responsive-themeBloggers get:

  • 128% More Leads
  • 97% More Links
  • 55% More Visitors

And an astounding 434% more pages indexed on Google.

This is one of the reasons why I have been an advocate for “blogging your business” since 2003.  It’s not rocket science.  It’s just consistently posting content on your blog over a reasonable period of time along with having the right blog set up.

The numbers I shared above are what blog sites get vs. typical web sites.

Imagine what your numbers will be if you don’t even have a web site at all.


Here are some other great reasons to launch a blog for your business:

  • Blogging creates a two way conversation with potential business partners and customers.
  • Blogging can be fun…it’s stimulating knowing that your content can be found by millions of people.
  • It makes you think.  I teach my blogging students to read 5 blogs a day within their niche market.  This strategy will keep you in the loop and knowledgeable about your topic.
  • Blogs are simple, easy and incredibly rewarding for connecting with the right audience.
  • Blogs are cost effective.  Some might even say the cheapest way to generate leads online today.

If you need a simple way to get started, you might want to look at my Internet Marketing Blog Theme: