Warren Buffet and Donald Trump own network marketing companies. They don’t participate as distributors. And neither of them owns a network marketing company with a binary plan. Some serious research on compensation might help you, Cheryl.

        • OKAY, I did I misunderstand what the F stood for in FDA? I think you are telling me that nutritional supplements are not food products like E.L. Fudge and Twinkies which are registered??? May I introduce to the ASEA or the CieAura binary plans? I think they will be a pleasant surprise.

        • Donald Trump actually does own an MLM its called ideal health. just FYI but MLMs make more money quicker than a drug company… talk to Xango.

        • Yikes. Cheryl did you read my post?
          Trump’s company used to be ideal health, now the Trump Network. Not a binary. Warren Buffet owns Pampered Chef. Not a binary.

          MLMs don’t make money quicker than drugs once the drug gets to market. Talk to Pfizer, Bayer, Wyeth, or Merck.

        • What you don’t understand here Rudy, is that unsuccessful drugs have produced billions. The lawyers really like the ones that (having passed the cynical trials) harm and kill people. Oh, woops! I mean “clinical”

          I really don’t care about failed binary plans. I know some awesome successful binary plans that were graduates of the bad ones. I was referring to the new good ones I already noted. And, by the way, Trumps is one of the worst I have seen of the newer ones.

      • There is no such thing as “registration” with the FDA for a nutritional supplement. Cheryl, you are being fed a bunch of hype by your upline.

        • Sorry, Ty, my up line did not tell me that it was registered with the FDA. I’m a little confused here. Rudy says “the FDA doesn’t register nutritional products but E.L. Fudge cookies and twinkies are registered with the FDA.”???

        • FDA:

          FDA regulates dietary supplements under a different set of regulations than those covering “conventional” foods and drug products (prescription and Over-the-Counter). Under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), the dietary supplement manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that a dietary supplement is safe before it is marketed. FDA is responsible for taking action against any unsafe dietary supplement product after it reaches the market. Generally, manufacturers do not need to register their products with FDA nor get FDA approval before producing or selling dietary supplements.* Manufacturers must make sure that product label information is truthful and not misleading.

          Cheryl, God bless you. You seem like a good person but where are you getting your information?

  24. This one statement tells the whole truth I think it is obserd to say they have enough money ha ha that is not human nature. I agree with Rudy statment above. Re read this fairytale and tell me it is not a scam!

    I have met the CEO, the President and Gary Samuelson and can assure you that you will be hard pressed to find men of higher quality and more integrity in the whole world. Their motives for passing up a multimillion dollar offer from a drug company to ensure that this product was available to those who were benefiting from it are most honorable and admirable. As unbelievable as it sounds, they are not in it for the money, they have all they need. Their motive is humanitarian. You would do well to pay attention to the people who have actually met the company’s founders, read the book, listened to the presentations and used the product.

    What a joke

    • Russ, I would be happy to personally introduce you to the owners and the scientist. I don’t expect you to take my word for anything.

  25. I don’t know where this comes from, but this link shows that there are no studies on ASEA other than microbial testing and safety testing–both of which are standard operating procedures for consumer goods companies.


    “9. Have any clinical trials been conducted on ASEA™?
    ASEA™ is a nutritional supplement. Besides extensive safety and antimicrobial testing, no other studies have or must be performed. ASEA™ does not claim to mitigate, prevent or cure any disease. ASEA™ simply contains the raw materials that our body and the immune system need to help protect us and defend us. There is extensive evidence, based on studies done on the individual reactive molecules contained in ASEA™, that these reactive molecules are indeed produced and used in large amounts by the body and the immune system. The role that these reactive molecules play in the body is becoming increasingly well understood and is actively being studied all over the world.”

    • Dave, I cannot explain to you why it would be very unwise to claim or even use anecdotal stories of any healing power that ASEA may have. You will have to learn that for yourself. I was personallycontacted by the FDA about a product I used in 2002 that was very healing for me. They were looking for an excuse to shut the place down. I understandAESA’s reactive molecule theory and it works very well for me and my athletic family. Again, my best to you.

  26. I have a terrible case of arthritis in both knees and my sponsor told me to add a bottle of Asea to my bath 4 times a week.

    Now I feel great.

    Thank you Asea!

    • I bet your sponsor feels much better than you do knowing you are buying 4 cases a month to use in your bath water. Talk about money down the drain, I would at least re-use it. Unless $600 a month is no big deal.

    • Howard, If your sponsor told you to put it in your probably owes you a refund. ASEA denatures when mixed with any other liquid. I don’t see how the molecules could be reactive long enough to do much good in bath water. That is why they couldn’t improve the flavor of it. Taking 2 to 4 oz a day orally is the recommended use. However, I have had exceptional results spraying it on my face. Sea water never did that for me. This is really nice stuff.

  27. Cheryl ,

    My name is Jeremy and I recently joined the ASEA Team . I would love to get some more info like the book and etc. from you and learn how i could possibly meet the owners b/c i really want to get the physicians in my area on board!

    • Jeremy, Have you contacted the corporate offices or your sponsor? 801-973-7499
      They will be able to help you. You might be able to have them give me your number so I can call you. I’m not sure how else we could connect. I would be happy to send you a book.

  28. Maybe the folks at ASEA would like to use me as a guinea pig to see if this so called “wonder product” is really cut out with all the tout they claim, especially if they are saying they are doing “God’s” work and not in it for the money.

    I have multiple sclerosis, was diagnosed with it 20 years ago and it has been benign until the February, 2009; at which time I was hospitalized for four days undergoing steroid treatment via IV. I do not take any of the injection disease moderating drugs, never have; and my insurance wouldn’t cover them if I chose too. But…my MS is no longer benign.

    Now I am taking prescription narcolepsy drugs, to help with the fatigue, anti-spasm/spasticity drugs, and can no longer work, though I’ve worked and been VERY active all my life, physically and mentally.

    So…if someone wants to “test” the product, for good or bad; I’d be willing to give it a try, but I don’t have $150.00 to pay for something that may or may not be a scam, work or doesn’t work. But…if the product works for me…even if it could only improve my life for a few hours a day…I’d be willing to spend $150 for it in the future.

    • Liz, I have experience with some really amazing products and healing modalities that have helped people with MS. Have you done your own research on the disease? My guess is that the ASEA would be among the best. Excellent nutrition would be paramount so that your body had the elements it needed to heal. Proanthocyanidins would be a great start. They are collagen binding and help restore nerve function. They are abundant in grape seed extract and Mangosteen fruit. I would be happy to teach you everything I know, no charge. I don’t know if it is legal for Ty to share my email with you or give me yours. Let’s see what he says when he audits these entries.
      Best of luck to you. Cheryl

  29. Liz,
    I don’t normally do this, but I have some good friends who have MS. I feel for what you have to go through, and you deserve any information that can help you deal with it as best as you can without being taken advantage of.

    To start, those who do not understand MS can listen to Montel Williams explain his heart wrenching story to Oprah. He is a true champion: http://bit.ly/cZeNxe

    Next, listen to what has become very important to him, the message he is heralding, and what will become important to you and people you care about: http://bit.ly/bHOALb

    Finally watch the ABC Prime Time Special Report, and pay attention to the results John Quinones gets at the end: http://www.GainAdvantage.info

    I believe Cheryl means well, but there is a MultiBillion dollar industry with an agenda. That agenda is not always in the best interest of the individual.

    • Protandim is a great product but there are naysayers as with everything. Antioxidants are an important part of the picture, they are however not the only factor.

      • There is this guy who was diagnosed with skin cancer. He drank mega doses of a highly powerful antioxidant, thinking it would help his situation. Come to find out, this exotic juice (that contains sodium benzoate) was actually interfering with his …. (I’ll tell you the rest of the story if you’re interested.)

        • whatever it is I would not be in the least bit surprised. Sodium Benzoate is poison, and direct antioxidant therapy is a multibillion dollar myth.

  30. I hardly feel that teaching someone everything I know about healing would be taking advantage of them. The most malignant MultiBillion dollar industries with an agenda are the pharmaceutical companies. Be my guest and buy into their products. Wellness does not pad their pockets.

  31. Cheryl,
    As I mentioned I respect your intentions, and your qualifications as an RN. I know you have a true desire to help people. The ones that are actually taking advantage are the pharmaceutical companies.

    As far as what I have shared with Liz goes, if there are any naysayers they will have to argue with dozens of the top universities, The American Heart Association, The National Library of medicine, PubMed.gov, Free Radical Biology & Medicine Journal, The News Media, etc.

    It is irrefutable, and quite profound.

    Hope this helps

  32. Bob, My expertise comes from way outside the allopathic box. I have studied Homeopathy, N.A.E.T., BodyTalk, Matrix Energetics, The Healing Codes, E.F.T., Tatlife, Zensite, and a host of other very healing modalities and substances. Please pardon me if I do not have the same respect for the AHA the Universities and your other trusted entities. (My sister worked in research for some of those same programs and was told exactly how and what was expected of her results.) I don’t care about the FDA, AMA, or the News Media in particular. They do not have my best interest at heart. Mainstream is not the only “irrefutable or profound way”. As a matter of fact “mainstream” News Media has lost a lot of credibility recently. There is much to benefit from in other countries, philosophies, healing practices even religions. I am not here to PROVE anything. I see a forest and am not interested in getting hung up in the trees.
    If anyone out there would like to meet the founders of ASEA, study the information, try the product, I’m sure we could have an intelligent conversation. Until you’ve been to ROME I really do not want you to be my tour guide. My best to you all. 10-4

  33. I thank you all for your kind emails; albeit no one actually addressed my email, perhaps it could be re-read, which would answer whether or not a product “worked” or not, mainly from the discussions pro and con, that I read on this blog. An answer for me by be an answers for others.

    I’ve had MS for over twenty years, and know more about my disease than most of the doctors (with the exception of neurologist), that I see; as I’ve had to explain the process of myelin breakdown to a few of them.

    It is a very difficult disease, as symptoms and course for one, are not the same for the other.

    And I understand and sympathize with other people with MS that “chase cures”, bee veenom, etc., and they are preyed upon; but I don’t think they are preyed upon any more than any other person, otherwise we wouldn’t be plagued my emails from Nigerians saying they’ll give us 5m if we send them 50k to help free their frozen U.S. assets. Or these companies that advertise on TV that they will negotiage IRS settlements for pennies less than you owe, or FreeCredit.com (that is just a company NAME), not an entitlement, etc., etc. Victims are victims, you don’t have to have a medical handicap to be one; but I understand what people are saying, because there are many people with medical problems that are “easy prey”, because they allow themselves to be so, chasing a cure or a solution.

    I do NOT take any of the injectable meds, though I am on a few pills for symptom relief/help. I had MS BEFORE the first injectables were released to the market, and went to a doctor’s synopsis on the “ABC” drugs when they were introduced. I knew from that pharmacuetically funded meeting I was not interested in “paying” to be a guinea pig for extremely expensive (and still are), drugs that may or may not be of any benefit. In my over twenty years of having MS and talking with other MS folks that take the drugs, I haven’t found one person yet that could either tolerate or get benefit from any of the injectables for over one year.

    One of the meds I am on, is not “permitted” by the AMA to be prescribed for anything but pain, yet that drug, when I take it, enables me to walk without limp or foot drop, as it prevents my brain from receiving the “bad signal” from the
    “shorted out wire” so to speak. On my part the drug was discovered by pure accident; the occassion was a trip to the dentist with a terribly infected tooth and was prescribed for the pain. My “WALLAH” moment was realized about two hours after I took it (it did kill the tooth ache pain very well!), was that I could walk “normally”. That prompted an immediate call/visit to my neurologist, and furthered my education on the AMA. It’s a wonder between the AMA and the pharmacuetical/insurance companies that we have anything in this country for the patient. Thankfully I have parathesia so bad in my right side it could be prescribed to me; but I take it very limited; I don’t want to become addicted to it; and I also never took any prescription drugs until earlier this year, so I really don’t like the idea of taking them now. Not bad for an old lady. 🙂

    Unfortunately, with MS, until they find a “cause”, it will be hard for find a cure. When I was initially diagnosed the accepted train of thought was that MS was related to childhood measles; now, they are pointing fingers at Vitamin D, calcium deficiencies either in the womb or early childhood developement. The latter makes sense to me, as I was allergic to milk until I was about nine.

    They are curing EAE in mice with Lipitor in England. With 60mg a day for (I think, if memory serves me right…which it may no longer do..(smile), two weeks. Since we weigh more than mice, how many milligrams would a human need, a billion miiligrams a day? (smile).

    I thank you all for your kind words, and each and every one of you have made for very interesting reading and wonderful debate and you each bear merit to what you say. I appreciate it all.

    • Liz,
      Although this is a forum discussing the legitimacy of Asea, your testimony is heartfelt, strikes a very familiar chord within me, so here is a bit more info.

      I am careful about making false claims, and giving false hope.
      I hope that Asea proves us wrong some day, and maybe Cheryl will be willing to provide you with free samples.

      On a proven note:
      I am sure Ty will be able to share information on what is the Vanguard in Nutraceutical liquid supplementation.
      There are a vast amount of studies in PubMed.gov on the All Natural ingredients in the impressive products he represents.
      They have a wide array of proven benefits.

      As far as direct results in the MS category:
      Montel Williams has a testimony. Several years ago he added Protandim to his regiment. Last year he started feeling horrible again, and he was determined to find out why. He discovered that he ran out of the product, and when he went back on it within days he was normal again. He immediately called the company up and said; “you need my help, what can I do to help you.” He has heralded the message ever since. You cannot buy testimonies like this, nor do we have to.

      Here is a video with his testimony (hard to hear some of it).

      In his words, “inflammation is Kryptonite for people with MS.”
      A test sampling can be arranged.

      • I love reading all your “intelligent” conversations. As a side note, my mother always told me to try my drink before I complained about how awful it was. If any of you “informed” people had tried Asea, before bashing it you would KNOW it wasn’t just “salt water”. Salt water doesn’t taste like pool water. If you think how something is “processed” doesn’t effect it’s properties then you are more naive than you look. Try, oh I dunno microwaving a steak. and tell me it tastes the same or is just as healthy. the ingredients: Steak. The quality…. well I think you can guess. It’s the same principle. Try not to flaunt your ignorance 🙂

  34. Asea works for my mom…took all her bursitis pain in her knees away after 5 days, worked for my uncle and aunty who both have major health problems and they STILL buy a case a month and dont give a rip about the business. Worked for my friend Janeen who is a PhD and saw her entire family benefit from Asea even the negative husband who has documented proof from Kaiser doctors on how his blood pressure and heart rate went down…how long do i have in this post? oh well email me if you want more real life testimonials. I’m right here In Hawaii and its a small island, cant burn your bridges, Asea is doing amazing things for people.

    I learned that you can either learn from someone successful at something or NOT. I find it funny that people who have never tried getting a group of 8+ they care about to SEE if this “salt water” Asea would really work. I did cause i was the biggest skeptic ever.

    Thats my challenge to anyone, do your due diligence give it to people you care about and let them tell you what happens, thats all the evidence i needed…sorry internet blogger 🙁

    Mahalo for hearing my opinion,

    Please email me at Rivenfire@gmail.com

  35. Asea like w/everything new & different is going thru the ridiculed phase, then becomes opposed. However,
    it’s already becoming self evident.
    The amazing growth of ASEA is due to the fact more & more people are becoming aware the power of the product, the legitimacy of the science.
    ASEA is clean of Anabolic Steroids, Diuretics, Opiates, Corticosteroids, Beta Blockers & Stimulants. It provides naturally 12% endurance.
    ASEA even went so far as to run additional tests such as mass spectroscopy to assist labs in understanding the molecular structure of ASEA.
    Does ASEA sound complicated? You’re not alone. Before long people will start talking about molecules just like with antioxidants….lol.

    • Hi MaryAnne,
      Thank you for sharing. Actually, to ecpand on what you have offered; people have been talking about molecules for hundreds of years, and to be more specific “Reactive Molecules” have been in literature for decades as well. Unfortunately for Asea one type of reactive molecule is “Reactive oxygen molecules”which are what causes Oxidative stress in the first place. (There are thousands known) Hence the need for the Natural Antioxidants you were born with. In a way the Asea literature is oxymoronic unless they are more specific. The “amazing growth of Asea” is not a convincing point as of yet. One of my partners for example was the Master Distributor for Zrii for and set records, until he found some things were simply not true He was faced with one of the toughest decisions of his career: Money with an opportunity driven product, or integrity, which has unmeasurable value.

      • Forgive the typos, I posted before finishing. The final thing I wanted to mention was:

        We all hope Asea does amazing things, and look forward to the evidence in the form of Peer reviewed published studies.

        It does not look however like they intend to do so, based on the F.A.Q. on the site: “Besides extensive safety and antimicrobial testing, no other studies have or must be performed”.

  36. From the ASEA Web Site:

    “9. Have any clinical trials been conducted on ASEA™?
    ASEA™ is a nutritional supplement. Besides extensive safety and antimicrobial testing, no other studies have or must be performed. ASEA™ does not claim to mitigate, prevent or cure any disease. ASEA™ simply contains the raw materials that our body and the immune system need to help protect us and defend us. There is extensive evidence, based on studies done on the individual reactive molecules contained in ASEA™, that these reactive molecules are indeed produced and used in large amounts by the body and the immune system. The role that these reactive molecules play in the body is becoming increasingly well understood and is actively being studied all over the world.”

  37. Thank you Matthew,
    Those docs are available on the site, and have been produced by Asea. Peer reviewed clinical studies would be in the best interest of the company, distributors, and customers in the longer term. It would not be difficult to study and document the benefits if there are any.

    They usually cost hundreds of thousands of dollars minimum, and are then published. The cost can sometimes be sponsored by a major university or institution if the merit of the product warrants the self funding.

    The human body is an amazing miracle with the innate ability to gravitate towards healing. I do believe we have been given everything we need on this planet, as many people in Asea do. Unfortunately Man is often his worst enemy.

    • No Prob.

      I know that in time we will have more information made available to us. This company is a growing baby.

      What this product has done for Michelle (my beautiful wife) and Steven (My son) has been amazing.

      As soon as I get more information…I will pass it on.

      Here is some information that may help as well.


      Be Well!

      Matthew Adams

      • Matthew, I agree completely. This product has helped me immensely as well. I was scheduled to take my family to the beach this summer and cannot afford to. I bought a lot of Asea and loaded our above ground pool with it. They are so proud of me. We are going to the beach in our own back yard this summer. I am a winner!

  38. Bill,

    That is not even funny. There is no clinical validation for using ASEA in that manner. Come to think of it, there is no clinical validation for using ASEA whatsoever so who am I to judge?

  39. Well, Dr. Ahmad has a point, even if you don’t think it’s funny. There are a host of us that are hearing about this amazing product with 20+ patents and millions of dollars of research behind it–but we’re still waiting to see the data.

    There are lots of companies out there that will sell you hype and dreams. If the product really has the clinicals, show them to us who are “skeptics.”

    The patents appear to be on the process of making the sodium chloride distilled water solution, not the product.

    There are no studies to speak of, except one that makes claims based on one athlete who increased Vo2 max in 14 days. Guess what. I exercised for 14 days straight and you won’t believe what happened to my Vo2 max.

    • All of you are a bit impatient…it takes time for the data to be made public. There are rules to follow. The leaders want to make sure that this is done right.

      The same could be said for Monavie, EIRO. XanGo…and the hundreds of others.

      If you belong to another company…give us the same respect that you would deserve…nothing more nothing less.

      Geez…I feel like I am dealing with the people at a certain scam site.


  40. I guess what is kinda crazy here…is the following.

    Many of you (if not all of you) are here because you believe in the NetWork Marketing industry. That is what this Blog is all about. A support structure for this wonderful industry.

    Here is what I don’t understand. Why is it we feel we need to come on this blog…rip into another person’s business…because it is in direct competition with our own?

    Are you that desperate?

    Is your business that sorry?

    Are you that unhappy?

    People…we are all in this together. We have very few enemies…the top of the list is the drug companies & the FTC. Why the heck are we fighting EACH OTHER??!!??

    Listen…you may not like the fact a new company has surfaced and MAY be in competition with you…but we are here…and there is nothing that you can do about it…welcome to the free world. My bet is…when you first started with your business…you had to defend your decision. Did you enjoy it? Did it make their business sound better…or self serving?

    If you don’t understand the science…then ASK.

    If you feel you need to make wise ass remarks…go elsewhere. If you have questions…just ask!

    This business is about getting products in the hands of people that you and I both know…main stream business could not do.

    If you do not believe in this industry…please go elsewhere.

    This thread started out as an attack on my company. How about we all behave like adults…and instead of calling each other names and saying, “my daddy is bigger than your daddy”…we support each other. Is it worth putting another persons business down…and looking like a fool…with your pants on the ground? {grin}

    Think about it…the internet is a big place…and word gets around…FAST!

    P.S. I appreciate you!

    Remember…Live up to your potential,

    Matthew Adams

    • I agree with Matthew. You guys that disagree with Matt and I are losers. You do not understand that we have every right to sell salt water for $120 per case. Just because you like swimming pool water does not mean that we are wrong. We are winners! You are losers!

    • Matthew,

      I think it is more about what this type of hocus pocus product does to the overall reputation of Network Marketing.

      It’s $150 a case Salt Water that the company has said needs no further scientific explanation.

      “Have any clinical trials been conducted on ASEA™?
      ASEA™ is a nutritional supplement. Besides extensive safety and antimicrobial testing, no other studies have or must be performed. “

      • First Bill…go back to SCAM.Com where you belong.

        Ty…I do agree with you that “Yes” this industry needs some serious monitoring. Really.

        But you my friend have been in this industry long enough to know this. You Ty Tribble have a name in this industry. Why not ask the leaders (Corporate) those questions. Brother…look at your own products…how long did it take to get the data. Now…I am not talking data taken from other companies selling juice. I am talking about your OWN data. What about the data from your other products.

        There is data…but it is about timing. The data must go through a process before it is released. This is so strange Ty…you know this to be true…yet you act like you do not.

        what gives bro?

        Matthew Adams

    • Matthew, the reason there are so many people commenting on ASEA is that there are two types of Network Marketing companies that we compete with. One is those whose products are real, and based on science, and two, those who only SEEM to be selling hype. I don’t know where ASEA falls into those two categories, but have not seen any evidence to support that they are firmly in caregory one.

  41. And don’t compare this hocus-pocus Salt Water to EIRO, we have a clinical trial that proves our product is effective:

    “…superoxide dismutase (SOD) rose after consumption of the fruit juice beverage…the positive findings on SOD were highly statistically significant at the 60 minute mark (increase of 0.24 ± 0.214; p=0.006).

    Superoxide dismutase is important in the body’s oxidant defense system. SOD is an enzyme that neutralizes the superoxide radical, one of the most prevalent free radicals in the human body. SOD levels decrease with age and play an important role in protecting cells and DNA from damage caused by oxidative stress. Because of SOD’s importance in the body’s defense system, further study is recommended.”

    • Interesting Ty. EIRO proudly sticks their neck more then most. At least MRA is a very reputable research center. Is the actual study available for review? (beyond the PDF on the site)

  42. Dan,

    Out of business in 12 months?

    We are doubling every 7 weeks.

    Finally a product that is spreading the old fashion way; word of mouth, based on positive results.

    2011 looks very promising.

  43. Hmmm…my last post was deleted.

    Speaks volumes Ty.

    I have now officially lost ALL respect for you.

    It is okay to attack other companies here…but don’t you dare say anything bad about EIRO.

    I understand now.


      • How can a company that puts salt water Sodium chloride, also known as salt, common salt, table salt, or halite, is an ionic compound with the formula NaCl, in a bottle be “the King of MLM’s? Please don’t fall for the hype, step back, be objective. Doubling every 7 weeks means what exactly??

      • Sorry Matthew. You, me and Ty can come to gether and toast with Asea. Ty, it tastes a little salty but its healing powers are awesome. It has cured me of so many things. We can all 3 be winners together. We do not need to be around losers.

        • It didn’t cure jack (spit)* on you dude. Show some verifiable proof before I come after your (rear)*.

          *edited by moderator

        • Yea, I’m so glad that everyone is being so careful about their product and its claims! Whats so amazing about the Asea product is how my father who is a very healthy person took the product for the first time and within hours ended up in the ICU after his heart stopped repeatedly! Great product!

  44. I just read the following on the Asea site: “…Besides extensive safety and antimicrobial testing, no other studies have or must be performed.” I have been telling my friends and family that there is extensive research on this product. OMG. What do I do? I have been mislead. Someone help me figure out how to overcome this. My dad said it was pool water with salt. He said it smelled like chlorine and salt. I sent him to the site and he told me there was nothing there to verify my claims. Can one of you winners help me out?

    • Bill,
      Calm down. This product is great. I understand what your dad says. I have heard the same thing. Just keep going and trust them. You always talk about begin a winner and you are letting a little negativity get in your way. Man up!

      • Thank you Mark. I was just worried that everyone (including my upline)is talking about clincial data on this product and there doesn’t seem to be any. I guess I will just keep saying there is. This is my 8th company. It has to work for me. My wife thinks I am crazy. I know I am a winner.

        • Hey Bill…I have made a very substantial amount of money with Eiro and i think you should look at it again or for the first time…these guys really have it together from the top to the bottom inside and out…there are absolutely no loops holes..call me 517-320-1900

  45. I am a doctor. I was given the opportunity to fly out to Utah with Asea paying for it. I have Never done a MLM company til now. Not Asea. A Rep asked me if she could send some bottles to myself to try. I agreed in the interim. Im not opposed to alternative care, but the person asking before for studies? Honestly there really hasnt been any STUDIES. We shall see. I did decide to get involved in a company with 0 competition, Perfect Product/People. perefect timing, perfect WEALTHIEST, Compensation plan ever in MLM. Its not what you know at times, but who you know. I could not pass up the opportunity after conversing with the founders…You do not have to Digest, absorb or metabolize the product to HOPE for results. I wish everyone the best with ASEA

    • I can’t tell if you’re serious or not.

      So, what you’re saying is that you could care less about the health benefits of this product (or lack thereof). You are in it for the $$. And Asea wants to fly you out why?? Oh’ I know… So they can say that a Dr. endorses the product.

      What a scam.. And a shady Dr, shame on you!

      • Does anyone care that you are selling this stuff to all types of people who may not understand the crap that you are dishing? WHAT IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE? YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE HERE! How dare you promote something that may not be safe because it has not been through all the studies and testing!

    • What kind of doctor are you? If your medical skills are as bad as your grammer and your greed in scamming people based upon your title, God help your patients.

  46. Hey Ty,

    All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

  47. I think I may update my blog on Agendas today. You should be honored…it has been my #1 article so far…the Max people love it. It has been amazing.

    • Knock yourself out Matthew.

      The people that approve or disapprove comments do not approve comments that include personal attacks. I have never once attacked you here, so if you feel the need to do so, you can go for it at your blog and I hope it gets lots of traffic. Just remember who has been right here. You stayed with a company, defended it and attacked me for leaving….then that company kicked you out.

      If you think ASEA salt water is the next greatest thing with ZERO scientific proof that it works at any level…I wish you much success with it.

      P.S. Your post about me has two comments on it. One from a total anti Network Marketing Zealot and the other from you. Yes, people really seem to love it.

      • First of…get the record straight…I never bashed you for leaving. i was sad & mad…but I never bashed you. As a matter of fact…I applauded your decision.

        Second I had to stay…My website supported over 3000 Max users…really THINK about that.

        I am mad at you because you are using your blog for your own agenda instead of the good of the industry…like you used to do. I was a fan…you really stood up for people in this industry…you were somebody important.

        Now you are just another MLM’er shoving his opportunity in other peoples faces and blasting the competition. Even in this thread you had to hail your own company.

        And lastly, YOU know better than most Ty…that YES…things need to be proven.

        But here is a challenge for you Ty…contact my wife…you know she will B.S. nobody. I dare you Ty. Here is her contact info.


        • Matthew,

          Michelle is financially motivated to say good things about ASEA…simple as that.

          It is my agenda to expose companies that use hype with no substance to promote their product and business.

          It is my agenda to tell the truth and offer my opinion and you can look back at the archives over the last 6 years to see if I am right or wrong.

        • Wow Ty…than you REALLY don’t know Michelle. Michelle does not promote ANYTHING that she does not think works.

          When Michelle first tried ASEA…she went into this expecting it NOT to work. She was very surprised…because even (the last company) did not work for her. Did she promote (that product)…no she did not. “I cannot promote things that don’t work”.

          Whatever Ty…I guess you do what you “feel” you gotta do. (If that’s what works for you)


          • Matthew so you promoted a company and had 3,000 people paying for your web site when you knew the product didn’t work (according to your wife)?

            Now, that’s a WOW.

  48. “Ty Tribble Reply:
    March 19th, 2010 at 11:55 am

    It is my agenda to expose companies that use hype with no substance to promote their product and business.

    It is my agenda to tell the truth and offer my opinion and you can look back at the archives over the last 6 years to see if I am right or wrong.”

    Obviously you have not done a very good job with your agenda in regards to Asea. Redox Signaling has a tremendous amount of substantiated research behind it. There is plenty of science behind what reactive molecules do. And there is scientific proof that ASEA contains a stabilized set of the reactive molecules your body produces are is necessary to the Redox Signaling processes going in your body.

    • Still waiting for a clinical study on ASEA that shows any evidence supporting the claims being made. Feel free to post it right here. So far over 100 comments and not one reference to an ASEA clinical trial.

  49. You all need to take a breath. There are a lot of good companies and products out there. But you have to find the one that works for you. I happen to choose ASEA. I personally think the Dr’s comments above (Dr Dave) was the most accurate and relevant. This company has 0 competition, the most unique and profound Product, owners who are not MLM’er but executives who have already run Billion $ companies very successfully who have surrounded themselves with experienced Network Marketing management, a compensation plan which rewards both the person getting started as well as the person whose built a residual income stream, not to mention truly perfect timing to be at the forefront of what could potentially be the biggest rise this industry has ever seen.

    Only time will tell as none of us have a crystal ball, but I like putting the odds in my favor and that is by doing good due diligence. I too got a chance to meet the founders and after conversing with them I found it refreshing to meet true business people who who want to help the world and do business at the same time. And to claim, as some of you have in previous posts, they they are all hype are grossly mistaken. In an industry where hype is the standard, I found their non-hype approach truly refreshing.

    And the product working is a given, because without a product which works, nothing else matters. But if you have a good product and not all the other qualities that I mentioned above which ASEA has, the company will go nowhere. You don’t have to look to far in this industry to see that. Many companies have outstanding products but little else, which shows in their non existent numbers, growth and longevity.

    It is true that ASEA has only done some preliminary testing and studies, (you can find the documents in their back office), they are backed by millions of $ of research and 25 overlapping patents. You don’t get all that will just “salt water” as so many are touting in previous posts. If you’re going to criticize, you really should do some homework before shooting from the hip, otherwise it just makes you look bad.

    While you’re add it why don’t you Google, ‘redox biochemistry’ or ‘redox signaling’ to see all outside independent research that is being done in this body of science which ASEA so brilliantly is tapping into with their product.

    And they are currently in double blind studies to further back up their initial findings. And even if those studies show half of what they initially found, it will shake the industry.

