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We are working on an in-depth Bioceutica review including whether or not Jillian Michaels of the Biggest Loser is still associated with the company.

Meanwhile, all signs point to Bioceutica taking over the Trump Network based on the copy of a letter I received:

“As a reminder, all Trump Network Marketer in good standing who agree to the new Terms & Conditions with Biocetica, LLC WILL NOT BE subject to the $48.00 membership fee.

Dear Marketer,

Unlike any other company, Bioceutica, LLC will offer Trump Network Marketers, in good standing, the ability to join and earn Incentive Bonuses above and beyond what they would receive based on volume generated in Bioceutica.

All Trump Network Marketers, in good standing, have the opportunity to participate in this Incentive Bonus program by logging into the backoffice and accepting the terms and conditions of the new E-Sign Consent Form and by completing the Bioceutica, LLC Member Agreement.

This procedure will be made available to you as soon as you log into your backoffice. It is a fairly simple 1, 2, 3 process:

Read through the E-Sign Consent Form and complete the Bioceutica, LLC Member Agreement.

Check the box that states “I’ve read and understand” the terms of each.
Click the “Accept & Save” button.

Congratulations to all those who enroll with Bioceutica, LLC and best of luck for a future filled with opportunity and success.”

What is interesting about the letter is that it starts with “unlike any other company”, which I take to mean that there is a massive exodus of Trump Network associates.

It also looks like the “Trump Network” will soon cease to exist.


  1. Julian Michaeles is NOT involved. Trump may be still involved. Depends on how we want to proceed..People are not leaving in mass..quite the contrary…and to speak of Mr. Trump as the Biggest Loser sounds “small” on your part… Don’t act “small”..it’s beneath you.

    • I don’t think anyone was implying that Donald Trump is the biggest loser. A quick Google search will show you that Jillian Michaels was promoting Bioceutica within the last year. Now, to say that it is “quite the contrary” in terms of people leaving…that’s simply not true. If you are close to what it happening at Trump, you know darn well that lots of leaders have left.

  2. Ty,

    Thank you for the update. I have been hearing many different stories from some folks that I have been working with. I am not sure that they have received this letter yet.

    Hopefully, you remove the comment above from Kimberly. I am not a fan of people promoting their company and links in the comments of someone else’s blog. Thanks again.

  3. That’s the word on the street. Official call this evening announcing. Remaining two partners left running her former company are scrambling due to their unethical financial and business decisions. No wonder Candace had to distance herself from them!

  4. Ahhh, thank you Candace… oh I mean Susan for your unending wisdom, come up with a new story this one is getting old.

  5. ‘Susan’….what a joke….whoever you are! Remaining owners are not scrambling! All is well. My team alone promoted 3 new mgrs last month and several new ones this month. The 2 remaining owners have been running the company like clockwork from day one. And doing a beautiful job of it. Nope, no scrambling. I have been in NWM for over 30 years with now 3 of the best skin care companies. Apriori Beauty has it all….the products, the comp plan and the people.

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