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Blastoff Network Blasts Out Spam


Seems like the Blastoff Network has worked out the glitches in their shopping portal. I woke up this morning and my Facebook Inbox and Yahoo Inbox were full of spammy messages attempting to recruit me into this iJango like opportunity. It’s hard to believe that Pre Paid Legal is involved with this launch.

Here’s the text of one such email:

Blastoff is expected to grow faster then Faceebook did. Get your own piece of the internet!!!

#1) Its Free, Fun and you can make money

#2) Unlike Facebook, if someone gets to your network before you do, you’re out of luck- so you really want to get to your network first!

#3) There is real money on the table (Free to join- sounds too good to be true? It’s not!) It’s all about timing!

All you gotta do is click the link and get started for FREE…

Then be the first to invite your network…

It’s FREE, It’s FUN, It’s EASY

The Blastoff Network and their reps are using Spam to get this particular rocket off the launch pad. Blast Off is expected to grow faster than Facebook? The only people who expect that are the ones who are spamming.

Industry leader  Shannon Denniston opened up a can of worms a few hours ago with his Facebook status message: "If you receive an email promoting "Blastoff", delete it immediately. This company is spamming entrepreneurs." Go Shannon!

Here’s another comment from Shannon Denniston on his Facebook page:

When you send someone something that they did not grant you consent to send them, you are spamming. The fine for this activity is $11,000 PER SPAM EMAIL transmitted… send just 100 of them and you’re looking at a fine of more than $1,000,000.

BTW, the spam email I received was sent from blastoffnetwork.com and when you do a whois lookup on it, it… Read More shows a Domains by Proxy listing which is a BIG red flag… they are trying to hide their identity. I am on hold right now with Domains by Proxy (GoDaddy), their abuse department is researching the matter. I have asked that their domain be de-activated per GoDaddy’s TOS. We shall see what happens.

Good luck Blastoff!


  1. Your frustration seem unwarranted at least and reaching at best. If you even approve my comment I would be impressed. If you are someone’s friend on Facebook, guess what, you consented to receive email from them marketing or not. If your friends are all marketing to you, pick new one’s.

    Second, attempting to pursue Blastoff for spam will be quite difficult. You can unsubscribe to their emails yet individual companies can almost market Blastoff. You better unsubscribe to them all. No one in my address book wrote back anything indicating they were upset. Likely because this is the first marketing email any of them ever received from me.

    Lastly, if you are receiving emails from people you do not know, then you may have provided your email to someone consenting to their selling that email to others. You probably opted into something that provides justification. Not to mention the email you posted above is not the email sent by Blastoff. The wording of Blastoff’s email simply indicates that I myself join and I am inviting you to do the same.

    Where the overall frustration is coming from and I cannot understand. This is a free service that provides savings and could put some money in your pocket. Laughable in fact that in this economy you are looking such a gift horse in the mouth. Be grateful that someone took the time to share this early on. On Tuesday October 27th you will see this on the top of every pizza box Pizza Hut delivers.

    “I have seen many statues erected to those who were criticized and never seen any erected to those who were critics”

  2. Posted on 24. Oct, 2009 by Dan Mitchell in Network Marketing News

    Seems like the Blastoff Network has worked out the glitches in their shopping portal. I woke up this morning and my Facebook Inbox and Yahoo Inbox were full of spammy messages attempting to recruit me into this iJango like opportunity. It’s hard to believe that Pre Paid Legal is involved with this launch.

    Why is so difficult to believe? Pre Paid Legal itself is an illegal pyramid/Ponzi scheme on its way to implosion as is the predicable mathematical demise of such schemes.

    dave CBNow


  3. People who consider themselves victims of their circumstances will always remain victims unless they develop a greater vision for their lives.

    –Stedman Graham

  4. David, you have no clue what either a pyramid or ponzi scheme is. The fact that you chose to use both is evidence that.
    Q: How do I know Pre-Paid Legal s a legitimate company?
    A: Don’t take my word for it, listen to what Forbes has to say! “Forbes features Pre-Paid Legal (again) as a Top 200 Best Small Company in the USA, but featured them #1 for Return On Equity for the 2nd year in a row!

    Direct Link:

    Shows how much homework you do before you criticize.

  5. There is a lot of FUD being spread about this network, mostly from Pre-Paid Legal associates who don’t understand the Internet. If you google search for “blastoff scam” you will find sites pretending they are independent reviews, yet recruiting you.

    The exception I found is BlastOff Scam. Make your own decisions.

  6. People should be thankful for companies like Pre-Paid Legal and Blastoff it gives people with a desire to better themselves that chance. I would like to see all my family and friends grab hold of the succsess that is right in front of them these people who are so called being spamed are just to blind to see that someone cared enough about them to try and give them a chance to change their life for the better I see it clearly. And in a year when the people that sent out those emails are buying their new homes cuz they grabbed hold those people complaining about being spammed are stuck in their same old same old lives will be saying why didnt i just click that join now button! I could of changed my life!

  7. Prepaid Legal, Blastoff Network. Anything to line the white mans pockets. They prey on Latinos and Blacks, make them flunk out of college by telling them they will be BILLIONAIRES by the time they are 21. They use classic brainwashing techniques by having them recite quotes, attend seminars, and basically put everyone down by saying if you work a 9-5 job that you are a loser.

    Funny how these same losers are on facebook and twitter all day long doing absolutely nothing but walking around with their fathers breifcase and their mothers high heels shoving spam at people that pass by.

    Just because a company is ticketed on the NYSE does not mean that it is LEGIT. It just means it is PUBLICALLY TRADED. ENRON was on the NYSE.

    Shame on these companies preying on the poor. Anyone who can proudly say that they are apart of this company should just put sheets on their heads and light crosses on fire.


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