Below is an excerpt from the BBB's efforts to look into the iJango scam.  The BBB actually met with ijango CEO, Rayner Smith and believe it or not, Smith essentially admitted that Ijango pays for recruiting!  Paying for recruiting in a Network Marketing business is illegal and has caused a number of companies to be classified as Ponzi or pyramid schemes.

Check out this quote:

Mr. Smith and his staff indicated that they offer a business opportunity; however, they do not make any lifestyle promises based on earning potential. Similarly, he indicated that the only promise the business makes to potential clients is to pay for the recruitment of registered customers and the recruitment of others to do the same. 

More From the Better Business Bureau:

In promotional statements made by iJango representatives online, iJango claims that their business has "partnered with the Google" in order to "become the biggest Network Marketing company online." On August 6th, 2009 BBB contacted Google regarding their affiliation with iJango and the Google Press Team provided the following statement

"We are not affiliated with that company. Our trademark team is looking into this issue, thanks again for bringing it to our attention." 

On August 7th, BBB contacted Rhapsody regarding promotional statements made by iJango claiming "whether (consumers) download from Rhapsody or iTunes you'll earn a percentage of each album purchased or song downloaded." A representative stated that Rhapsody was "not affiliated with iJango" and furthermore that they had "not gotten any information from the company."