Here’s some interesting Tweets from people hyping the Blastoff Network Launch on Twitter. Enjoy!

You gotta join BLASTOFF, see why pizza hut paid $30mil. for it.

already making cash from my network of people shopping online thru blastoff and it just launched yesterday

New Site called BLASTOFF, FREE to JOIN, 300K signed up on 1st day!: Are you getting Blastoff Checks? Join the m..

Blastoff! and facebook just merged 23oct, twitter has to know, b/c they haven’t been invited over to join the BLASTOFF network yet, dunno???

BLASTOFF NETWORKjustlaunched, will b bigger than Google&Facebook, FREE,EASY,SAVE $, MAKE$,Join now @DonaldJTrump

The Blastoff Tweeps seem to be relying on hype to promote their shopping portal.