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Best Prices for MonaVie – MonaVie on eBay


The best pricing for MonaVie can be found right here at the MLM Blog, and I’m not even a distributor.  Enjoy…

You can also check out this product that has 4 times the anti-oxidants as MonaVie…


  1. I agree you can get better deals in most cases NOT buying direct. Ebay is a great source, and I actually blogged about this myself.

    I broke down how much it costs to drink MovaVie a day depending on how much quantity you buy, and how much for shipping. (Using the cheapest shipping rates) Imagine my shock to find out that you can get 2 bottles of MonaVie off of ebay at a per bottle rate I was only able to get buying 48 bottles.

    Insane, but I look at it as a good thing for the public. Not so good for MonaVie.


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