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Fortune Hi Tech Marketing: FTC Tells 100,000 Reps to STOP SELLING!

Fortune Hi Tech Marketing is in the long downward death-spin as they face legal battles in court of being a illegal pyramid scheme. Recently, the FTC has told around 100,000 representatives that were marketing Fortune Hi Tech’s products to cease and desist all promotions of the product or opportunity. Even though Paul Oberson claims that Fortune Hi Tech sells products that people use every day, the real priority with the company was recruiting wholeheartedly. Authorities are now estimating that distributors lost around $1,500 a year on fees and required purchases they had to make in order to stay active. Fortune Hi Tech was also attacked for their questionable payment structure and compensation offered to representatives. “No matter how hard you work or would work, there’s little chance you could break even,” said FTC Midwest Director Steve Baker. “In fact, when people were doing their best, the plan is set up so that 96 percent of people must lose money to keep this whole enterprise functioning. Fortune knows that and has set this company up to produce those results.” This is another example of network marketing taking a hit due to someone else’s greed. Fortune Hi Tech never really had a business model planned for acquiring customers, only for duping people into a false opportunity. Sadly, the industry must pay the piper now as the DSA and other large organizations...

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ASEA – Make Your Brown Spots Disappear… Slightly

The fantastically delicious and sanguine product line of ASEA strikes again! I was on facebook and saw a picture of a man claiming ASEA got rid of his brown spots on his hands over a 3 month period of taking normal doses of ASEA. Now to clarify, these two brown spots he is referring to are actually just moles on the side of his hand – not even very impressive moles at that. If we had some hairy moles, like wookie-style fur moles going on, that ASEA butchered with its magic elixir then I may be impressed. However, it is fairly common knowledge that moles can appear, fade and disappear all relatively quickly. It is all part of having a dynamic skin. I cannot tell by the hand in the picture, but my guess is that the fellow at question is also quite young – maybe in his twenties. Moles typically disappear and appear in younger people very frequently. This lame testimonial is actually the only one that may not get ASEA in trouble. A quick search of ASEA testimonials will pop up people claiming it curing their diabetes, allowing them to walk without a cane, and helping children with Austism. Really? Autism? Wow. I smell something in the water. (Get it? It’s water. Just water.) Or more accurately – salt water. Way to go ASEA, you’re putting the SEA in...

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Efusjon Round 2 – Now Known as LabActive

Remember Efusjon? It was the hottest thing on the internet for a few short months. It’s hyped up compensation plan, high-octane energy drinks and a even more hyped up facebook app was all the rage. That is until the compensation plan could not support itself and the facebook app became a huge disappointment. I couldn’t tell you about the energy drink, never had it. Efusjon left the direct sales scene after this debacle with its head down and went into a more retail mode. But now they’re back… with vengeance? Efusjon announced recently on their main website that they have sold exclusive selling rights to another company named LabActive. LabActive is currently in prelaunch on their main website, so it should be interesting how this event unfolds. After all, if my memory serves me correctly, Efusjon ever actually got out of being in prelaunch before it closed its doors on direct sales. Now we have LabActive, a brand new mlm, in prelaunch to sell a product that was sold in a failed mlm prelaunch. Interesting times abound. Stay tuned in as we cover the story to see if LabActive will be able to bring new energy into the Efusjon line of products and business opportunity. Hopefully, sustainable...

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Selling The Sizzle: Embracing Online Business Innovation

In order to evolve as a business professional, you have to see yourself as a student of innovation. This means steeling yourself to the reality that you have to be on top of all the latest technological trends. Otherwise you risk falling behind and missing important signals. The lay of the land right now with regard to entrepreneurship is heavily geared towards online visibility. There is incredible movement right now in the worlds of e-commerce, search engine optimization, and Internet marketing. Any business plan with a strong foundation will be heavily invested in all three of these. A business that is not online is no longer a business in today’s world, it’s a ghost. And a business that is online but lacking robust tools for optimization flirts dangerously with a phantom existence. Think about it logically. If you’re looking for a business contact with the white pages and you don’t find it, you’re probably going to assume it’s gone out of business, or is so behind the times that it’s not worth the effort. A business that doesn’t have a great online presence isn’t going to show up in search engines and consumers won’t be able to find it. Once consumers find you, now what? Whatever service or product you’re offering doesn’t have to be ground-breaking in order to present it and market it in ground-breaking ways. You know the...

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Students Pay for Online College Courses through MLM Businesses

A college education is by no means cheap, and for many the high price of tuition is enough to keep them from obtaining the education they need to be successful in life. No one wants to graduate college with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt, yet many have no other choice but to consider federal loans. However, in addition to taking full advantage of scholarships and federal aid, many college students are beginning to pay for their endeavors. While free online college courses may be unheard of, being able to make enough money online to pay for your courses isn’t. In fact, several students are beginning to start their own freelance, tutoring, or MLM businesses simply to pay for their tuition and other school expenses. For those who don’t necessarily want to start their own business, but would like to have a majority of control over the business that they do, they should consider a MLM business. Many students find great success with MLM businesses, and some even choose to make their MLM business their career after college. A few of the more popular programs include: Vector For those who are more avid salespersons, choosing to work for Vector may be a good option. Through Vector, students will set up appointments and be paid per appointment. In their appointments they will try to sell CutCo knives to...

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