Author: Ty Tribble

Google Chrome Extensions For Network Marketers

I am kicking myself for not using Google Chrome Extensions sooner.  What in the world was I thinking?  The ability to push one button in your browser to accomplish a task that might otherwise take several tabs and windows is amazing. Google Chrome Extensions are basically small software programs that you can install directly in your Google Chrome browser. (Click “Window” then “Extensions” to see your current Extensions and search for new Extensions, assuming you are using Google Chrome as your browser). To make things easy for you, I thought I would share some of the Google Extensions I have...

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Three Proven Ways To Approach Your List About Your Primary Business

So you have a blog up and running.  You’ve got some traffic…real people reading your stuff as a result of posting quality content and letting people know about it via social media. You are even capturing some of that traffic via email opt in to a free report, video series or perhaps an interview. You are without a doubt at a crossroads. You’ve got to let your list know about your business. (That’s why you started doing all of this in the first place, right?) But you would like to make this transition as seamless and subtle as possible....

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5 Ideas That You Can Use To Create An Irresistible Opt-in Offer For Your Blog

I was going to write this post with a couple of assumptions, but then I remembered that many readers are just starting out with Internet Marketing, so this post might be a little longer than usual as I make sure to explain everything. First here are were my assumptions: You understand the power of building an opt in list of subscribers. Building your own opt in subscriber list allows you to communicate on a regular basis and develop a deep relationship with people who are interested in the same niche as you. You may move companies for a number of different reasons, but your list stays with you, always. You might have heard that “the money is in the list” or “the money is in the relationship with the list” but it actually goes a step deeper than that.  The money is actually tied to your ability to give the people that you have developed a relationship with, what they want….your ability to solve their problems. Solve problems for people on your list and your following will grow and you will profit. One problem I have worked to solve is a WordPress Theme specifically designed for Network Marketers, with easy integration with social media, autoresponders and unique design customization…all push button simple. I am not saying you need to become a WordPress Theme Developer in order to solve problems for...

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Network Marketing Job Description

Network Marketing is both the perfect name for our industry and probably the most ignored job description ever. Seriously, if I was going to write a job description for MLM, I would write: Network and Market. How much networking have you done recently? How about marketing? There are over one billion people on Facebook…how about calling one today and seeing if they are keeping their options open in terms of earning income in today’s economy? The worst thing that someone will tell you is “no” or “ehhh, not really” or “not so much” and no one has ever died from...

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Guaranteed Technique To Double Your Blog Comments

There is a 100% guaranteed way to double the comments on your blog. Ready to hear it? “Respond to every comment that you get.” Now your first thought might be that I tricked you and  you might want to say, “Duh, Ty, you ding-a-ling, that’s so obvious…what good what that do?” You see, in this all out effort that many of us make to create an awesome blog with huge traffic with a goal to become some type of guru superstar, we often lose site of the most important objectives in blogging (from a previous post): “…provide great content, engage my readers, earn trust, offer amazing value and create long-term partnerships for my business.” Are you engaging your readers in real conversations? ———-               Ty...

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