    Good luck to all of you in this amazing industry of Network Marketing. I wish you all the best success.


      • I wouldn’t worry too much about competition, until there is proof that the product does what they say it does. Until then, there will be no competition.

  50. Thank you Markus,
    It has been interesting to see this post develop.
    However, we are still where we were at the beginning.

    There are many opportunity driven companies that have come and gone.
    An opportunity driven situation must be backed by factual benefit to the consumer.

    I recommend asking a few basic questions:

    1) What kind of behavior does it promote in the field?
    2) Does that behavior put you at risk of FTC crackdown?
    3) Is there any information on the site that may seem misleading?
    4) Is the Primary Marketing strategy to tap into the Antioxidant market based on a test done in a Petri dish with cow cells?
    5) Does that translate to actual reduction of oxidative stress in a human, which can easily be proven with the gold standard specific assay for that purpose.
    6) Why don’t they use this assay (test)?

    There is much more, but I will stop there.

    Since thousands of Asea distributors will see this post, let’s make it easy…

    I have a challenge:
    (Keep in mind; Asea has not done this yet, nor published the clinical study which would be in their best interest)

    Is anyone willing to replace the Actual product with your own kitchen mixed placebo?

    Make your own .15% saline/salt solution (the ingredients in the patent).
    Do the best you can, it is about a tsp. salt added to a quart of water.
    Replace the real product by putting it in the Asea bottle.
    Use the real product on the exact amount of people you use the fake one on.
    Do NOT tell them.

    Do this easy test for yourself to eliminate the possibility of the placebo effect.
    I look forward to anyone’s testimony who has tried this.
    (I am aware that any testimony will be influenced by agenda, so you will have to answer to your own conscience).

    People are important, be cautious when under the influence of enthusiasm.

    The product sounds exciting, I do hope it works.
    I also look forward to the clinical studies.

  51. Bob,
    Thank you for your advice. I am going to follow your suggestion. I can make a killing financailly. All profit baby and no one will know. I am a winner. I am so excited about being a part of such an honest business.

  52. Scam! No real science behind it! These guys swap concepts faster than you can blink! 30% of all medical issues can be handled with placebo effect alone, so don’t let a few success stories fool you!

  53. I’m just wondering if you have actually tried this product or based on the label you have decided its no good? I’d be interested in hearing from people who have actually used this product.

    • I don’t think I ever decided the product was no good, I just thought it was interesting that people are jumping on this with no evidence suggesting it works and I think Salt Water as a Network Marketing product is funny.

      • You don’t think Salt Water is funny during spring break or when you have a sore throat or whenyou clean your contact lenses. Why is it funny in network marketing?Ty, you just do not get it. I believe my upline could win the nobel prize in science for bringing this product to the world. I am going to change the world. I am a winner.

        • You sound like a cult member with the “I am a winner” nonsense. That makes me suspect another Utah-based scam from our LDS friends.

    • I have been using ASEA since March. The benefit of taking the product are unlike anything else. Yes, I do have more energy throughout the day, not the rise and fall affect of caffiene. I am more alert, sleep better and recover quicker from strenuous exercise. I too was skeptical at first but I could not ignore the change in my physical performance. I opted to become an associate for the company based on my experience alone. The preliminary studies, testimonies and recent unbiased print articles are there to reinforce their claim. ASEA is the real deal!

  54. If you post this fine…if you don’t post this…that is fine also.

    Just salt water…lol

    I am typing this with tears in my eyes. I just got a call from one of my preferred customers…his wife has cancer and it has been pretty rough. No energy, bad hair, breaking nails.

    My friend was was not in the same room as his wife and he was startled by the sound of the vacuum cleaner. Now he had noticed an increase in her energy…but to see her vacuuming the room blew his mind.

    Vacuuming the room was NOT on her list of “want to do’s”.

    She even show him her nails…they were not breaking!

    He is now an Associate with ASEA…because her doctors want to know more about what she doing. He is VERY excited.

    Hmmmm…this “just salt water” issue is about moot. Ya think?

    Matthew Adams

      • Ty…I was laughing the way you were handling this…but I was in tears because I love people and to help people…that is where my heart is.

        I really felt for this man and his wife. I have friends with cancer dude.

        If you knew my heart Ty…


      • Ty, You are so mean to Matthew. Do you know how many people grew their fingernails in his other business after they bought the websites he sold. You are being a bully. He and I are winners!You are not.

        • Ya know Bill, I really do pray that you don’t get cancer yourself. Really.

          You are soooo not funny. Actually…you are about as heartless as I have seen…

          Great job…bet mom is proud.


        • Cancer for women can be very devastating from an emotional point of view. Yes, we men do have a rough time…but women need the extra TLC.

          I have met women…after going through chemo…fall apart after several days.

          Growth of nails is an incredible boost for women under going chemo.

          Think Bill…think.



  55. Based on the video that plays when people first go to the site; Asea’s primary marketing strategy is to tap into the existing $36 billion a year Direct Antioxidant Market.

    The reason we are attracted to direct antioxidants is that they fight free radicals on a one to one basis. What is not well known (yet) is that Naturally Occurring Antioxidants, like SOD, Catalase, and Glutathione are a million times more effective than direct antioxidants. This is a very complicated topic, but I will simplify things.

    The reason we want to fight free radicals is because they cause Oxidative Stress.

    Oxidative stress is front and center, behind hundreds of major diseases, and increases as we age. It is why we die.

    What is needed:
    A double blind, peer reviewed, and published clinical study that Asea reduces Oxidative stress.

    This would validate the reason why people use the product, and join the business.

    • I agree Kerry.

      As an ASEA associate myself…I look forward to those tests.

      But on another hand…I have seen some remarkable results (not just in my own family).

      I look forward to post those tests as they become available to us.

    • So if I were to identify a product that increased SOD levels within the blood 60 minutes after taking it, that would be pretty good, right? I found a winner.

  56. One of the most difficult parts of explaining ASEA to someone is helping them understand exactly what is in that bottle. It’s difficult not because its hard to explain or even understand, it is difficult because most of us are caught up in an “ingredient paradigm”. Meaning we look at the back of the bottle for everything, even if we don’t know what each ingredient is or if it is naturally occurring. There is also a difference between native to the body and naturally occurring. The body produces natural antioxidants like glutathione, catalayse and SOD, and those are far more powerful than any you can take, as long as body can utilize them.

    We have all been exposed to all of the latest antioxidant products on the market. Some are very beneficial and I personally believe in putting the right ingredients and materials into your body. When trying to explain and differentiate ASEA from these products I get common programmed responses:

    * “I would rather rely on something proven and used for thousands of years not something created from a science lab”
    * “Natural fruit and herbs have been effective for thousands of years and they didn’t have the issues we have now in this modern day and age”

    I am in total agreement with those statements. However, when I check the labels of many (not all), of these popular antioxidant products, I see preservatives and other unnatural ingredients added. One recurring preservative is Sodium Benzoate.

    So what’s on the ingredient list for ASEA? Distilled water and sodium chloride.

    The benefits come from the process of making ASEA.

    It is not that much different than baking a cake. You mix the ingredients in a bowl, put it in the oven and something entirely different comes out.

    ASEA uses their patented process to mix the basic ingredients and create the final product. First, ASEA has managed to create the reactive molecules normally produced inside the body, outside of the body. Second, ASEA is able to stabilize these reactive molecules in this saline solution so you can easily introduce them into your body. The components of ASEA:

    * Are native to the body and are consistent with its natural chemical balance
    * Increase the effectiveness of the body’s most important natural antioxidants (Glutathione, Catalase and SOD) by over 500%
    * Support immune system functions that reduce oxidative stress and repair cellular damage
    * Accelerate the body’s production of its own natural antioxidants like Glutathione, Catalase and SOD

    I hope you can appreciate what that means. If you can’t then don’t forget this: The world is advancing. Everyday in your life you use something that wasn’t possible at one time. Starting with the computer you are using to read this blog. If you can accept that than accept that advancements will continue in technology, science and even in health and wellness. ASEA represents a major scientific breakthrough that moves beyond nutrition and ingredients.

    One VERY important thing about ingredients and antioxidants. Without the signaling molecules which your body naturally produces, antioxidants are completely ineffective. You need these signaling molecules for your body to properly use these materials. So what happens when due to age, illness, disease, or cell damage that your body isn’t producing enough of these molecules? You supplement them. Introducing ASEA, the worlds first and only cellular communication supplement.

    • Thanks for the info Matthew. I look forward to the proof of these claims. Without the proof in the form of peer reviewed studies they are simply claims. It it is much too soon to make claims such as this. The most logical thing would be to test the actual oxidative stress levels in a peer reviewed study. This would validate the claims and eliminate the possibility of thousands of people spending money, time, and hope only to find out that it was a marketing agenda.
      The red flag I hope to eliminate is the fact that Asea’s primary marketing strategy is to tap into the existing antioxidant market with absolutely no proof to back up the claims.

      • ASEA has just spend over $1M in a double-blind study of its effects on Olympic athletes. The company will be publishing these results before the end of the year. From what I hear, they are better than all of us had ever hoped. In anticipation of this study, and from my own experience taking the drink for over 1 year now and seeing my endurance improve like never before, I’m getting on board 100% as a rep. You may want to read the latest Road Bike Action magazine who did a neutral review of the product.

        So, in a nutshell, the science is coming.

  57. I want everyone that has NOT tried ASEA to stop for a minute and read this!

    I have spinal stenous; degenerative disc disease, arthritis in my hips; high blood pressure; depression and asthma.

    I do not feel my legs most of the time because of the spinal stenous (my leg nerves are pinched) which has made it difficult to do much walking without occasionally falling. My doctor has given me a walker to use. Without the walker I can walk about 400 ft. before my hips began to throb.

    For the past 6 years I have had to wear a Opium based pain patch 24/7, changing the patch every 3rd day, as directed by my doctor. By day 2 1/2 the pain is almost unbareable.

    My son’s mother-in-law introduced me to ASEA. I started drinking it March 18, 2010.


    In the past week, I have been able to walk farther, without holding on to my walker, or a shopping cart, than I have been able to walk in the past 10 years! I do not have pain on day 2 1/2, 3, 4, 5. I have gone 6 days without having to change my pain patch!

    Maybe you should try living with constant pain for awhile, then you might realize, when a person has ‘no quality of life’, if something comes along that is NOTgoing to make another part of your body deteriorate, or cause more “side effects” Like most medications DO! ‘You might Pray for someone to discover something that would help YOU!’

    After one month on ASEA my doctor has taken me off my high blood pressure medicine because my blood pressure is now “Great”.

    Maybe some of you young, unbelieving, argumentative children should consider “ASEA IS GIVING SOME OF US A NEW LIFE!”

    When you stop complaining about what’s in it you should stop and do a little investigating. I would suggest you read Dr. Gary L. Samuelsons book “The Science of Healing Revealed”.

    Dr. Samuelson PH.D. in Atomic/Medical Physics from the Uof U. Some of his successes include developing the large-scale production of safe, stable nanoparticle structures capable of safely disabling viruses, attacking bacteria, detecting tumors and delivering drugs, among many other major applications. He has identified methods to produce safe and stable molecular complexes capable of stimulating many of the body’s natural healing responses(ASEA), applicable to a wide variety of health issues.

    I would like to suggest to Ty to open your heart. Close you mouth and try really listening to a different way than your own!

    This is my first time at this site, and dear Ty, you have a real issue of “If I can’t see it, it does not exist” I hope you are not that way in every aspect of your life…stop and look at things from a different view.

        • You tell him Matthew. I was using salt tablets to cure my arthritis.It was working wonderfully well until ASEA. I now use that and my arthritis went away. I have noticed that my hair is growing back as well. My throat does not hurt as much since I have been drinking our special water also. Matthew, do not let them question our products results We know the truth because we are winners. They are losers. Your good friend, Bill

  58. Bill, I don’t think they mean nose hair in the testimonials you hear in the meetings and I do recommend you stop snorting your ASEA from now on.

  59. Everything has a placebo effect, until proven beyond that.
    Drugs are mostly poison, and I do not defend them. In completely necessary situations when our doctors prescribe only.

    The marketing agenda is the biggest red flag. There is absolutely no 3rd party verifiable proof of Asea’s ability to increase the body’s natural antioxidants (especially in the body). Anyone who is unwilling to admit this aligns with the dishonest marketing agenda, and is responsible for the decisions of many.

  60. Really Bob…think about that statement.

    That would apply to 95% of everything we buy OR sell.

    Your friend had a headache and you remember you tried Tylenol for your headache…and it worked…so you hand your friend some Tylenol. Are you selling…yes…you are. The price…your reputation.

    Did your friend ask for 3rd party validation? No, they took you at your word (reputation).

    But…upon recommending Tylenol…did you know that you just recommended one of the most irresponsible over the counter drugs on the market…and has the reputation of killing a LOT of people?

    What else have you recommended Bob? Floor cleaner, gas, a movie, a restaurant, what else?

    Do they ask you for 3rd party verification.

    Partner…if you are going to accuse us or this industry…you are going to be one VERY busy man…because you need to write about 95% of every product on the market today.

    Now I do agree that getting 3rd party validation is a wise thing…but…it is also VERY time consuming.

    Does Mary…who has not been sleeping well…care about 3rd party validation. Simply put…NO.

    BUT…she does want to know…if it worked for YOU. Are you going to throw in a disclaimer…probably not…but you should…after all…it IS your reputation.

    Be Well!

    Matthew Adams

    • With all due respect. Things either work or they don’t. If I wanted to start an aspirin MLM there would be plenty of undeniable proof that it worked. By the way I herald and support the profession of Network Marketing, and can tell you some pretty sad stories of hundreds of companies that folded because of a variety of reasons, but many who have been based on hyped up placebo effects. I just got an idea…an aspirin MLM would be a fantastic idea! Wo could actually embed it in Chocolate as the delivery method and make a fortune! Let’s talk.

      • Do you always wait until things are ‘proven’ for you to try something? Talk about being an extreme conservative. You must have never gambled or placed a bet of any kind ever, even as a joke with a friend, unless of course it was ‘proven’ to you that you were going to win… Anyways, a lot of ‘things’ in life either work or they don’t. Cars for example, they either start or they don’t. But with ‘all due respect’, humans are not machines, we are simple and yet complex living beings. Yes, once we die, we are not ‘working’ as you see it, but while we’re in existence, we are not always perfectly healthy (working) from day 1 ’till our time is up. Wouldn’t you agree? Unlike a running car with broken headlights, if our eyesight becomes unfocused, we do our best to correct them (glasses, contacts, lasik, etc.) The point is, unlike math where 2 + 2 = 4 (fact) or machines powers on or doesn’t, we as humans naturally try to look for ways and things that will make us healthier and wealthier. It’s just too bad the methods aren’t always moral or ethical. I like the phrase “the older I get, the less I care what others think.”

  61. I met Dr. Samuelson on an airplane and spoke with him for about 3 hours. Hes really cool and a smart guy. He sent me some of this ASEA product to try. I am actually going to do a free radical damage test on this product. Basically by looking at the way blood dries on a slide, you can see polymerized proteins it sort of looks like big gnarly holes in the dried blood. Im taking a blood slide every day as I use this product. Should it reduce free radical damage I will be able to see a reduction of these polymerized proteins.

    Ill let you all know.

    • Dude,
      The only way to do a “Free Radical Test” is to go to a reputable lab, and have them do a TBARS test. Asea has not even done this yet. Most companies don’t because it will not come out in their favor to publish the results. They do not want the public to know their product does not reduce Oxidative Stress, which is what free radicals cause in the first place.

  62. I’m not sure what to think, yet. Several people I know (including parents, one of whom is a VERY sceptical father!) sprayed it on their arthritic hands and the pain went away in a few minutes. On a close friend, we sprayed it on just one of her hands. She came back a little later and asked if we would spray it on the other hand. Another friend, who has been anemic her entire life, went in for knee surgery. She had been drinking Asea for several weeks. Her blood work came back clear of anemia. That has NEVER happened before. I just started drinking it myself and am interested to see what happens to my blood sugar. I know one guy, who couldn’t get his below 200, and after a couple of months on Asea it’s now 70. Sounds pretty promising to me! And these aren’t testimonials – these are people I know.

  63. Okay, one more! Mom called me at 6:30 this morning (which was a really mean thing to do…!) because she was so excited. My 81 year old daddy has a recurring skin cancer on his face. It’s been burned off and cut out. He’s scheduled for surgery because they need to cut in deeper since it keeps coming back. He sprayed Asea on it for FOUR DAYS and it’s gone. Both parents have neuropathy and are now drinking it to see if it can relieve the pain. Fingers crossed!!!

  64. I was just introduced to Asea tonight, I am always skeptical of bs multi-level marketing scams, I never like the idea of getting all my friends in and them getting all there friends in, it just rubs me the wrong way. With that said, when I first drank 2 oz of Asea, I felt a jolt, a shock even go through my head, I had a stomach ache, not even a minute later it was gone, I felt energized, call me crazy but these people might be on to something, If there is money to be made I’m willing to give this MLM a try, what’s the worst that could happen? God Bless

      • Why are you retracting your statements? Were they not true? I have been using ASEA for 4 weeks today and have noticed a few things. My big toe, which for some reason has been numb since Dec 2010, was no longer numb after taking ASEA less than a week. My husband had athlete’s foot (he’s been taking ASEA for 3 1/2 weeks) that is now gone. This site is amazingly unprofessional. The replies between Ty and Bill and Matthew are childish. Why do you all think you are winners?!

  65. I am sorry to report that last night I had a life threatening seizure, I take dilantin for seizures and have been seizure free for 3 years. The only foreign chemicals I have introduced into my body as been Asea! I drank it once and I thought all was well, I hate to say that I think Asea is dangerous and not fully scientifically understood; and the reaction it can have with people taking certain medications. I believe that if you take Asea you can not stop taking it without the danger of withdrawal effects on your body, luckily I’m still alive, Be forewarned Asea could be a dangerous product!

    • Hi Doug, I flew to Salt Lake City several weeks ago to meet Dr. Gary Samuelson personally. I specifically asked him about contraindications with medications because I have many elderly clients on multiple medications. Dr. Samuelson specifically stated that there is *NO* toxicity level or contraindications with *any* medications specifically because ASEA is *native* to the body, meaning ASEA is exactly the same substance that is already in your cells…there is no difference. I’m sorry you had a seizure. When we spoke on the phone, you said the seizure occurred several days after you took the ASEA. ASEA is absorbed immediately by the body. Logically, it would be impossible for you to have a reaction several days later. If you attend the webcast hosted by David and Debbie Reeder on Thursday nights at 9pm ET at http://www.mightywebcasts.com, you’ll hear a primary care physician talk about ASEA, and how the body uses it. His presentation is very informative, and only a few minutes long. Personally, ASEA is the *BEST* experience I’ve ever had! I’ve had multiple chronic conditions including pain, depression, debilitating migraines, and more. I’ve been on ASEA for 6 weeks and I’ve been able to come off all medications except one, which I’m tapering off under my doctor’s supervision. I haven’t had a migraine in 6 weeks, which is miraculous within itself! I haven’t felt this good since college (I’m 54!). ASEA has given me my health and well-being back! My depression is completely gone! I look forward to getting up in the morning! I don’t drag myself to the coffee pot anymore! I truly thought I would never feel this good again! I used to pay about $150 per month for medications with serious long-term side effects. I don’t have to worry about ASEA! I’m giving my body what it needs to regain cellular balance, heal itself, and restore my sense of well-being. I’ll never stop taking ASEA, and it costs less than the harmful meds I was taking! Thank God for ASEA!!

  66. hi i would like to know more about the asea product and the opportunity-but the problem is im from the philippines still–if your company has plans to open here in our country please dont hesitate to email me at cnmtidalgo@yahoo.com…thanks!!!

    by the way how much does asea product costs?

  67. I’m just piping in here after reading through these arguments for and against…

    #1. There are plenty of research articles you can google, and a responsible associate with ASEA should have them and/or know where to get their titles for you. Definitely interesting reading, I believe everyone should do their research!

    If more of us did this, the Dairy industry would be out of business, we would only use whole grains and not pre-processed foodstuffs, and we would all limit our intake of sugars to lose weight instead of fats! (ok, there’s my soapbox for this post)

    #2. ASEA is not for everyone. There are people that cannot take ASEA for whatever reason, including pregnant and nursing mothers, people that have salt-intake limitations, and rarely, others that have chlorine issues. This is stated on the website under Frequently Asked Questions–again a responsible associate knows about this and should tell you. (I’m actually one of the ones that cannot take it internally for some reason, but I do use it topically for cuts, scrapes, burns, face and neck.)

    If you want to do a trial, do the placebo test at home…make some saline as suggested above, and on one cut or scrape or burn, use the saline solution and the other use ASEA–please email me your results.

    I do that every day for cuts and scrapes and, infrequently, burns on my children, they call it their “special water.” I’ve been using it pretty frequently for insect bites as well lately since the beginning of summer. It’s a pretty simple test, and you’ll know if it works for you or not.

    and finally,

    #3. Has anyone noticed that this blog is actually a commercial to market your MLM through internet pages?

    “You can change the way you build your MLM in just 7 days with Ty Tribble’s free Internet Marketing files…” Nothing is ever free Ty…so what’s YOUR motivation?

    Thanks, it’s been an interesting read itself.

  68. I do not sell ASEA, but I am an Immunologist. I can tell you that the electrolysis of salt water is the process your own immune system uses to fight any type of pathogen. I can also tell you that Redox Science IS the cutting edge of the field of Immunology, and ASEA is based on Redox Science. I have read nearly a hundred articles documenting the effectiveness of this type of a solution on the immune system, disinfecting food, animal health, disease, and total body health. ASEA probably wanted to “keep it simple” by listing the ingredients as salt water. I can assure you, as a doctor, that it is much more complex.

    The thing that disturbs me is that someone like Ty Tribble, who is a leader in information products regarding MLM, would openly state something as IGNORANT as “ASEA is only salt water.” I’m sorry, but are you a scientist? Do you have a Ph.D? By saying that to your devoted followers, you may lead people away from a product that could very positively impact their health. I am in a position in which people listen to me, and I would never make a statement, especially on the internet, if I had no idea what I was talking about or had any evidence to back up my claims…because that would be harmful and irresponsible.

    • OK Dr. Show me a single clinical trial that proves that ASEA does anything that you suggested. I’ve been asking for this information since day one.

      • Wow, I guess you don’t touch anything that isn’t FDA approved… (yeah, right) and as if EVERYTHING the FDA approves is ‘healthy’ or ‘good’ for you… Frankly, YOU are not a judge and we are not in court. We are simply humans living in a complex world. NOTHING needs to be ‘proven’ to YOU. Do you work for the FDA by any chance.?.. (sarcasm… since you don’t seem to know what that is).

  69. Hi, I am not an MLM person, but I just heard about ASEA today from an email list I’m on. Have not even tried it yet. But the patent application below would indicate that this is not just “salt water” or a scam.


    Search for that number or enter it on this page to see the full text of the application.


    Searching in the Issued Patents database for Verdis Norton, however, comes up blank. So it appears the application is waiting for approval, possibly clinical trial proof. Application was made in 2008, so clearly this is taking some time. But it is not unusual for highly innovative technologies to encounter delays in the patent process.

    Also note that due to the mechanism with which the ASEA acts on living systems, this is not just a simple test the patent office can have performed in vitro in a petri dish. So this is likely what could be holding things up in their approval.

  70. As the application indicates, the previous incarnations of this electrolyzed saline solution were called MDI-P, produced by Medical Discoveries, Inc. Here is a press release from 1996:


    However, by 2007 MDI had decided that the FDA clinical trial hurdle (requiring millions) was not feasible.


    So the company changed names and directions to become Global Clean Energy Holdings, Inc.


    So it appears the current company, ASEA has done at least two things: (1) refined or perfected the production process to create more consistent batches of the solution. The patent application states this. (2) Very creatively decided to position the solution as a ‘saline’ dietary supplement and not a “new drug”, sidestepping the FDA approval process. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I think their patent application as it stands would require clinical trials before the USPTO would approve.

    So they may just decide this ‘limbo’ state of their application is sufficient to give them some protection (discouraging competitors). While maintaining their “saline dietary supplement” status as long as possible.

    However, my guess is that with current popularity of the “Open-Source” movement in technology, that we may soon see “do it yourself” recipes for making your own solution appearing on the web. Since the electrolysis process involved is rather simple.

  71. Thank you for the service Ty. I am an investigator of ASEA, trying to do my due diligence before I take another step. I have been to an ASEA MLM meeting, and was impressed with the product. I had to leave before the MLM part, so I have no concept of how that part works or pays. The product is the first step. And if I had to decide tonight, based on what I have seen here, including the Biking article (found in the link by Samm on 09 June 2010), I would definitely take the next step. I’m impressed that it’s much more than salt in water. Your skepticism is protective, maybe important, but so is an open mind before you weakly dis ASEA based solely on the label or lack of proof.
    Frankly, the FDA and Health Canada are broken. I have done a lot of research on a specific disorder and found the FDA and Health Canada guilty of willful misconduct. The book will be out (maybe in another year) showing tremendous help for the specific disorder—no thanks to them. They did not want cures or any significant alternative med discoveries. They have a vested interest in keeping such things off the market. Health Canada, in particular, cut off a double-blind trial, with which I’m closely familiar, because they knew it would work. The pharmaceutical industry (twice the income of the car industry) has too close of a revolving-door relationship with big pharma, who often makes 10,000% profit plus on their meds in America, the most expensive retail pharmaceuticals in the world. My son, is even studying to become a pharmacist. So, I’m not speaking from a negative bias. What I’m getting at is the time you may have to wait for clinical trials and “proof.” Be prepared to wait and wait and wait!!!!

  72. Maybe I’ll get it right the third time: I meant to say “too close of a revolving-door relationship with the FDA, AND who . . . .”

  73. Let me tell ya. I am one heck of a skeptic and when friend Gary, had me try Asea, I said sure because he hasn’t steered me wrong yet, but I was still skeptical. After 3 day of drinking 4 oz. a day, I seem to feel better but—– I wasn’t sure if it was all in my head. Here is the clincher- My wife Laura used it too, drinking and also spraying it on a rash that she has had for years. In less than a week, the nasty redness was gone and only the scaring was there. I had seen it with my own eyes. Also, I take blood pressure meds for my 180/90 BP if I don’t take the pills.. My BP is now 129/81 without the pills. All I know is that something is going on with this stuff. If you don’t believe me then call me, Ken Sonntag( 52 yrs old), Long Beach, Ca. 562 577-3767

    • salt water is good for things like this BUT your post is so obvious. At least you could have tried to disguise your promotion better. I am a winner!

  74. I am now convinced about this Asea. I want to be a winner like Bill. Bill, will you sponsor me in your salt water business?

    • Wow…a Dr. I would be honored to. We can change healthcare in America with this great product. It is great with contact lenses and sore throats. You are my new winner. I am a Winner too!

  75. Bill, I am so confused. Our hero and # 1 winner, Matthew Adams has joined a different company. He told me Asea was different and pouring it on my athletes foot wold cure the redness and itchy feeling. I have some redness and ipish on my putz too but that’s another testimonial for later.

    I’m not one to k’vetsh but this is not good, I wanted to be a winner like Bill and Matthew.

    Matthew flew to Asea and toldmbe it was different and it was # 1 and we would be all winners together. Please help me Bill! Matthew was my main mentsh but now I wonder.

    I feel like such a shmendrik.

    • I have never met Matthew but I thought we were connected in a very special way. We are winners. Turns out he has found another company but never told me. I thought ASEA cured the cancer of a friend of his. I thought he was in tears when he realized its tremendousbenefits. I thought we were going to build a bond. No more salt water for he and his friends. Maybe they are going to sugar water or oil & water or stagnant water or falling water or murky water or…who knows what kind of water. Oh no, I need to make sure he does not take my group to his next great adventure. I AM A WINNER…no matter what Matthew does.

  76. Enagic! 36 year old company, tons of scientific proof, lab proof, many awards, used in Japanese hospitals (the Japanese are #1 in worldwide healthcare) top colon Dr in the world endorses it. (Dr Shinya) Many people who didn’t earn their bonus money in Enagic one month, because they simply didnt earn it, left Enagic and started “bad mouthing” the company that they brought several thousand people into. All the sudden they were on the Asea band wagon. Truth is, Asea may work for some, perhaps it is a good product. But you have to be on an auto shipment or you don’t receive a paycheck. And, the product is shipped in plastic bottles (the same thing Enagic is awakening people to… the danger of plastic in our oceans). These same people who were preaching the benits of Enagic and lets be “anti-plastic,” etc are now promoting a product that is not even close to Enagic’s Kangen Water … a product every person, animal and plant on earth can benefit from. (Unlike Asea) Why did they do that? Once again, because they didnt earn their bonus money so they decided we’ll just join Asea and cross recruit from Enagic to teach Enagic a lesson (a very big no-no and highly unethical action especially for a DR Dave to cross recruit and raid into downlines of Enagic distributors in good standing with the company). Dr Dave may very well be a highly intelligent person and Asea may very well have some benefits and caused many miraculous things to occur for those who use the product. However, I wouldn’t trust a “Dr Dave” or any other unethical MLM’er who jumps from company to company when they dont earn their bonus by simply doing what is required of them. Dr Dave has used his title to his advantage and is now chasing two rabits, causing a lot of problems w/in the ranks of Enagic distributors and their personal relationships with their downlines. The best thing that could happen to all of us in Enagic would be for cry babies like Dr Dave (who by the way wrote a book called, “change your water, change your life” completly about Kangen Water (Registered Trade Mark) and everyone who joined Asea with him to resign from Enagic… show the Japanese the respect they deserve after you spat in their face after writing a book about how great our company is and our water…. Are you going to write a book about Asea now so you can sell more of the Asea product and then spit in Asea’s face too if you dont EARN your bonus money with them?

    Again, I have no problem with Asea, I have a problem with people deceiving folks who read blogs like this into believing that they are reputable people. Another individual who is budy buddy with DR Dave tried to recruit me into Asea because the $$ was better in his own words… He was recruiting people from Enagic before he even knew if the product had any health benefits and really could care less if they did I’m sure based on his lack of ethics and greed for money. People like this are the reason MLM’s are labeled as “bad,” “illegal,” “pyramids,” etc.. there should be a black list of names that are not allowed to join any MLM company based on their reputation and unethical behaviour. I could easily name a dozen of those people who were at one time highly respected leaders in Enagic that left all at the same time for the $$$ because they did not EARN their bonus. Bonus money is above and beyond a commission and shouldn’t be given away unless earned because someone thinks they can sit on their butt and earn something that is not part of their contractual guaranteed agreement. It is something that is kindly giving away to those who go above and beyond in order to earn it each month by the kindness of the companies ceo. Enagic runs a tight ship and they maintain a high standard including complete compliance with the FTC and FDA whether people like the FTC or FDA or not.. doesn’t matter. What matters is that Enagic has their game together and always has. The morale is high again even though there was a slight dip when some of our “leaders” bailed to join Asea when it was in the “start up stages.” Enagic is solvent. We are now opened in Italy, Australia, Europe, Mexico, Canada, Phillipines, etc., etc., and we GIVE OUR PRODUCT AWAY FOR FREE for as long as we feel like giving it away in an unlimited supply to anyone we feel like giving it to. Will Asea do that? Absolutley not, they’d go out of business. The bottom line, you have to buy their product and hope it works. You can try our product for free and know it works. If you decide to purchase a machine and have unlimited Kangen Water, (up to 500+ gallons a day if your heart desires) the cost of our best selling machine is $3980. It is designed to last 15-20 years and comes with a 5 year warranty. The cost of 1 bottle of water for one person a day for 15 years is triple the cost of our machine, not to mention that bottled water is terrible for human consumption. Imagin the cost for 2 people to drink 8-10 bottles per day as they should be doing over 15 years… well over $150,000.00 can you buy a cheaper machine then ours.. you sure can and if you think you’re wise by buying the cheaper knock off machines, then go ahead and do so… it’s your money and your body. Just remember the potential for titanium poisoning from a cheap ionizer isn’t worth the 2k in savings. I can be reached at ElanVital_LLC@live.com. my website is: http://www.miraclewater.h2origin.com And yes, I will give you a week, two, or even 30 days of free Kangen Water.. as much as you and your family wants. If you dont think it’s the best thing you ever put in your body, then don’t buy a machine. No hard feelings for not buying my product and may you find what makes you happiest in life. Whatever you choose to do, know the company and the distributor and their reputation before you sign on the line… I will be happy to provide referrals on myself and company to anyone requesting them.

    • Those Enagic leaders who left our company and began raiding and cross recruitinginto Asea were in strict violation of Enagic policy #27 as well as other policies. I know, because they sent me an email and tried to recruit me too. I kept copies of the email and their names. As well did many of my friends in Enagic. I, like Carlos and many distributors within Enagic use to listen to Dr Dave’s weekly calls. He seemed very knowledgeable about health, but his character and hearing him mention Asea on a Kangen Water call left a very bitter taste in my mouth. I was shocked that he would promote another company to an audience that called to listen in about Kangen Water. My jaw dropped! I no longer listen to his calls nor do promote his calls to any of my downline.

  77. what we need is a double blind test with a placebo, the product and a salt water dilution that mimics the product and run a test. why buy into a selling scheme, if you make the means to a way to make people healthy then do it. tell them how to make the dilution and watch the world become a better place. deep sea water and distilled water/ how hard is that to just make. deep sea water can be purchased for about $10 a gallon. it works well on plants too. no need for all the arguing over facts guys, just make some and try it

  78. It’s really hard not to laugh at how every mlm networker fights so hard to protect the product and company they are a part of…There are great products and companies out there among us all, but i will have to stand up for what my friends and I like to call “pool water”…You hear testimonials about products, but who really knows who and where they come from…I have personally felt the changes and effects of what ASEA has done for me, and even went as far as bloodwork and treadmill testing before and after 4 month’s of product use. Although you may relize that I’m a athlete and those were my reasons for such testing, I noticed changes in my sleep habits, stress, muscle recovery and soreness, less lactic acid build up and the ability to push harder and harder as the weeks went on, and all with positive outcome. My first bloodwork showed my cholesterol to be higher than average, the last bloodwork showed no signs of this, and all from drinking salt water (wow). and all the other test were perfect according to the doctor. He was very impressed with the treadmill test and how I went almost 1 minute longer than my last test to my target heart rate. Here’s another personal story about a close friend who had suffered from bladder infections their whole adult life because of a car accident and surgery gone wrong. They looked at me one day after 2 month’s of product usage and said “you know, i havn’t had to take any antibiotics and havn’t had a bladder infection since i started the ASEA product”, and they were taking the product for athletic reasons, not health. I’m sure someone is gonna come back at me with some reason why this can’t be true and try to beat on ASEA some more, but all I can say is if salt and purified water can do these things by theirself without the 2 reactive molecules, why couldn’t someone let us in on the secret? I’m just say’n and stating my story. I believe in this product and have many other athletes that now believe like myself, so if you want to be positive and you do believe…Share it, sometimes it’s about more than just money…

  79. I need to spray some Asea in my eyes after reading all the
    pro and con comments.

    Being a recipient of several U S Patents with my Son, it is difficult to associate myself with a product that touts being
    patented by numerous patents but fails to list any Patent

    By US Patent law you must show a”patent pending” notice
    on your product or a legitimate Patent number if the patent
    was issued.

    This is true even in the event the product is licensed from
    the legal patent holder.

    Having an application number on file just doesn’t cut it but
    I think this should allow showing ” Pat. Pending” until such time a Patent is issued or denied.

    The Asea “Folks” need to drop the “Patented” wording
    from all literature or be subject to disciplinary action
    from “The Feds” (USPTO)

    I have close friends selling Asea and they are convinced
    it is a great product.

    Asea “Folks” should step up and prove their product is
    Legally Protected.

  80. I just came across an ASEA ad on FB and was curious what it was. Google led me right to this article. I think before anyone gets involved in any Network Marketing opportunity they do their due dilligence. Research the company, the founders, the product, everything you can find out before blindly joining.

  81. Well, I’ve done my due diligence (see my entry July 28th). ASEA was either a clever fraud or it was truly a phenomenal breakthrough. That is the approach I took, and I’m good at detecting fraud.
    Today, I attended meetings for half a day where I heard the story of ASEA personally from Verdis Norton and James Pack (the founder-executives), and Dr. Samuelson (the atomic physicist, who explained the science behind ASEA). When Dr. Samuelson was approached by Verdis Norton, his reaction was about the same as Ty. “You want me to work on salt water?” “I’m not interested.” In fact, that was Verdis Norton’s reply at first also. But Verdis presented $17 million worth of research data to Dr. Samuelson that showed numerous tests of a bioactive substance with zero (0!) toxicity made from salt water. Dr. Samuelson didn’t see how that was possible, and investigated further on an atomic level. The science of it caught him. They had approached him because they needed the product to be stable over a much longer period, (longer shelf life”) than they then had. Dr. Samuelson figured out how to do that—to the amazement of all other scientists who have now also deeply investigated.
    All three of these are principled people, with plenty of money, who are now “on a mission.” “They are out to “make a difference.” The scientific breakthrough is truly phenomenal. And I understood it largely on that level.
    Verdis Norton’s son, Tyler—a very successful executive in his own right—thought his father had “gone off the deep end” with “salt water” until Tyler decided to have a friend with a fatal condition “just try it and see if it helped.” Tyler was even so skeptical that he did it anomalously. To his surprise, his friend recovered. That convinced him to look deeper. Tyler is now an executive in ASEA after leaving a high-exec. position.
    I personally, have never enjoyed selling and haven’t done much of it, but this “stuff” sells itself—Product is first and management is second for a “Sustainable Different Advantage,” a unique product that is universally beneficial, with a sound company and marketing program. The patents protect a one-of-a kind-health product on its way to revolutionizing, not just a company, but the healthcare industry, and it’s truly ground floor. I joined. I put down $400 for 4 cases of “salt water” today!! Anybody want to know more? Call me at 801-290-2988. Go do your own due diligence. The official launch is coming up.
    One other note: you’ll learn more about the truth of anything from those who are expounding or proposing it than from those who talk it down.

  82. ASEA is the cutting edge of Health Science—Cells efficiently heal themselves—when they have good nutrients AND the redox signaling molecules they need, but often lack.

    Therefore ASEA is stabilized redox signaling molecules (complexes) outside the body made from saltwater, just like your body makes. So, it isn’t salt water as we know it, unless you put ASEA in a metal container, where the stable complexes become unstable and revert back to saltwater. Therefore you always drink it from a glass, paper, or plastic cup.

    Stabilized product outside the body is where the many $millions went into research, development, and testing. And that is a HUGE BREAKTHROUGH, thought impossible previously. Therefore, “ASEA enhances the body’s natural ability to take care of itself.” And it does it well, so it is virtually universally beneficial.

    ASEA is the only product that supplies them, and will be for sometime, because of proprietary rights. The company is as well organized and professional as any fortune 500 or the best MLM. See for yourself. Check out my new website from the company: http://www.melp.teamasea.com
    See videos by clicking “Get The Complete Truth ”
    and “replay presentation” at the bottom left .
    As you run your cursor just right of the “Welcome” near the upper left, other categories appear.
    This will be my final entry. Due Diligence was my goal. Mission accomplished!

  83. It’s salt water and you “believers” are suckers who got ripped off. My bet is that once you go through the 4 cases of the stuff that you bought for $150 each, you are going to chalk up the fee you paid to join as a learning experience, realize it’s snake oil and not buy anymore of it.

    C’mon…. $30 a bottle? Salt water?

    Hehe… yeah… I’m making fun of you – you fell for this scam and you are either telling lies to make yourself feel better or you are really under the delusion that taking a couple of teaspoons of salt water is “curing your ails”. I don’t know which is worse, but it either says something about your bad character or your gullible mind.

  84. Nobody is addressing the fact this is another overpriced product. Why $30 a bottle? Just like most all other MLM’s it is to pay a pay plan and make a few people very rich.

  85. my Question is. Why is it when something works
    a few and i mean a few people want to knock it?
    It is obvious they have not tire it.
    You know the old saying right ? ( don’t knock untill you
    have tried it ) well then.
    I have and it does just what it says it does.
    I wonder who is going to have the last laugh here?

  86. You are all (well most of you) a bunch of crazies!

    Just READ what you are writing, just reading your posts defending this product is enough to let me know it’s a complete scam.

    Have a wonderful day!

  87. My brother is a personal trainer with a facility in northern Illinois. He works with some of the top professional athletes in the area, as well as local high school and college athletes. He has been promoting and selling ASEA steadily for at least a year now. Not only do I take it (age 46), but my brother (age 40), his wife (age 36), my mother (age 66), my mother-in-law (age 75), his father-in-law (80+), and 2 of my kids (ages 16 and 18) also take it first thing every morning. His father-in-law had a heart murmur and irregular heartbeat when he started taking ASEA, and since then those problems have disappeared. You can spray it on your face and your skin feels great, and it does a number on acne as well! Clears it up faster than using the creme’s, etc. that you can buy or even ProActive. Don’t knock it unless you try it. It is a wonderful product!

      • Hey Stephanie -yes it costs money but compared to Pharma products-its peanuts. And by the way not all pharma products work. And their side affects are many times devasting that you have to take other pharma products to combat the side affects. That’s health care costs are up!

    • Please Tracy, do not make these claims. People with real conditions can read this and buy the scam instead of seeking real medical attention. You posting this could kill someone.

      • Tony, you need to go to some of asea web sites and talk to some of the people who sell and/or use the product before you make that statement. You will find that they do not want you to stop
        professional heath care. Asea want the doctors to look at this
        along side with there care.

      • If someone dies because they read something on a comment and listened, they don’t belong owning a computer! Sheesh Tony, wake up!

  88. I started taking Asea for Lupus, within 4 months – a severe limp I had was gone. I invest thousands in supplements and to not sound too over the top –it is amazing –needless to say I am a Distributor too — how can you not after taking it – I created a Facebook fan page to explain more on the product and share videos, http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Asea/345074129262?ref=search & I also have a website http://teamasea.com/cellular –I still have inflammation but ASEA has done amazing results with my body repair & many thought I had surgery — it helps my husband with energy and with his knees –feel free to ask me any questions!

    • I am pleased to report the the Asea has cured my right leg that was previously longer than my left leg. This may not seem like a big deal but it is hard to find pants with 29 inch inseam on right and 26 inch inseam on left. Long live this miracle salt water. It is the best and I am a winner as well.

  89. So I come across someone on Yahoo! Answers desperately seeking help for a family member with serious health issues:

    “My Mom has small cell lung cancer both lungs and throat lymph nodes how long does she have?
    Is it even worth her going through the chemo and radiation she is doing well with the chemo but doesn’t want the radiation – don’t know what to do I am letting her make the choices but would just like some answers from people who have been through it… Thanks”

    So what does some scumbag ASEA rep offer in way of help? This wonderful sales pitch:

    “Try ASEA, Look up www.*******.com/holisticservices. The product is astounding! Money back guarantee also from ASEA. Impressive results in just 3 days with someone with lung cancer. Can’t say if she will recover but the results are impressive. Testimonies in one particular case of pancreatic Stage 4 cancer dropping to Stage 2 in a very short period of time.If you know anything about pancreatic cancer -no one comes back from it. Mind you ASEA the company cannot & won’t promote it because of FDA Regulations. My personal goal is tell the whole world of this wonderful product.BELIEVE or NOT!! (All about Redox molecules -everyone needs them-find out how they go array! & Find out how to supply your body with them)

    What a bottom feeding, disgusting piece of human trash. 🙁

      • Hey Stephanie- How about the pharmaceutical companies who get you to believe their product is the best with caveats such it may cause ulcers or it may cause …
        many people die from pharms products-how many have died from alternative medicines?

      • I thought it was a rip off but my father had many health problems diabetes, obesity, swollen leg. My grandmother, I believe died from to much RX drugs it was ridiculous. So we bought the water 6 months ago for my dad. He lost 36 pounds and his current doctor is thinking of taking him off INSULIN still some swelling but has decreased. He has not changed his bad eating habits nor started exercising. I started taking for my heel spurs. it is gone but comes back occasionally then I drink some water again. If you know anyone who has nothing to lose buy for them and see the results for ourself.

    • For starters… YOU should be ashamed of yourself, then you should educate yourself… just google redox signaling molecules and any malady you choose… then here … let me offer you a spoon so you can EAT CROW… and oh, don’t be so foolish to NOT try it with your loved one. You will be sorry later if you do not.

    • 26 patents, 16 years research, confirmatory evidence of the molecules stability, 30 million dollars in research laboratory work including the use in research hospitals is a pretty good start to providing evidence of something very positive here. Given that science has been producing major studies in redox signalling every day also shows this is not smoke. One needs to use the product. There is a money back guarantee. It sounds like the daughter is open to trial and error and this may be helpful. I would make sure my mother tried it in this situation. She just normalized her blood pressure on ASEA after 35 years and also got off her cholesterol.

  90. I will be honest- I was skeptical- Till I took it and I saw my very rough chapped up heels healing at last. What did I do? Spritzed it on my heels, a little lotion- put on socks- and after doing this for a few days- they are looking so much better.
    Everyone I know has positive results- Its not a wonder cure. But seeing my folks doing what they wish to do- having the energy- my grandma takes it and she is able to more than she ever could do- she just nursed her second husband till he passed away- it was work, it was tiring. Now she able to do stuff she wants and have the energy too. Its not yummy- no its not but our bodies work best on the simple things we put into it best- veg, fruit, vitamins etc.. this doesnt have complicated stuff you dont know what is in it. To me it makes sense to suffer a little taste for something which does good.-and not because the makers want you to think so- because You see it happening.

  91. This stuff is amazing. Right after I drink it, I get x-ray vision. No joke. I am convinced also that if I put it in a spray bottle and apply liberally to my body, that I can become invisible for a few minutes.

    • I don’t understand it all, either, since my medical professional just introduced me to Asea. But please cut the sarcasm. More people will pay attention if you have something intelligent to say.

  92. Being a skeptic is good. I was too. I didn’t tell anyone that I was taking ASEA until after 3 weeks, when I suddenly had more energy than I can ever recall having. At my annual physical, my doc was very impressed with my stat’s — bp, cholestrol, etc. where the best ever. I started out taking ASEA with no health issues, and that’s why I am continuing to take it, I don’t want any health issues as I age. If you google redox signaling and reactive molecules you will find a lot of information, and what you find will lead to a better understanding of how something like ASEA works. Too many people have seen wonderful, positive changes, not to give this a try. Everything new has detractors, but time will bear out that this is just the first of an entirely new way of staying healthy, and addressing health concerns. Expensive? Maybe be how expensive are all the drugs that big phrama is pushing? If a person can go off of a couple of expensive drugs by using ASEA, they are still saving money.

  93. I’ve have suffered from “sleep apnea” most of my life. It was so bad I was falling asleep at stop signs and traffic lights. I couldn’t drive from Winchester to Lexington (about a 25 minute drive) without pulling into a parking lot and taking a nap. About three years ago had started sleeping with a CPAP machine. At that time my sleep study revealed that, during any given night, I would stop breathing over 75 times every hour. My heart was also stopping during these episodes. So to correct the problem I had no choice but to begin sleeping with this device.

    Well in mid-April I began taking ASEA and in less than 3 weeks I was able to go without the CPAP unit. In fact I was sleeping more soundly and had more energy then when I was using the CPAP. So for months I’ve been able to drive safely, sleeping more soundly, and have more energy. So when I had my appointment with the VA in July I told my primary doctor my experience with ASEA and asked for him to order another “sleep study” to confirm there had been a change in my condition and is was not my imagination or some placebo effect.

    He ordered the “sleep study” and when I went to the VA for my preliminary appointment, the lady doctor at the sleep lab went ballistics on me when I told her I had stopped wearing the CPAP. She was at the point of almost screaming at me saying, “You can’t function without the CPAP because you have a very severe case of “sleep apnea.” There is nothing that you can take “internally” that will correct your condition. Our sleep study shows that you stop breathing 75-80 times per hour, and when you stop breathing your heart stops. If this ASEA stuff was so great we would know about it. Besides I don’t think my superiors would give the okay for you to have another study because we have a long waiting list of people waiting for their first study.” She left me with, “Mr. Graham you need this machine!”

    Two weeks later I received a letter from the VA asking me to report for another “sleep study.”

    Well when I checked in at the lab for my “sleep study”, the Technician told me that the doctor’s orders indicated that if I began to have apnea attacks during the night, I would have to use the CPAP machine for the remainder of the study. Praise God for ASEA I slept through the entire study and did not require the CPAP unit. The tech said I still have some indications of the apnea, but it was not severe enough to require the CPAP machine. Folks I cannot tell you what a blessing it is to get a good nights rest without that machine!!!

    Read the attached letter from the VA.
    VA Medical Center
    1101 veterans Drive
    Lexington, KY 40502-2236

    Mr. Danny Orville Graham
    149 Shanahan Lane
    Winchester, KY 40391

    Dear Mr. Graham, Danny Orville
    Dr. Suhl has reviewed your sleep study and your results show:

    Treatment for mild sleep apnea is optional. If there is no significant
    Sleepiness, you could discontinue CPAP.


    You are scheduled to be seen in the CPAP Clinic October 7 @ 10:45am

    Thank you for allowing us to take part in your healthcare services.

    As always, if you are unable to keep the scheduled appointment or
    Have any questions, please call 859/233/-4511, extension 4465
    (Sleep Disorders Clinic) for assistance and rescheduling.


    Neurology Service Sleep Lab


    • If this were true, I’m certain it would be on the Acea website. Although Acea is new to me, I doubt if it cures the invincible attitude of most people who think that they won’t contract AIDS even though they have participated in actions that cause it.

  94. Ok so my parents just bought a bottle of ASEA. Never heard of it before, so I started researching it. Seems quite decent and the majority of research sounds legit so im about to try it for a few days and observe its effects. I wanna see if it can really help with revitalizing my body, firstly starting with my minor acne. Will keep u guys posted.

  95. I am now a believer. Last year, at my Father’s funeral, my Aunt had given a bottle of this to my Mother in an effort to make her feel better. My Mom kept this bottle in her hand, & during the final viewing, a few drops sloshed out of the bottle & right into my Father’s casket. If I hadn’t seen it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it, but I saw his hand TWITCH! As you might guess, she dumped the ENTIRE bottle into the casket on my deceased Father. Well, the rest is history…HE is now the top distributor in our area-this stuff is for real.
    Also, if your salt water aquarium were to run out water, you can dump your fortune-in-a-bottle into there & save the aquatic life too!!
    We truly ARE winners!!

    • The Egyptians used this to preserve the dead and wrapped up their mummies in it until the mummies started walking. They couldn’t keep ’em down so they stopped using this stuff. I shrank my hemorrhoids by sitting in it and it tightened me up front, too. Boy, did it.

      It removed one tattoo in the process.

  96. While I was having a massage today, the therapist spent about half the time trying to sell me ASEA. She told me that it cures diabetes by blocking the urge for sugar. Science supports proper diet and exercise as a more effective way to manage this disease. She claimed it would restore hair color and reverse hair loss. She said it reduces high blood pressure. Again, proper diet and exercise is the key. She said it restore proper blood volume. Or, maybe drink more water instead.

    She found out I am a triathlete and said I could improve my ironman time by more than an hour. She claimed that some nameless triathlete gained a 12% improvement on a recent iroman race when taken for the first time the day before the race. I can tell you from personal experience that it is training and rest that is most important to race day performance. There is no such thing as a magic bullet. Even when pros use performance enhancing drugs, they still do all of the training.

    There are so many wild claims about ASEA, including from the posters on this board. I prefer to discuss health matters with my doctor, not a sales rep. I have always believed that if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true.

    • You really can’t tell if it is ‘too good to be true’ unless you give it a try.
      I’ve suffered from severe depression for 55 years.
      Have been wanting to die since I was 17 and tried it 4 times.
      Over the years a variety of doctors have given me a variety of drugs all of which cause me to be numbed out or asleep.
      For the past 4 weeks I’ve been taking ASEA.
      My depression got less and less each week.
      This past week it has been totally gone.
      I can hardly believe it!!!!
      I’ll take ASEA for the rest of my life, if necessary, to feel this good.
      It has also gotten rid of my varicose veins, improved my energy level tremendously, helped me to be able to think again, and much more.
      I have to admit it is not a cure all.
      My husband has taken it and can’t see any difference at all.

  97. I Love this country! (the United States) Everyone has the right to have their own opinions and the right to express it. For myself and my family I have seen great results from this Asea product. But am I gonna go around telling everyone its the wonderous cure all for cancer/aids/etc. HELL NO!! (even though I personally know someone who appears to have reversed his cancer on Asea) You CANNOT make health claims with nutraceuticals people (that includes vitamins, supplements omega 3s, etc)! thats the law, if some idiot over zealous person does then thats his/her fault not the industry or the company. Heres how you share Asea (or whatever you’re passionate about health wise) “I like it, worked great for me, i dunno what its gonna do for you…if you wanna try it fantastic, if not, cool thanks for letting me share” then start talking about football/weather/why the vikings will always be disappointed.



  98. What kind of fool would believe this? Of Course the world is flat. It’s always been flat. Let these ASEA fools go over the edge of the world and fall into outer space.

    Or…maybe they HAVE found a way to stabalize redox signaling molecules in a salt water solution. If they have it would be THE greatest health discovery of our lifetimes.

    It’s easy to slam something you know nothing about. You must be a distributor for another company. Kinda like a Muslim slamming Judeo/Christian beliefs because the Koran says we’re infidels. Kool Aid drinkers.

    I will say this. ASEA is real. Redox signaling is real. As we age we lose the ability to make these redox molecules in our own bodies. ASEA is the ONLY way to get these molecules back into the body in a perfect balance. Zero levels of toxicity and incredible important and powerful. The people who try it will know. The rest of you can argue it out on this blog until you sail off the edge of the world. :o)

    Open your minds people. This is a paradigm shift if there ever was one. They don’t give dozens of patents for salt water. Grow a brain!!!!

  99. It is sad to see such hurtful comments from people who choose not to believe that ASEA can work. If you have nothing nice to say keep it to yourself. Is your life so sad that you have to be hurful to others.
    I am a true believer after seeing what it has done for my family. My husband was injured 16 years ago leaving him with a severe back injury that has caused him intense pain for the last 16 years. A friend introduced him to ASEA in late July and told him to try it. I can honestly say it has changed his life. He is now pain free and has done things he has not been able to do in the last 16 years. My daughter has also started using it after her ACL surgery and she feels it has strengthened her knee enough to return to her high school sports with more confidence.
    I used to get nausea, vision spots and severe migraines on a daily basis and have been taking prescription medication daily since my late twenties ( i am now in my forties) just so I can function on a daily basis. I was skeptical, until i saw the results of my husband and daughter. I am proud to say I started using ASEA in August and I have not had a migraine in the last 2 months.
    Please don’t criticize something you have not taken the time to try for yourself.

  100. I honestly don’t understand the logic to selling water with salt for $36 a bottle, other than the stupidity involved. My Godly conscious will not allow me to sell something that you can get free from mother earth. This is totally absurd!! Are people that dumb and desperate that they will believe anything?? So sad but true!

    Water is FREE and should stay that way.

    If any claims to feeling good about this product is only because those people are not consistently drinking enough water, and their salt intake per day is less than what is required.

    They have brainwashed themselves into thinking that ASEA is some sort of miracle, when all they have done is “drink” water.

    There is no science behind ASEA, and their claim to millions spent on research is bogus too! The research was done by other people and not the current owners of ASEA. The current owners purchased the research. So technically, they did not do the work.

    But honestly, the REAL science is behind how our body works, which is something you learn at school and can find the info on the internet. Our bodies are made of about 60 to 70 percent water. Blood is mostly water, and your muscles, lungs, and brain all contain a lot of water. Your body needs water to regulate body temperature and to provide the means for nutrients to travel to all your organs. Water also transports oxygen to your cells, removes waste, and protects your joints and organs.

    ASEA water DOES NOT have any magnesium, calcium, nor zinc .. which are minerals that we need, in addition to vitamin c, d, e, and other good stuff that you can get “naturally” from vegetables, grains, etc.

    If people took the time to take care of their body and understand it, then they would save themselves a lot of money!!

    Constituents of the human body
    In a normal man weighing 60 kg
    Constituent Weight [1] Percent of atoms[1]
    Oxygen 38.8 kg 25.5 %
    Carbon 10.9 kg 9.5 %
    Hydrogen 6.0 kg 63 %
    Nitrogen 1.9 kg 1.4 %
    Calcium 1.2 kg 0.3 %
    Phosphorus 0.6 kg .2 %
    Potassium 0.2 kg 0.06 %

  101. There must be templates somewhere that MLMs use when launching a new product:

    XXX may help the immune system. XXX helps detoxify as extensive studies have shown. XXX optimizes body health.

    Just put Monavie, or Asea, or whatever into the XXX and watch the suckers buy the junk.

  102. * Average time a blogger spends learning about ASEA: 5 minutes

    * Time scientists, technicians, doctors, etc have been studying ASEA: at least 17 years or 9,300,000+ minutes.

    Yet, many people will log onto this blog and walk away thinking ASEA is a scam. Why? Because some anonymous blogger wants to protect his downline and turn people away from this product.

    Open your minds people – ASEA is real. I’d put my life on it. I know the science behind it. If you just want to blog all day about something you know nothing about, this is the place for you. If you’re serious about helping people I would be happy to explain the science of ASEA to you. Just let me know how to get a hold of you and I’ll explain it. This is too important for ignorant bloggers to call it a scam.

    The US Patent office doesn’t grant dozens of patents for salt water! Open your minds! Please respond to this post if you’re seriously interested.

    • 1. I love how an anonymous commenter is yakking about anonymous bloggers when all of the authors of this blog use their own names.

      2. Since there are “dozens of patents”…I’d love to see one. Just post one U.S. patent that mentions Asea. Thanks.

    • Hello Whiplash,

      Hope all is well with you.

      I am interested in learning more about ASEA… including the Science behind it. ANY info would be most welcome. THANK YOU!

      PS If I don’t hear from you by tomorrow… HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


      • Hey Nikki, Here is some information on ASEA. Sorry this has taken me so long to respond. I didn’t see your response until now.

        The interesting thing about ASEA (the reason it is effective) is not because it’s made from salt and water. That is simply the mixture that allows the reactive molecules in the solution to stay in a bio-active state. The molecules are in a perfect balance of two sets of reactive molecules (part prone to accept an electron and the other part prone to give up an electron). These two sets of molecules are micro molecules – about 1/10th the size of a water molecule. They are absorbed quickly and easily in all soft tissue in your body including your entire digestive track. Because these molecules are REDOX SIGNALING molecules your body knows exactly what to do with them. They accumulate where your body signals a need for an IMMUNE RESPONSE. Your body knows how to heal itself. It has simply not had the tools to do it…until now. These two sets of reactive molecules are literally the weapon of choice for the immune system. Look up Phagocytosis on YOUTUBE and watch the process. These two molecules are the only molecules that the body has to make this process happen. Without it your body simply can’t keep up. Over 80,000 toxic industrialized chemicals have been dumped into our environment (air, water, foods) in the last 100 years. We were significantly healthier 100 years ago. We’re exposed to more pollutants in 15 minutes than our great great grandfathers were in their lifetimes.

        ASEA has also been proven to accelerate the production of the body’s natural antioxidants – Glutathione, S.O.D. and Catalyse – and turn them up 500%!. Big deal right – you can get antioxidants in joices and in vitamins A, C, E. Here’s the problem. 90% of the juice you take into your body flows right through you. The other 10% finds it’s way into your blood stream (primarily) but because an antioxidant is over 200 atoms in width THEY CAN’T PENITRATE THE CELL WALL. ALL THE CHALLENGES WE DEAL WITH IN THIS DAY AND AGE ARE TIED BACK TO THE HEALTH OF A CELL. ALL OF IT. Yet, when we have DNA breakage or damage inside the cell we can’t fix it because the antioxidants can’t get in the cell. So, what’s the answer? Scientists have found that the molecules in ASEA are only 3 atoms wide and they can easily penetrate the cell wall where it creates the antioxidants! Amazing – the design of the body. The molecules in ASEA are 100% native to the body – meaning they’re supposed to be there…with zero levels of toxicity (amazing). We simply lose the ability to make them as we age. Some scientists believe we lose 10-15% of our GLUTATHIONE every decade starting at age 20. Do the math….if you’re 50 or older you could be operating with about half the glutathione you need. So what – right? What’s Glutathione? Do a little research. They’ve found that 83 out of 100 people in the hospital are there because they have low levels of glutathione. Progressive doctors are starting to draw glutathione levels instead of choleserol or sugar levels. Doctors and scientists are saying Glutathione is by far the most important molecule you need to stay healthy. It is literally the mother of all antioxidants eliminating 70 million oxidants PER SECOND. A plant antioxidant (juice) eliminates ONE OXIDANT ONLY. The body’s natural antioxidants are literally millions and millions of times more important and effective than any plant antioxidant. Think about it. If you can’t get these antioxidants INSIDE THE CELL you can’t fix the DNA breaks before the cell starts to multiply 2 4 8 16 32 etc…. Then you’ve got a real problem. There are over 2 million DNA breaks in every cell every day in old age.

        Sorry this is so long. Net/net if you do a little homework you’ll understand ASEA is one of the greatest discoveries (not an invention – this isn’nt man-made) of our lifetimes. :o)

        You can learn more at my website http://www.teamasea.com/norton or find my phone number there if you want to call.

        • Just wondering…. I have done reaseach on the bodies production on emzymes that fight free radicals ect.. I still see no medical proof that ASEA does anything. Where are the peer review studies? Write ups in medical journals about ASEA, not the science befind it, the science is there. I want to see proof that ASEA, the product, has been medically proven, in a medical journal to do these things. I have not been able to find anything. At least with Prodandim, which makes the similar claims as ASEA has scientific proof associalted with the product and peer reviews studies done by ei. university of ohio, the heart and lung association, colorado university, ect. with entries in medical journals showing positive results and benifits. My question is were is the medical proof associated with ASEA, the product?

        • Feel free to subsidize my Dad’s income by purchasing directly from the site, too. His downline is getting weak – probably not taking enough ASEA. I could go on and on while not really giving you anything except my own scientific *sounding* BS with no hard references, but dear old Dad has already taken care of that for me. Thanks, Dad!!!

