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Breaking News: Texas Attorney General Sues Mannatech


Back on October 27th, 2006, I reported that the Texas AG was preparing a lawsuit against Mannatech and now…

It’s official, the Texas Attorney General is suing Mannatech in Texas state court over illegal sales and marketing practices that include claims about curing cancer, Down’s syndrome and autism.

The lawsuit seeks a permanent injunction in addition to a $25,000 a day fine and damages to consumers.

Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott said, "The Office of the Attorney General seeks to shut down an elaborate scheme to defraud innocent consumers across the nation."

Abbott recently sued another Network Marketing company called BioPerformance and had them shut down and halt false claims over their gas product. BioPerformance is now back in operation after paying hefty fines and agreeing to stop the false claims.

Here is a copy of the lawsuit filed in Travis County against Mannatech yesterday.

Mannatech has been under fire over false medical claims for some time now. After a 20/20 expose’ that showed physical evidence of the false claims, the Texas AG likely was forced into action.

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  1. So now people can't even offer their own story? Sounds almost like a violation of free speech. I can understand if someone is making cure claims but I think anyone should be able to offer their experience with the product.


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