Author: Ty Tribble

ASEA Scam?

Update: This post was from my more snarkier days of MLM Blogging, hence the title “ASEA Scam?”.  I can’t say that I am sold on the whole idea of ASEA water and redox signaling, but here we are, 7 years later and the company still seems to be in business. This ASEA blog post would enter the MLM Blog Hall of Fame as the most commented on of all time. There is a new liquid “nutritional” product out on the marketplace that caught my attention.  Now, it didn’t catch my attention because of a revolutionary compensation plan (it’s a...

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Network Marketing Goal Setting: Volume vs. Meaningful Conversations

How often do you hear people in Network Marketing say: “My goal this month is 10,000 points.” or “This month, I’m going diamond.” The problem with volume goals (like 10,000 points or “diamond”) is they don’t necessarily require leadership.  You can get lucky and hit a volume goal or unlucky and not hit a volume goal. I once sold a refrigerator to hit a volume goal. Yes, I hit the goal, but the following month I dropped right back to where I started. What if you scrapped your volume goal and set a goal to have 5 meaningful conversations a day...

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4 Tips To Generating MLM Business Leads On Facebook

The first thing new Network Marketers are told to do is “make a list of names”.  This used to me a huge chore sorting through old high school annuals, church directories and address books in hopes of finding the right kind of winner who will make your business a success. But even today, people over complicate the whole MLM leads process. 4 Tips To Generating MLM Business Leads On Facebook If I was starting over today and needed to find leads for my business, my list of names would simply be Facebook. 1. Throw away the scripts. No one wants...

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