    • But MLM scammers do. With no informed research background the “science” sounds real. In fact, the basis is sound – oxidation by free radicals is a very destructive process in the human body. What isn’t sound are claims like this with no supporting, peer-reviewed studies to back them up. For all of the pseudo-science BS these people promulgate there isn’t one reputable research institution willing to say that this is anything more than salt water. If I was independently wealthy I would pay to have these con artists found out and convicted of fraud.

  103. I am ashamed to say that I once had a 1 inch johnson but after taking Asea salt water for just 3 days my johnson grew to 20 inches!! “Wow” says my wife now! That’s all the science I needed to convert and become an MLM distributor! Ouch! My desk is rising as I am typing right now! Is there an anti-ASEA to reduce my problem a little?

  104. I think if you want to sell lots on the moon and you are a sleezy sales type you can make tons like these sleez that have made tons off people that are desperate to believe in wonder water.I dont care what you do to water it is still water no matter what false bull testing is done by people that have interset in makink money on it I have a friend that took it for 5 mo. and said it cure her cancer ,cant answer how she is doing now she quit taking her treatments now she is dead. nice going hope your making tons of money you can take it to hell with you.

  105. The molecules found in ASEA are REDOX MOLECULES. Google REDOX. There are over 19 million hits. Do you think REDOX SIGNALING is a scam? Do you think tens of thousands of scientists are in on the ASEA SCAM? You guys crack me up. Like a bunch of monkeys playing with an iPad. What is it? Doesn’t look like a banana…. Wonder if it will help my 1 inch Johnson? The combined IQ of these bloggers doesn’t hit double digits.

    ASEA accelerates the production of GLUTATHIONE and turns it up over 500%. Google the importance of Glutathione (the master antioxidant in the body) – there are some very cool videos on this topic on YOUTUBE. There are over 85,000 scientific articles on Glutathione alone. What’s Glutathione? Doesn’t look like a banana…..

    Ha! Who needs comedy central…..I love this blog! ROTFLMAO :o)

    • I already know the science, but please tell me one medical journal that ASEA, the product, is atributed to….. That’s the proof I’m looking for. There is no dispute about the science, the dispute is ASEA, the product. NO MEDICAL JOURNALS, NO PEER REVIEWED STUDY, WHAT SCIENTIFIC PROOF IS THERE ASSOCIATED WITH ASEA?

  106. Just to clear up some confusion on the labeling on the ASEA bottle. The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act uses the term “ingredient” to refer to the compounds used in the manufacture of a dietary supplement. (Public Law 103-417, 60 Federal Register 67194 at 67199) This refers to the source ingredients – and this is exactly how ASEA starts – with purified water and purefied Sodium Chloride in an isotonic solution.

    It is the over 70 hour electrolytic and mechanical processing of these 2 simple ingredients (The primary ingredients making up intracellular fluid) that produces a balanced mixture of chemical redox species.

    As for a patent with the name ASEA mentioned – You won’t find one. You can’t patent a product name. Patents do not contain product names…those are covered by copyrights and trademarks.

    Patents are generally intended to cover products or processes that possess or contain new functional or technical aspects. Patents are concerned with how things work, what they do, how they do it, what they are made of or how they are made. Therefore, the method and apparatus for creating thus the stable, ROS enriched, antimicrobial, non-toxic electrolyzed saline solution known as ASEA is patented.

    I do believe I did my due diligence before trying ASEA. I believe the scienctific premise is sound, the founders of the company have their hearts in the right places, and the personal experiences and testimonials I have seen and heard are very real.

    I’m not a salesman. I just give out information. Whata person does with it it up to them. I hope my information was helpful.

  107. Dearest MLM marketers,

    Signs of lieing: Over-explanation and support. Ever remember being a kid? Trying to make an elaborate story to cover a simple lie that you are well aware of, well thats what your collective efforts sound like. all your “testimonials” are similar and ingenuine.
    You should all be ashamed that you spend your hours camping this commentary stream. cause you cant convince me for shit that this product is real, no matter how much i’d love to accept that it is a real working product. Since it would be one of the greatest discoveries of our time.

    Anyways, this is pointless typing on this stream… since we all know as soon as one of you rats leaks word that it’s a scam. the whole MLM collapses with that slip of the janga piece.

  108. You can tell when a product is a scam by the percent of “preferred customers” in the system. If it’s a bogus product the percent is very low because people only come into the company to make a buck – not use the product. ASEA’s preferred customer percent is an astounding 8 times the industry average.

    Good thing we have meathead mike here to tell us the “elaborate story” of Redox Signaling is a lie. Mike must know more than tens of thousands of scientist. Tell us Mike….did you graduate high school? jr high school? did you just get off your 12 hour shift at McDonalds and find this blog? and we were never trying to convince boneheads like you….just people with more than half a brain who need a little help.

    Look up Redox Signaling then come back and try make up some other crap to save your downline from looking into this product and company. Hurry, they’re all leaving!

    • Really? So if you have a bunch of preferred customers that you told that ASEA cures Cancer and they “bought” the product and your story, it’s not a scam?

  109. SIMPLE SOLUTION!! get two plants. Water one with Salt Water and one with ASEA. Watch the Salt Water plant die…watch the ASEA plant prosper. ASEA is NOT Salt Water. Stupid, ignorant people. Good grief, move to some socialist country and you won’t have to worry about helping anyone. The gov’t will do it for you, comrad.

  110. If this is *ANY* good at all then the founders/researchers are truly evil bastards for distributing it in a pyramid scheme. You “winners” do know that MLM “businesses” are nothing more than pyramid schemes, right?

    So … they discover this truly wondrous treatment and, instead of working with a reputable distribution source, they package it in a scam/sham “business” model. What about the word “gullible” do you “winners” not understand?

    My own personal opinion is that your greed trumps your humanity, but that seems to be precisely what the 21st century has become all about. Should put you on the fast track for a real karmic whack in the head someday if this life has any sense of fairness. Maybe yoiu would be better served to use your remaining stock for a conscience enema.

    • You’re not stupid enough to believe that are you? Sell it to the Pharm companies for hundreds of millions…. so they can add about a billion in R&D… so they can sell it to the world for $100K per person/yr? or, worse yet, have them bury it because it hurts their other revenue streams????

      Why do you think our health care costs here in the US are 2X any other industrialized country?

      “Greed” as you put it would have driven them to sell out to corporate America for a quick buck. Seeing this for what it is and feeling a sense of stewardship allows you and me to get it at a fraction of what “reputable” companies would sell it for.

      Wake up man! You’ve been drinking too much corporate america kool-aid.

  111. Who said anything about curing cancer?

    Read up about redox signaling and a 500% plus increase in glutathione – the mother of all antioxidants in our bodies.,,,by far the most important molecule you need to stay healthy. I’ll let you monkeys do the math.

    There are over 85,000 articles on the importance of glutathione. You may want to take your scam argument to the scientists who published those articles.

    83 out of every 100 people in hospitals (on average) have low levels of glutathione.

    Maybe it’s just the other 17 people who are smart enough to do the math and end up being ASEA preferred customers. :o)

    Keep banging your head against the wall….might punch a hole through yet.

    • Big deal…. That says nothing about ASEA doing anything. No proof what so ever that this product does anything. Don’t tell us about the science tell us about the proof behind ASEA! That is the question at hand.

    • “You monkeys” … yes, your respect for your detractors (who only want actual references for your spurious claims) is quite charming, not to mention revealing. Oh, those troubling facts – they always get in the way, don’t they? But, you’re a “winner”, aren’t you?

      You no doubt are in a big upline that you hope gets bigger before the pyramid crumbles when there are only sellers and no more “preferred customers”. I hope those “winners” left holding the monetary bag when this scam goes down like all of the rest don’t feel like punching a hole in your greedy little head. You go, you “winner” you!!

      Fun fact for the day:
      83 out of every 100 people in their right minds recognize a pyramid scheme when they see it.

      I’ll let you “winners” do the math.

  112. Ooo, pricked a nerve there did I? Who said anything about big pharma? *You* did. Typical trick of the greed-infested and the integrity-starved. Set up a straw man argument yourself and then knock it down. There’s Kool Aid being drunk, my boy, but you are the one with the purple lips. You must think you’re way up on that pyramid, but whoa be to those at the base when this scam goes casters to the sky like all of the rest and every other fool is attempting to sell to a seller. MLM = pyramid scam … always!! You go, “winner”!!

  113. OK Mr MBA. You brought up “reputable distribution” I’m all ears. You tell me how to get this product to people who need it NOW without tacking on 8+ years and $1B in R&D and advertising. This product needs a little explanation. Would you put it on the bottom shelf in your local health store? Is that your reputable distribution channel? How many people know anything about Redox Signaling? Do you really think people who need this are just going to flock to their neighborhood health care store and gobble this up – no explanation, no advertising? Would you spend $500M on an advertising campaign and pass that on to your customers? How about creating a legitamate MLM? One that is 99% product and 1% hype instead of 99% hype and 1% product?

    NOT ALL MLMs ARE PYRAMID SCAMS. I agree… most are! But this is REAL!

    I’m not looking for an argument and I’m sorry if I offended you with the “stupid to really believe that” statement. If you’re just having fun with this blog – I get it – most people who read this are and I’ve had a little fun here too. But, if you’re serious about HELPING PEOPLE WHO ARE REALLY STRUGGLING WITH MAJOR HEALTH CHALLENGES you should look into this or give me a call.

  114. Anybody who wants to believe that Asea is a stand-up product will believe that… I personally can make it in my kitchen without the branding and years of research… *shrugs* It’s not the magical elixir that many have claimed it to be…

  115. If there is something more than just NACL and Distilled water in the product then they are required BY LAW to list it in the ingredients. So no…the salt water is not just a carrier for something else because there isn’t anything else listed on the label. Period. End of story. It IS SALT WATER.

    Somebody tell me what these other molecules are please. Don’t just say they are there…tell me what they are. I mean…NACL is an ionic compound and H2O is a molecule. Are they referring to water when they talk about these reactive Molecules?

    I’m not trying to attack anybody here, I’m just trying to get to the bottom of this. What reactive molecules are they talking about? It seems like all the marketing material goes out of its way to drop big words on people without actually explaining what the product is.

  116. I remember Hadacol, which was a patent medicine marketed as a vitamin supplement. Its principal attraction, however, was that it contained 12 percent alcohol (listed on the tonic bottle’s label as a “preservative”), which made it quite popular in the dry counties of the southern United States. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hadacol

    Many especially older people swore by it as a cure-all remedy. They gave testimonials for it; sold it to their relatives, friends, and neighbors; and appeared to honestly believe in it.

    Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. George Santayana, The Life of Reason, Volume 1, 1905 US(Spanish-born) philosopher (1863 – 1952)

    • ASEA is *way* better. It makes twice as much for your upline contacts and has three times the bamboozling power of pHlavor. And that’s no pHony MLM pyramid/Ponzi scheme/scam – pHor real!!!

  117. I am marketing a complimentary product to go along with ASEA, and it will keep you alive and that is guaranteed. This is real. It has been tested since the beginning of time. The people who make this are in hiding. I will send anyone a free sample. ASEA will not give you a free sample. For a free sample leave your name and email.
    What is this live giving product? It is called AIRWAVES. It is a special bottled OXYGEN and has been purified by splashing ASEA on it, then it is sealed in an airtight container. This Air, used before Egypt existed, was discovered in a dead sea scroll. Inhale it gently and slowly, and you will find your lings cleaned and pink again. It also enhances the male organ.
    Yes, A sucker is born every minute

  118. Oh Goodness, I love listening to people say do your research first. Unfortunately you have to understand biochemistry to weed out unreliable research conclusions. The net allows you to find support for anything but it’s YOUR knowledge base that allows you to determine scientific basis. If this product has “other” non specified ingredients, then it may have reduction properties- i.e., antioxidant properties. If, on the other hand, it contains sodium chloride only as labeled, it does not have reducing properties. Even the split ions of Na+ and Cl- along with H2O have no reducing properties in terms of health promoting reactions within your body. I wouldn’t need a meeting to discuss this with the owners of ASEAN as a previous poster recommended to one sceptic since I doubt Kraft’s former marketing specialist or a telecommunications marketer could offer me more insight into NaCl. Nope, I think I’ll rely on my MD and my functional medicine degrees on this one. I dont suppose anyone would like to see an unbiased double blind placebo trial here before they dropped big bucks on water? But I will say one thing, the mind is a powerful thing… Almost as powerful as someone trying to make a buck off a fellow man.

    • Finally! Stated far more eloquently than my poor prose is able and the truth in a sea (get it, nyuck, nyuck?) of disinformation and pyramid scam MLM BS. Thank you for your insight into the biochemistry of the thing.

      I agree completely about the mind and its power to effect healing. Give me a placebo any day of the week – no side effects! Heck, I’m addicted to placebos. I could quit, but it wouldn’t matter!!

  119. Is there any research or peer reviewed science on this product from 3rd parties, universities or scientists? Didn’t find any. Because this company is private, all there scientists paid for, it must be very hard to sell.

  120. I heard that a university reviewed the product and found that it was legit!?! It was thought that stabilizing the redox signalling molecules was impossible but ASEA has accomplished just that..

    • Wow, excellent footnotes and solid academic references, too. I heard aliens gave up the secret to ASEA as a means of introducing mindlessness into the population(1). It looks like it’s working! See my own exhaustive peer-reviewed references in the footnotes below.

      (1) Department of Multilevel Marketing Scamology, The University of Pyramid Schemes Health Science Center, Medical School, 123 Ponzi Street, Ponzi, TX 77030, USA

  121. All I want before anyone says its true or false is a double blind placebo controlled study with thousands of participants that was done by an independant source preferable a large research university. Is there one? Also, it should be done here. Remember that vaccines cause autism because a researcher found a link in TWELVE subjects and got The Lancet to publish his study. Now everyone admits that it was BS, but I still here daily from patients that don’t want their child to receive a vaccine because of the lies told by 1 researcher and perpetuated by one medical journal. Every time you see someone admitted with Pertussis thank these people. I am off subject slightly. I have an open mind and want to know if the research does exist. I would be happy to read it.

  122. It’s no mystery that salt is good for you despite what your doctor will tell you. Any animal will go to a salt lick if available, and some are territorial actually fighting over them. It is scientifically proven in Veterinary medicine to increase longevity and health in animals, so why not man.
    I would suggest saving your money and find a good source of unrefined food grade salt.

  123. This stuff works as a placebo that is. I started my mother on it for a month. She feels 10 times healthier. Then I refilled the bottle with distilled water and table salt. It worked the same and it’s a whole lot cheaper. The mind is a powerful thing.

  124. Really,

    I just got back from a recruiting breakfast in the bowels of mom and pop diners. This guy claimed he made 1mil last year. All of the sudden he decides to leave his old consulting job and pursue this amazing miricle product that will never be in stores. BS that’s all it is BS. That was the biggest waste of my time. If the guy and developers had something so revolutionary why not push to get it in every store in the world to help people. Because it’s glorified salt water. A plecebo hell %20 of people in controled test claim to have affects from plecebos. With the right marketing and clients claiming the benifits, bottled air could be the next cure for cancer!

  125. These Comments are funny! On a serious note, If I could waste 17 million dollars in research and development trying to patent processing saltwater into a nutrient, why wouldn’t I spend another $1 million through viral marketing and developing a ponzi scheme to make up the losses?

  126. I recently tried ASEA at a convention for wellness center owners. I had incredible results immediately. When I returned to my wellness center, several of my clients remarked about how much energy I had as well as how great I looked. Soon, everyone wanted to try ASEA. I did not offer any promises or hope for specific issues, however, the results my clients have reported are astounding. 1) Everyone reports a huge boost in energy 2) All clients with chronic pain report amazing pain relief 3) Two clients with MS report a drastic reduction in symptoms 4) A mother of autistic children reports positive behavior changes in the children. I am now an ASEA distributor. No, I do not know a great deal about the scientific research – but I do know that every single person that tries ASEA finds help. Indulgespa@live.com

  127. I’m trying to understand how such a simple “formula” can produce so many fantastic reported results too. If the company has done some kind of proproietary procedure to the salt water (not disclosed as far as I know), then it’s possible (and I may be reaching with this) that the NaCl ions have a positive effect on cellular function. OR, it’s possible that a placebo effect is being created. The question is: If the product seems to work, would it make sense to use it either way?

    Personally, if I could get the same results by drinking salted tap water, I would jump on it. But I don’t seem to hear much of that happening.

  128. I wonder if this stuff will help with Gas? I got more gas in my little finger this morning than most will have in a lifetime. Phew, please, someone let me know because I don’t know how much longer I can hold this stuff in before sharing it with my co-workers.
    Thank you.

  129. Been taking Asea for two and a half months now. Not a wonder treatment for anything and everything. Have to take it before bed as it activates a fair bit of work on my immune system and leaves me tired if I’ve got excess waste build up (from endurance training or a virus as examples). Also excretes a ton of waste from the body which leaves me feeling bloated and farting a lot – again before bed is best time to take Asea, in my opinion. Recovery from colds and viruses as well as tissue damage from exercise has been staggeringly good. No signs of improved recovery from rotator cuff injury. Saline solution ineffective at treating topical wounds only because the solution is to thin to remain in place before drying up. Breathing improvements noticeable as I have asthma, unable to determine VO2max change as I hadn’t had any pre-Asea results. In short, Asea pushes a lot of waste out of your system, helps your body recover rapidly from physical stress and it helps you sleep good (and if taken during the day makes you fart a lot).

  130. mapholisto has written a good description, because people often overlook the detox reaction that can occur when you have illness that needs to be cleansed.

    for anyone really curious about the product, you HAVE to look to the science to your answers, not the product.

    what i mean by this is, researching ASEA will only expose you to corporate marketing material. research REDOX SIGNALING & you will be looking at the body of science which ASEA is founded upon.

    the following article is a great first place to gain understanding as to WHY we say this product does what it does:


  131. Wow, some really uninformed opinions and statements, especially from people claiming to have some type of medical background. I especially love the post by a guy that claims to have added distilled water and salt into a bottle and gave to his mother – dislike her do you?

    Fact: Redox Signaling is a function that is central to ALL life on the planet. Redox Signaling molecules are so essential to life that without them you would die within minutes.

    Fact: Our cells are literally filled with and surrounded by salt water, which becomes the principal raw material for building simple redox signaling molecules. Simple Redox Signaling molecules are simple molecules formed from rearrangements of the atoms in water (H20) salt (NaCl) and nitrogen (N2), the most abundant molecules of life. Redox Signaling molecules can fall into two classifications, Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and Reduced Species (RS). When isolated, most of the individual Redox Signaling molecules are potently toxic, reactive and unstable. However, in all forms of life on planet earth, cells have learned to manufacture stable, non-toxic mixtures of ROS and RS that serve fundamental roles inside and outside the cells.

    Fact: There are over 15 independently-verified Redox Signaling molecules (formed from salt water) in ASEA, some of them are molecular complexes. In the literature, these Redox Signaling molecules are categorized into two species, Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and Reduced Species (RS). The stable Redox Signaling molecules and complexes in ASEA are made from salt water in a complex electrochemical catalytic process involving electromagnetic fields, fixed catalysts, frequencies, flows and temperatures, etc. This process is very similar to the physical processes that produce the native Redox Signaling molecules found inside living cells. A perfect redox-balance of both species is found in ASEA.

  132. Fact: When cells and tissues are damaged, by everyday living (sunlight, toxins, cuts, scrapes, exercise, infections, radiation etc.) they send out Redox Signaling messages for help. This starts a cascade of messengers that are quickly spread throughout the affected area where they call for action to start the healing process (blood supply is redirected, native antioxidants empowered and increased, DNA repair elicited, immune response initiated, inflammation, cell communication enhanced, regeneration efforts started, etc.).

    Fact: Increasing the amount of balanced Redox Signaling carriers in your cells and tissues simply helps to make this whole orchestrated effort much more efficient. They “grease the wheels”, so to speak, making it more likely that cells are repaired and replaced much more efficiently.

    Fact: Increasing the amount of balanced Redox Signaling molecules in the body helps make the signaling processes between cells more efficient. With clearer signals, the immune system can operate with increased efficiency. This means that the immune system will be more likely to detect and attack threats that it should engage and less likely to attack healthy cells that it should not engage. This action tends to normalize the immune system function, if overactive it will help decrease its activity, if underactive it will help increase activity. In short, the immune system will tend to operate at optimal efficiency.

  133. Fact: Increasing the amount of balanced Redox Signaling molecules in the body helps normalize the Redox potential in and around the cells and tissues. A balanced Redox potential in the tissues increases the efficiency at which oxygen, fuels and wastes can be transferred in and out of cells and tissues, making the natural aerobic processes more efficient. If aerobic capacities are increased, then the natural length of time that aerobic activity can be sustained under high energy demands is also increased. The time that it takes to recover normal aerobic balance after an intense anaerobic effort is also shortened.

    Double-blind studies are not needed, if in fact ASEA contains stabilized Redox Signaling molecules (as claimed by 3rd parties including the University of Utah and the pharmaceutical company that offered to buy the company). Redox Signaling and its purpose and benefits to the body are well documented and studied. It is a proven fact that increasing the amount of Redox Signaling carriers in your cells empowers the body to heal faster and more efficiently.

  134. a crew in my canoe club experimented with it. not only did these beer drinking men paddle like pro’s, they’ve had the motivation to continue paddling hard since. i started taking it and, knock on wood, have not been sick since. i’m a school teacher and get sick once or twice a year. it’s been a healthy year for me, and i’m so excited to paddle into season!

  135. I found out that I have hep-c 5 years ago, I did the hep-c treatment 4 years ago and it left my body and mind in chaos
    I did the first round of hep-c treatments and i sure wish i didn`t, It leaves a wake of distruction as that is exactly what the poison is designed to do. After treatment I was on MILK THISLE, VITAMIN E,D,C,
    herbs from a natural path doctor of juniper,rosemary,ribs,lecele buds
    plus drops that were taged 1,20 243,258, I dont even know what those things were but he said he had great results in the past with other hep-c patients. For my Depression I was on APO-CLOZAPAN, ATIVAN, PROZAC, These things were gradualy given to me over time as they were not working as I was only gettig worse. As I got sicker every day they would give me something else. Lets not talk about all the joints in my body that were giving me problems and I mean all my joints. I started ASEA on dec 27/2010 and with in days my depression went away and all of my joint pain also. It keeps up glutathione production in the body by 500 %.Glutathione is the bodies best defence agianst hep-c. All the people that have hep-c should have a close look at asea as I am in a better state of mind & body then before the treatment.I thank god everyday
    for the science of redox signaling.I can say without a doubt I would not be alive today without it.So for the lady that can make it in her kitchen can you please make a batch and drink it then you will know how truly amazing it is,ITS GODS RECIEPT,Do you really think science is still in the dark ages. Stop looking at the name and look into redox signaling.Then we would not have people like yourself making stupid comments on these sites.

  136. Can someone with Autoimmune disease use ASEA? I understand that it is not good to gear up the immune system if you have Autoimmune problems.

  137. It doesn’t taist like salt water and it doesn’t act like salt water. If you feed it to your plants, they will thrive. Plain old salt water will kill them. I have been taking Asea for almost three weeks now and I had a wart that I had had for a year and within five hours of drinking 2 oz. of Asea and spraying some directly on the wart, it shrunk by 50%! I am talking within five hours! It is now gone and my son has been spraying it on a bad scrape he got on his knee and it has healed up so fast we are both shocked. I also know 8 people (All of whom I have known for more than ten years) who are no longer taking medication because their doctors have taken them off them due to the fact they no longer need them. You can drink all the salt water you want and not get these kinds of results. The proof is in the pudding. Asea works. It is created from salt and water but it goes through a process that changes it. The reason there are no other ingredients listed is because they only have to list the ingredients, not how they put them together. Before you go and bad mouth a fantstic product, maybe you should try some. It is helping a lot of people and I am really glad a friend of mine introduced me to it. My friend by the way happens to be a medical doctor who has seen it help everyone who has taken it, as I have.

  138. Dear Doug
    I think you were drinking crack maybe,redox signaling molecules are 100 % native to the body. Your body just so happens to be making them right now as you sit there in your cloud unknowledgement, If thats a word kinda like your statements
    Knowledge is power my friend, Forget about the name “ASEA” and have a look into redox signaling. Heres one place you can look:
    UNIVERSITY OF UTAH, Thats a good place to start
    Then have a listen to the top doctors and scientists
    As they are the ones that have been working on it for 25+ years
    I thank god theres more brain power at work for mankind.

  139. My mother has been taking ASEA for several months now, and my Godfather has been taking if for six months. I was impressed with his energy level and decressed blood glucose readings, as he is diabetic, so I ordered some for my mother, who has COPD and can’t quit smoking. She was having horrible vertigo attacks. I left her run out, because of my busy schedule, and after about 4 days, she had the vertigo attacks again. I got her another bottle on the day that she had the attack, and she was better that night. My Godfather’s eye test came back and he got an excellent rating. I am a firm believer in ASEA. If you want to look at those so-called health experts who are trashing it, look elsewhere, for the same ones will probably tell a cancer victim to eat red meat, when it CAUSES CANCER- the nitrates.

  140. Here is only one of the ways ASEA has helped my health 🙂

    When the doctor tested me on January 13, 2011

    I was 121 over 87 and Bpm of 103

    March 22, 2011

    I was 108 over 72 and Bpm 86

    Today may 10/2011

    I am 125 over 78 and bpm 72

    June 18/2011

    Now I am 127 over 78 bpm 78

    Doc says I am perfect 🙂

    I have been on ASEA since Dec 27/2010

    My old doctor was telling me I would have to look into
    Some kind of western medacine to get my vitals back in
    Line, He says he really doesn`t understand my recovery.
    Put that in your pipe and smoke it “nasayers”, Oh ya and i still smoke !!!!

  141. .The simple truth about asea

    So the fact that our mitacodria DNA makes these molecules, And there 3 jobs are too, Produce glutathione, The bodies master antioxident, superoxide dismutate (SOD) (ATP) for turning our food and supplements into energy and feeding us these nutrients as our body and brain need them, (Catalese) is responsible for rebuilding damaged tissue as it happens or has already happened. So
    this molecule is responsible for cleaning us, feeding us, healing us. I am pretty sure last time i looked thats the way life works, When these things are not done on a regular basis and not done perfectly things start getting old, Hey that sounds like everyone. The redox signaling molecules that everyone on earth has are stressed and weakened from time and all the stresses Life throws at us from the time we are born,

    Damage caused from the sun, excessive exercise, electromagnetic radiation,food preservatives and additives,X rays, prescription drugs,heavy metals,drugs,stress,anxiety,air and water pollution,lack of sleep,toxic industrialized chemicals to name a few. Redox signaling molecules stop disease and fix you and every other living thing on earth that has an imunne system, Which is all living things by the way, plant, animal, insect,human. Asea is new-fresh-perfectly balanced redox signaling molecules ready to repair or replace the cells that are stressed. Its an oil change for lifes machines. I will tell you now that if you are going to talk about asea to anyone you need them to become informed about redox signaling only, if they can understand how these molecules work and why every thing on earth needs a fresh batch to keep the body balanced and in tune. I can tell you that i am on a mission to tell every last person i can about this amazing technologies that we have now and for everyone to use. All of the people that i have talked to in the medical perfection
    do not like the idea that one thing can help your body do so many things with your health. I am living proof from how happy i am, to how healhty i am, I have my old zest for life back, Everyone that knows me call me Benjamin buttons now ha ha Did you see the movie, Thats what its like, I feel as good as i did when i was 25 yrs old for real………..

    Now if anyone wants to talk about how asea is made then lets have that discution, There wo different arguments ???

  142. .The simple truth about asea

    So the fact that our mitacodria DNA makes these molecules, And there 3 jobs are too, Produce glutathione, The bodies master antioxident, superoxide dismutate (SOD) (ATP) for turning our food and supplements into energy and feeding us these nutrients as our body and brain need them, (Catalese) is responsible for rebuilding damaged tissue as it happens or has already happened. So
    this molecule is responsible for cleaning us, feeding us, healing us. I am pretty sure last time i looked thats the way life works, When these things are not done on a regular basis and not done perfectly things start getting old, Hey that sounds like everyone. The redox signaling molecules that everyone on earth has are stressed and weakened from time and all the stresses Life throws at us from the time we are born,

    Damage caused from the sun, excessive exercise, electromagnetic radiation,food preservatives and additives,X rays, prescription drugs,heavy metals,drugs,stress,anxiety,air and water pollution,lack of sleep,toxic industrialized chemicals to name a few. Redox signaling molecules stop disease and fix you and every other living thing on earth that has an imunne system, Which is all living things by the way, plant, animal, insect,human. Asea is new-fresh-perfectly balanced redox signaling molecules ready to repair or replace the cells that are stressed. Its an oil change for lifes machines. I will tell you now that if you are going to talk about asea to anyone you need them to become informed about redox signaling only, if they can understand how these molecules work and why every thing on earth needs a fresh batch to keep the body balanced and in tune. I can tell you that i am on a mission to tell every last person i can about this amazing technologies that we have now and for everyone to use. All of the people that i have talked to in the medical perfection
    do not like the idea that one thing can help your body do so many things with your health. I am living proof from how happy i am, to how healhty i am, I have my old zest for life back, Everyone that knows me call me Benjamin buttons now ha ha Did you see the movie, Thats what its like, I feel as good as i did when i was 25 yrs old for real………..

    Now if anyone wants to talk about how asea is made then lets have that disscution,

  143. Hi is there rigorous scientific study being done on this??
    ( Such as Dounble Blind Study )
    It can be placebo effect after all.
    By the way are you a Sale Rep of ASEA??

  144. Dave your blood pressure readings are consistent throughout the readings and are bordering a normal reading of 120/80 your hr seems normal. I dont see any sort of progress in this readings and the 108 heart rate is borderline tachycardia. You should have posted pre-ASEA readings to increase your credibility. Im sure your doctor doesn’t understand your recovery because there wasnt any.

  145. I have difficulty with the concept of sodium chloride and distilled water as a cure for everything.I have done a lot of research.There ar more the 39,000 patents dealing with the Redox molecule for uses in the body.so far in my reading there is not one I have found yet dealing with Sodium Chloride and distilled water.Salt is what you use when it is hot and it gives energy no question.Is there more to it? Well I saw a few paths to success not being explored for this but the cost for the product is prohibitive.But the path relies on Biochemical Salts in solution for a variety of things.Any the jury is out on what this ASEA does?

  146. I have been drinking Asea for eight months and I have not experienced any healthful effects — and four 32oz bottles cost $140.

    Can someone post the links for scientific, double-blind studies that prove Asea has health benefits. I have never found these studies, but some must exist. If not, why not? Asea does have extensive documentation on the theory of how it might work — but a description is not proof; and testimonials are not proof.

    At the moment, I feel that I have paid a lot for expensive salt water.

  147. There is one simple truth.Since this is a simple Sodium Chloride it is not recommended unless your body is starved for salt.Salt is an electrolyte.When you take an amount over what your body required you will bloat and retain water.Listen to me I have been trying to be very open minded on ASEA.But for the life of me I cannot see where it is any different from regular salt.

