CBS 7:

Imagine making millions of dollars by telling your friends and family about a free website. While it may sound too good to be true, that’s the basic model behind internet business “ijango”. It’s an Austin-based company that’s getting some flak from the Better Business Bureau.

Tonight ijango representatives held a meeting in Midland. The independent representatives that we talked to are calling this business the next twitter and say they expect to become rich. But according to the Better Business Bureau, ijango has the set up of a classic illegal pyramid scheme.

Go to ijango’s website and it looks like the business of the future, the opportunity of a lifetime. It says that if you join the company and direct people to a free web portal you can pretty much watch the money come to you. The problem is that the two-month-old company of the future already has a questionable past.

"They guaranteed the Better Business Bureau staff that people could make money simply by recruiting other people to the program, which is what makes it a pyramid scheme", says Permian Basin BBB Director, Trish Powell.