    I have been working on TELEOMER.Meaning to keep it to the kiss method take a small minuscule herb or or other product and create a product which is focused on certain health benefit.I was interested because a friend of mine had serious health problems.The product prescribed by the doctor was killing him.The product had benefits for me also.I have bad varicose veins which itch like crazy.Applying the new product I made with a blend of chemicals and herbals.I found the itch stopped instantly.The varicose veins are now completely healed from the salve I made with the extracted minuscule amount of herbs.Works on many things including some open cancers.Now if ASEA would have something similar you have me in their corner.I am a Research Chemist.I did it for my friend not for money.Thank You

  148. It surprises me that those of you who wrote negative comments about ASEA failed to research the scientific aspects before you maligned the product. I also laughed when I saw that the ingredients were distilled water and sodium chloride. But when I Googled “Redox Signaling”, I found a multitude of articles about how scientists discovered the process about 20 years ago. Our bodies somehow use water and sodium chloride to create complex molecules that our cells use to signal each other. That is a valid scientific fact. The creators of ASEA then found a way to manufacture it and make it stable enough to store in a bottle and consume as desired.

    I didn’t believe the information I read. But my very good friends, Beth and Mike, had successfully used ASEA for several months. Beth, an ASEA distributor, had more energy. Mike who had just had knee surgery, healed at a record pace. They both proclaimed other health benefits including more stamina during exercise. They said ASEA is totally non-toxic. So, as a favor to Beth, I bought a case and tried it. Within a few days I was able to go 50% longer on my cross trainer. Normally I was exhausted after 30 minutes (I was 57 years old, 5’7″ tall and about 195 pounds at the time). Suddenly I was going 45 minutes and could have gone on longer. I stopped taking the product, and I regressed to struggling with 30 minute workouts. I got on, an off of ASEA several times as a test, and had the same results each time. It’s not a placebo effect. I’m gonna keep using it.

    Supposedly ASEA increases a person’s oxygen curve. That means ASEA helps more oxygen get into your body, and allows the body to utilize it better. So I can understand why I have more energy during exercise, and why Mike recovered from surgery so quickly.

    Did you really think someone would dissolve salt in water and sell it at $140 a case? Only a fool would make such idiotic comments without first exploring the facts. Unless of course, you have some ulterior motive. Ty Tribble, I suspect you are a scammer that writes controversial blogs, disparaging any new company, merely to capture an email address so you can market your MLM products or services. Am I right, Ty? What does everyone else think?

    For those of you that say it didn’t work, call the person that sold it to you and ask for some coaching. Or ask Dr. Gary Samuelson what you can do to get results on his blog – http://aseascience.blogspot.com/2011_03_01_archive.html

    It worked for me.

    Ted in Baltimore

  149. I am the biggest sceptic you could ever meet, but I too have been reading about redox benefits. The actual water or salt is not enough to create the molecules. You need to magnetically charge these for a long period of time for them to work with each other and your bodies cells. We have found that over the last 20 years or so that by treating an electrolyte in distilled water with an electrical charge you in effect have a super excited particle now that we can do many many things with, for example you can introduce a frequency and burn the water. yes burn the water, it destablizes the bond between hydrogen and oxygen just enough that you can burn the hydrogen. You can also introduce a several different types of metal and you have just created a super conductor. If you charge your body at different frequencies you disrupt mitocondria, bacteria, fungus, virus’s, and germs. You can also help disrupt disease enought to let your body recover. So charged particles (electrolyte just happens to be easily assimilated by your bodies) and distilled water can do more than just taste salty…

  150. This is repackaged IV solution. Most people get results because most people are dehydrated most of the time – not because ASEA does something special.

    You’d be better off to learn to run an IV yourself and order the solution online. It will work exponentially better and faster too. Or you could just drink it and bask in the savings.

    Here’s some for $3.58 a bag http://www.publicsafetycenter.com/baxter-sterile-iv-solution.html

    Nice try ASEA. You might get to $50 million in revenue before your average Joe realizes that there is no technological breakthrough, but rather an expensive reminder that when your body is comprised mostly of water, drinking more of it, will make it operate better.

  151. You should find out what you’re talking about BEFORE you shoot your mouth off. Thanks to ASEA, I can breathe WAY better that I’ve been able to for the past 53 years. Gee, maybe it’s a placebo effect. Funny thing, that all of those doctors I went to for decades weren’t able to do this for me.

  152. To the naysayers who want to claim ASEA is nothing but salt water and as Jeremiah proclaims only helps people who are dehydrated and is nothing more than an IV.

    You have no clue what you are talking about. You make yourselves look petty, uninformed, and foolish. The process that transforms salt and water into the RS and ROS molecules found in ASEA is covered by 30 medical patents! I don’t know of any IV solutions that can make that claim.

    The product was on the road to becoming a drug before the biotech company that did all the studies everyone is clamoring for lost funding and had to sell this breakthrough in a fire sale. They didn’t know what they had.

    Now, because it is being sold as a supplement, the stacks of research and studies are in a lock box. Because those studies were for a drug and ASEA is a supplement. Its the same stuff but thanks to our wonderful FDA all the studies and research must be done again and ASEA is doing them. But they do take time. Eventually they will prove that ASEA is exactly what they say it is. That it is a breakthrough of incredible magnitude. But then, for those who’ve experienced it for themselves and have had life changing results studies are not necessary.

    Keep turning your noses up naysayers. ASEA doesn’t need you. But you sure as hell need ASEA!

  153. I can’t believe I found this lol! I can’t believe he’s selling this scam product now. lol how low can you go Joe!?

  154. Hey Ty,

    Interesting find about ASEA. I personally don’t need extra sodium in my diet. Thanks for pointing the ingredients out…this could be harmful especially to people that have hypertension.


  155. It’s good and well to say that there is more to ASEA than salt water but we can only go by what is on the label. That is what we do with every product we consume. We read the list of ingredients and decide whether it is good for us. Can you blame people for being skeptical when the label itself says it’s only saltwater? It doesn’t say “Electrically charged” or “Morphed by a complicated process” it just says distilled water and sodium chloride.

    On a side note, I grew up near the ocean and have been told since a child that the sea water and sun can cure many skin and joint ailments. Maybe there *is* a link? Who knows. Maybe it’s the sea life in the ocean, the aquatic plants and what have you, that make the sea so healing?

    In the end, you can not fault people for requiring more information, more independent testing, more research, and more credible backers before they spend all that money on what they believe is just salt water.

  156. OK guys, I took OChem in college. The ACEA presentation on the website shows Redox-signalling molecules as multiple carbon hexamers (that’s what the ring represents). An image of the multiple hexamers is on the bottle too. But salt is not a hexameric molecule (sugar is). So it’s unlikely that breaking the bonds of salt and repackaging them will produce Redox-signalling molecules.

  157. Hello all, I am a CSU trained analytical chemist with a masters in chemistry and 7 years of chemical education. It is my professional opinion that there is absolutely no credibility to the claims made by ASEA representatives. I had an “enlightening” conversation this morning with an ASEA rep at a local sporting event. After taking a look at the packaging, all I could gather was that the solution contained sodium chloride (common table salt) and water. The rep mentioned several times the “redox-signaling molecules” present in the solution, but could not identify these molecules when pressed. Sodium chloride is not classified as a “molecule” when dissolved in water, which means that by elimination, the only molecules present in ASEA that could be these “redox-signaling molecules” is the water molecules. You would be paying $40.00 for what you could get out of the tap.

  158. It seems as though the biggest hold-up Asea has is that their product is essentially salt (sodium chloride) and water. Asea combats this by saying it has taken a team of scientists 17 years to extract sodium chloride from raw salt. I do not doubt this. Salt in it’s pure state (from the sea or a salt mine) is loaded with trace minerals along with sodium chloride. It may have taken experts 17 years to extract the sodium chloride from raw salt, but my guess is the “experts” at Asea had nothing to do with this. Sodium chloride is table salt. When you buy sea salt, that is something different, but sodium chloride is table salt.
    I am not saying that drinking table salt and water does not have benefits, but don’t spend your hard earned money on a sleek bottle filled with salt water. At the very most make your own, and buy a single bottle of Asea to match the taste so you know you have the same ratio of salt to water as they do.

  159. I have read all the comments and can say one thing based on functionality. There is a great book out entitled “Your body’s many cries for water.” This will show all of the dis-eases that occur from dehydration on a cellular level. It is my understanding that the location of sodium on a molecule can greatly impact how water is getting into a cell. Many of us suffer from cellular dehydration. If this product addresses dehydration that in itself is worth exploring. If one improves with this product than develops a plan of getting water into a cell as they attempt to fade out this product…Then wasnt it all worth it? If Asea serves as a bridge…and one can achieve optimal health even if the product was able to be faded out altogether or placed on a maintenace even if seasonally and one wasnt able to achieve that previously…Im not sure why all the scientific mumbo jumbo. For me…It is down to whether it is functional or not. Im sure the company has a guarantee. To me try it…if it doesnt work…use the quarantee. If it does work…explore the minimum needed use to maintain results with as little cost as possible…period. And for those about placebo effects? Who cares…really? If it works it works….

  160. I just wanted to say that when I talk about how asea is working on my body its not just what I “HOPE”, When I started asea I found a doctor that is skilled in cell biology and electronic medicine and Acupuncture,
    He is in a hand full of people in Canada & U.S that can do bio-terrain testing and he tests for these things on a monthly basis: urine, saliva – electrical conductivity ~ salts resistivity, my physiology, PH – acid/alkaline – biochemical speed/resistance,electron activity/rh2 ( glutithione production ) Surface tension on my cells ( membrane dynamics) – if I am ~ anabolic or catabolic, energy production – beta oxidation, tricarboxylic acid, protein utilization, plus other cell activity, He also sees me once a week to check vitals and update my general energy levels and eating habits and organ energy among other things. He has told me that I am healing at a incredible speed, On a cellular level. When I did my first test I was not even on the scales. I can tell you that not only am I experiencing the change in my health I am seeing it in real time, All of these tests are to see at what state of homeostasis my body is in, He tells me that I am almost there and in such a short time. There is no other reason for my recovery but for the fact I have been using asea for the last 6 months. Also remember that when I first started seeing him I had just stoped a heavy regiment of drugs that were prescribed by a number of doctors for years, That had left me in a very unhealthy state body and mind.I have hep-c and did the experimental hep-c treatment 5 years ago. This medication was designed to poison my cells and stress them to the point that they would give up the virus ~ it did exactly what they designed it to do, except get rid of all of the virus. Every last person that did the test was left in dire need except about 10 percent of the people that cleared. I tried everything and anyone to try and bring my health back for the last 3 1/2 years, But there was no help for me and the others that were left this way. I just wanted you to know that my recovery is not just a “WISH”: So when I say that’s asea works for real : Its REAL !!!!

  161. The patents for ASEA can be found if you research MDI-P (the original name for ASEA when it was being developed by a pharmaceutical company.) Let me set the record straight on this product… The “saltwater” is indeed salt water. Don’t forget salt water is two words. The truth is is that the salt water in the product is what keeps the molecules stable. The molecules are not listed on the ingredients list because they can’t be. They are composed of about 3 atoms. Now to set the record straight on the science behind redox signaling (ROS) molecules; the company that was doing the research on MDI-P (now known as ASEA) spent about 9 years researching this coming out with quite a few press releases about how the product has “surprising anti HIV capabilities.” Now since this product is now under the “natural” category all the research that was conducted cannot be used to validate ASEA. The FDA says so. If you want to research ASEA don’t type ASEA into google. Type redox signaling and or ROS molecules.

  162. This message is for David J. Lambert, Please sir ~ Show me one product on the market now or at anytime in history, That lists the “ATOMS” That it contains.The salt water is only the raw materials that carry the “ATOMS”.I THANK GOD EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY for the fact that people like you are not in control of mankind’s health.Do your home work or crawl back into the hole you came out of, Sorry I mean “CAVE”.
    You should not ask a question with an answer: YOU SAID(as the Chinese say, you are talking in dog farts)
    RESEARCH Redox Signaling, Then give your head a shake – Do you really think the FDA Would give patients to a company if they could not prove what there product ~CONTAINS~ So Again: “YOU” are talking in dog farts.

  163. To all the negative people out there.. tell me what Medicine are YOU on? What meds does your doctor push or inject and how much of a hard time do you give them, do you give all your time and efforts in researching what you are given by your very wealthy doctors? 🙂 Before taking it.. tell me who has ever been cured of any disease while on a medication.. i will certainly tell you with all POSITIVITY YOU are a Liar.. lol

    Nothing special about negative people blogging on what’s been helping people actually get better.. we call it Big Pharma Supporters..

  164. I am using ASEA at 62years old & have previously tried lots of different supplements.

    This ASEA is nearly a miracle for me. Try it. You will love it !!

  165. My husband has a locked up shoulder that has plagued him for years and the doctor told him the only thing that could be done for it was surgery and that didn’t always work well. Our holistic M.D. introduced us to ASEA and my husband has been on it for only two weeks now, but instead of getting more energy from it, his shoulder has begun to impove – less stiffness, much less pain and a degree of improvement in rotation. Not the results he expected by any means – placebo? I don’t think so. I think I’m going to give it a try, just to see what it might do for me. I’ve begun to be open minded ever since the same holistic doctor reversed my husband’s macular degeneration, when medical folks say it can’t be reversed. There’s a lot more to alternative remedies than meets the eye and as for ASEA, I think anyone who talks about it without researching it is just blowing hot air.

  166. I have a person i work with selling it and I agree with the people that say they should come out with stuff like this in a manner that any regular product claiming such things has gone through research first. The people that are buying it are the research and ginny pigs. That being said hear is a video that talks about bad research in a lot of the industries pushing medicines that don’t work any better than a sugar pill. The placebo effect is very powerful and it could be said that your attitude itself can heal you. Same with Prayers for you religious people. Things like this unfortunately prey on people that are vain or sick and looking for something to cure them.


    This TED video talk off bad research for many products out on the market today. He has some vary valid points and has to prescribe this stuff to his patients, so I would like him want to see proven studies before I was ask to spend 32$ a bottle and asked to drink 4 oz a day, costing me 1460$ a year. That is the cost for one person. Not to mention the ones getting rapped up into this with no research and spending that amount for 2 or even more if they decide to get their kids involved.

    I also agree with the person that mentioned that most people don’t drink enough water and are very dehydrated. People drink a lot of thing that dehydrate them and not enough plain water. if you don’t drink at least 6 cups of water a day and get some more from fruit juice and other good stuff to drink. Your not drinking enough. Drinking alcohol, coffee, pops, and other stuff that have caffein in them reduces you amount of water you retain.

    I also agree that Asea taken and not monitored by a professional is just as bad as all the other drugs I see on the market that people take to much of or in the wrong dosages for their bodies. Their are also the differences in taking it with a meal or while dehydrated or with things that will effect it. Just like any drug or medicine out there. I for one would not bet that over the next 10 years I should pay 14,600$ for something that is not tested.

  167. A friend I respect gave me a bottle of ASEA a month ago and said try it ….. she loved it. I said yes and immediately noticed an amazing amount of energy and endurance all day. I am a 60 year old woman. My body is usually very tired from injuries to my legs and knees and needs a daily nap. Suddenly the inflammation level in this body is way down and the body has energy. I was able then to join a rehab gym because of this……I wanted for years to strengthen the injured and unused muscles that were inflamed and hurt. I expected soreness and lactic acid …I had none. The physical therapist couldn’t believe how fast I am progressing with muscle strength. I am walking better with almost no pain. I am drinking more water as a result of taking ASEA and it is actually hydrating my body because I am absorbing it. My nails have been getting ridges….this is disappearing and they are looking normal again. I spray it in my eyes and my eyes are stronger. I cut my finger badly requiring stitches to close it…..I decided instead to put the finger into ASEA to heal it and it was amazing how it closed it up so fast and left only a little scar. My skin is not so dry on my legs anymore. My mind is more clear and there isn’t any brain fog anymore. I read ASEA has a the salt of a french fry in it so no worries there. If ASEA is a placebo or if it is just salt water …. I would pay for the bottle anyway as so far it has been amazing for me. Perhaps I was deficient or dehydrated or ? but I have done things in this department and nothing worked before……THIS HAD THE MAGIC BULLET. I am now just exploring what ASEA is I am taking as I am curious now why I am responding so well to it. Nothing I have ever tried (and I have tried a lot over the years) has given me this much steady nice energy and endurance. Energy drinks often hype me or put me to sleep as it is too much for me giving me the opposite affect. Sometimes it is needed to shut down the mind’s judgement and look and see if the product speaks to you. Follow that inner soft voice….. and see if a product works for you. It may not have for your friend but it may for you or vice versa. I am so happy I am using it.

  168. I don’t know if it works since I haven’t tried it myself. There is always a percentage of people that don’t respond at all to certain prescription drugs. This could be the case with ASEA as well.

    Salt water sounds pretty benign, but is it just salt water.
    Many people denounced it but haven’t tried it. They also probably say that accupuncture doesn’t work, because they don’t inderstand it. It has been scientifically proven to work, even though most scientist don’t know how it works for sure.

  169. I’m so glad that I came here. A friend of mine is trying to introduce me to this product and I spoke to people that this product has helped. The negative comments from people with “chemistry” experince in college, doesn’t stand up to what I heard from the Atomic Physisist named Gary Samuelson. I’ve decided to try ASEA thanks to this blog, hey, what have i got to lose, it’s 100% money back guaranteed.

  170. All the skeptic people out there. Why don’t you do a trial of ASEA yourself and see what it does for you? I have noticed amazing differences in myself using ASEA. I have used many different products in the past and have had no results. This is a health/science breakthrough. In the next few years, people are going to ask if you have had your molecules today? instead of, have you had our vitamins today? Us sharing ASEA are going to make a difference, and there will be a few more happy people around who are using it.

  171. No thanks, I’ll stick to pedialyte for my electrolytes and consume more sodium chloride on my food. Drinking salt water sounds pretty unsafe. Years ago ruff necks used to take sodium chloride tablets when working on the rig. The saftey men, specifically tell us not to do that, and every time I did get dehydrated and overheated and had interaction with the safty man, he would ask me if I had been taking sodium chloride and to cut it out of my diet if I had. He suggested pedialyte. I am by no means scientifically educated, my two cents… No thanks, not for me.

  172. All I know is that I have had severe back pain for years and have been taking Asea for a month. I have had more pain free days this month than I had last year! If this is a placebo effect, I’ll take it!

  173. I recently bought 4 bottles of asea. I have a broken collarbone and have only been taking an ounce twice a day I also take medication for siezures. When I started writing this I was going to say I haven’t noticed any difference yet, then I realized this is the first time for over a year I am writing anything. I have been wanting to but couldn’t get started. Today, now I don’t know if it is because the sun was shining but this is the best I have felt for months if not a year. I don’t just mean physically, I mean mentally. I originally wouldn’t have bought the product just for myself as I am pretty tight with what money I have. For three years now I have been treating a neighbors dog w/ a very aggressive form of cancer that did not have surgery,chemo or radiation. Due to her age and a couple other health issues {anal glands and bad teeth}the owner did not want her to go under anaesthesia. We had a dental technician do her teeth cleaning w/o anaesthesia and it was found she had some teeth loose in the socket w/ infection and it was suggested we go to the vet for antibiotics. It just so happened I was at the Health Show the following day and saw the booth with the Asea product and I was told to spray the teeth with the asea 4 or 5 times a day. She is a chihuahua with teeth like a piranha and a similar personality and I only sprayed once. I now use a syringe and have been giving her 3 cc’s of asea 3x day over her clenched teeth. I don’t know if the loose teeth have stabilized in the socket yet because I’m not putting my fingers in there to find out but I can say from the smell of her breath the infection was clearing up after a week so I will have to get back to you at a future date. One thing about a dog using this product, if it has worked it won’t be the placebo effect.

  174. DAVE BACHAND – If this product really works and people on this site are skeptical about its claims, just post the scientific stats on this site. PERIOD. You just talk about its powers and people who benefited from ASEA but you never posted any real scientific reports. Why? IS there none to post? And do not use the excuse that the reports are too long to post, then summarize the reports.

  175. a good friend of my grandmas was bed-ridden with pancreas cancer for years. ASEA cured it, period. the doctors told her she was going to die. the cancer was progressive and at the time terminal. she heard about ASEA and figured what the heck might as well. here we are several months later and her cancer is gone. the doctors were baffled and those bilderburg slaves should be. the pharmacuitical industry, FDA, and government have gone through great lengths to suppress information like this just like they did

  176. The big picture should be considered. ASEA is backed and administered by some very savvy businessmen. Unfortunatly, they depended upon the failed mlm, time-proven business strategy of developing an MLM business system without any of the key founding Corporate leaders having any history of what it really takes to build an MLM business.
    For instance if you look at the self-proclaimed ” hitters” comprising the first distributor advisory board, and realize that most of them were paid up to 25K per month just to be involved-being paid to play; then you understand that the early adapters were self-proclaimed mlm building experts and really did not stay as soon as the money ran out.
    A classic example of an MLM being funded well but having no insight into the industry as to what it really takes to succeed, which is contribution, caring and a solid product, which ASEA seems to be, but it cannot be demonstrated, sampled or otherwise offer any immediate proof of ethicacy other than the new vocabulary of increasing your redox potential-whatever that means.
    I heard the pitch and my answer was: I heard what you said, but I didn’t understand a word of it.
    This pitch was delivered by one of the subsidized dearly departed who is already being paid by another company to build for them, and the beat goes on…

  177. If you don’t personally try this your missing out big time. make your own decision after 3 weeks. My family loves the stuff. We are amazed at the health benefits. If a placebo can improve 40 aspects of my health at the age of 55 then please make them all placebos. Thank you Asea and Thank you Ev Schnackenberg for introducing me to this miracle. Donna Bode

  178. I discovered Asea when my sister made me drink two ounces of it after a night of many many many bourbons. I did not have a hangover the next day. Not even a trace. Usually a hangover puts me in bed for an entire day. I wasn’t even tired. It was incredible. If anything, it’s worth $35 a bottle just for that. I have also been misting on my face for 5 days and it does feel softer. I kinda like Asea.

  179. Has anyone heard of a new product called Aira? The label says 79% nitrogen, and and 21% oxygen. It's supposed to be really good for you. All you have to do is buy these labels that you stick on your empty Asea bottles, put the caps back on, and voila, you can re-sell them all over again. Why stop at selling the second most abundant resourse on the planet, when you can sell the MOST abundant resourse!

    • ASEA has 33 patents. Only a few people will know the formula that is process in three days. Sooner or later you will come across someone that is using ASEA, and they can tell you their story on how it is helping them. Go to www. pubmed.gov and read up on signaling molecules. You will get over 8000 peer review articles.

      ***Yawn. Link to one peer reviewed article that mentions “ASEA”.***
      – Editor

    • if i go online i can find tons of peer reviewed articles that tell me saturated fats cause heart attacks, too… which they do not.

  180. @Rory Christian
    You must think you are hilarious. Have you even done any real research or listened to anyone who has actually taken the product? It works. First of all, the product has a 100% money back guarantee. Right there you can just try it for yourself and send it back if you actually dont see a difference in your health, which you probably will see a difference. Second, the ingredients are just salt and water, which, if you knew any science, is what all of our cells contain. The salt water stabilizes the redox signaling molecules that ASEA contains. Before criticizing people of lying and cheating others on something, do your research and try something out instead of just sitting back with your glass-half-empty attitude and actually do something. Some human beings actually do want to make a difference and help others out with their life and health is the best way to do it. Don’t jump to conclusions without backing it up.

  181. Hello all… My brother gave me his Kidney Nov 2003, a kidney transplant. I have been on anti-rejection medications for 8 years now. These drugs keep my immune system down so it will not attack my new kidney. Well, Since my transplant… I would usually get sick about twice a month in the Spring and Fall, and every other month during the other seasons. I have a 5 1/2 year old also that would bring germs home and I would catch something. I haven’t had much energy, I have been through different times of depression, have had hair loss which the doctors said could have been from stress. I have had insomnia and in general would have to make myself get up and do things in my normal day activities, especially with my 5 1/2 yr old. I started drinking 1 1/2 oz of ASEA in the morning and evening on November 2, 2011. My son had his tonsils out on Nov 2nd, and I was up and down with him at night for over a week… Usually I would have worn myself down and end up sick… As of today, Jan 5, 2012 I haven’t been sick at all, not even one day! This is no Placebo deal here… not with me! I wanted to drink ASEA for a while and just see what it would do for me… since I had heard of other people and their success! Here are MY benefits (each person/human body is different): I have not been sick in 2 months, more energy, my hair was falling out, and since ASEA it has grown back 1 1/2 inches, I can sleep all through the night, I started dreaming again… vivid dreams that I can remember now. My husband snores and now I sleep through it, never waking all night long, no more depression, and I have lost 5 pounds. I wasn’t trying… I have been working against ASEA! Not getting enough sleep, taking care of my special needs son… and not working out, or eating right… I know with the way I feel today, if I started doing the things needed normally for my body, and with ASEA… WOW, I will really have 10 times more energy!
    I just wanted to share…. I’m not looking for anyone to speak neg things over me, my story or ASEA. This is the TRUTH… If YOU haven’t “really” done it yourself, then don’t say a thing… Try it as I did… run a test on your own body. It is worth it all to me. God bless everyone reading this… I hope the OWNER of the Blog page reads my post and actually tries ASEA for himself…

  182. I think everything has different effects for different people. Just cuz it worked for one doesn’t mean it will work for another. And vice versa just because it didn’t work for you doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else. All this talk about salt and water and molecules is fine but calling each other names is pathetic. I had a rep call me and tell me its great for pets. I’m in the mobile pet industry and she’s trying to get me to buy some. Won’t be happeneing…

  183. I have no idea if it works. Got four bottles today to try it. I do believe in placebos as they work 40% of the time. I will do my best to measure my endurance during exercise and to take ASEA on a regular basis. I already drink lots of water as I live in Santa Fe, a high mountain desert so the extra water from ASEA won’t be a huge addition. I am a non believer by nature but have had my mind changed on more than one occasion. The reason for my trying it is it was used on a friend’s dog and the dog’s health improved. The dog is elderly and has arthritis. After 3 weeks the dog is almost spry! I saw the dog and asked what medicine it was on as it was acting much, much better. It was ASEA. The beauty of animals is they don’t know what you are giving them or what for! I will see what it does for me. Hopefully I don’t start acting like a dog..ha-ha.

  184. In response to this post, just a little chemistry research will help you understand that ASEA isn't salt water. The redox signaling molecules are in a saline (salt water) solution so the bottle lists salt and water as the ingredients.
    Have you ever ingested chlorine gas? Probably not. What about chewing on the highly explosive sodium metal? It you put a drop of water on it, it literally explodes. BUT, every single one of us every single day put the product of combining these two chemicals together. Sodium (Na) plus chloride(cl) equals NaCl or simply put, table salt. ASEA is a mixture of 16 chemically recombined products of salt and water with completely new chemical properties. It is no longer salt or water just like table salt is no longer chlorine gas or sodium metal. What is the most unbelievable is that ASEA is the ONLY thing man has EVER made that the FDA gave a 100% TOXICITY FREE rating to. It's safer than even purified water because it is made in the body, in every cell of your body.
    If you want to know more about the single most greatest scientific breakthrough of this century or the last, ask me. Educate yourself. This is not a supplement, a vitamin a drug or a nutraceutical. It is a category creator.

    • That makes zero sense to me. How can you be sure of the chemistry which supposedly makes this product a breakthrough? Where are the 16 chemically recombined products of salt and water listed in the ingredients? I've tried this, it tastes like pool water with table salt in it. The best part is Multi-Level Marketing/buy your own business/direct sales schemes are already disreputable, but when you have a product that is clearly a repackaging of snake oil it becomes downright hilarious.

    • Nolan Colburn Obviously you don't know what you are talking about!! First of all, the placebo effect does not pertain to animals. I, personally, know what it has done for dogs when prescription drugs from a veterinarian did not work. I've been taking Asea for close to 2 years and no longer experience joint pain, my energy level has increased, my allergies are almost nonexistent, no longer have eye "floaters", and more. I know many others who have benefitted who have severe ailments, were bedridden, extremely ill and have regained their health and life after ingesting Asea. The company can provide test results proving the effectiveness of Asea. Contact them and you will get the facts straight!

    • Oh yes, I am now an associate with Asea, however, I too was skeptical. After I realized my results (3 to 6 mos.) from using Asea is when I became an associate–NOT BEFORE.

    • Nolan Colburn – How long did you use ASEA? The free trial period is one month…did you taste it once or give it a fair trial of a month? I am still in that initial period but will not make a decision until it's over–seems to help me think more clearly.

    • well if the FDA gave it a 100% toxicity free than I am a believer… they always have our BEST interests at heart… not.

    • nolan colburn I see that you did not fully investigate or try to take asea at least a month. if you found out from your doctor and he give you your test report and said that you got some kind of inflammatory. you probably will take your doctor prescription to help you with your inflammatory. so, go ahead use your doctor's prescription. or order ASEA follow the instruction take ASEA daily. drink as soon you get up and drink before you go to bed. Sir Nolan Colburn, you do this for at least two weeks, but i recommend that you continue using ASEA for 90 days. just remember that every body body is different,which mean that when you or anyone can heal faster than other. O.K. Sir Colburn give it a try. or JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!

    • Nolan Colburn
      its not nearly as hilarious as your stache!

      But it did take my athma away.
      40 yrs of asthma, gone.
      ok its salt water. but what if i told you i could take water, and make one minor change to it, and create one of the most powerful things known to man. youd say, im crazy.

      Well 211 degrees, what do you have. hot water. right…
      one small change… heat it slightly more …what do you have 212 degrees. the temperature at which water boils. now, with that water, i can produce steam, and power a locomotive across the us, or a steamboat up the mississippi.

      ok asea is salt water, but is it really the salt water that you are thinking about?

      brandon olson

    • I've been on ASEA now for 2 months. If it were just salt water, I wouldn't be able to spray it on my skin and have my skin become soft, smooth, and wrinkle free. I also wouldn't spray salt water into my eyes, which I do every morning with ASEA. Salt water makes your skin tight and dry. Each morning and night when I spray my face, my skin is tight and moisturized. I simply have no more dry skin and I can see better at night. Not to mention that I haven't changed anything else and my auto-immune disease has also gone away, as well as the pain that came with it.
      You too can have these results, but you have to try it to see for yourself, that it isn't just salt water. http://www.well2day.teamasea.com

    • as a chemistry teacher, could you please just let me into the secret and tell me just one of those 16 chemically recombined products ? And if they are stable and recombined they should be listed on the ingredient list.

  185. I am a physician and researcher who has tested this product extensively. It is basically VERY EXPENSIVE salt water. That’s it. It may help relief symptoms of dehydration in a small % of people, but that’s about it. This is definitely NO magic bullet or cure and will NOT help most people. You will get the same effect mixing sodium chloride in filter water. We tested this cheap homemade solution and results were identical. Everything else is just marketing hype which is why MLM has such a bad reputation these days and can’t be trusted by the vast majority. Save your money and skip this one.

  186. Distilled water leaches minerals out of the body and we tested this product on 30 people over the period of several months. Every participant had an increase loss of calcium and potassium from the body. I fear that using this product will contribute to Osteoporosis and tooth decay, not to mention God knows what else as minerals are leached from the body. This product may in fact be hurtful and cause problems. I am a physician and researcher.

  187. A little chemistry research tells you that distilled water is H2O. Sodium chloride (NaCl) is nothing more than table salt. Mix them together and you get salt water. If there is something else such as a so-called redox signalling molecule in Asea, what is the chemical name and/or formula, and WHY ISN'T IT ON THE LABEL?

  188. My research seeking an independent source of theoretical or clinical research on the product turned up nothing. The medical and scientific journals sited in the advertisement aren’t really known to be an impressive collection of scientific journals by the scientific communities. If the product is good as it claims, I should have found a solid research studies in RESPECTABLE scientific journals. What are they?

  189. Redox signaling molecules is a term used for a huge variety of complex proteins. They are not salt or water. This product, it's pseudoscience and claims are a scam, plain and simple. Google scholar "redox signaling molecules" and you'll see the same thing.

  190. Since I don’t know diddly squat about how this works at the molecular level I’ll just say this, it works and there is absolutely nothing in it that can harm me. I started taking it on the advice of my sister, a wellness professional, for my blood pressure. I recently played 18 holes of golf for the first time in 2 years and not only did I not experience any fatigue from the 13th hole in, as I had in the past, but the muscles that should have been killing me, were only tender the next day!
    I also had a couple liver spots, one on my temple, and one on my forehead. I put the Asea on one and not the other and in 6 weeks it is almost completely gone. Plus my BP is almost back to normal.
    I also have seen two cases where patients taking Asea, along with their regular meds have had such good results that their doctors have checked out the product and are recomending it to their other patients.
    Don’t get hung up on how it works, Just take advantage of the fact that it does!

  191. Yes it’s true ASEA is salt water (less salt than a carrot). However it is molecularly restructured. You can not get it at the market, go to the ocean, or even have it at the hospital ( which BTW uses salt water to hydrate you via IV drip), these molecules are found only inside the body until now. This is breakthrough science. I am on it. I have a 2 very serious illnesses, and my doctors can see the difference in my labs. It will not cure you but….It will up your absorption rate so what you are taking i.e. meds and/or vitamins are more effective and utilized in the body. It will rid your body of toxins and pollution. It will help your body to reverse cell damage. It will make you healthier. It is non-toxic, stable, native to the body, chemical free and scientifically researched. It is endorsed by doctors and patented by the US governent.

  192. This Ty Tribble. Blogging author. Who does he think he is? He knows nothing of the clinical trials.

    So I chose to do my own research directly on the ASEA web site to prove this guy wrong.

    Here is what I found:

    Hmmm. I found nothing.

    Still I believe that Mr. Tribble is very wrong, even though there is no proof.

    Yes, I did find an older quote from Google Cache since the ASEA change the sites:

    “9. Have any clinical trials been conducted on ASEA™?
    ASEA™ is a nutritional supplement. Besides extensive safety and antimicrobial testing, no other studies have or must be performed.”

    Take that, Tribble. You are a loser and I am a winner in the Salt Water business.

  193. I think all patents are public domain. I have gone to several web pages in the past to review a patent. So, if there are patents they will available. Go to “http://www.uspto.gov/patents/index.jsp” to search for a patent.

  194. After being told by some of the best Pulmonologist at National Jewish, there was no more they could do for me, that I was at the end stages of my condition and that I did not have log to live, I did not look at ASEA as a business. Not having anything to lose I tried ASEA. After 62 days my Pulmonologist was amazed at my improvment. Today after 6 months my life has changed so drastically that I have become a distributer and that has also made a big change in my life. When you are smart enough to know the difference between ingredients and the result of the ingredients being changed by the process they undergo, then talk to me. ASEA has given me a quality of life thought impossible by people a lot smarter than you. Do your research before you make judgments.

  195. I have read several places this product has patents, but none are ever given, also I did go to pubmed and read the research on redoxing, enlightening but never a mention of ASEA…. where is the science on this product????

  196. I am a user of ASEA, and I love it! It has helped me tremendously with increasing energy, brain fog has lifted, balanced my moods, curbs my appetite, decreased my anxiety, and has given me more endurance for exercise. I also spray it on cuts, burns, scrapes, rashes, in eyes, ears, and nose and have noticed a faster healing response. I know this is not just salt water. I have tried many other nutritional products in the past and have never had a noticeable difference. It is redox signaling molecules that are communicators of our cells to detect, repair, and reproduce. It helps our body heal itself at the cellular level. A true health/science breakthrough. What I have noticed so far is everyone in this company have a heart and they are wanting to give people a better quality of life. Try ASEA and see what it does for you!

  197. Verdis Norton is the owner and founder of the company. His name is listed on the first page of the Patent Application Publication under “inventor”.

  198. Only thing i can say is i’m a kayaker and fish alot of tournaments untill my knees just couldnt peddle the hobie no more with out being in pain for a day or two after. 30 day’s taking asea and now i’m back and plan to win the next couple i don;t care if its science mumbo jumbo doesn’t add up. I just know it’s helping me and the doctors were givin me masking pills for the pain screwing up my liver. No placebo would cover that pain i felt. Sorry folks have to go with it works.

    • Richard, you wouldn’t be selling this product as well, would you? Always interesting how products are amazing and revolutionary when you have a financial interest in the sales.

  199. ASEA was prescribed by my ND, but since she has prescribed several bottles and it is, indeed, very expensive, she gave me a # to wholesale distributor. She is not gaining anything money-wise, as far as the results, I am willing to invest in it and see what happens. My ND is Dr. Riа Gilday, she is all over the net and she is know as a very reputable doctor. We’ll see what happens, I’ll keep you posted.

  200. Asea works for everyone of my friends and family who has tried it. Yes I sell it because I would feel guilty for not sharing the single greatest health breakthrough since penicillin.

    The patent numbers are at http://www asea.net There are also numerous studies that have been preformed on this product for as much proof as you want. The best test is to try it for 90 days and you be the judge if it works or not.


  201. I really like the ASEA product. Ive been on it for a few months and my asthma is gone! I have suffered from asthma for 40 years, one or two inhalers every month, 2-4 puffs every day. Asthma triggered by dust, laughing, exersize, walking, running, cold temps, smoke, allergens.
    Now nothing triggers it. Its incredible. I cant make myself get it. Im sure though if i stop taking asea, it will come back. Im not willing to try. Im loving life now. I bought asea at http:www.redoxhealth.net because they have single bottle samples there.

  202. The power of water. 211 degrees……. what do you have? Hot Water! ok, so make one small change.
    212 degrees, just one degree hotter, now what do you have? boiling water. you can now use that same water to power a locomotive across the USA, or a steamboat up the Mississippi river. All from one small change to the water. So in the case of asea, its the process that they put the salt water thru that makes it so incredible. I know it works, it ended my asthma! check the book on amazon for $3 its called "the greatest health breakthrough ever".

    • So know your name is Ben? I thought your name was Brandon…so interesting that Brandon also lives in the same town you do, New Braunfels, also interesting that this town is home to the person who owns REDOXHEALTH.net and that you both (supposedly) have been cured of your Asthma by ASEA.

  203. Yes, this Ty Tribble..He is the one who killed Jesus. Talking all this kind of trash like wanting to see proof and actual evidence. He is a loser and Necrash and I are winners in the Salt Water Business.


  204. And to my friend Jenny, I am also certain that this Ty Trible is loney and he have nothing better to do than to warn people about our wonderful salt water business.

    Of course, I am not sure what loney mean, but it sound like Ty Trible.

    Jenny and I are not loney, we will be masters of the salt water business together.

    This Ty Trible thinks he is so funny. Did you see what he said about Asea curing “soap in the eyes”?


    This Ty Trible have no idea what I big problem is soap in the eyes.

    Take this from Dr. Ahmad, it’s no funny business.

  205. i just thought id look to see what forums are saying about asea and i cant belive that the advocates for this product miracle water are talking shit about this dude ty’s character. he makes some valid points. though i do wish that asea is all itt says it is im skeptical as well. the power of placebo is incredible…. that has been studied

  206. I have used it myself for a couple of weeks, just out of curiosity (no having known diseases to cure). I got the impression that it DID actually improve my energy and strenght, but.. what about side effects? the brochure says no problems because the molecule is within us and our body already produces it, but the same goes with morphine, no problems in taking it, except that taking it will stop your own production, and you become an addict… Any risk of a similar effect? I understand that this stuff has not been tested or approved by FDA or any other sanitary authority across the world.

  207. So, this magical stuff somehow knows the difference between good chemicals (drugs) and bad chemicals (toxins.) Pretty amazing stuff!

    CassDecosta says:
    “It will up your absorption rate so what you are taking i.e. meds and/or vitamins are more effective and utilized in the body. It will rid your body of toxins and pollution.”

    Drinking more water will relieve a LOT of problems that we have, firstly because people are generally running at some level of dehydration. Secondly, drinking water will cause you drink less “other stuff” which also helps a lot of the problems people are causing for themselves.

    Anecdotal evidence is NO substitute for clinical trials and clinical studies.

    True, using this product won’t hurt you, but it WILL hurt your wallet… If you feel better using it, then go ahead. It’s your money. Trying to convince other people to use it just so you can fatten your wallet is immoral. There will ALWAYS be snake oil salesmen.

    You want to be healthy? Eat low carbs, oils, and fats, and lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Raw is better. The body is amazing, and if we would stop poisoning it, we’d be much healthier!

    Oh, and distilled water is NOT good for you, it’s actually BAD for you. It will take some of the trace elements OUT of your system when you drink it. Research it yourself, water that is TOO pure is NOT good for you…

  208. They forgot to list the most important ingredients: HYPE and BULLSHIT. These have been known to increase sales to granola-heads by up to 1000%!

  209. you guys are all the same! ty.. i appreciate you trying to uncover some kind of truth so i cant hate on you. but you others…… shame! its people who search for answers and question things that keep this world rotating. sheep who keep on saying yes, yes, yes.. and keep on believing without a hint of question belong in the bible belt without internet.. ever wonder how wild touch screen and wifi is? have you ever onced tried to find out wth this phenomena is?? if you havent its because youre a sheep! keep on buying things you dont need and keep on working and keep on wondering why youll never be able to retire.. ty.. i dont know what im even talking about anymore.. you people fry my brain with all this mlm stuff.. fanatics!!!

  210. NONSENSE….I went through the beginning of COSTLY and horrific biopsies and then stopped and started to do the ASEA treatments.I took the ingredients to others who are equated to science.They were amazed.I do not care to argue with you or prove anyting to you excrpt that my tumor in my jaw and neck is shrinking quikcly.So why try to find scams?CHECK OUT THE AMA AND PHARMA AND AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY SCAMS. And see who funds and walks hand in hand for self interests…This should be an endless research project for sure… Best wisehs:James Wilkinson

  211. The above linked patent describes a device that could make Asea. The device creates an electric field that drives the electrolysis of water, and upon addition of NaCl, there are many chemical species created through oxidation-reduction reactions. Such chemicals include bleach (hypochlorite), ozone, and reactive-oxygen-species (ROS). The device apparently overcomes problems with previous devices in that it avoids the generation of unwanted toxic compounds and that it produces a more uniform product. The concentrations of the chemicals attained by the device allegedly have antimicrobial activity as well as “enhance the immune system.”

    The patent is not proof that Asea works. The patent just states what the patent applicants claim they have done. There isn’t a drop of data on the effectiveness of Asea. The only thing presented are a couple of pictures of their device that could make Asea. IS THIS THE ONLY EVIDENCE ASEA HAS TO OFFER? (please, no testimonials)

  212. My colleague spray some on a hypertrophic scar and it seemed to mend. I have lots of body acne scars and hypertropic scars. I will buy a box and test it out. Will post results.

  213. i bought some of this stuff because a few of my family members tried it and claimed to have pretty good results with arthritis pain. i am extremely skeptical and never go for pyramid scams. when the stuff gets here i will post with any significant changes i may notice. i don’t have any ailments and am pretty young, active, and healthy. apparently it takes a couple weeks before you notice a difference. we will see. hope i can help a few people sort this out. get back to you as soon as possible.

  214. What are the benefits of Redox Signaling molecules?

    Helps in the preservation and restoration of healthy tissues and cells.
    When cells and tissues are damaged, by everyday living (sunlight, toxins, cuts, scrapes, exercise, infections, radiation etc.) they send out Redox Signaling messages for help. This starts a cascade of messengers that are quickly spread throughout the affected area where they call for action to start the healing process (blood supply is redirected, native antioxidants empowered and increased, DNA repair elicited, immune response initiated, inflammation, cell communication enhanced, regeneration efforts started, etc.). The healing process is a well orchestrated effort to either repair the damaged cells or cause the un-repairable cells to die and be replaced by healthy ones and thus restore healthy cells and tissue.
    Increasing the amount of balanced Redox Signaling carriers in your cells and tissues simply helps to make this whole orchestrated effort much more efficient. They “grease the wheels”, so to speak, making it more likely that cells are repaired and replaced much more efficiently. Healthy cells are more likely to be able to defend themselves, the immune system is more likely to respond correctly, intercellular communication channels are clearer and more efficient. The concept is elegant, these Redox Signaling carriers do not force the system to act or react differently than it already does. It simply clarifies the signals that help the immune response and healing process proceed as it should, and do so much more efficiently.

    Anti-aging benefits
    As we age, the healing process becomes less efficient. Cells and tissues that are damaged or inefficient are not repaired or replaced as efficiently. Gradually these damaged or inefficient cells divide and proliferate, taking over the healthy “young” tissue and causing the downward spiral that leads to aging and death. The cells and tissues are simply not as efficient as they used to be at doing their job.
    By Increasing the balanced mixture of Redox Signaling messengers that are already in the body this has the effect of making the defend, repair or replace mechanisms in the cells and tissues much more efficient: Damaged cells are more likely to repair themselves or die and be replaced by healthy neighboring cells, healthy cells are more likely to be able to defend themselves against infections, toxins, stresses, etc. In essence, cells and tissues are more likely to stay young and healthy.

    Powers up the cell’s antioxidant shields.
    Certain Redox Signaling molecules are used to recharge and activate the native antioxidants that protect healthy cells from oxidative stress and free radical damage. Your cells are already full of these native antioxidants, they are placed as barriers that protect the more sensitive parts of the cells, such as the DNA in the nucleus. Every microsecond, trillions and trillions of these antioxidants in every cell are doing their job to protect the every cell from oxidants. Oxidants are also natively produced as part of the normal metabolism of sugars that provides our cells with energy. As long as the mixture of Redox Signaling molecules is balanced, the antioxidants in the cells and tissues are easily able to defend themselves against such oxidants.
    Increasing the amount of balanced Redox Signaling molecules in the cells and tissues helps recharge and activate the native antioxidants that are already in the cells, making them much more efficient. This enhances the natural protection mechanisms of the cell, naturally, powering up the natural antioxidant shields that are already placed there for just that purpose, making the healthy cells and tissues more likely to be able to defend themselves.

    Tunes up cell’s communication channels.
    Every cell in the body MUST be able to communicate with its neighboring cells in order to function correctly. Communication channels exist that allow messengers to run back and forth between cells. These messengers actually program the DNA in the cells to act as it should in the environment where they live. The discovery of stem cells, that are programmed to act as heart cells or brain cells or whatever tissue they stick to, emphasizes how important these communication channels are. Redox Signaling carriers help move these messengers from cell to cell as well as sending the signals inside and between cells.
    An increase in the amount of balanced Redox Signaling molecules makes the cell’s communication channels more efficient. This is especially important when the tissues must respond to a stressor or invader. Quick and accurate response is important. Efficient communication channels make it more likely that the cells and immune systems will respond as they are designed to do.

    Optimizes correct immune system function.
    In order for the immune system to function as it should, a myriad of communication signals need to be carried between cells, signals that detect damage, signals that control blood flow and control inflammation, signals that activate the immune system response and help determine when, where and what the immune cells attack (and what they do not attack). The immune response is a coordinated effort that depends heavily on Redox Signaling and other types of signaling.
    Increasing the amount of balanced Redox Signaling molecules helps make the signaling processes between cells more efficient. With clearer signals, the immune system can operate with increased efficiency. This means that the immune system will be more likely to detect and attack threats that it should engage and less likely to attack healthy cells that it should not engage. This action tends to normalize the immune system function, if overactive it will help decrease its activity, if underactive it will help increase activity. In short, the immune system will tend to operate at optimal efficiency.

    Powers up aerobic performance.
    As the energy requirements of the cells and tissues increase during aerobic activity, oxygen and sugars in the blood must be able to be transferred from the lungs and energy stores into the muscle cells and tissues. Waste products like CO2 and excess lactates must be transferred out of the cells and tissues and back into the blood and out of the body. The efficiency at which the cells can move oxygen fuel and waste products back and forth through the blood and cellular membranes determines how long the body can sustain aerobic activity. When the oxygen and energy demands of the muscle tissues exceed the ability of the body to maintain adequate delivery, the muscle cells and tissues start to burn internal energy stores anaerobically (without the use of oxygen), waste products (CO2 and lactates) start to build up and further interfere with the aerobic processes. When the internal energy stores of the muscle cells are exhausted, no more energy can be provided and muscle activity ceases completely.
    Increasing the amount of balanced Redox Signaling molecules in the body helps normalize the Redox potential in and around the cells and tissues. A balanced Redox potential in the tissues increases the efficiency at which oxygen, fuels and wastes can be transferred in and out of cells and tissues, making the natural aerobic processes more efficient. If aerobic capacities are increased, then the natural length of time that aerobic activity can be sustained under high energy demands is also increased. The time that it takes to recover normal aerobic balance after an intense anaerobic effort is also shortened.

  215. The patents for ASEA can be found if you research MDI-P (the original name for ASEA when it was being developed by a pharmaceutical company.) Let me set the record straight on this product… The “saltwater” is indeed salt water. Don’t forget salt water is two words. The truth is is that the salt water in the product is what keeps the molecules stable. The molecules are not listed on the ingredients list because they can’t be. They are composed of about 3 atoms. Now to set the record straight on the science behind redox signaling (ROS) molecules; the company that was doing the research on MDI-P (now known as ASEA) spent about 9 years researching this coming out with quite a few press releases about how the product has “surprising anti HIV capabilities.” Now since this product is now under the “natural” category all the research that was conducted cannot be used to validate ASEA. The FDA says so. If you want to research ASEA don’t type ASEA into google. Type redox signaling and or ROS molecules.

  216. Much insight can be gained by considering the taste of ASEA. We are consuming the world’s first and only, native redox molecular supplement. Not surprisingly therefore, it has many special properties, some of which are reflected in its taste. Although most people find ASEA to be mild or refreshing, others may report the taste of something like “pool water,” or chlorine. These and other tastes are sensed predominantly through olfactory lobes and not by the tongue. Taste buds on the tongue respond to just four flavors: salty, sour, bitter and sweet. Much of what we commonly think of as taste is actually smell. Redox molecules in ASEA trigger olfactory sensation to the extent that our internal chemistry is deficient in redox molecules. Some people can detect the presence of hydrogen peroxide, for example, one of sixteen redox molecules in ASEA. This “taste” is actually a smell via olfactory sensation, and may simply indicate an imbalance in our own body chemistry. As we continue to consume ASEA, our experience with it evolves. The perceived flavor shifts toward a more bland water-like quality, as we gradually lose the ability to distinguish the presence of redox molecules. This happens when redox molecules are replenished within our olfactory lobes and other tissues. Our own body chemistry begins to approximate an optimal equilibrium of eight reductant redox molecules paired with eight oxidants. On a cellular level, this is the balance of health and youth that ASEA helps us to regain. How ASEA is Made: ASEA is made in Utah from municipal water that is highly purified using both reverse osmosis and distillation. The pure water is then combined with pure salt and allowed to cure, before undergoing a patented process that oxidizes and reduces the saline solution into the final product. During processing most of the chloride ions are integrated into redox molecules. Sodium ions are not effected and help to maintain electrical neutrality. Hydrogen and oxygen also contribute to the formation of redox molecules, but most of the water forms a matrix of clusters around the active redox molecules and ions. This micro-clustering further contributes to the stability and electrical neutrality of the product. The final product is no longer a saline solution. It is not salt and water. It is a balanced buffet of redox molecules. The raw materials have been transformed into a new product. Ingredients: Some people ask why redox Molecules are not listed as an ingredient on each bottle of ASEA. By comparison, when we look at the ingredients on a loaf of bread, we find flour, water, eggs, sugar, oil, yeast, etc. Nowhere on the list does it say “bread”. The raw ingredients have been blended and heated and forever transformed. You can no longer locate the eggs or oil that we know went into the process. It’s the same with ASEA. The beginning ingredients are salt and water. The finished product is something very different. Sodium Content: Typically, adults consume 4,000 mg of sodium daily. Restricted diets may be set to 1,500 mg. One piece of whole wheat bread contains 210 mg of sodium. ASEA contains 123 mg of sodium in 4 ounces, the standard daily allotment. Safety & Assimilation: ASEA is transparent to pharmaceuticals and neutraceuticals. It does not interact, interfere or conflict with anything else you are eating or taking. ASEA is not metabolized by our internal organs but is assimilated, like water, through simple diffusion. The redox molecules in ASEA, as in our cells, are composed of just four tiny atoms, or fewer, and are essentially the size of H2O.
    By Robertson Ward, MD FAAFP 7-1-11.

  217. HEY that's OK to disagree! I'm a nurse and in sincer honesty believe REDOX Signaling and ASEA are on the cutting edge of Health Care today. Look at PCN [ penicillin ] when it was a fungus when it was discovered how yuchy is that…ICHY! You TY are a MLM specialist..the go to guy for answers. I always use a specialist when I have something important to do..I want to learn so teach me about MLM.
    Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · 2 seconds ago.

    • Denell. I hope you got to try ASEA. Medical professionals like yourself can really help a lot of people with ASEA with your credibility and understanding. My life would be very different today had I not been introduced to ASEA a little over a year ago. Thanks for being a nurse and caring about healing and prevention more than sickness. In these times with healthcare as it is, it is time to control our own health and there is no better way to do it than with ASEA.

  218. My Asea Testamonial: by Dave Bachand 50 yrs old.
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

    Before I started my redox signaling treatment on Dec 27/2010 these were the health problems that I had been facing. Please know that I have a viral disease that leads to swelling (inflammation) of the liver and did the Riboviron & Pegetron experimental drug treatment for one year, with no luck and the meds left me with liver pain, kidney pain, dizziness, bleeding gums & nasal passages, sadness, panic attacks, high blood pressure, high heart rate, heart palpitations, yellowing in my skin and eyes, swollen lymph nodes, extreme shoulder & neck pain, feet and hip pain, fatigue, poor sleeping habits, extreme cold in all extremities, unable to regulate body heat, poor concentration, extreme irritability, no libido, breathing problems, joint pain, bad breath, hair loss, poor vision, prostate and bowel problems, constant cracking skin on my finger tips. I am not the only one that was left like that and I will not be the last!

    Within one week of using redox signaling, these things started clearing up (some faster than others) and I have had no signs for over 16 months of any of the above health issues. My family Doctor of 30 yrs and my chiropractor are so shocked about my recovery that they basically have wrote it off as the placebo affect. (Please)

    Ty…what miracle cream or life saving juice are you trying to protect. The science is real and the patents are secured for this technology. I have been to most of these sites for you people trying to protect your down lines for the product that you are selling and every last person runs away when we want to talk real science. Now….do your research on Redox Signaling and then I will explain the equipment and the chemical reactions that take place in order to reproduce these molecules. "GET A GRIP MAN".

    • Please google Gary L. Samuelson, Ph.D. in Atomic/Medical Physics from the University of Utah. He has published articles on the chemical reactions that take place. I am far from quilified to explain the reactions. The technology is real and the patents are secured and in place to back up Asea`s claims……even better……try Asea yourself !!

    • Dave Bachand So, you LIED about being able to explain these reactions in your original post-how can we trust ANYTHING you say, as you've admitted you are a liar?! Perhaps it is YOU trying to protect your up & down lines in ASEA? That's the problem with lying…looking at all your posts show that is the case-zero doubt. "Join US!"? You are the scammer-there MAY be real value; only an imbecile would want to get their products from a LIAR like YOU! Liars suck, con men /grifters are worse-u r both! :-)~~

    • Qwote:
      "Actually, it looks like this was originally being developed as a drug! That’s why there are all those tox studies. It seems the product was originally called MDI-P, and was being developed by a company called Medical Discoveries, Inc. They were supposedly planning to submit an IND to FDA and everything. You can pull up a summary of their safety studies here. That doc has embedded links to multiple full study reports.

      For example, there’s a rabbit study that says:

      MDI-P is a clear, colorless liquid generated from preservative-free and endotoxin-free, non-pyrogenic, sterile, injection saline by using a patented electrolysis device equipped with inert platinum/titanium-coated electrodes. It contains numerous highly reactive chlorine and oxygen species, including HOCl-1, OCl-1, Cl-1, Cl2,O2-1, H2O2, and O3.4[sic]. Previous studies have demonstrated that MDI-P has microbicidal activity against bacteria, yeast, and viruses.

      It also references a review by Baltch et al. (Am J Infect Control 2000; 28:251-257).

      Some Googling shows that the company trying to develop it as a drug essentially ceased to exist in 2007. I guess someone decided “To heck with science and FDA and drug approval – let’s just sell the stuff as a miracle supplement!” " sorce:http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/asea-another-expensive-way-to-buy-water/

  219. Three things here

    There is no doubt that the “science” surrounding redox therapy is compelling. I think the issue here is whetehr or not Asea actually represents that evidence. There doesn’t seem to be any way to verify the existence of the amazing 16 ingredients that are “perfectly balanced” sets of redox a & b it claims to posses. If it’s not on the ingredient label how can we know? Even if it just listed the ingredientas something like “proprietary blend” in a saline supension. But I’ve seen nothing that claims this.

    It may work. I don’t know. The only way to know is to try it or to have independednt tests done and reported on. But there seems to be a sort of fanaticism associated with those who have “bought” into this product that seems to be more akin to a fear of the business failing than of if the product works or not. The argument for the product here are filled with so many logic errors that any thinking person cannot possibly take them to be proof. Not to be too pinted but Ms. Paxman’s efforts while impassioned are poorly reasoned, much as if I sang the song “The Sun will come out” from the play “Annie” in order to explain the helio centric nature of the soloar system. They both mention the sun but the one does not prove the other in any way just as referencing the science does not proove the product actually contains anything related to it. Nor does the response from Redox Redoxhrvatska, have anything to do with it as I can drink alt water or sugar water of a particular strength and eventually not tast the added ingredient. That doesn’t mean it has any mysterious ingredient that my body finally got enough of. All it means is that I got used to the taste and now have to put more into it to tast it.

    What really bothers me is why can I not by it without becomeing an “associate”? I don’t want to sell cars I want to drive one. I don’t to sell corn or carrots or green bean or hamburgers but I go to the grocer to get some for me.

    Let me buy it for my own use without forcing to buy in to the “program”.

    Until they do that and allow their product to succeed or fail on the open free market, I find all the proof I need that the product is a fraud just like all those other MLM products out there that are watered down diluted over priced or plain false.

  220. Hey Ty,
    You are going to have to learn Spanish, Italian, Croatian, Irish and French now…so you can tell the people from the other countries that are using Asea now and are having positive affects that Redox Signaling ( Asea ) is not real….sounds like a losing battle…come and join the health revolution we all call *ASEA*.

  221. I guess I am always looking for the answer to health concerns, but when the ASEA conversation came about I wasn’t expecting it. I have been actively pursuing natural solutions without side effects and living in a food desert makes one feel often isolated because many don’t comprehend my concern with food-like products. So when given the opportunity to get a sample, I too was truly skeptical but am looking for holistic solution approaches to handling my families’ health concerns. My es-husband has allergies which have been passed to my elementary age children. We have been to Dermatologist, Pediatricians, Allergist and leaning towards whole foods. My children are allergic to peanuts, soy, shellfish, dust mites, cats, dogs, Bermuda grass, Timothy grass, and more. They also have dermatitis of the skin and either get nose bleeds or awake with this cough attempting to break up the phlegm.

    For the last several years I have been using every remedy and pill known to man to stop the itching and in the winter and spring the itching seems to be worse. Was told about ASEA and provided a sample from a friend that I respect but if something doesn’t work it doesn’t work. Because I feel I am on the right track, with my child that has the least amount of allergies there isn’t any scaring just itching on the back and legs but my other child is worse. We have been using this product as just a topical spray in the areas of concern and like I said, I didn’t expect much and didn’t tell my children much, just put it into the routine of what we have been doing and stopped the aloe for a few days.

    The doctors say it is either dry skin or in their mind, but I am the one that is having to deal with this daily routine. But the last few days have been blissful and at first I couldn’t figure out what was different. This morning I asked my children what is going on, I have been sleeping between my children so that I can minimalize the scaring of the scratching and listen for the congestion during the night on one and offering a rub instead of a scratch of legs and back on the other. It hasn’t happened the last few nights.

    They are sleeping through the night peacefully and not scratching themselves up during the day or night and the only difference that I have introduced in the last few months has been the ASEA. I am only about a week in but if I can continue to get a good nights sleep without sleeping between them so I am there for the itching, scratching and other symptoms that come from their allergies. I will be tracking the progress and if it continues, I am in. Do you know what it is like to be a single parent, living close to no family and not really getting a good nights sleep because I am constantly on alert for my children? The last week has been wonderful and if this keeps up, we will 1. Know that all so called Salt Water as you called is not created equal and 2. Because of its non side effects status, I will be totally in because man-made drugs don’t do that and, 3. I will be calling my brother to get his lab result opinion and 4. We will be an ASEA family. I also have a child in college with health issues and I am trying it on my own health concerns. None fatal, just apparent enough to be irritating. Thanking ASEA for the surprising benefits.

  222. I am not going to say that Asea has done a lot for me, but I will say this: I don't work out, but three days ago I rode a twenty four speed bike for almost 10 miles without stretching until the half way point. I stretched each leg for about fifteen seconds then got back on the bike and rode back to my hotel to return the bike to the owner. No pain from then til now. Also, my hip woke me up out of my sleep for months before getting on Asea. My wife hasn't complained to me about her sinuses and both my grandmother and mother have a lot to say that it has done for her.

    You can say what you want about the stuff being salt water, but all I know, I can't second your motion. I even revamped my website that I was selling my first novel on to write about the importance of cellular health and wellness.

  223. I began taking ASEA nearly two years ago. I do not sell (MLM) the product at this time, only use it, so I have no income to protect by trumpeting the product. If you understand chemistry at all and read up on the product it makes real sense. Those who want to disparage the product either haven't really tried it for any period of time or refuse to look at the science involved. It is not snake oil as one uninfomed gentleman proclaimed nor is it cure all. It is a product that can enhance your overall health at the cellular level, which is whole new concept in supplements. I don't feel the need to convince anyone if its benefits, because it works for me and that is good enough. My chronic nasa/sinus issues have been completely resolved, and my energy level has not been at this level since I was in my 30's and I'm now over 60. If it taste like pool water, then that is a signal as to how far your body is misalligned at the cellular level. The taste will neutralize as your body begins to improve to a younger cellular stage, which I believe time will show as this product gets broader usage. I encourage people to try it, as I believe it will lead to a healthier stronger being in just a few months. (please excuse my typing errors, and there are probably several!)

  224. I happen to be a firm believer of asea. My aunt brought it up to my family n without it a couple members wld of been dead by now. Im just saying believe what u will but it works it may taste like salt water but it works.

  225. Asea is the single greatest health breakthrough of our generation. I’ve seen too many personal testimonies of the people I love be changed with this product. It’s amazing!

  226. ASEA Metabolite Findings FAQ.

    Q. Who conducted this research?

    A. This research took place at the North Carolina Research.
    Institute, a collaborative entity involving seven.
    universities (Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, NC State, UNC.
    Charlotte, NC Central, NC A&T State, UNC Greensboro,
    Appalachian State). The research was led by the Appalachian.
    State University’s Human Performance Laboratory.
    under the direction of Dr. David Nieman. Dr. Nieman
    and his team of Ph.Ds. are renowned for their rigorous.
    research into the effects of supplementation on exercise.
    and exertion.

    Q. How was the research conducted?

    A. The research team selected 20 highly fit cyclists, then.
    randomized them into two groups of 10. Using doubleblinded
    techniques in which neither the athletes nor.
    the researchers knew which group received ASEA and.
    which received a placebo, one group drank four ounces.
    of ASEA each day for seven days, while the other drank.
    equal amounts of placebo. At the end of seven days,
    both groups undertook a 75-km cycling trial. Blood was
    drawn immediately before the trial, immediately after,
    and one hour after.
    After a washout period in which the athletes drank.
    neither ASEA nor placebo, the crossover portion of the.
    research took place. Again double-blinded, the original.
    ASEA group now drank the placebo for seven days, and.
    the original placebo group drank ASEA. At the end of the.
    seven days, both groups did the same 75-km cycling trial,
    and blood was drawn just as before.

    Q. What was used as a placebo?

    A. The answer to this question is extremely enlightening,
    especially if you’ve ever heard someone say that ASEA.
    is just salt water. In the research that was conducted by.
    the Human Performance Laboratory, the placebo was salt.
    water! In other words, the research compared ASEA to.
    salt water and found significant and substantial differences,
    so there is no way anyone can ever say that ASEA.
    is simply salt water.

    Q. What were the results of the research?

    A. The researchers expected to see some difference in.
    metabolite shift between ASEA and the placebo. However,
    they expected to see those shifts AFTER exercise, since.
    most researched supplements express metabolite shifts.
    due to the combination of supplement and exercise.
    To their surprise, they found that athletes who drank.
    ASEA experienced a significant shift in metabolites PRIOR.
    to exercise. In total, researchers found a shift in 43.
    metabolites simply from drinking ASEA, even before they.
    began to cycle. The results were so extraordinary that Dr.
    Neiman said, “When I saw it, I couldn’t believe it.”.

    Q. What are metabolites?

    A. Metabolism is the name we give to the chemical reactions.
    that take place inside our cells in order to sustain.
    life. Metabolites are the molecules that participate in our.
    metabolism cycles. They are very small molecules in the.
    blood that shift in response to supplementation and/or exercise.
    Metabolomics, the study of these metabolite shifts,
    is the very latest tool used by researchers to understand.
    what effects supplementation has in the human body.

    Q. Why was this shift in metabolites so surprising.
    to the researchers?

    A. In this research, 108 metabolites were mapped, and.
    so the first thing that caught the scientists off guard was.
    that a shift in 43 metabolites represented about 40% of.
    the total. When you consider that most supplements may.
    shift 10-20 metabolites, the sheer number of shifts was.
    enough to get the researchers’ attention.
    But even more surprising, these shifts occurred PRIOR to.
    exercise. Most supplements tested by the Human Performance.
    Lab express metabolite shifts AFTER exercise. In
    other words, most supplements cause metabolite shifts.
    when combined with exercise. ASEA, on the other hand,
    caused a major shift in metabolites even before the athletes.
    began cycling. Simply drinking ASEA caused these.

    Q. What do these metabolite shifts mean?

    A. The specific metabolite shifts in the athletes who.
    drank ASEA pointed mostly to a vast mobilization of free.
    fatty acids. Fatty acids are the main source of fuel for the.
    body, and they mostly come from fat stores in the body.
    known as adipose tissue.

    Q. Free fatty acids? Why is that significant?

    A. When anyone, athlete or not, begins to exercise, the.
    muscles need fuel. Initially, the fuel source for this physical.
    effort is blood glucose and muscle glycogen. When
    muscle glycogen is depleted, the body shifts to another.
    source of fuel: fatty acids from adipose tissue. The body
    converts triglycerides in adipose tissue into free fatty.
    acids, which “mobilizes” those fatty acids – puts them in.
    the blood stream for the muscles to use as fuel.
    What makes the research results so surprising is that even.
    before exercise – before using muscle glycogen to the.
    point of depletion – fatty acids are mobilized and ready.
    to use as fuel for the muscles. The body is being “primed.
    for exercise,” as one Ph.D. on the research team put it.

    Q. What effect does this have on muscle glycogen?

    A. The implication is that muscle glycogen is likely being.
    spared by drinking ASEA. While further research is being.
    done to confirm this, the ramifications are huge. Athletes
    take months to train their bodies to spare glycogen and.
    use fatty acids as fuel. And here it appears to be happening.
    simply from drinking ASEA.

    Q. What if I’m not an athlete? Does this research mean anything for me?

    A. The mobilization of free fatty acids is incredible news for athletes, but it also has meaning for the rest of us, as well. Once these fatty acids are mobilized, they will.
    be used by the body as fuel. They are the primary fuel.
    source for a body at rest. The body needs fuel simply to.
    stay alive, so the freed-up fatty acids will be burned no.
    matter what.

    Q. Does this make ASEA a weight-loss product?

    A. It is wrong to think of ASEA as a weight-loss product.
    Exercise is a weight-loss product. Proper nutrition is a.
    weight-loss product. But that said, one very clear conclusion.
    coming from the research is this: If you want to burn.
    more fat during exercise, drink ASEA.

    Q. I understand that the research also indicated.
    an increase in ascorbic acid. What does that.

    A. The research did show a spike in the body’s production.
    of ascorbic acid post-exercise, but it’s simply too.
    early to draw any conclusions about what this means.
    Further research will be done to learn more.

    Q. How does Redox Signaling tie into this research?

    A. Redox Signaling works on a cellular level, and its.
    primary functions ensure the ongoing vitality of our cells,
    including proper cell metabolism. Metabolites are the.
    “fingerprints” left behind during cell metabolism, an.
    indication of the chemical reactions that take place inside.
    the cell.
    This research helps reveal some of the effects of.
    the world’s first and only Redox Signaling supplement on.
    cell metabolism.

  227. More than 16 years ago a group of medical professionals, engineers, and researchers discovered a proprietary method for creating and stabilizing molecules native to the human body.

    Years later, the scientific research community began producing the science necessary to understand what this group had begun to discover.

    In 2007, Verdis Norton, the co-founder of ASEA™, who was for years associated in a leadership position with one of the largest and most successful corporations in the world, became acquainted with the ASEA technology and was immediately convinced that ASEA™ could be instrumental in changing the lives of thousands, if not millions of people.

    During a round of golf one day with James Pack, a friend and close associate, Mr. Norton discussed the ASEA™ technology, its unlimited potential, and his vision for the technology. Jim, well acquainted with Verdis’ strategic perspective and business sense knew immediately that the business would thrive. Right there on the green, Jim wrote Verdis an endorsement check and together, the partners acquired the technology and founded ASEA™.

    Once plans were set in place to market ASEA™ as proprietary technology, a medical physicist and PhD, was engaged to begin conducting additional research on the Asea technology. This research has helped develop a better and more comprehensive understanding of the role of reactive molecules in the body and how Asea functions to support fortify healthy cells.

    ASEA™ is a patented product, based on proprietary technology that has been studied, tested, and proven beneficial for cellular health and immune system supplementation. The patented process formulates a unique and amazingly effective product that boosts the immune system and promotes cellular balance.

    The end result is a more energetic and better feeling you!

  228. I saw my sister in law yesterday for the first time in months. She had been almost bedridden then, weak, hardly moving out off her easy chair. She told me that she had been taking ASEA Redox and was feeling fantastic, lots more energy, and had no intention of stopping its use. She loved it. I read Aaron Murakami's article on Redox Signaling Molecules completely. I thought, Hmmmm, just water. However, after reviewing Dr Emoto's research on water, I would highly recommend it, based on my own research, and family reports.

  229. Its a no-brainer to figure out that what the body needs is whole raw organic food, period. Not the end-all, but let’s get real, we keep putting out attention on the next new cure and really, what’s available is organic, bio-dynamic, raw food. Its addiction and ignorance that keeps us charged into the world of science and made up woo woo products. Don’t worry, I won’t be checking back on this blog. I got here because someone in the company sent a LinkedIn invite to me, I’m not interested.

    • I watched this happen with this lady…now she is sharing Asea with the people she loves the most. Have you ever heard of someone running around telling other people that they should take any kind of pharmacutical drug ??

  230. Human stupidity amuses me… This "modified salt water" is worthless and can be made in the comfort of your own home, patent or not. There are plenty of other ways to ingest this "new and improved" salt water concoction and get more nutrition out of these other ways for WAY cheaper and WAY healthier!

    People have no idea how to properly take care of themselves anymore and will spend anything to lose weight or "improve" their health and it's so pathetic… welcome to the end of the world!

    • Dear Kiala,
      It is sure easy to be a arm chair critic no matter how stupid it makes "YOU" look !!
      Good thing there are double blind studies proving what the people that are "actually using" Asea are saying…Asea works !

      ASEA Double-Blind Study FAQ

      Q. Who conducted this ASEA Double-Blind Cross-Over Study?
      A. This research took place at the North Carolina Research Institute, a collaborative entity involving seven universities (Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, NC State, UNC Charlotte, NC Central, NC A&T State, UNC Greensboro, Appalachian State). The research was led by the Appalachian State University’s Human Performance Laboratory under the direction of Dr. David Nieman. Dr. Nieman and his team of Ph.Ds. are renowned for their rigorous research into the effects of supplementation on exercise and exertion.

      Q. How was the research conducted?
      A. The research team selected 20 highly fit cyclists, then randomized them into two groups of 10. Using doubleblinded techniques in which neither the athletes nor the researchers knew which group received ASEA and which received a placebo, one group drank four ounces of ASEA each day for seven days, while the other drank equal amounts of placebo. At the end of seven days, both groups undertook a 75-km cycling trial. Blood was drawn immediately before the trial, immediately after, and one hour after. After a washout period in which the athletes drank neither ASEA nor placebo, the crossover portion of the research took place. Again double-blinded, the original ASEA group now drank the placebo for seven days, and the original placebo group drank ASEA. At the end of the seven days, both groups did the same 75-km cycling trial, and blood was drawn just as before.

      Q. What was used as a placebo?
      A. The answer to this question is extremely enlightening, especially if you’ve ever heard someone say that ASEA is just salt water. In the research that was conducted by the Human Performance Laboratory, the placebo was salt water! In other words, the research compared ASEA to salt water and found significant and substantial differences, so there is no way anyone can ever say that ASEA is simply salt water.

      Q. What were the results of the ASEA Double Blind Cross Over Study?
      A. The researchers expected to see some difference in metabolite shift between ASEA and the placebo. However, they expected to see those shifts AFTER exercise, since most researched supplements express metabolite shifts due to the combination of supplement and exercise. To their surprise, they found that athletes who drank ASEA experienced a significant shift in metabolites PRIOR to exercise. In total, researchers found a shift in 43 metabolites simply from drinking ASEA, even before they began to cycle. The results were so extraordinary that Dr. Neiman said, “When I saw it, I couldn’t believe it.”

      Q. What are metabolites?
      A. Metabolism is the name we give to the chemical reactions that take place inside our cells in order to sustain life. Metabolites are the molecules that participate in our metabolism cycles. They are very small molecules in the blood that shift in response to supplementation and/or exercise. Metabolomics, the study of these metabolite shifts, is the very latest tool used by researchers to understand what effects supplementation has in the human body.

      Q. Why was this shift in metabolites so surprising to the researchers?
      A. In this research, 108 metabolites were mapped, and so the first thing that caught the scientists off guard was that a shift in 43 metabolites represented about 40% of the total. When you consider that most supplements may shift 10-20 metabolites, the sheer number of shifts was enough to get the researchers’ attention. But even more surprising, these shifts occurred PRIOR to exercise. Most supplements tested by the Human Performance Lab express metabolite shifts AFTER exercise. In other words, most supplements cause metabolite shifts when combined with exercise. ASEA, on the other hand, caused a major shift in metabolites even before the athletes began cycling. Simply drinking ASEA caused these shifts.

      Q. What do these metabolite shifts mean?
      A. The specific metabolite shifts in the athletes who drank ASEA pointed mostly to a vast mobilization of free fatty acids. Fatty acids are the main source of fuel for the body, and they mostly come from fat stores in the body known as adipose tissue. Q. Free fatty acids? Why is that significant? A. When anyone, athlete or not, begins to exercise, the muscles need fuel. Initially, the fuel source for this physical effort is blood glucose and muscle glycogen. When muscle glycogen is depleted, the body shifts to another source of fuel: fatty acids from adipose tissue. The body converts triglycerides in adipose tissue into free fatty acids, which “mobilizes” those fatty acids – puts them in the blood stream for the muscles to use as fuel. What makes the research results so surprising is that even before exercise – before using muscle glycogen to the point of depletion – fatty acids are mobilized and ready to use as fuel for the muscles. The body is being “primed for exercise,” as one Ph.D. on the research team put it.

      Q. What effect does this have on muscle glycogen?
      A. The implication is that muscle glycogen is likely being spared by drinking ASEA. While further research is being done to confirm this, the ramifications are huge. Athletes take months to train their bodies to spare glycogen and use fatty acids as fuel. And here it appears to be happening simply from drinking ASEA.

      Q. What if I’m not an athlete? Does this research mean anything for me?
      A. The mobilization of free fatty acids is incredible news for athletes, but it also has meaning for the rest of us, as well. Once these fatty acids are mobilized, they will be used by the body as fuel. They are the primary fuel source for a body at rest. The body needs fuel simply to stay alive, so the freed-up fatty acids will be burned no matter what.

      Q. Does this make ASEA a weight-loss product?
      A. It is wrong to think of ASEA as a weight-loss product. Exercise is a weight-loss product. Proper nutrition is a weight-loss product. But that said, one very clear conclusion coming from the research is this: If you want to burn more fat during exercise, drink ASEA.

      Q. I understand that the research also indicated an increase in ascorbic acid. What does that mean?
      A. The research did show a spike in the body’s production of ascorbic acid post-exercise, but it’s simply too early to draw any conclusions about what this means. Further research will be done to learn more.

      Q. How does Redox Signaling tie into this research?
      A. Redox Signaling works on a cellular level, and its primary functions ensure the ongoing vitality of our cells, including proper cell metabolism. Metabolites are the “fingerprints” left behind during cell metabolism, an indication of the chemical reactions that take place inside the cell. This research helps reveal some of the effects of the world’s first and only Redox Signaling supplement on cell metabolism.

  231. The water is just a carrier for the Redox signaling molecules. I suspect that it’s more about physics than it is about chemistry. There’s way too much focus on the “salt water”. It’s interesting that the double blind study used salt water as the ineffective placebo but the nay-sayers like to overlook this fact. Read the study.

  232. Dr Potrzebie … docs are the greatest They drive people into my arms each and every day. Stick to what you’re good at …. sickness care and pharmacology.

    Your myopic viewpoint on the MLM business model doesn’t go far enough. If you believe that corporations have more legal and ethical rights to supply chain opportunity, I’m sure hell has a place for you. However, if you believe otherwise, then it will relieve you to know that networking models are creating a “rounder world”, one dimension at a time in the name of breaking from hierarchy and into holographic equilibrium. People who understand multi-dimensional database programming can explain this to you.

    Greed is actually a relative concept that can be represented by structure. The age of information allows us the affordability to wean out the “greed factor” which is represented by an apex.

    I suspect that I may be trying to pour new wine into an old wineskin in which case I apologize.

  233. I have to say that it doesn't really matter whether you are a researcher, scientist, chemist, medical professional, whatever it is that you do, here is how I see it. Let's look at how our health is measured today, blood tests, urine tests, x-rays, MRI's, PET scans, you name it. Wouldn't you agree that this is the process we use today? Of course it is. Doctors prescribe drugs based on the numbers shown on these tests. When the only thing that a person has done differently is add ASEA to their daily routine and the above test are showing improved numbers, you would now have to say that the test the Medical Community have been using to measure how healthy our body is or is not, for all these years, has been a scam. Come on, you know that's not true. Doctors of some ASEA users have kept their patients on the same drugs for 30-60- even 90 days after taking ASEA and their numbers kept getting better and better that many of them are no longer having to take their medicines, which by the way some have been on for 10 years or more. Tell these Doctors and patients that ASEA is just salt & water. Doctors are seeing so many changes in their patients that some are now telling other Doctors about ASEA. On Sunday mornings at 9:30 CST on FOX there is a show called “House Calls” with well know Doctors. The show that aired yesterday 6/10 talked about how they are trying to get the FDA to lower the time a new drug has to be tested before they can prescribe it. These new super drugs are for cellular communication. They were saying that they believe this new science is the future of our health. CELLULAR COMMUNICATION. HELLO! ASEA is the first non drug, 100% safe, non-toxic, native to the body product, that you don't have to change anything you are currently doing, to see improved health benefits and it is affordable to everyone, in fact, they pay you to pass on the message, so that the product doesn't have to cost you anything and you get to put extra money in your pocket as well. Isn't that exactly what the Pharmaceutical Manufactures do for the doctors that prescribe YOU the drug? This is ok for them to do, but not you? If the FDA rushes approval for a synthetic pill or injection that only medical doctors can disperse…you are no better off than before…can't afford health insurance and certainly can't afford the drug to help you. As for the taste, tell me one thing that taste good, that is good for you! Until you have given it 90 days just like most prescriptions that Doctors put their patients on based on the test numbers, don’t be afraid of ASEA, embrace it. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Want to see what Redox Signaling is doing for the body? Dr. Gary Samuelson, Ph.D., Atomic Medical Physicist explains it the best on his blog http://www.aseascience.blogspot.com.

  234. What a bunch of bullshit. This is just the next nutritionaless supplement scam, just like Acai. You people are morons, have fun making your quick bucks until everyone forgets about Asea and you have to go back to selling Avon or whatever it is you people do.

    • It doesn't bother you that your product and business model revolve around a placebo effect? Get real. And no, I've never been "disappointed in some previous endeavor" as I have never bought in to any of these pyramid schemes or seminars or any other form of nonsense. Good luck with your confidence scam…oh I mean, "marketing".

  235. The one thing missing from this debate is randomised, controlled, double-blind, crossover studies showing that this scammy product has any significant health benefit whatsoever.

    Testimonials and placebo effects are a dime a dozen.

    The science may be valid, but that doesn’t mean this product is!

  236. I have been in the network industry for 37 years and have seen every miracle product known to man. I agree with Christine. You MUST have controlled, double blind studies performed by independent laboratories. Testimonials mean absolutely nothing.

    If you want real medicine, go to the rainforest in the Amazon and experience real healing.

  237. The double blind study was done, with 12% increase. The most import discovery of redox signalling molecules will help heal like we are young, will help with endurance like we are young, I found out for myself.. thank you ASEA

  238. My Dad has been taking ASEA now for a few months and we have all noticed a huge difference with him. He suffers from stomach and esophagus problems and before taking ASEA was unable to eat meats like chicken, steaks etc. The ASEA has done something as he is now back eating meats without any bad reactions.

    I have to be honest I did have a look around the net to see what other have thought and there is much more positive talk than negative.

    I’m gonna get myself a box and join the ASEA revolution!

  239. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redox

    If you can understand this maybe you can see what the heck this asea is. I did find this information and probably will never use or recommend this product, too iffy. Seems more like a scam on sick people. But, if they think it works it will for a while. Be more informed. Most of the comments on here are from people selling this asea product, it seems that they just copy and paste what is on the main website. Giving no real information about the product nor the process in which it is made.

    Redox (reduction-oxidation) reactions include all chemical reactions in which atoms have their oxidation state changed. This can be either a simple redox process, such as the oxidation of carbon to yield carbon dioxide (CO2) or the reduction of carbon by hydrogen to yield methane (CH4), or a complex process such as the oxidation of glucose (C6H12O6) in the human body through a series of complex electron transfer processes.

    Fundamentally, redox reactions are a family of reactions that are concerned with the transfer of electrons between species. The term comes from the two concepts of reduction and oxidation.[1] It can be explained in simple terms:

    Oxidation is the loss of electrons or an increase in oxidation state by a molecule, atom, or ion.
    Reduction is the gain of electrons or a decrease in oxidation state by a molecule, atom, or ion.

    Although oxidation reactions are commonly associated with the formation of oxides from oxygen molecules, these are only specific examples of a more general concept of reactions involving electron transfer.

    Redox reactions, or oxidation-reduction reactions, have a number of similarities to acid-base reactions. Like acid-base reactions, redox reactions are a matched set, that is, there cannot be an oxidation reaction without a reduction reaction happening simultaneously. The oxidation alone and the reduction alone are each called a half-reaction, because two half-reactions always occur together to form a whole reaction. When writing half-reactions, the gained or lost electrons are typically included explicitly in order that the half-reaction be balanced with respect to electric charge.

    Though sufficient for many purposes, these descriptions are not precisely correct. Oxidation and reduction properly refer to a change in oxidation state — the actual transfer of electrons may never occur. Thus, oxidation is better defined as an increase in oxidation state, and reduction as a decrease in oxidation state. In practice, the transfer of electrons will always cause a change in oxidation state, but there are many reactions that are classed as “redox” even though no electron transfer occurs (such as those involving covalent bonds).

    “Free radical reactions are redox reactions that occur as a part of homeostasis and killing microorganisms, where an electron detaches from a molecule and then reattaches almost instantaneously. Free radicals are a part of redox molecules and can become harmful to the human body if they do not reattach to the redox molecule or an antioxidant. Unsatisfied free radicals can spur the mutation of cells they encounter and are thus causes of cancer.”

  240. Double blind studies are done all the time with pharmaceutic drugs. Side effects are ignored and the product goes to market anyway because it is making some big company a lot of money. Not sure I want to place my trust in such studies. I would much rather talked to people who have used the product.

    • Translation: I would much rather talk to people who in neck deep in the placebo because their mind is clouded about making money with salt water instead of trusting facts.

  241. Ya know, I think I saw one of those scams a short time ago. Let’s see, I think the name of the company was Ford Motor Co. Yeah it had all kinds of levels like salesman, lot mgr., sales supervisor, and district mgr. regional director, vice president of sales, pres., CEO and chairman of the board. And I know everyone of them made a killing off that overpriced car I bought.

    And I had a Dr. tell me that ancidotal evidence was a bunch of rubbish. My retort was that he practiced it every day. He would write me a prescription and then tell me “if that doesn’t help come back in a week and we’ll try something else”.

    Also we are all unique. Sometimes so called miracle drugs can be dangerous. My wife gave me a scare of my life before we found out she is allergic to the cillins.

    A close friend of ours has been essentially bed ridden for some time and she feels that ASEA has moved her out of the bed and into a life that she is enjoying again. And she has seen other friends of hers have similar results. Reckon we’ll try it. Even if it is the placebo effect we’ll take it.

  242. Ty and Christine Sutherland, ASU-NCRC Human Performance Lab in North Carolina did double blind cross over studies on Asea and were astounded. They are still studying the product but have released their initial findings. This university has a great reputation and it was earned by their very diligent research. They cannot be bought. Here is a link to the results.
    Here is a link to their website and you can google to find out how many scams they have been involved with. None.
    Get back to me after you do another 30 minutes of real research.

  243. Dr Kevin Campbell, I don’t know what kind of Dr you are but I’m guessing not medical. People who need to heal, would not be up for a trip to the Amazon. They most likely would end up with Malaria from the mosquitoes. The jungle is not a friendly, healing place. It’s also not cheap. I figure I can buy over 20 years of Asea for the same price as a trip there. Perhaps you confused Asea with the Acai berry from the region in which case you didn’t even understand this article. I find it hard to believe you have 37 years experience in the industry when you didn’t even do enough due diligence to make an intelligent comment. The professional network marketers I know give new companies and products at least a few hours of their time because they understand some companies will make it and some won’t. For you or anyone who has had success in the industry, contact me on Facebook as you may qualify for an all expense fly in to Salt Lake City to fully investigate Asea.

  244. Stuart Hamilton Hamiltons Gym Obviously Your Comment comes also from not trying the product I Assume and It is Funny how people Call things Scientific Mumbo Jumbo when they Don't Understand them.

    If It Is not for you then that Is fine but a lot of people are seeing great Results with It

    So Let people Make there Own Decisions and As a preferred Customer you get an empty Bottle Money Back Guarantee so Everything to gain and Nothing to lose.

    I am Guessing at your Gym You do Not offer This Guarantee On your supplements you sell ?

  245. I became interested in this because it sounded familiar to me. I have been making ‘sole’ from Himalayan Salt Crystals. I read a lot of information about the saturated salt water and the body’s ability to use it more readily than just plain water (which is good for you). The body is made of salt water and therefore your cells are more apt to use the sole. Please advise me as I am taking one teaspoon of the sole each morning on an empty stomach. Thank you.

  246. I do not understand science, but whether it works or not, it does sounds a little scary to me. I met somebody who was selling this product and gave me a link to Asea. Even though he told me that there is no comparison to the old himself since he has been using the product: brain works sharper, body heals faster and just himself overall feels so much better, I could not trust it. His hands were terribly shaking, though he tried to cover it well, he was not doing well. I really do not know what the reason was for him to be that way, but it reminded me of the mother in “Requiem for a dream”, who is fooling herself by taking lots of drugs that make her feel better.

    Please do not get me wrong, I have no knowledge or experience to support or criticize Asea, but I have a feeling sometimes scientific breakthroughs do happen as it was mentioned like penicillin, but I have friends who were advised to take scientific breakthrough smelling pills regarding cancer that proved not to be successful in the end.

    The only thing that is possible to be true, but definitely sounds very interesting is how Dave (working for ASEA), having “liver pain, kidney pain, dizziness, bleeding gums & nasal passages, sadness, panic attacks, high blood pressure, high heart rate, heart palpitations, yellowing in my skin and eyes, swollen lymph nodes, extreme shoulder & neck pain, feet and hip pain, fatigue, poor sleeping habits, extreme cold in all extremities, unable to regulate body heat, poor concentration, extreme irritability, no libido, breathing problems, joint pain, bad breath, hair loss, poor vision, prostate and bowel problems, constant cracking skin on my finger tips”, but after just one week of using Asea, all of this started to clear up and all is past. I may be very narrow minded and it truly is a breakthrough of a caliber I cannot grasp, but I am not going to lie, it does sounds a little too good to be true.

  247. I have used ASEA for over two years now with positive results. I tried to market it at first, but the marketing formula is not a good one. The product is a remsrkable scientific development. I would go so far as to say that within the next 15 years it will be widely known for its health benefits, especially to those who exercise often, or are professional athletes. It doesn’t matter to me what the cynics say, I know what it has done for my wife and me and am convinced time will prove it to be a significant health product. You should all try it for 3-6 weeks and remain objective before assessing its value, you will probably be surprised just as we were.

  248. This must be a private blog? Why wont you take my posts? Again just turn the bottle it has Redox Signaling Molecules in it, reseach it if you what google is? 17+ years of research.

  249. Ty i would love a chance to talk to you about ASEA, We have a powerfull team!! ASEA hits all 4 trends and it is a product that produces results very quickly and really helps people. Its not a vitamin or a juice it stands alone and will be a houshold name in a couple of years! ASEA is not just about the money but mot importantly about helping people! Please call if you have questions 208-890-9509 or email redoxcellbooster@gmail.com


  250. I tried ASEA it’s good but melatonin is much better and cheaper. I’m quadriplegic. After 10 years taking melatonin,I’m recovering my mustles. My blood analysis shows that my constants are one of a young men. This is a proof. not blabla.

  251. Hojla!

    I don’t know about ASEA, never heard before, sound like another USA scam, BUT i really don’t care about if this is another MLM pyramid marketing scam, i just want to know if ASEA is good for anything?

    Does is work? And don’t be loud those who haven’t tried it…shut up…speak those who are been drinking it for over, i don’t know, 3 or more months?!?! The rest of the folks are just shaking the mist and make everything more unclear and the facts are moving into the shadow.

  252. So often I hear things like ASEA can not be for real! Oh, it is not natural…oh God did not make that!! Oh, really God made your cells out of salt and water! I am sorry, but anyone bad mouthing ASEA based on the ingredients or just ” their opinion” needs to educate themselves first on what redox signaling molecules are in the first place. It is the FASTEST growing science today!! It took God 6 days to create everything you see….it took mankind 6000 years to stabilize the redox signaling molecules in your body. What was once considered impossible is NOW possible! Now about the salt water controversy — Your cells are made up of water and salt….duh…and every time you cry or sweat – what do you taste? SALT! My husband was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in Oct 2011. He was told he had to have surgery, 5 weeks of chemo, and radiation….he investigated more into those things and said NO WAY!! First of all it is EXPENSIVE!! $400.00 a day for just chemo!! Secondly the body can heal itself…if you do the right things!! So, he first of all went VEGAN and removed all junk out his diet! Then he was introduced to ASEA…he took a LOADED amount which is more than the daily recommended amount…but you are allowed to do this “if” you have compromised health issues. ASEA is native to the body…meaning it is already going on in your cells. It is NOT toxic…and many tests have been done to prove this. For instance – When you eat blueberries, your body is not made out of blueberries….oh, they are nutritionally good for you but ASEA is NOT nutritional…it is cellular!!! It replaces, renews and repairs your cells on a cellular level!! It also detects what is wrong and repairs it!! That goes for ALL diseases…all sickness starts on the cellular level!!! All health starts on the cellular level!!! *****Many athletes are taking it….and it is approved by the Olympic Association because it is NOT a drug!! It can not hurt you!! People with all kinds of conditions are seeing amazing life changing results from ASEA….see the link below. Just know that ASEA cures nothing…but what it does DO is causes your 75 trillion cells to work more efficiently therefore allowing the body to heal ITSELF!! Now, as far as my husband goes, all his symptoms have gone away, and his 2nd CAT scan results came in June 2012, the cancer had stopped growing and it shrunk from 8mm to 6mm. Does not sound like a lot but the oncologist said in the medical world this is HUGE!!!…and all his blood work results keep coming back good as well…..so until your try it, do not knock it!!! Why do you trust the pharmaceutical companies with your health? All they care about is your MONEY!!! And how many times have you listened to all the side effects of the drugs? Seriously…..I do not want them!!! I CARE ABOUT YOU and YOUR HEALTH!!!!!!and whether you hear about ASEA from me or someone else…is not what matters….just give it a chance…educate your self on what it is NOT!! And what it is!! ASEA is backed by science and many studies…go research it and you will find out the truth!!

  253. When the FDA approved and is so good, why did not use heal in medicine, why should betray this MLM? Looks like ASEA is better than any other. So we no longer need to worry that we will patients. Here is the miracle.!!! (( max. one year and everyone will be healed, whatever that eat natural vitamin ,minerals ect…or not ! How believe this is true ???

  254. My People are destroyed for their lack of knowledge, because they reject knowledge! Hosea 4:6 From the Bible !

    ASEA is the answer to our Health,..no wonder the pharmaceuticals offered Billions! to stop this! You should research a bit further my friend, before you say anything. But I do challenge you to try it and write down the changes in a week or two! Everybody that takes Asea only has positive experiences! humm…. I wonder why!

  255. Sounds like a lot of sales people on here trying to get people to buy ASEA with no real information. Luckily I am not that easily fooled. So far research has shown it to be a scam. Sorry people but it has.

  256. Here’s the test: Drop a spoon of salt into a bottle of water. Take daily. After one month are you feeling better? Why pay $150? There’s a clue in the name ASEA -i.e. A Sea

  257. I was one of the orginators of the scientific term “Redox Signaling”. Pretty much everyone in the legitimate field is angry at how ASEA uses this term falsely as part of a MLM scam. E.g., the way they use “Redox signaling molecules” makes no sense, tho it sounds pretty scientific to the rubes. As others have noted, their entire marketing pitch is so much mumbo-jumbo

  258. Norman colburn you have proved that you are full if got air by your comments especially the one about mlm etc. go and post about something that you know aboutetc etcetc. go and past about

  259. All I can say is you need to do your due diligence and research the science before you start bashing Asea ! I think it is very normal to be suspect of such a simple concept…..because as humans we want it to be complicated. Simply said by my daughter who is a nurse and is currently using Asea on her 4 month old for reflux( after a prescription med did NOT work)”you can suggest to an adult it might work , but a newborn doesn’t know that” …well guess what it is working after 1 week!!!…so explain that ? My entire family is getting amazing results…I am off all meds ( some for over 15 years)…explain that please????Just remember the day you heard about ASEA..it WILL change healthcare…I can’t imagine my life withour ASEA :):)..lifechanging!!! Please check out the metablolites study done @v Appalachian University in Boone by Dr David Nieman…..this is real folks !!Anythinf with cells will benifit from this ..even animals ! Don’t knock it until you try it 🙂

  260. I love what I take and have shared for 18 years. 28 published research papers…..3rd party, peer-reviewed, cross-over… doubled blind studies. No wondering… just an easy way to bridge the gap in our daily nutritional intake. Life is already too complicated… I love knowing what I take is simple and proven. : )

  261. we shouldn’t be too concerned about these idiots who just like to shoot off their mouths. If EVERYBODY takes ASEA, stays healthy and really slows down their aging, then this old world may get too crowded. So…we should just leave them alone, let them get sick, grow old and die and help out with this problem. As for the remarks on the MLM part of it, while they are still here (taking up space on our dear old mother earth) well…we will need people to work in factories, build roads, you know, do all the work while we healthy asea distributors go to the beach. I know this sounds a little harsh and sarcastic but these people really make me mad. and there is an old saying “you reap what you sow (or say). by the way, I’m 73 and feel like I’m 35. I was a gymnast and can once more do a one minute handstand, a backhandspring and I’ll have a one-handed handstand by my next birthday. see all you healthy guys on the beach –I’ll be doing handstands and tumbling on the beach. I feel so INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL, HEALTHY AND ALIVE!!!!!!!!

  262. I took asea for just a few months orally and also sprayed it topically. I did notice a slight change in my vision (i was keeping my eyes open while spraying it onto my face). I did not notice any other changes other than a huge one, which was my acne. I have moderate acne. I would spray it three times a day onto my skin and it was absolutely flawless! I loved it. As soon as I stopped using it, my skin reverted right back to how it was before in a matter of weeks along with my vision. It didn’t cure anything in the short time I used it but man did it treat the heck out of my symptoms of acne. I’ll be ordering it again just to spray and when I have more money I want to take it orally.

  263. First, I am NOT an ASEA MLM member. In fact, I’m on the fence about joining for several reasons. I took the product for about a month… half the dose. I also sprayed it on my back and my knees. I am fairly young, 31, and healthy. I had some back pain, joint pain and a few extra pounds. After about a week, I woke up in sweats. After that, my back pain was gone, I was shedding weight, and I felt great. I had so much energy… but I stopped taking it. It was just too costly to continue. I’m back to my regular self… tired and in pain, but it’s tolerable. So, here’s MY big hesitation… people think that not only MLMs are scams, but also ASEA is a scam. I have tried it and got results, but the reality is that placebos CAN produce results too. I’ve watched the ASEA information and I think it’s great, but I would like MORE information to back up these claims and help with all the naysayers… as I’m sure MOST people who do research would as well. Please post NON-ASEA sponsored links to better inform us of this product. I’m not trying to be a Negative Nancy or anything… I’m just hesitant because it seems too good to be true. Also, I am not “unhealthy” by the current medical standards, so even though I feel sluggish, my demographics may consider this normal since docs say we’re healthy… which is another objection I feel I will need to overcome. So, please share information. If you haven’t tried this product or an MLM, you have NO BASIS for your information other than what you read on the Internet, so since the Internet is FULL of lies, kindly STFU!

  264. My name is Michael O'Connell. I live in Cork in Ireland. A friend of mine gave me a bottle of Asea and invited me to drink it. He said that it was full of Redox Signalling Molecules that would repair my damaged cells and replace dead ones. I was full of scepticism and I never heard of such Molecules but, fortunately, I drank 4 ounces a day and after 2 weeks I could not believe such a dramatic change in my well being.
    After a game of golf, I used to feel exhausted and my game inevitably went south over the closing holes. On returning home I used to collapse into an arm chair and, having rested, I had to pull myself up because of stiffness and exhaustion.
    Now I feel no tiredness whatsoever. In fact I am ready to play a second round after finishing. The exhaustion and stiffness has miraculously disappeared. I have the endurance now that last I had about a quarter of a century ago. Last and by no means least the gout and muscle cramping I used suffer from has also vanished.
    Life has a new meaning for me since my friend gave me the best present I ever received, a bottle of Asea.

  265. ASEA is Salt Water! The analogy I would give is ASEA is as close to salt water as coal is to diamonds. Both coal and diamonds made from carbon but with a different molecular structure.

    Also ASEA has been tested independently in the Fitness field by DR David Neiman who is globally renowened in the field that he operates in. He used a Double blind test on atheletes over a period of time which showed a 12% improvement where ASEA was taken. The one thing that a double blind test shows is any improvement against a placebo effect. ASEA is no placebo!

    Ask yourself the question if ASEA is simply salt and water why do we see the ammount of people taking ASEA growing accross so many countries. The answer is it works, because its Break Through Technology it gets dismissed just like manned flight was around 100 years ago!

    I would recommend like many of you have commented, do the research then try some ASEA, until then you’re not in any qualified position to comment.

  266. I am the biggest skeptic on the planet. I have taken things like PAD’s because of my former professional athlete status. Supplement companies used to put $100.00 of product in my locker to get me to try the new latest and greatest crap. Today I am back in med school. Six months ago while looking through some medical journals and articles on Pubmed.com I came across some interesting research about ASEA. I made a mental note to keep tabs on this company. Places like Stanford have been trying to this stabilize this redox signaling molecule for a few years now. There conclusion was it could not be done. And why wouldn’t they say that? They have plenty of time, money and resources to figure this out. ASEA makes some pretty big claims of what their product does. So I have a blog and I put the word out and got plenty of responses back. 65% were positive and 20% were negative about the product. They other 25% said they had not positive or negative feelings for the product and they didn’t notice a difference. The 65% said they had a noticeable change in their life. Sample size was 102 people that emailed me a response. It was significant enough for me to inquire about the product and actually get some in my hand. Which some nice distributor gave me a case. Most of the supplement companies out there would never take their product to a prestigious testing facility like Appalachian State and have their product tested like ASEA did. Researchers at these facilities have no bias. Meaning they do not care what the claims are they are looking at hard empirical data and then publishing the findings. Something like this can make or kill a company if the data comes back bad. So ASEA must have had a pretty good idea that this “salt water” was a little more than salt water. It actually tastes like pool water. Am I sold on ASEA? Not yet, because there are no other products or research to compare the findings to. I do know this from looking at drugs and side effects. They tried to overdose lab animals with this stuff to test for toxicity and the animals did not die or even get sick. So I know that it is safe and no toxic. There are no preservatives in it. What do my athlete friends say about ASEA? ALL of my friends that are ultra marathon, triathletes, and tough mudder types all pull me aside and say, “Don’t tell anyone I take it. I don’t want them to find out my secret.” There are 12 of these friends of mine. One is 58 and he knocked 3 hours off his last 50 miles cross country ultra marathon. He started taking ASEA 5 months ago and his 32 year old son says this is the best he has ever seen his dad run. I could care less about the MLM stuff. It seems like if you are from Utah and have a product then you start an MLM company. MLM is a business and successful businesses are run by successful people. The only scam I see in it is the lie people tell themselves that they are going to become rich when they have a hard enough time with their current job. Let alone starting their own home bases business and becoming a millionaire. 8 out of 10 traditional businesses fail because they should. They are run by people that have professional training and they still fail. What makes anyone think that they with no formal training are going to be any more successful?

  267. i have been using asea for over a year, the sciatic pain i had in my leg is now history, very true, at the start, i was skeptic if this would work or not, but asea has delivered more than i expected
    i feel sad for those of you out there,who have health issues and make those funny comments, without trying asea
    keep in mind, those negative comments might hinder someone from trying asea and improve their health from some chronic illness

  268. I have tried ASEA. It didn’t work for me. I think it kept me from getting over bronchitis. Two days ago my hip starting hurting real bad and I’ve never had those issues before. And I can’t tell you how many sleepless nights I’ve had since I started ASEA. I quit it after being on it for a month. When I called the rep and told them of my issues I was told that I wasn’t drinking enough of it even though I was consuming the max amount. No way I could seel this stuff if I can’t see a difference in my health. I think the best thing you can do for your health is the vegan diet, exercise and positive attitude. And best of all that advice is free. Save your money and don’t waiste your time on the snake oil business ventures. I wished I would just experienced the placebo effect. Just my opinion……….

  269. You obviously have NOT tried this "SALT WATER" If you had instead of spittin venom you would be singing its praises. #1 its a proven scientific fact that "salt water" has MANY health benefits. I am a 51 year old female. Was in a car accident early 2007. As a result I have a severe neck injury and now because of the trauma to my spine have fibromyalgia. I was BEDRIDDEN. I was before the accident very physically active. Afterwards just walking from one room to the other left me in pain. I could not even vacuum my own house. This lasted for 3 yrs then a friend gave me a ottle of ASEA to try. I did and after 1 week she asked how I was feeling. I was better but being the skeptic I am told her I would not attribute it to the ASEA as of yet, as far as I knew I was having a good week. Another week went by, more better. Still I would not attribute it to the ASEA. Went to see my Dr. He was amazed at the change in my mobility. 2 more weeks went by. My sister had come to stay with me and help. One day after 4 weeks of drinking a bottle of ASEA a day I had enough energy to not only do yard work but I myself removed 12 large 4X5 foot shrubs that I had been wanting gone. That was going on 3 yrs ago. I now live a basically normal life. Yes I spend 156.00 EVERY month for my box of ASEA. My husband makes sure I do not run out. My dr has performed test after test. It IS the ASEA. I spray it religiously on my face too and as a result my ears that have been pierced since I was 12 suddenly after 2 months grew up. My daughte rwho is severly allergic to mosquitos calls me one day from her apt to tell me she got bit so bad while sleeping that I needed to take her to the ER. My friend who had originally gave me my 1st bottle of ASEA told me next time she gets bit have her spray the ASEA of the bites. So she did after another night of getting eaten alive. Not only did the bites NOT swell up but were completely healed in a day and 1/2. My daughter now sprays her face constantly thru out the day, and drinks a bottle of it every day at work. They always comment that its like she has drank way too much coffee and she has had NONE. It has been proven to help the healing proccess so much that if asked they will include it in an IV to help the healing process in many hospitals. So BEFORE you spit your venom MAYBE next time you should do your research. And PROPER research INCLUDES actually trying the product BEFORE coming to an educated conclusion. FYI…… Many large cities have "SALT ROOMS" you pay to sit in because of the healing properties.

  270. Sorry, but I did not experience any improvement in my health after coinsuming ASEA for six months. I can list all the chronic problems I have, but not one was positively affected. Believe me, consuming this solution and molecules just becomes very expensive urine. I'm happy for those that feel better, but I would have been equally happy with just to have a good nights sleep.

  271. Basically, what they are doing is passing an electrical current through a salt solution. This creates what they are calling the “redox molecules” which are various highly reactive superoxide molecules and ions including O3 (ozone), H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide), ClO2 (chlorine dioxide, used for water purification), and ClO- (hypochlorite, aka bleach).

    The original point, it seems, was to be able to sterilize liquids; you can electrolyze them and these highly reactive molecules are produced, which end up killing all the microbes. Eventually they’re all used up and break down, at least to a level where the body’s own processes can take care of them, and the stuff can be used.

    What’s funny (and not funny) is how what is really going on is flipped totally on its head by the marketing of Asea.

    For example: “These newly introduced redox molecules go into the body and almost instantly in some cases start to repair and/or rebuild the damaged cells in our bodies.” These molecules are highly reactive, which is what makes them antimicrobial. In your body they CAUSE damage. It’s true that some, like peroxide, are produced by cells in your immune system. They do that in order to kill bacteria, and it’s necessary to have sufficient detoxifiying mechanisms around when that’s happening. Ingesting small amounts as is probably in it isn’t likely to do anything since they will break down early on, but it’s still completely backwards.

    Also: “Testing shows that Glutathione and SOD, two powerful antioxidants are 500% more effective inside your cells supplemented with ASEA.” That’s actually correct, but it’s because the molecules produced are OXIDANTS. The entire job of SOD is to sweep up these molecules and make them non-destructive – the name stands for superoxide dismutase, and these molecules are called superoxides because they have an extra oxygen compared to their more stable relatives (H2O-water, H2O2-peroxide; NaCl-salt, NaClO-bleach). That’s what makes them reactive and antimicrobial. Of course, it also makes them bad for human cells too. You just have to hope that your body takes care of them quickly enough.

  272. Dave is right. I am not sure why people like to go on and on about what they have not bothered to research and do their due diligence. I just have one question why would the Scientists like Dr. Niemen from North Carolina University and the dozen others who are by the way independent put their entire reputation on the line by falsify their very well documented research.

    Wouldn’t it be lovely if before people blogged or commented they would check out the facts?

    It is sad to see people writing this sort of put down of something they have obviously not bothered to check out. The independent studies are double blind placebo studies…

  273. My Min Pin became paralyzed in all four limbs at age 15. Steroids worked slightly but
    he reverted so I stopped them & then heard of ASEA & put him on it – in three weeks, he
    was walking again on three legs & has done so ever since – he is now almost 18. The
    fourth leg straightened out but the knee joint above his foot is still paralyzed. However,
    he uses it sometimes to prop himself with. I am convinced both his lack of paralysis
    and longevity are due to continual ingestion of ASEA. I give him 8 eye droppers full twice

  274. You obviously haven't tried the product because it helps in many ways if its just salt water go down the beach and have a drink. It's helped many people with many different problems.

  275. It may be that ASEA works for some users, but as a BioChemist, I would express caution that the information shared about 'chemical reactions' appears to be purest twaddle. Whatever ASEA contains that's therapeutic – it's not listed in the ingredients. (unless seawater is therapeutic?) And please don't try to school me on electrochemistry or voltammetry…..i actually have some insights & history. Good Luck to everyone!

  276. Quite amazed at the onslaught from the likes of Dave Bachand (who works at ASEA), beginning with a personal attack. To paraphrase the old saying…..

    Methinks he doth protest too much.

    Obviously, anyone with a financial stake in a “multi-level marketing” SCAM such as this is going to do everything in their power to protect their revenue stream – as all sellers of lies and snake-oil have throughout history. Follow the money, every time.

    Anyone – and I mean ANYONE – with an ounce of scientific credibility is NOT seriously going to put their reputation on the line for such poorly planned, executed, documented and reviewed trials.

    All I see here are pseudo-scientific-sounding words, words and more WORDS saying actually very little. The big joke, of course, is in the name: “A Sea” – just salt water!!!

    Someone is doing their very best to dazzle you with nonsense – and then make you transfer all your cash to them. DON’T DO IT.


  277. right now the only people that can afford a product like this one is people who have the income to spare, or sacrificing other things that they can live without.
    The other problem everybody seems to miss is that “products like these are not affordable for many, many people” who need or want to try it. I know $150 is half my rent (have 2 others roomies). I need it, being disabled but cannot afford such a HUGE price tag…
    The price would have to come down or be prescribed where disabled and low earnings people in need like myself can use it,

  278. Dave Bachand I am just trying Asea and feel so much better! I have this incredible energy now. and it started almost immediately, I have only been on it less than a week and I am sold. Works better than vitamins for true energy and not like coffee!!

  279. You think this is a scam? Gimme a break. You, yea you reading this, probably eat nuthin but dead food so how in the heck can you knock the fact your whole life you have been scammed into GMO, high fructose syrup, glueten food.

    Realize you were put here to contribute to the significance of what life really means.

    Let the fools who sell psychopathic ways to be a cancer to his fellow humans.

    Where focus goes energy flows.

    And realize if it works for some – so be it.

    If you ask me if it is the best thing for your body it is free. Jesus cured the ill by telling them to eat the weeds. Do your own research and see how things like KALE and DANDELIONS have more LIVING nutrition than anything you can buy that is dead and in a bottle.

  280. You think this is a scam? Gimme a break. You, yea you reading this, probably eat nuthin but dead food so how in the heck can you knock the fact your whole life you have been scammed into GMO, high fructose syrup, glueten food.

    Grow up you nagger child.

    Realize you were put here to contribute to the significance of what life really means.

    Let the fools who sell psychopathic ways to be a cancer to his fellow humans.

    Where focus goes energy flows.

    And realize if it works for some – so be it.

    If you ask me if it is the best thing for your body it is free. Jesus cured the ill by telling them to eat the weeds. Do your own research and see how things like KALE and DANDELIONS have more LIVING nutrition than anything you can buy that is dead and in a bottle.


  281. Which MLM company or drug company is paying you to say Asea is a scam?

    Or are you just ignorant about what is happening around the world with Redox Signaling…

    Universities are opening Redox Signaling Molecules.

    100 or Redox Signaling articles are being written by researchers monthly.

    More and more research is being done about Redox Signaling Molecules monthly.

    What about this?
    The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1998 was awarded jointly to Robert F. Furchgott, Louis J. Ignarro and Ferid Murad “for their discoveries concerning nitric oxide as a signalling molecule in the cardiovascular system”.

    You believe what you want as I take Asea to the world and help people who are suffering from health issues that are affecting their lives.

    Proud to be associated with Asea.

  282. Even though this product seems to have backing and credibility, it is a privately owned company. I would prefer a product that is scientificly proven to reduce oxidative stress 4o% in 30 days and 70% in 120 days and stimulates your own body to produce 1 million:1 sod and catalase through a totally natural products (not laced with chlorine) that work every second all day every minute protecting cellular damage. And the product has over 20 Universities who have studies in process and completed, which are are not only peer reviewed, but published in pubmed.gov (a physicians bible) – and it is publicly traded so all financials are up and up and available for all. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to put something in my body that chemically changes it without some hard core evidence. And I think I have found it. And it is not ASEA.

  283. It is amazing to read so much unsupported judgment.
    First it is not like sea salt water…lol
    Second, people say they drank it for 2 weeks bla..bla bla…no results.
    well that wont do it. You have to absorb it thru your mouth mucus. Mouth wash for 2 minutes 2 ounces in AM and before bed both cases before brushing your teeth bcz tooth paste will interfere.
    3. A spray bottle comes with the case…it’s not for your plants people. It’s to spray on your skin. It gets absorbed amazingly well by skins pores. Rashes, soars ect will go away in 2 days.
    4.Anema 2 ounces is another way.
    5. Vaginal shower.

    If you just Drink It, might as well drink good Vodka instead.
    Before bashing products please do your research…ignorance kills people.

  284. FYI you're the kind of people that get ignorant people who don't understand biology to take someones word at face value. This is salt water, salt dehydrates the body. Having no water means having no oxygen in your blood stream. No oxygen means no healing capabilities. It is all in your mind and the fact that you are spreading this disinformation around makes me feel like you have bought into the pyramid scheme which is to market and sell the product. My grandma is thinking about buying this for my mom, because she has MS. Do you realize if she would have bought this for her and she were to take it based on your consideration that her mobility could actually get worse. If this story is true its because you put your focus into making this work for you, so it did. Half of reality is perception, and your perception you are trying to spray on anything and everything is skewed, false, dishonest, or mislead.

  285. Oh dear all these opinions – go to amazon theres a big fat book written on the salt water there has to be something to it.

    I like to use this example, some of you may drink one bottle of beer and be flat out drunk others may drink 6 bottles and not feel anything

    Same product different results! very simple actually – trashing companies without having tried the product is lame, every company has a 30 day money back guarantee why not you go ahead and take advantage of that ….just saying 🙂

  286. A recent astute analysis of ASEA can be found here:


    Where the claims made in the study of cyclists are thoroughly analyzed by actual LIFE SCIENTISTS!

    From one of the comments posted:

    “Compared to those on placebo, the group taking ASEA had higher levels of myristic acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid, stearic acid, palmitelaidic acid, capric acid, glycerol”

    Well, these are not only free fatty acids (plus their glycerol backbone), they are largely saturated fatty acids or their omega-9 derivatives. They are produced by endogenous synthesis, rather than from dietary sources (the lack of omega-6/3 FAs is a dead giveaway). The marketer might be hoping to claim that ASEA mobilizes triglyceride energy, but this actually shows the opposite. It suggests that ASEA increases endogenous fat synthesis! Whoops! Don’t take this if you are diabetic, overweight, or have heart disease.

    “lower levels of 7 amino acids,”

    Who knows what this means because they don’t tell us which AAs. It would be nice to know if they are essential or non-essential.

    “higher levels of fumarate, citrate, and malate,”

    These are components of the mitochondrial TCA cycle. Frankly, I’d be worried if these were elevated in the blood. It suggests that the ability to burn fatty acid energy might be impaired, which would be bad. It’s consistent with the elevated FAs. It also suggests that ASEA reduced the liver/kidney ability to clear organic acids, which would be very bad.

    “lower levels of ascorbic acid…and threonic acid”

    This would be bad. Smokers have reduced serum ascorbate (aka Vit C). This is because smoking generates lots of free radicals that use up the VitC. VC requirements are actually set higher for smokers than for non-smokers. Threonic acid just just a VC metabolite and consistent with the VC losses. If you are worried about oxidative stress, this would be a great product for making it worse.

    “increases in aminomalonic acid”

    Best guess is this is a oxidative derivative of amino acid / protein. It could be a marker of increased oxidative stress. This would be bad.

    “…serum creatinine and urea.”

    Both amino acid and protein breakdown products. In an athlete, I
    wouldn’t want to see excessive losses.

    This is an extremly small and never replicated study but significant metabolic changes MAY be happening as a result of this product – Most not desirable!

  287. Joyce Hess – Wow. Insults, yet. last refuge of the incompetent?
    PS – never having worked for a beauty academy i should bow to your superior knowledge and experience? Next time I'm at a regulatory agency (I do a LOT of consulting) I must show them this link.

  288. "Jesus cured the ill by telling them to eat the weeds." I've read the New Testament a couple of dozen times. Never ran into that fable. Chapter and verse please?

  289. lazy man is exactly that: a lazy guy making money off writing scathing, hateful untested, anti-scientific "reviews" of non-pharmaceutical supplements. …all the while not self-testing them. What's intelligent about that? Oh, maybe just the negatively earned money from blogging…suspectfully for pharma companies. TRY the Asea yourself and be in control of your OWN true experience with it be it good or not. That is at least fair.

  290. I agree with a company that stands behind their guarantee, but I will write them that sending empty bottles back is a waste of energy, polluting carbons in freight, unnecessary…..why not just a customer return the invoice??

  291. Dr. David Nieman appears to have one degree, DrPH and from my experience they may know statistics (at most) but I do not believe they have rigorous chemistry or biochemistry background. So maybe they were asked to perform the study, delivered some materials to use but they can not be used as a reference for the biochemistry that is going on.


    Maybe those that think this is helping should order distilled water, add some salt, and ask a loved one to hide from them which they are taking.

    I do not think it is necessarily a fake, just that we do not know what else might be in it (if anything).

    I had an acquaintance buy a cure in China for his skin allergy because he did not want to keep going on doses of predinisone or other corticosteriods. Being a scientist, he had the Chinese medicine analyzed by a friend in the pharmaceutical industry. He found that an “unlisted” ingredient was…. prednisone.

    I bet that now-a-days most if not all of Chinese medicine aimed at making men more “virile” actually contain viagra!

    So maybe the water has something else in it. There is no regulation so you will never know.

  292. Most people are terribly mineral deficient and so sea salt being high in minerals would help. So save your money and take a pinch of Aztec sea salt every day. Science is in search of factual truth and not easily indoctrinated fools. I feel great just taking sea salt and I am 70. Don't need any mom repackaging at a higher price scams. Sure it will work if you are terribly mineral deficient.

  293. I don’t know anything about Asea, but I can vouch for ocean water having immense benefits. I used to live near the ocean and went swimming often. Whenever I did, I felt such a difference in how I felt. I felt so much better after absorbing the minerals from the water (iodine, etc). Now that I live away from the ocean, I can promise you, I feel a huge difference. That person that said that “salt water” couldn’t benefit you just…well, let’s say they need to do more research.

  294. that is actually not true, It says right on the bottle, Actual Ingredients: Distilled Water and Sodium Chloride. That is table salt. Sodium Chlorite is a strong oxidizing agent used in the paper industry, it's a form of bleach. That wouldn't be good at all and certainly not reductive. Their skin gel is no more than water, clay to make it a gell, phosphate ph buffer, and sodium chloride (table salt). As a chemist, I am appalled by this nonsense.

  295. Hadn't heard of ASEA, didn't go looking for it. A person tried to sell it to me. I'm just appalled as a chemist that someone is selling expensive filtered dilute salt water as a cure-all. I'm also even more saddened by those with degrees attached to their name on the companies website that are promoting it with techno-babble nonsense. Don't believe me at all, simply read this instead that I am not associated with in anyway, http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/asea-another-expensive-way-to-buy-water/

  296. The premise is awesome….but there are better and MUCH less expensive ways to get your cells, the water in between and inside your cells communicating with each other. AND the science…well it's just NOT all that new…

  297. In answer to the lady who asked “Why would Dr. Nieman put all his credibility, etc. on the line for Asea?”

    Asea paid him over $700,000 to do that, and he continues to get fat speaking fees.

    Medical and scientific education and certification is expensive. A grad is often in his or her mid-30s before beginning to make decent money. Then, many start paying off loans that can run into six figures.

    Once our doctor or scientist is making decent money, he often has a nice home, spouse and kids. If divorce happens, he might work just has hard to net less than half the money.

    I can see a few ways to answer her question.

  298. Steve Lontano I agree, weird understanding of scripture. I have to figure out how ASEA is FREE also. Every time I look it is VERY expensive. I was a surfer for years and we all know the power of ocean salt water, so what is new? There is still nothing better than ocean salt water, and IT IS FREE. But please don't drink it in large amounts, BAD for you.

  299. Asea contains Sodium ChloriTE.when this sister salt to table salt hits the hydrochloric acid in your stomach it becomes CHLORINE DIOXIDE which cures .mms is chlorine dioxide( CD) asea is good but mms is far far better.and cheaper.dr Andreas kalcker autism one 2014 you tube.

  300. My first experience with ASEA was when my son burnt his leg on the exhuast pipe of his motorcycle. Usually it takes 10-14 days for the burn to scab over. After 3 applications of the ASEA gel, the burn had scabbed and there was absolutley no redness at all around the wound. Within 7 days the scab had fallen off and there was very little scaring. Second experience: I fell and bit my tongue quite hard. I drew blood and the tip turned black and blue and was swollen. It was also painful. I put the gel all over the tip and then again in the morning. By that evening the black and blue was gone and it was not swollen anymore. By day 3, my tongue had completly healed. And the third: Last night I was making grape jelly and spilt the boiling liquid onto my right hand. I immediatly washed my hand in cold water and then put ASEA gel all over it. My hand turned red and puffy but there was no blistering. And it took the pain away immediatly. As I went to bed I put more of the ASEA gel on my hand and this morning the redness was completly gone. A freind gave me a bottle and I am sold on it. I dont need the science behind it to believe it. When something works, you use it.

  301. Did you know Bioagilytix tests 8 out of the 10 pharmaceuticals in the world, they test ASEA weekly for verification that is redox signaling molecules. It is now verified on the bottle.

  302. Anna Preuss – tested it. Had a bad experience .. It kept me awake and felt like I'd explode. I was healthy and they kept telling me to take more. Distributors need to be better trained. Maybe it fixes what's broken… but healthy people … BEWARE.

  303. i don't care what the double blind studies are. Were the people identicle in hydration and blood work before the test? If not .. it just doesn't matter. All the medical tests on all the pharmaceuticals have the same problem. At 78 I take no meds…. got off of 3 different drugs with extreme research and care … but eat pretty normal and excercise reasonably often… etc. ASEA may help fix broken .. but it can be impossible for a very healthy person. All things are NOT equal. I work with a company that's very careful to say "It all depends what the body needs." NO BODY ASSOCIATED WITH ASEA ever SAID THAT TO ME.

  304. I just bought ASEA 5 days ago. I did not read anything until today on this product. Tastes like Pool Water. That is the first thing I noticed. My left foot has swelling for the last 10 or so years and, when I drink alcohol it really blows up. Anyway here is what I found out so far. Foot swelling went down about 30%. (don’t know why) but it just did. Rubbed the 28 stuff on my 67 old man face and my skin is getting smoother. I felt like c**p for a few days and was using the bath room (i guess some sort of cleansing)Day 5 and I am feeling more energy. So salt water? Pool water? water water. Who cares. Something good is going on. I will be here again. And, will report it all. Good, Bad, Ugly. Just the truth as I go through the experience.

  305. A chiropractor recommended ASEA to my sister for arthritis. What my sister noticed was that her chiropractor looked younger and her skin was beautiful. My sister went to several meetings and purchased a case. She was going to try it and wanted me to do as well. We started together. Two oz. in the am and two oz. in pm. We finished two bottles. My first 2ounces were followed by relief of chronic fatigue. She didn’t notice anything. We vowed we would not skip a dose. Then we heard her D.C. Had a stroke-a serious one. We continued the ASEA. Just as we finished our second bottle my sister was rushed to the er for what Drs. Thought was a kink in her intestine or a food poisoning. Two days later, I developed fever and ankle, feet and leg swelling- more pain. She was hospitalized for four days and when she got home to look in the mirror she looked like a red-faced Santa. She weighed herself. She had gained 15lbs. She restarted her diuretic and slowly the swelling and weight disappeared. I had gained 12 lbs. my dr. tested my BNP hormone and told me I was in heart failure. Three years prior I had passed my heart evaluation with flying colors. For the first time in more than three years I needed an inhaler to help me breathe. We both couldn’t help but think this was all coincidental to taking ASEA. Does anyone know of anything similar happening?


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